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even also knows that there isn't a lot he can do about isak's insomnia, but he can help him be less stressed (bc they both know he's less likely to sleep if he's stressed) so he makes isak talk through things with him. school stuff? they talk through a plan on how to get it all finished. money issues? they talk about even working some overtime and isak getting money from his dad. "if there's something bothering you, talk to me about it so we can work it out" and they talk through his anxieties

yes! i love this! i was just talking to @isisisak about it in fact, and she suggested that even would want isak to talk, isak would be against it at first because it’s uncomfortable to say out loud what’s bothering him, it always feels stupid and inconsequential, especially because even’s probably got more important things to think about.

eventually though, even will sit down in front of isak, take his hands and hold them tight, and tell him “talk to me, i’m here.” at first isak will say “it’s nothing, don’t worry” but even will keep trying, not pushing too hard but gently encouraging him, perhaps using things he’s learnt in his therapy sessions and saying “just say what comes to mind for five minutes, and thats it” and eventually the words will come flowing out of isak, and even will be there listening and holding his hands tight through all of it.

where he can give suggestions, he does, and where he can’t he just listens, but isak feels so so comforted by even’s presence, and his listening, and it ends up with isak crawling forward into even’s lap, and curling up, and even will rub his back and kiss his hair to calm him down because what he just said took a lot out of him, but now he’s said it all, it’s all out in the open, and he’s drained, but what he really needs is sleep, which comes easier now, and then when he wakes up again everything will seem a lot better

Hope of Morty

Look, I know there’s like a million Hope of Morning vids already, but trust me. This is a Rick Sanchez song.

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The hero and the sharpshooter

The universe didn’t seem to want me to draw today, but it was too good of an episode I just couldn’t not draw something 

he lost the game but he won something better (❁´▽`❁)

happy birthday @kisecchinosedai!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and loveeee ♥ ♥ ♥


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘What If…’


Hello yes today’s prompt’s nature and I’m super weak for Bakugou feeling mushy feelings (though you’re being weird again Blasty stop that)

the coolest thing about green day’s discography is the fact that you can literally grow up with them by listening to their albums in order.

a 17 year old singing about crushes and being scared about their future. a 23 year old singing about anxiety and starting a family. a 32 year old singing about their anger and dissatisfaction with the government and world events. a 45 year old singing about overcoming addiction and reflecting on past experiences.

and all this just makes me feel so much….relief. because all my current struggle are only temporary and even though i feel consumed by them right now, one day i’ll grow up and be so happy and look back at all this and realize that it’s all in the past.


“I  w a s  a  k i n g  o n c e…”

a prayer for mad sweeney.

🎶 Witchy Music✨🔮 🎶

What songs make you feel witchy? 

Here’s my playlist:

“Sick” by Donna Missal

“Witchy Woman” by The Eagles

“Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hoizer

“Cold Blooded” by The Pretty Reckless

“Moondance” by Van Morrison

“Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac

“Soothing” by Laura Marling

“Hole in the Middle” by Emily Jane White

“Devil Woman” by Cliff Richard

“Blood On My Name” by The Brothers Bright

“Apply” by Glasser

“Kassidat El Hakka” by SEXWITCH

“Seven Devils” by Florence + The Machine

“Time of the Season” by The Zombies

“A Little Wicked” by Valerie Broussard

“Trouble” by Valerie Broussard

ok but side note can we not use words like “threw herself on him” or god forbid slut for dot like ??? she got a little boozed up and got carried away; magnus stopped her and she respected that. you all rly do the most when it comes to woc lmao.

Trans Montparnasse

19th Century Trans Man Montparnasse. My favourite Head canon- and it could be canon. 

  • ‘Effeminate’ and ‘graceful’? Really come one 
  • ‘Slender waist, hips like a woman’- ‘pretty face, cherry-lips, glossy dark hair’  Do I need to say more 
  • Born Female and therefore unable to do most jobs, their parents abandoned them in Montparnasse.
  • He can only scavenge boys clothes, until he is lifted by Patron Minette, who are enchanted by his wit and fierce nature.
  • They clothe him, teach him how to pick locks, steal, flirt, sleight of hand. All of the trade.
  • They rename him Montparnasse, where he was found.  
  • It’s safer on the streets to be male.
  • The bigger your name is, the less likely people are wanting to give you a hard time, so he built himself up to be a monster. 
  • ‘Men can wear corsets too Babet Lord above shut your face and lace me’
  • He quickly found out that nothing in life was fair, and to get what you deserve you have to take it, fight for it. Which is why he cannot quite hate people like Enjolras. 
  • As much as he loathed to be considered a weak female, his physical state meant that he could do a lot more undercover work.
  • Another reason he would sympathize with Eponine, and admire her, safeguard her.

I could go on. And on. Trans Montparnasse is extremely possible, alongside his mirror of Trans Enjolras. 

The song Håper du har plass has been played 3 times in this episode (4x8)

First in Savner dere (Miss you), then in Unnskyld (Sorry) and now finally in Håper du har plass (Hope you have room).

In Savner dere Sana is seeing photos of her friends and missing them. The music is sad and only two lines are sung:

Det er ingenting som fenger lenger

Eller føles ut som en ekte følelse

Nothing’s interesting anymore

Or feels like a real feeling

Once again, this is a sad scene. Sana feels like she is no longer a part of the group and seeing these photos is nostalgia. It’s not her life anymore

In Unnskyld we see Sana being distanced from the group. In this clip you cannot hear the lyrics what so ever and the music is really emotional.

In Håper du har plass however you finally get to hear the chorus. This is the lyrics:

Jeg håper du har plass, jeg håper du har plass

Jeg kommer helt alene og ikke med noe lass

Du kan si når jeg må skjerpe meg og sette meg på plass hvis du finner et vindu til meg

Oh, fang meg når jeg faller eller mister meg selv og siste flammen eller gnisten

Jeg skal la deg gråte ferdig for et liv på min bekostning hvis du finner et vindu til meg

I hope you have room, I hope you have room

I come completely alone and without any load

You can tell me when I need to straighten up and put me in place if you find me a window

Oh, catch me when I fall or lose myself and the last flame or spark

I will let you finish crying for a lifetime at my expense if you find me a window

Hideen in this sad song is actually a beautiful message about having your friends’ back and being there for them.

The song you first thought would be sad turned out to be an uplifting song. Julie only shows us this when the group is actually reunited.

Conclusion: Julie is a genius