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Gemma Chan photographed by Arved Colvin-Smith for Glamour UK

I don’t know what it is, maybe there’s something in the leap of imagination people have when it is “a sci fi show.” Because if people have to imagine [“Humans”] is a world where we have machines among us, then people are more willing to think outside the box and make casting choices, not based on…they aren’t being restricted in terms of race. I think sometimes in television there’s a bit of an obsession with realism, and it’s not even real realism. Often times, like in terms of period things, we have a distorted view of what would be real and what would be realistic of that period, and it’s not necessarily what it would have been anyway, but people are kind of obsessed with that.

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"Your bed head is really cute" with Anthony? (Also Steph I miss you, you flawless human, you. )-linmanuclmiranda)

When Anthony wakes you up early in the morning so the two of you can catch your flight in time, you throw a pillow at his head. 

“You didn’t say you’d be waking me up this early,” you whine, sitting up and brushing the hair out of your face. 

He laughs, moving to your side of the bed to press a kiss to the top of your head. 

“Your bed head is really cute babe,” he says, kissing your head again and going to where your packed bags are sitting in the corner of the room to check you have everything you both need. 

“Don’t try to flatter me and change the subject so I don’t yell at you for waking me up too early,” you grumble as you throw the blankets off you and get out of bed. “But thank you.” 

He laughs, going to the closet and grabbing out the clothes you had planned on wearing today and tossing them to you. 

“Take a shower and get dressed, I’ll make sure we have everything and I’ll grab the passports while you get ready,” he says. 

With a mock salute, you take your clothes into the bathroom, pausing to put on some music before heading in to take your shower, excited to get ready and start your honeymoon. 

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“I remember the first time I saw Cate I was 13 years old and I went to the local movie theater to see ‘Elizabeth’. I remember when she came on screen. I can remember the feeling that washed over me seeing her with her piercingly blue eyes and her alabaster skin. Her ethereal grace and magnetism taking over the screen even in her silence, even in her stare. And from that day on, I remember following her and watching her, being seduced over and over with each performance. Each and every character distinct, wildly different from the next. I never knew what to expect from her. I could never predict a line or a feeling. I would go looking for Cate Blanchett but Cate Blanchett was never there. It was always someone else, someone new I had never seen before”—Rooney Mara

Happy 48th Birthday, Cate! (May 14th, 1969)