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Let's get fluffy! You and Bucky adopt a Golden Retriever (or whatever breed really) puppy and do everything people do with their babies, but with the puppy. You take photos for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc. old, he/she has a stocking at Christmas, birthday parties, the whole deal. Fast forward a couple years and Bucky comes home and the dog goes to greet him carrying a sign saying "Hey Daddy! I'm going to be a big brother/sister!"

Oh god my heart, puppies and Bucky are my weakness

Fluffy Friday™ 

Comprehensive Guide to Marrying Idealists


Why: INFPs are the YA romance novel protagonists of the world. They will stand by you until death and fall deeply - often too deeply - in love. The nice thing about INFPs is that if you aren’t really that awesome they will invent a more awesome version of you and convince themselves that you are that person. They will genuinely care for you and if you break their heart it will almost definitely make you a terrible person.

How: Get tips from romance novels - the cute ones, not the gross ones - and that’s about it. You may want to consider things like champagne picnics, watching the stars or even cuddling while watching the notebook. Just remember to give them their introvert space and do your best to live up to their expectations.


Why: Picture a nice, fluffy, adorable golden retriever running up to you and greeting you as you walk in the door after a long day of whatever. Don’t you wish people could be more like that? Always happy to see you, unconditionally loving and always ready with a warm hug? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could marry someone like that? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you should probably marry an ENFP. They care a lot about people but sometimes they just get really distra - SQUIRREL!

How: ENFPs have a funny thing with adorable awkward people who seem like they don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to love. Maybe this has something to do with their supposed perfect match being INTJs. Like the other (especially the extroverted) NFs they JUST REALLY NEED TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY OK? So I guess you could pretend to be an emotionally stunted INTJ? Idk that sounds manipulative and it seems so wrong to advise manipulating iNtuitive Feelers. On the other hand, if you are an emotionally stunted introverted thinker, just be yourself!


Why: Ah yes the social justice types. Like a lot of extroverted judgers they feel a strong need to impact the world and since they’re NFs they want to make the world a better place for everyone. If you also feel very strongly about things like making sure every orphan is adopted by loving parents or passing laws against eating horses, you may find a life partner in an ENFJ. 

How: Never EVER be a bad person. Just have good morals. If you’re not sure how to have good morals think: am I harming anyone? If the answer is no, you’re probably not thinking it through enough. Pretty much everything you do harms someone or something in some way or another. Isn’t that weird? Anyway (my Ne is showing), to seduce an ENFJ you might consider doing something unconventional for a cause. This will help them notice you. Besides that, yea, don’t be a butt.


Why: They have mystical powers. Did you know the tears of an INFJ can cure zombieism? They’re actually the descendants of angels who fell from heaven and bred with the local unicorn population. Not really. INFJs are confusing because they’re confident that they are the best friend anyone could ever have (which in some ways they are) but simultaneously suffer from crippling self doubt. If you like puzzling people and walking contradictions you may want to spend a lifetime with an INFJ, just trying to understand how their brains work. 

How: You’ll have to find one first. Haha LOL good luck.

so let’s say calum has been your fiance for a week now and one morning you’d wake up waaaaay earlier than him. you’d still be in bed and you couldn’t take your eyes off of the gorgeous man in front of you as he was sleeping so peacefully. he was only half covered with the white bed sheets that contrasted with his tan skin. his mouth was partly open and he was snoring very lightly and one of his arm was on your waist and the other was under your head (you always told him to NOT do that because it was uncomfortable but he somehow liked it like that so nvm). his cheek was gently squished on the pillow and his hair was just a curly mess and you just stayed there admiring the man who asked you to join him for the rest of his like just a week ago. 

that’s when an idea popped into your head; calum always wanted a puppy, and he kept telling you about it whenever he saw someone walking his dog or even when he ran accross a dog food commercial and you’d always roll your eyes and tell him that he couldn’t even take care of himself so how the hell was he supposed to take care of a puppy? but you just imagined how happy he had made you when he surprised you with that diamond ring so you got up slowly without waking him up and put on some random clothes you found. you made your way out to the pet store down the street (the one where calum always stopped at whenever you both went grocery shopping) and you knew calum had his eyes on a white, small, fluffy golden retriever he saw the other day so you just decided to buy it for him at 8am on a saturday morning. 

when you came back home an hour later, calum was still asleep. you slowly made your way to the bed, with the little ball of fluff in your arms (who you had put a cute little red bow on) and you knew the puppy would recognize calum from all the time he went and played with him at the pet store. so when you got into the bed, without waking calum up, you gently approched the tiny pup to calum’s face and watched him lick his face and wake him up. when he woke up, calum didn’t realize what was going on, but as soon as he started being less dizzy and he recognized his fluffy best friend he literally jolted awake and had the biggest smile ever on his face (you know the one with the little crinkles) and lets say you both spent the whole day fighting on who was gonna name the new addition to the family and playing with your new bff and you could swear you’d never seen cal this happy ♥♥♥

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Random question, what do you think some YouTubers patronus charms are, or like their spirit animals? I like to think Jack is a squirrel, and Mark's would probably be a big fluffy golden retriever like Chica! What do you think? I'm just wondering is all XD

Ooooooh. I like this question. Agree about Mark, I think. This calls for bullet points!

  • Mark: Big floofy golden retriever puppy
  • Jack: A motherfuckin’ badger
  • Wade: Moose
  • Bob: Tortoise
  • Pewds: Fox
  • Marzia: Gazelle
  • Dan: Hamster Armadillo
  • Phil: Otter with a lion’s mane
  • Ken: Grizzly bear
  • Mary: A little cute snake
  • Suzy: Snow leopard
  • Arin: Venusaur Red panda
  • Danny: Ninja Brian Unicorn
  • Ross: Housecat
  • Holly: Pigeon
  • Barry: Sugar glider
  • Kevin: Tree frog
  • Ninja Brian: Wolf
  • Ryan: Beagle
  • Matt: Lemur
  • Jacksfilms: Hyena
  • Shane: Deer
  • Matthias: Meerkat
  • Amanda Faye: Serval
  • MatPat: Octopus
  • Pixlpit: Tribble
  • Wiishu: Mountain lion
  • Ro: Chipmunk
Touch 2.0

From this request: Can you do a samXreader where the reader is a really friendly person and likes to always be touching someone,

*Here’s a similar story



Everyone always said Sam was like a huge golden retriever, but they’d never met you. You bounded around with an indestructible happiness and friendliness. The joy emitting from you was contagious and the Winchesters often found themselves smiling whenever you wandered past.

Another way you were like a fluffy golden retriever was the fact that you were very comforted by touch and always wanted to have some sort of physical contact with Sam. You weren’t an instigator of PDA, but you would always either press up against him on the couch, curl up around him in bed, or wrap your fingers around his hand or sleeve (unless you were interrogating and had to pretend to be an official FBI agent).

Normally, Dean would make fun of his brother but he could see how happy it made Sam. And seeing him like that made Dean happy, too.


Sam walked into the kitchen and found you sitting on the kitchen counter, a magazine in hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Makin’ brownies.”

Sam stepped forward, standing in between your legs. He leaned forward and gave you a kiss, you finally being his height. He felt your ankles hook together behind him, drawing him closer.

“Y’know, there’s a Friday the 13thmarathon on soon. You wanna watch?”

“Um…. Duh.” At that moment, the timer went off. “You wanna be an amazing boyfriend and get those out for me?”

“Are you saying that I’m not already amazing?” Sam asked taking faux offense.


Sam smiled and stepped over to the oven, taking the pan out. He set it on top of the stove and the kitchen began to smell like chocolate. Sam glanced at the clock on the stove. “Come on,” he said, turning back to you. “The first movie’s about to start. We’ll let these cool for awhile.”

“Okay.” You studied Sam for a minute. “Sam?”


You held your arms out and stuck your legs out. “Piggyback ride?”

Sam couldn’t help but laugh. He stepped in between your legs, back towards you, and let you slide onto his back. His hands wrapped around your legs as your arms wrapped around his neck. He bent forward slightly, making sure that you wouldn’t slip off, and headed into the living room.

Dean looked up from his beer as the two of you entered the room. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t give me that look,” Sam said, standing in front of the couch. “She practically forced me to do this.”

“Shut up,” you said as you plopped down onto the cushion. “You’re both just jealous that you can’t get piggyback rides.”

Sam sat down next to you and your hand immediately went to his leg, resting on his knee. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders.

Soon, the blood was flowing on the television screen, the stupid teens at the sleepaway camp meeting their grisly ends.

About halfway through the movie, Sam went back into the kitchen. When he reappeared, he had a plate of brownies and two beers. He handed one of the bottles to Dean and the plate to you. You saw that he’d taken the initiative and iced the brownies for you.

You swiped your finger through the icing on the top brownie before wiping it on the tip of Sam’s nose.

“Hey,” he said. “That’s not what the icing is for.”

“Sorry, my finger slipped.”

“Mmhmm,” Sam said. Before you could stop him, he swiped his own finger through the icing on the brownie and smeared it on your cheek.

“Asshole,” you said, sticking your tongue out at him before wiping your cheek on his shirt.

“You two are so weird,” Dean said as he watched from his chair.