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Okay, but picture this. The reunion happens. We see Dean hug Cas. The embrace lingers on a little bit more than is comfortable for the audience watching. Dean’s face is all angsty pain and relief and need. Then Dean steps back because he’s gotta let Sam have his turn, of course.

So Sam does. Sam hugs Cas, but the whole time that it happens, Cas’ eyes are open and he looks over Sam’s shoulder to Dean. Dean stares longingly back. When Sam and Cas separate, Dean assumes his position in the driver’s seat. 

Dean spends the whole drive watching Cas in the rearview mirror. At every stoplight, they gaze at each other so intensely that at one point, Dean doesn’t notice that the light’s gone green again and Sam has to prompt him to go.

When they get to the bunker, they finally take their eyes off each other. They’re still reeling. They still can’t believe it.

They spend the next few days grazing fingers, and shoulders, and hands every time that they pass by, because they always make sure that they’re passing by each other just a little too close, just to have the excuse to touch each other again.


@the-flame-and-hawks-eye a day late ahhhh ;A; Congrats on the two year anniversary of Hellbound, Shay!!! I pretty much get heart palpitations every time I see an update, mostly fearing for what torture for the characters you had thought up and hoping the chapter will never end sadasfSADAFASFSA!!!! The angst and cliffhangers you come up with hurts so much but ILOVEIT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING SUCH AN AMAZING FIC SHAY!!! <333 

me: *goes to the ao3 klance tag*

me: *sees there’s a new finished ghost!au fic*

me: *checks the tags - ‘no archive warnings apply’*


some of you might have noticed i changed my tumblr name, and this is literally why in action. with a new fandom, i felt a new name was in order. cutting ties with the past and being reborn with a new alias my fandom bestowed upon me.

anyway, the full fic idea, in case it never sees the light of day:

“I want to see the Resistance congratulating Rey for killing Kylo Ren, but she knows the war hardened General Organa still sometimes cries behind closed doors, where no one can see. I want to see the conflict every time someone congratulates Rey and she’s thinking– “no, you don’t understand. killing him was the hardest thing i will ever have to do.” I want to see how Rey starts wearing a brittle smile because she knows it was wrong, but justified, and now she is haunted.

I want to see our good guys making Bad Decisions™, but being themselves at their core. Making impulsive (or not) decisions and having to live with the consequences. I want to see how they cope with a war that gives them no quarter, and that hindsight makes them regret certain decisions.

I want to see a Rey who is slowly slipping away from the people around her because they don’t understand, a Rey who is driven to talk to the ghost of Ben Solo because of her guilt. A Rey who realized she should have listened to Luke and not given in to impetuousness and anger, because Luke turns her away and doesn’t teach her after she kills Kylo.

I want to read a Rey who listens when Kylo says– “even in death I will have things to teach you”, as her and Ben end up on a planet like Dagobah sniping at each other while he instructs her through lightsaber forms, unable to touch her to correct her. I want a Rey who realizes she could have had an ally, a kindred, if things had been different and something burns in her where the hollowness of her victory is and it might be a mixture of compassion, longing and love. I want to read a Rey who gives into his demands now that he’s a prisoner and talks to Hux just because she’s curious about who Kylo Ren really was, not just Ben Solo, as told by one of his only peers in life after he went dark.

And I want to read about a Rey who we see come full circle, older, wiser, and more peaceful; wading through sand back at Jakku. And she’s laughing with the force ghost of Ben Solo, as the sun sets in front of them. “

I Died Just to Haunt You, a fic about making the wrong choices and how you live with them afterwards.

Flashback (Adam Cole One shot)

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This was originally going to wait until next month but plans changed as they always seem to. So here’s some Adam Cole fluffy smut for all of you. This is my first fic since I finished the Say You’ll Haunt Me series, no supernatural element to this and I’m honestly a little nervous to post it lol. It’s a little out of my wheelhouse. Enjoy!

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I tagged you if I thought you might be interested in this one or if you requested to be tagged in future fics <3

**BTW, if you’ve asked to be added to the forever tag list and I forgot you on this one, I apologize. I still need to put an official list together for future fics. Let me know if I forgot you or if you want to be added.

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Top five sherlolly fic recs

Oh, you just had to make this difficult, didn’t you? I’ll admit I haven’t read too many recent fics, but here are five of my all-time favorites. 

1. The Full House by Emcee Frodis - The fic that launched my sherlolly obsession, and still my all-time favorite Sherlolly fic. The others are not necessarily in any particular order.

2.  A hundred visions and revisions by Elixir.BB - This fic haunts me. Just… go read it. You won’t regret it.

3. Paragon by  AsteraceaeBlue - A wonderful story by a wonderful author. One of the few stories I was reading while it was being written. It kept me on the edge of my chair.

4. That Dear Perfection by dietplainlite - AMAZING. And hands down one of the best plot twists in any fic I’ve read.

5. The Resident Attachment by Maejones - I’ve been in a bit of a historical romance phase lately, and this fic is just exquisite. Plus @mae-jones really has a way with words.

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Can I recommend: It's You That's Haunting Me by Perfchan? Hilarious and adorable youtube ghosthunter au! Needs way more attention than it currently has!

thanks very much!! <3 - Karri

it’s you that’s haunting me by perfchan (2/6 | 10,772 | Teen And Up)

Keith is a loner; his interactions with others tend toward clumsy or strained, but he has a persistent enthusiasm for the paranormal. Lance is a recent college grad; caught up in his day-to-day, he wouldn’t call himself unhappy, but still feels his life lacks direction. When Lance is introduced to Keith’s ghost hunting videos, his interest is piqued and he can’t help but want to tag along. Initially opposed, Keith soon finds himself warming to the company of the living.


Steggy Positivity Week - [4/7] Modern

‘I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me.’

FIC: Haunted

PAIRINGS: Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers
Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers
RATING: All audiences
SUMMARY:  Steve finds himself alone in the 21st century.  The world looks so different and all he has is a pile of folders full of his friend’s names.  What he wouldn’t give to be able to pick up the phone and call one of them.

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The Haunted Nightmare

Summary: Dan doesn’t know what to do when a ghost by the name of Phil starts haunting him.

TW: (so far) curse words, ghosts

Word Count: (so far) 2.2k

a/n this is my new chaptered fic! im not sure exactly how long its gonna be yet, but make sure to tell me if you’re looking forward to the next part!

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“Don’t be afraid of my cock, Sansa” hahaha omg where is this from?

@fleurdulys is a masochist and sometimes stumbles upon Jaime x Susan fic and reads it, and we guide ourselves by the principle of “if I had to see this, so do you”, so she sent one of these fics to me and this phrase haunts us both.

Your Favorites - The Olicity Library Project

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