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“We have an exam tomorrow, but I need you to hear this new song I wrote for you”


remember those ain’t your bodyguards,

they’re your b r o t h e r s.

for: Myra, Bre & Blake ♥

There in those bold strokes of his that I would know anywhere are [his] final words of farewell.

From this day forth, I divorce you.
Until all your ties to the Oda Clan have been severed, and no one remembers you as Lord Oda’s wife…
Mitsuhide will keep you in Sakamoto Castle. Then, once all is done, you will be returned to Kyoto.
I have already sent a letter in secret to your mother and brother. All records of your ties to the name Oda will be destroyed.
If you find it difficult to care for yourself, ask Mitsuhide for anything you need.
If the worst possible case befalls you and you are taken against your will, buy your freedom with the gold hairpin and run.

Everything you are shakes me to my core; to think that a simple city girl could have such resolve within her…you are stunning.

From the very start, you stood up, refusing to fear me…there was never anything about you to dote upon, or to be silenced.
Even now, I still cannot believe you dared to headbutt me.

However…I will tell you this. Nothing that will happen now is a result of anything you have failed to do for me. Every fault is mine alone.

I believed that I could unify this country with brute strength…but I realize now that as long as I still live, a world without war will never come.
What the people need to stop fighting is a hero; someone who will defeat selfish, wicked men such as I.
However…the core of everything I am affords me not the ability to ever become that hero.
As such…I have decided that my final act in the name of Divine Rule will be to destroy ‘Oda Nobunaga’ with my own hands.
As long as the Lord of Hell still roams the Earth, it will never know peace. As you read this, I sit in Honnou-ji, calling the hero forth.
I will become the perfect soldier, one who will destroy the evil that has denounced the gods, stolen lands, drowned in earthly desires.
I hope that the new era I have brought will be remembered by its beautiful peace through the purification of this evil.

I warn you that the rest of this letter is nothing more than the words of a fool.
I am sure that you must be disgusted with a man such as I as it is…so it is of no matter to me if you leave it unread.

I am sorry that this had to happen so shortly after I had finally made you my wife.
I told you that I would never lie to you as your husband…but I could not keep my promise to make konpeito with you after all.
I know I am the worst excuse for a human being to throw you away without so much as a word of explanation. I know that.
Even so, after seeing the joy in your eyes every time you looked at me…I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you…even if I wanted to.

I do not want to see you in sorrow…because you always supported me in mine.

If I did not have that much…I would not be able to do what will be my final duty to you all.
I am the most selfish man there has ever been. I cannot believe that my true self is such a man of weakness.
Though every word I said was laced with pride…it turns out that I have done nothing…I never even tried.
I had thought my dream of Divine Rule impossible…but I know now that I can leave it to Mitsuhide.
If anything happens, ask Mitsuhide for help. You’ll be better off in his hands than you ever were with me.

No matter how I may loathe myself, or make others loathe me…I love you always.

Even if I can be forgiven for nothing else…I hope you will forgive me bringing your name to Death in the love that rests in my heart.

I have taken the konpeito we made together as my final farewell to this life.
I gather I’ll cry far more eating those horribly made little things than I will be doing much else.

Forgive me.

- Oda Nobunaga
(Samurai Love Ballad Party, “Lovers Parted”)

BTS reaction to falling for you when you perform


He had heard your name multiple times before but he had yet to see you perform. When he heard that were performing he was happy to finally see what you were made of. He didn’t expect to fall for your talent. He couldn’t keep his off of you. Even if the other boys tried to get his attention or talk to him he wouldn’t take his eyes off you because God you looked great. He made a mental note to talk to you after the show.

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He wouldn’t even notice he enjoyed your performance so much at first until he realized that it wasn’t just the song that had him so excited. He thought you were absolutely beautiful. When you looked his way and blew a kiss that was when he internally lost it. He made sure to blow a kiss right back though.

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This boy omg he would be smirking the whole time. Especially when you looked his way. He would look like a total fuckboy but he doesn’t give a shit he just wants you to notice him as much as he notices you. He wouldn’t want to be the first to talk to you so he would make it so you would go and talk to him.

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His initial intention was to see your dance moves but he ended up looking at your body instead. Not to mention the song you were performing was pretty sexual as well so this just made you even more attractive. He felt hypnotized because he couldn’t look away. After the performance he would talk to you and get your number the same night.

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He would be really impressed with your performance. Your song had lots of meaning and your high note was amazing. And how beautiful you looked while doing it was all Jon could think of. You were on his mind for the rest of the night. If only he could get the courage to talk to you. He would talk about you to the other members and they would tell him to talk to you. Maybe you should go talk to him?

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He would watch you closely as you performed. He saw how beautiful you and your voice was and he wanted you so bad. He wanted you to want him too. So when it was their turn to perform you better get your body ready because Tae is about to use that tongue to his advantage. He’s gonna have his eyes on you.

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He would be all BLUSH. Like is he seriously falling for someone over a performance???? He just can’t believe this is happening right now. He wasn’t going to talk to you first that’s for sure. But he will casually take off his jacket because it got “too hot” in there. And he would get your attention then.

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who wants to fight against gravity?


But I guess I was never much of a writer (insp.)

I would get on my knees for Tae

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