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In From the Cold

Another Winteriron prompt fill from @imaginetonyandbucky:   “Imagine Hydra sending their Asset to Afghanistan for a mission, but his arm malfunctions and he is captured by the 10 rings. Tony meets him there and when he escapes takes his fellow prisoner with him, thinking bucky is only traumatized by being captured, and unknowingly sort of adopts the Winter Soldier.”  It ended up being more like Tony escapes while Bucky does all the work, but it’s close enough, I hope.

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           "Clear the hallway!“ Yinsen heard a fighter yell as they were heading back to their cell from emptying out the bucket that currently functioned as their toilet.  Yinsen put a hand on Tony’s chest to keep him from stepping into the main tunnel as he heard a pair of men coming down the hallway, dragging something heavy judging from the sound of it.  He risked a glance around the corner and when he saw the look on the faces of the two fighters he considered pulling Tony back into their cell until the men passed, but then Tony was looking around the corner as well and it was too late.  As the fighters passed them, their burden proved to be an unconscious man that was leaving a significant trail of blood in the dirt.

           “Hey! Hey, stop!” Tony trotted down the tunnel after them, the chains on his ankles keeping his strides short. “Yinsen, tell them to knock it off!”

           With a pained look Yinsen followed his charge down, trying to think of a way to phrase Tony’s request so that these men would actually listen.  “My friends,” he said ingratiatingly in the Arabic/Pashto pidgin that passed for a lingua franca in this part of Afghanistan.  “Mr. Stark sees that you are having difficulty with this man- “ he gestured, leaning over Stark’s shoulder to get a look at the captive, a white man with long dark hair and an unshaven face, features distorted by blood and bruises.  Curiously, one arm was made of what appeared to be articulated metal plates, a red star on the shoulder, and the rest of him was wrapped in an intimidating amount of black canvas and leather.  Yinsen had been held by the Ten Rings for long enough that he could recognize a half-dozen empty holsters and knife sheaths.  Whoever he was, he wasn’t a hapless civilian that had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. “And he wishes to help,” Yinsen finished dubiously, then switched to English.  “Tony, I don’t know that this is a good idea…”

           Yinsen listened with half an ear as the two fighters argued between themselves, debating the wisdom of throwing this particular captive in with Tony and Yinsen.  Yinsen was not encouraged by the way they kept referring to the captive as a ‘mad dog.’  But Tony was already using the edge of his very dirty shirt to try to clean the blood off the man’s face, prying open eyelids to see if his pupils were responding.  “Tony, one of us here is actually a doctor,” Yinsen pointed out.  “They’ll probably let me see him, but right now they are debating whether or not they are going to put him down like a rabid animal.”

           “What? Why?”  Tony studied the man as if he could assess mental illness just by looking at him. Yinsen could see his eyes lingering on the metal arm, curiosity making his fingers twitch.

           “Apparently this man was responsible for killing a dozen of their men before they got lucky and he triggered the IED they were emplacing.  They brought him back here to explain to Raza why their mission failed.”

           The men seemed to have made a decision and they continued down the hallway with the man. “First Raza. He will decide what to do,” one of them called over his shoulder.  Yinsen had to hook a finger into Tony’s collar to keep him from following them.

           “Be patient, Tony. Let’s finish this errand then go get those parts you needed, yes?”

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Love (Hoseok/Reader)

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Prompt: Can i have fluffy hoseok date scenario

Genre: Fluff
Words: 1k +
Author: Admin JP
Summary: Just a whole lot of cute and fluff tbh
A/N: So this became an unexpected amount of fluff hahah, I know it probably wasn’t the way you expected though, and for that I’m sorry, but hey! Creative liberty, I guess?

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anonymous asked:

Could you please finish those errands and draw me adult Wendy Testaburger with her son? 💙💛💚❤️💜🖤

Here is my direct order, Ric. Fuck off and leave town you creep. You are skating on very thin ice.

cressidadoeswords  asked:

I took Latin in high school and biblical Greek and Hebrew in seminary. Taking these languages helped me learn more about English grammar than all my years of English (am native English speaker). I was struck by the plethora of tenses in the Greek language. Could you give me a brief refresher with English equivalent? I remember my prof using the act of mopping the floor as an example. No rush. Thanks in advance or future perfect!😉

No problem! Of course, all languages have tenses, and people use plenty of them in everyday language, but we don’t generally acknowledge these uses until we encounter a language (like Greek) that emphasizes them.

I think it’s probably the most striking in Greek because of the Principle Parts of verbs and how they relate to forming the tense in a sentence.

So, an example of tenses with English equivalent is all you ask? Okay!

Greek has three main general tenses: Present, Past, and Future, each of which has its own subdivisions.

In the Present tense, you have the Present: action contemporary with the present.

  • Present: “I am sacrificing the goats… right now.”

In the Past tenses, there are four to choose from: Perfect, Pluperfect, Aorist, and Imperfect.

  • The Aorist is the simplest: “I sacrificed the goats… at some point.”
  • The Perfect is slightly more confusing, showing an action which was completed already in the past which you are still near: “I have sacrificed the goats. Now what?”
  • The Pluperfect is the past of the Perfect, a completed action in the past removed from you: “I had sacrificed the goats… and then I ate a sandwich, and went to the agora, and went to war, and came back, and here I am.”
  • The Imperfect is in the past, but may not have been completed yet: “I was sacrificing the goats… but then I got distracted.

And sometimes you have to deal with the Future Perfect, which is fairly confusing, but which you summed up fairly well in your ask. It is an action anticipated to be completed in the future. Thus, it is projecting the future into the past.

  • The Future Perfect: “I will have sacrificed the goats… by the time you finish those errands.”

In the Future, of course, you have the Future tense, denoting an action yet to come:

  • Future: “I will sacrifice the goats.”

I hope this helped!