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You are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hello! If your requests are still open, I would love to request something! Could I have a Jughead x Reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and the reader is very insecure about herself and constantly questions why Jughead is with her? Maybe she talks to Archie about it and he reassures her that everything is fine? Could there be fluff at the end? Thank you so much! I love your writing!

Plus size reader x jughead

A/N: It took me a while to do this but I do hope you enjoy it! I added two requests together and changed it just a bit. Requests are Welcome!


You Are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Looking down at the tight black dress hugging your figure, negative thoughts flood your mind.

It’s too tight. Turning in the mirror, you sigh in frustration. You could see fat everywhere.

Your chest tightens at the thought and you peel the dress off. Screw this, jeans and a sweatshirt it is. You change quickly and rush out the door. Hopefully the girls won’t be mad.

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Guess your ECCC trip didn't go as you planned, you fat ugly cow. Sam looked like he wanted to kill you and Caitriona's smile was so fake it was palpable. I hope you suffer the way your daughter did. She must be so disgusted to have her mother be an obsessed stalker.

lol Caitriona wasn’t smiling in her pic with me, she was about to cry because we talked about my daughter and she gave me a big super squeezy hug before the picture. She also said “I know” when I told her my name.
You didn’t even look at my photos before you typed this. You’re not even a good troll

You Can Be So Cruel - Part 2

One step forward, two steps back

(Pietro Maximoff x Overweight!Reader)

Words: 2057  Warnings: Anxiety, body issues, bullying, language, 

An: Hope you like it, the next chapter will be posted this time next week 😜 x

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The beep of your email woke you the next morning. It was Sunday, your only day off from now to eternity…well, until they got you mission ready - if they didn’t give up on you by then. Scrolling through Steve’s way too cheerful message for six am, you gritted your teeth reading your new schedule.

Monday to Saturday you were to have physical training with Pietro - that made your heart stop in itself, you had to re-read the times; six am to ten am - four hours? Every. single. day? How would you both survive that?

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Food is not a reward

*Directed at myself*

Since when did food become a fucking reward? It’s fuel, not a manicure, not clothes, not all the things you have been dying to feel confident doing or buying… It… Is… Fuel. Being on track does not mean you need to fuck it up by “treating” yourself. “treating” yourself just back peddles all the hard work and dedication you have put in to losing the weight you fat dumb cow. Put the food down and breathe, it will be there when ur skinny. Right now you need to stop setting food treats as goals and start setting real goals. Like after ten lbs of loss you get to go get a piercing or tattoo you want. Something productive, not useless food. Repeat after me

Food is fuel
Food is fuel
Food is fuel
Food is fuel
Food is fuel

Get it together, you are never gonna drop 60 lbs if you keep viewing food as a reward, it’s not. It’s the enemy. Stay strong and be the amazing woman I know you can be.

anonymous asked:

I hate the double standard (*SOME*) plus girls have. I've always been skinny, never weighting more then 115. I'm 5'6 so what little weight I have stretches makes me look even skinnier. I always see memes about how "Men don't want to cuddle a skeleton" or "Real men like curves; dogs go for bones" & "Real woman have meat" etc. They can make/reblog/share/post shit like that~ but all hell would fucking break loose if I called one of them a fat cow. I NEVER would, I'm not a cunt. But still. :/

It’s true that people can be shitty to skinny people, I’ve seen them call skinny girls in my school anorexic, but rarely. And that’s harmful and upsetting, I get that.

This ask rubs me the wrong way. Why would you even want to call someone a fat cow? Like of course people would be angry and upset if you called them a fat cow wtf? That’s nasty and hurtful. This doesn’t make any sense.

Those things you see that say “real men like meat on their bones” are rooted in misogyny and also hurt fat girls, because it revolves around what men like and it also sexualizes fat girls as well, and enforces the idea that women’s appearances and weight only matter if men like them. Not to say it doesn’t hurt skinny girls as well, that kind of thing hurts all of us because of misogyny. You can’t say that fat people and skinny people deal with the same bullying because the truth is they don’t. Not even close. Fat people are jokes in TV shows and movies. Skinny people represent just about ever character, especially main characters.

I know some people can be made fun of for being skinny, usually when they’re really skinny. I get that. But you need to realize that society is fucking terrible to fat people. Maybe I read into this ask wrong, I just woke up and I’m still half asleep but it really did rub me the wrong way.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Prompt : @tomhollandgavemecooties : Peter x chubby reader! Prompt is that the reader has been bffs with Peter and Ned since ever, everything is fine but she suddenly bumps into someone, meaning those words or not that said person loses their patient and shouts abuse about her weight and for her to watch her big self. Safe to say that Peter goes from sunshine child to enraged protective storm. Thanks and good luck!

Warnings: fat shaming, bullying, little bit of violence

Pairing: Peter x Chubby Reader

Notes: this is probably really bad and I’m sorry I’ve probably ruined such a cute idea x

“Y/N !” Ned exclaimed. Today was my first official day back since my work placement ended and boy was I looking forward to today. “So nice of you to finally show up.” He continued totally ruining my joy of being back with the sarcastic comment. I rolled my eyes at him but went in for a hug because why not?

“ You know how it is Neddy,” putting emphasis on the nickname he hated so much and enjoyed seeing how it made him cringe.

Basking in the glory of his face, making my way to my locker with Ned, following suit. I absentmindedly put in my combination, anticipating Ned’s rant on the harmless nickname.

“ You swore you’d never speak of that again,” he whined looking at me as if I’d just stepped on a puppy. “ This stuff only happens to me, never to Peter.” A frown still prominent on his face.

“ Well I’m sorry but that’s just a completely different matter, Neddy. ” a small smirk appeared on my face as I marveled at Ned’s. He looked ready to fire back but was interrupted by the devil himself.

“ Hey, guys, what’s going on here?” Peter calmly entered, unaware of what he’d interrupted but by the way, Ned was glaring at me I’m sure he wasn’t letting this go.

“ Oh you know, Neddy’s just getting offended about something,” I stated innocently, Peter letting out a laugh and completely understanding what he’d missed. God, call me a fool but just hearing him laugh had me wrapped around his finger. Trying to concentrate was hard enough on its own with just his presence but then his laugh was something else altogether.

“ Y/n? Did you hear me? ” Peter questioned, snapping me out of my fantasy.

“ Oh, er.. yh… of course, I did.” Trying to play off the fact that he was constantly on my mind. Peter just let out a soft chuckle.

“ He’s so perfect, ” I thought

“ Who is? ” Peter replied, a confused look visible on his perfect features.

I mentally slapped myself for being so careless and letting that slip. Oh god. “ Harry Styles,” I said without missing a beat. There was no way in hell Parker was knowing I  was in love with him. To be fair he didn’t even see me like that anyway, I was always gonna be the chubby sidekick and I guess I was gonna have to move on sooner or later. Preferably later.

“ Harry Styles?” Peters expression softened and yet again a laugh fell from his perfect lips. Could he stop being so adorable? Quickly looking back at Peter to make sure it was a thought and I hadn’t blurted out my unrequited feelings again. He seemed unphased, giving me the all clear.

“ To be fair I’m not even surprised. ”

“ You shouldn’t be, he’s an angel of a human being. ” I fired back with a smile

“ Guys my virgin ears are too innocent for this shameless flirting, ” Ned finally spoke and I felt my cheeks burn
“ and anyway we need to get to class. ” Still eyeing us skeptically whilst waiting for a response.

Completely forgetting the shame of being called out by my best friend I glanced at the clock in the hallway and realized he was right. “ Oh shit, we better get a move on guys.” They both nodded in unison, with Peter looking like a stuttering mess, as I grabbed my biology textbook and followed behind the pair.

I saw Ned whisper something into Peters ear which seemed to relax him. Being me I was curious to figure out whatever he had just said. Whilst carelessly admiring the boys I loved, I failed to notice the others around me and was abruptly shoved into someone.

Just as a “ sorry ” was about to leave my lips I was angrily greeted with a “ Can’t you watch where you’re going, you fat cow? ” I peered up to see none other than Flash Thompson, face masked with disgust as if a was something nasty he’d found underneath his designer shoes.

Suddenly all eyes were on us and I didn’t know what to do or say. I continued to stare even though I was boiling on the inside I didn’t have the courage to present it.

“ What? Did you forget how to open your mouth when food isn’t involve- ” before I could even question why he stopped, I witness Peter lunge at the boy, tackling him before raising his fist to Flash’s jaw, earning an “ oohhh” from the crowd caging us.

Many students had decided it would be more worthwhile to film the fight rather than step in or get a teacher involved. I frantically searched for Ned who bestowed a similar expression to mine, completely confused on what to do in this situation.

I looked to Ned, then back to Peter, hoping he’d get the message and understand what I meant. He quickly nodded back, pacing himself towards the hormonal teens. Getting closer it was evident Peter had the upper hand in this fight. There were multiple cuts on Flash’s face and a purplish bruise had started to form under his left eye. To be honest I’d love for Peter to continue beating the shit out of the spoiled brat but this wasn’t him, he was a whole other person right now and all I knew was I had to stop this.

“ Peter,” I desperately called out, but to no avail as he continued to pound Flash’s face.

Peter!“ I yelled whilst me and Ned to an arm and yanked the boy back.

He tried to resist and successfully managed to get rid of our hold on him. I looked at Ned, who was still trying to get Peter off of Flash but it wasn’t working.

I had no idea how to stop him but I had to hope that yelling would get him out of this. I mean what else could I do?

” Peter, please you’re going to kill him! “ the despair in my voice evident. Just as I was about to yell again a teacher appeared.

” What in the name of God is going on here?“ He demanded.

Peter finally looking up around me, his body looked defeated even though it wasn’t him who’d been beat up.

” Parker, you better have a miracle of an explanation for this! “ The teacher’s voice boomed, quickly leading him to the principles office whilst Flash was escorted to the medical room.

The crowd around us had quickly dispersed but the faint whispers of what had just occurred lingered.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, reminding me that I was still here. ” Come on Y/n, let’s get to class.“ Ned quietly said and I simply followed, unsure of what else I could do.



Lying in bed, staring at the blank ceiling above me seemed to be the only appealing this right now. I knew if I got up and left the first thing I’d do is call Peter and I couldn’t do that. He wasn’t himself today and I know I should check up on him but he almost killed Flash and I don’t even know why.

Hundreds of questions loomed my mind as I tried to figure out why any of that had happened. I was use to the comments people made by now, why would they affect Peter? Why would that cause him to get so mad?

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the window. Knowing exactly who it was I rolled my eyes and said ” it’s always open you, idiot. “

With that the one person causing me so much stress had crawled through my window and was currently on my ceiling smiling down at me. ” That’s not gonna work, Parker.“

Just like that, the beautiful smiled vanished from his lips as he slid down from above me and I silently cursed myself because I could’ve stared at it all day. No Y/n, remember what he did today, make him answer to what he did before you start gushing over him I reminded myself.

” What was up with you today Peter? What the hell were you thinking? I can’t believe you almost killed Flash! “ I ranted on trying to get him to understand where he went wrong

” Come on Y/n, you know I wouldn’t have killed him, just a few scratches to show him- “ he tried to defend but was instantly cut off.

” FEW SCRATCHES?!? “ I screamed ” He was bleeding so badly, I was honestly so scared. I don’t even get why the hell you’d do that, for what reason would you hit him?“ Staring at the boy in front of me waiting for an answer.

” For this reason,“ he whispered leaving me confused before he leaned in and hastily pressed his lips to mine. Clearly, in shock from the situation, I didn’t know what to but stand there. This had to be a joke right?

When I didn’t kiss back Peter backed up looking hurt. ” I knew this was a mistake,“ he muttered, tugging at his hair in frustration.

The pain was evident in his eyes and I knew I had to say something to stop it.

“No!” I quickly said.

Looking up but not quite meeting my eyes. It was his turn to be confused.

“ I mean no as in that wasn’t a mistake Peter ” I whispered slowly moving toward him. He finally lifted his head up looking at me, both of us unsure of who’d be the first to break the silence between us.

Cautiously I lifted my own hand to his cheek, slowly leaning in before our lips met again, only this time I kissed back. I could feel Peter smile into the kiss and I moved my hand from his cheek to his unruly hair. Fireworks had gone off between us and I know I wasn’t the only one who had felt it.

“ Did you … ” Peter questioned, breathless.

“ Mhmm,” I replied, a smile plastered on my face.

“ Why didn’t you tell me you felt like this? You could’ve saved me a lot of heart ache you know,” I questioned, slightly teasing him.

“ Well missy, you could’ve saved me the trouble too you know, ” he retaliated

“ Oh please like there are guys lining up for me,” I rolled my eyes at his foolishness

“ I only have eyes for one girl y/n and she’s right here and I’m never letting her go.” He softly said pulling me in for another kiss.

“ Okay but that was literally the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said, Parker.” I laughed as I stared at the wonder in front of me.

“ Yh but you love my cheese,” Peter said matter-of-factly.

“ Whatever you say, Parker,” I replied nuzzling into his chest, silently thanking Flash for today’s events.

A letter from Ana

Allow me to introduce myself. My name, or as I am called by so called “doctors”, is Anorexia. Anorexia Nervosa is my full name, but you may call me Ana. Hopefully we can become great partners. In the coming time, I will invest a lot of time in you, and I expect the same from you. In the past you have heard all of your teachers and parents talk about you. You are “so mature”, “intelligent”, “14 going on 45”, and you possess “so much potential”. Where has that gotten you, may I ask? Absolutely no where! You are not perfect, you do not try hard enough, further more you waste your time on thinking and talking with friends and drawing! Such acts of indulgence shall not be allowed in the future. 

Your friends do not understand you. They are not truthful. In the past, when the insecurity has quietly gnawed away at your mind, and you asked them, “Do I look….fat?” and they answered “Oh no, of course not” you knew they were lying! Only I tell the truth. Your parents, let’s not even go there! You know that they love you, and care for you, but part of that is just that they are your parents and are obligated to do so. I shall tell you a secret now: deep down inside themselves, they are disappointed with you. Their daughter, the one with so much potential, has turned into a fat, lazy, and undeserving girl. 

But I am about to change all that. I will expect you to drop your calorie intake and up your exercise. I will push you to the limit. You must take it because you cannot defy me! I am beginning to imbed myself into you. Pretty soon, I am with you always. I am there when you wake up in the morning and run to the scale. The numbers become both friend and enemy, and the frenzied thoughts pray for them to be lower than yesterday, last night, etc. You look into the mirror with dismay. You prod and poke at the fat that is there, and smile when you come across bone. I am there when you figure out the plan for the day: 400 calories, 2 hours exercise. I am the one figuring this out, because by now my thoughts and your thoughts are blurred together as one. I follow you throughout the day. In school, when your mind wanders I give you something to think about. Recount the calories for the day. It’s too much. I fill your mind with thoughts of food, weight, calories, and things that are safe to think about. Because now, I am already inside of you. I am in your head, your heart, and your soul. The hunger pains you pretend not to feel is me, inside of you. 

Pretty soon I am telling you not only what to do with food, but what to do ALL of the time. Smile and nod. Present yourself well. Suck in that fat stomach, dammit! God, you are such a fat cow!!!! When mealtimes come around I tell you what to do. I make a plate of lettuce seem like a feast fit for a king. Push the food around. Make it look like you’ve eaten something. No piece of anything…if you eat, all the control will be broken…do you WANT that?? To revert back to the fat COW you once were?? I force you to stare at magazine models. Those perfect skinned, white teethed, waifish models of perfection staring out at you from those glossy pages. I make you realize that you could never be them. You will always be fat and never will you be as beautiful as they are. When you look in the mirror, I will distort the image. I will show you obesity and hideousness. I will show you a sumo wrestler where in reality there is a starving child. But you must not know this, because if you knew the truth, you might start to eat again and our relationship would come crashing down. 

Sometimes you will rebel. Hopefully not often though. You will recognize the small rebellious fiber left in your body and will venture down to the dark kitchen. The cupboard door will slowly open, creaking softly. Your eyes will move over the food that I have kept at a safe distance from you. You will find your hands reaching out, lethargically, like a nightmare, through the darkness to the box of crackers. You shove them in, mechanically, not really tasting but simply relishing in the fact that you are going against me. You reach for another box, then another, then another. Your stomach will become bloated and grotesque, but you will not stop yet. And all the time I am screaming at you to stop, you fat cow, you really have no self control, you are going to get fat. 

When it is over you will cling to me again, ask me for advice because you really do not want to get fat. You broke a cardinal rule and ate, and now you want me back. I’ll force you into the bathroom, onto your knees, staring into the void of the toilet bowl. Your fingers will be inserted into your throat, and, not without a great deal of pain, your food binge will come up. Over and over this is to be repeated, until you spit up blood and water and you know it is all gone. When you stand up, you will feel dizzy. Don’t pass out. Stand up right now. You fat cow you deserve to be in pain! Maybe the choice of getting rid of the guilt is different. Maybe I chose to make you take laxatives, where you sit on the toilet until the wee hours of the morning, feeling your insides cringe. Or perhaps I just make you hurt yourself, bang your head into the wall until you receive a throbbing headache. Cutting is also effective. I want you to see your blood, to see it fall down your arm, and in that split second you will realize you deserve whatever pain I give you. You are depressed, obsessed, in pain, hurting, reaching out but no one will listen? Who cares!! You are deserving; you brought this upon yourself. 

Oh, is this harsh? Do you not want this to happen to you? Am I unfair? I do do things that will help you. I make it possible for you to stop thinking of emotions that cause you stress. Thoughts of anger, sadness, desperation, and loneliness can cease because I take them away and fill your head with the methodic calorie counting. I take away your struggle to fit in with kids your age, the struggle of trying to please everyone as well. Because now, I am your only friend, and I am the only one you need to please. I have a weak spot. But we must not tell anyone. If you decide to fight back, to reach out to someone and tell them about how I make you live, all hell will break lose. No one must find out, no one can crack this shell that I have covered you with. I have created you, this thin, perfect, achieving child. You are mine and mine alone. Without me, you are nothing. So do not fight back. When others comment, ignore them. Take it into stride, forget about them, forget about everyone that tries to take me away. I am your greatest asset, and I intend to keep it that way. 



Music Series: Idle Worship by Paramore

The idea for this imagine came easily, but I found myself changing it here and there when something didn’t feel quite right. Hopefully I’ve managed to nail it down.

Although I kind of sense this song could be taken as a harsh speech to Paramore fans…ouch…I decided to twist it a bit because Harry would never be harsh to his fans, even if sometimes he’s thinking it, but I think this works.

For anyone who deals with abuse/bullying…low self-esteem/self-image…anxiety…whatever it is that is a struggle for you, know that there are people who think you are wonderful, beautiful, and understand your struggle. My ask box and inbox are always open to anyone, whether it is for writing requests, comments, questions, or you just need someone to talk to. I care about you, Harry cares about you, and so many other do, too.

This is “Idle Worship” by Paramore, which can be found on Spotify HERE. Thank you, Anon!

So much love to you all! xo



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Update on pathetic soccer mum

So…what has happened so far?

A lot has been going on, kids back to school, hurricane, some family celebrations and of course my business trip.

First of all: Sorry my dear college cuckcake for being so quiet. I’m hoping to be more active now again.

I fulfilled your tasks in the hotel…and got some ice while being naked underneath my seethrough nightgown. I met a young couple on the way back and they looked at me like “Why are you dressed like this? What are you getting ice for? It’s not like somebody’s gonna have a nice romantic evening with you, fat cow!”.

I got so turned on by this, that I humped the pillow in my bed, came all over it and decided to sleep on it… The morning after was full of shame and disgust for myself.

Back at home I tried to proceed a little in the cuckqueaning process, together with hubby. We had a few fuck sessions where he never used my name, almost everytime fucked me anal or doggy while looking at pics of other girls.

I asked him, who he wanted to fuck the most. He said the nanny.

So we invited her over, basically just for a normal lunch. While she was chatting with hubby I cooked, got them dinner, served both of them food, drinks and snacks.

We talked a little about boys, she isn’t seeing anybody at the moment, which is kinda good I guess.

I offered her a shopping trip on my treat and she agreed. I complimented her several times throughout lunch and she took them like somebody who is not only aware of her looks but also gets complimented all the time.

When she left I was so turned on by her bratty attitude and I guess hubby was too because he destroyed my ass and face, calling her name….

Things are progressing nicely I see. But next time I want to know when you’ll be on a trip I have a few things I want you to do. Of course he wants to fuck the nanny as she is everything you are not! How could you even compete? Also, have you been trying to push him to flirt with girls more openly when you’re around? Maybe that sexy intern at work needs to be invited over for dinner or something? And how much have you missed my humiliation tasks?
Big, Bold and Beautiful pt 2

Summary: The reader has been living and working with the Winchester for the last six months.  Still trying to find out what your legacy status means and how you can help take down Abbadon.  You are currently working with Dean on a case where the two of you have to pose as a rich couple while Sam stays back and continues research.
Pairing:  Reader x Dean
Word Count: 1,800 ~ish
Warnings: Language, Angst, Ghost, Body image issues and self loathing.
A/N: I really proud of this! It was suppose to be a two-part story, but hell it is a series now!  It really hit home for me as I have a lot of body image issues myself.  As always feedback is appreciated. Anything in Italics is reader’s thoughts!

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can you do a mfw Yamato x reader Yamato finds out mc is severely depressed because she gained a couple pounds and stopped eating ps love your headcanons btw

Oh my god, this turned out really sad. I’m sorry if this upset anyone. This actually upsetted (upsetted? upset?) me too.
Read carefully and thoughtfully please, this is my first non-fluffy headcanon.

“What do you mean, you’re not hungry?”
Yamato asked you.

“I’m not feeling well.” You lie. Truth was, you knew deep down that you needed to lose weight.

It had started out innocently. You had gone to go surprise Yamato at the school for lunch.

Everything was great. You happily ate together, enjoying the time you spent with each other. But some of the female teachers had walked past you, and you couldn’t help but overhear their conversations.

It was no secret that Yamato had more than a few admirers. You tried not to let that bother you. Besides, Yamato never even glanced at another woman. He told you that you were all he needed.

But the female teachers began to whisper amongst themselves.

“Mr. Kougami is such a cutie,” whispered one of the teachers to the other. “Too cute for his wife.”

“She doesn’t deserve him,” the other one agreed. “The fat cow.”

You glanced over at Yamato, but it seemed as if he hadn’t heard what the other teachers had been saying.

That was over two weeks ago, and all you had done was gain weight. Stress eating. So you had stopped eating all together.

It went deeper than a few mean comments though. You had always been distressed over the thought of Yamato being too good for you. He could have anyone he wanted, why go for a fat cow?

“I have a parent-teacher meeting,” Yamato said. “I’ll be back home later, okay?” You nod, and he kisses your cheek and left the house.

You furiously rub at your kissed cheek. A fat cow. Why would Yamato kiss a fat cow?

You stare at your empty plate. You desperately want to scream, or to cry, or to do something! But all you can do is stare in disgust at your reflection in the empty plate.

You hesitantly pinch the small fat on your stomach. It never seemed to go away. Never, never, never.

Yet there was one thing you hadn’t considered. Pushing yourself out of the kitchen, you take wobbly steps to the bathroom. And kneel in front of the crystal-clean toilet.

Tears began to drop one by one, first slowly, but then they came rushing out.

A fat cow. You kept repeating that in your head. You were a fat cow. And you hated yourself for it. You couldn’t even stand to look at yourself in the mirror, hating for what your reflection showed you.

Taking a deep breath, you stuck your finger down your throat.

At first, you gagged a little. So you tried it again, sobbing loudly. You felt vomit rise at the back of your throat, and you leaned over as you threw up in the toilet, burning your throat and your love for yourself.

As you prepared to do it again, you heard a voice call out. “Pouty? I forgot my binder, you know the blue one? Pouty?”

Hearing Yamato call you that shook you deeply. He would hate to see a fat cow hunched over the toilet. You wouldn’t be his Pouty anymore.

Yamato crept closer to the bathroom, and dropped his keys when he saw you leaning over the toilet. The stench of vomit hung in the air with your dirty deed.

It only took a second for Yamato to register what was going on. You waited hopelessly for the inevitable. He would be disgusted. He would run away from you, and never look back.

So it surprised you when he wrapped his arms around your shaking shoulders.

“You tell me what’s wrong.” Yamato demanded, his voice cracking slightly.

“I’m not good enough,” you say helplessly. “Go away. Please. I don’t want you to look at me like this. Stupid, fat, horrible…”

“Dammit Y/N, I’m in love with you! You’re scaring me!” Yamato reprimanded you. You duck your head in shame. He lowers his tone. “I don’t care what you look like. I’ll love you no matter what.”

“I care,” you whispered. “And I hate myself for it. Everytime I look in the mirror, all I see is fat! Fat, fat, fat! And I’m so sick of it. Sick of me!”

“Do you know what I see when I look at you?” Yamato asked softly. You shake your head, almost scared of his answer. “I see an amazing girl, and for some reason, she chose to love me. Every Night when we fall asleep together, I can’t help but wonder why I’m so damn lucky. What I did to deserve someone as special as you.”

“You’re wrong.” You cried, tears falling harder.

“I’m going to help you. We’re going to get through this, together. You need to love yourself as much as I love you. And I swear, I’ll never stop loving you. I’ll help you through every single step of the way.” Yamato vowed, and he held you tightly, as if he could shield you from yourself.

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You knew what I meant but instead you picks on little things like my words not being real or being worded bad. Is that what you do to destruct from the facts that you are fat, ugly, feminist cow?

Ugh. I don’t even know where to begin with this. Oh yes I do: a dictionary. I am sure you could get ones with pretty little pictures for the words too. Then ask a question that is semi literate?

I do love some destruction though……

Fatgirl. 💋

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(mpreg-ichimootsu) beep


7. Angry text

[Text] frist off what the fuck did you do to my house?! It’s a absolute mess you fat cow! You better get your ass back over here and clean it up!

What it is like to suffer from Anorexia or Bulimia

My brain is sick, its poorly, its hurting and its weeping. My brain makes my body stop and unable to pick up a fork, my body will tremble when it hears the words “sandwich, spaghetti, pizza or burger.” My brain is being bullied. But I cant tell a teacher that so and so is bullying me in the playground,  as it is not a person who controls me and sends me the hate messages. Its a disease. “your too big, your not going to succeed, lose the weight.” My brain is sick, my brain sends out messages for me to run 15 kilometres, then swim for hours then cycle 10 miles, all these activities my brain tells me to do consecutively. My brain is sick. It tells me that if I was thinner, I would be prettier, happier, popular, successful. My brain is sick. It makes me not trust people, it makes me not hug people incase they can feel the fat around my stomach that I am so insecure about. It makes me paralysed when I see there is one extra Rice Krispie on my plate. My sickness has two sides. My brain tells me to eat cake, ice cream, pizza, bread, spaghetti, custard creams all in one sitting. My brain tells me it’s ok to eat. Its more then ok to eat, food is fantastic, its my frenzy, my drug. My brain turns me into a polar bear attacking its prey, or a lion hunting it’s kill, however for me the prey is the chocolates on the top shelf of the cupboard and the predator is me. But then I freeze, the only thing that I can hear is the ticking of the clock, no voices, complete silence. The silence lasts about 15 secs until the tsunami of voices begin. “What did you just do, you’ve made a big mistake, your thighs are growing right now, stop them,  stop them, look how big your stomach is getting.” My hands begin to shake, my stomach bloats, the feeling of fullness gets larger and larger. Until I end up stopping and staring at the water at the bottom of the toilet bowl with my fingers down my throat. The water is no longer clear, its filled with blood which drips from my throat and vomit that is dripping down fingers. My brain is sick. My brain tells my feet to step on the scale and the bullies start sending me hate messages again. The cycle repeats. My brain is sick. My organs are sick. My bones are told they are at high risk of osteoporosis. My doctors say its time to start fighting for your life and hand me an orange. I have not eaten or drank water in 5 days. I am informed my chances are slim and that this illness could kill me. My body sits in a wheelchair whilst people tell me “mental illness’s are for attention.” I get taken in ambulances almost fortnightly now, but its ok because my illness tells me “I deserve it” “I am the best eating disorder patient because I am the sickest.” My brain is sick. It makes me get my rights taken away from me and moves me to a hospital 2 and a half hours from everyone I know.

I gain 10 kilos. My body is healed. My brain is sick. It tells me I have an obesity problem, it tells me I will suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol. It tells me I am weak I am sick, I will be healthy if I lose 20 kilos, because then I won’t have the obesity problem anymore and I won’t be in a 1:3 range of the obesity epidemic England has. My doctors tell me I’ve worked so hard and I am finally at a healthy weight, they congratulate me. I don’t understand. My weight has gone up I am not healthy anymore. Tears drip down my face. I am sick. The voices are louder. “YOU ARE NOT GAINING ANYMORE, LOSE NOW YOU FAT COW, STOP GAINING. YOUR DISGUSTING, NOBODY LIKES YOU.” My nurses tell me, “its ok to cry.” that it is ok to relapse however it is never ok to give up, that the fact I’ve hit a healthy weight “is an achievement.” However my head tells me the extreme opposite. My brain is sick. I do not know what is rational. I am strapped in and on a roller-coaster that has the record number of loop de loops. My eating disorder is not a physical illness its a mental illness. My brain is sick. I’m on home leave and I see my family and friends. They see I’ve gained weight and they ask when will I be out of hospital and that I have done so well now that I have recovered from anorexia and bulimia. Why is it assumed that because my body has recovered my brain has? My brain is sicker then ever. I have not managed solid food in 2 weeks, relying on liquid calories because my brain will not send communication signals for my hands to pick up a fork, however I am a healthy weight so I am recovered right? This is not the case. MY BRAIN IS SICK. I do like food, I love pizza, french fries, burgers. I don’t eat lettuce leaves at every meal. I may have anorexia and bulimia but I do like food, in fact I love food. I wish I could eat food. My brain is sick.

Around once a month, I wake up. I see the real girl who stares back at me in the mirror. I do not see the fatness i’ve seen the previous night. I see the girl who loves sport, who’s passionate about her education, who is intelligent and cares about others. I see the girl who is fighting against anorexia and bulimia. I see the girl who’s trying so hard to overcome the disease. My brain is sick, however I am not giving up the fight for health and happiness.



“Where are my fucking shoes?!!?!!” I groaned getting down on my knees and searching under the bed. I’m gonna be late for homecoming. Why the fuck did I listen to Heather when she said to be fashionably late? What fashion when I can’t find my shoes?

“Damn bitch what the fuck is wrong with you?” Heather held a pair of tweezers up to a eyebrow and plucked a hair. “Shit!”

“What’s wrong is that I can’t find my shoes! Did you see them?”

“No.” Heather answered pulling two lipsticks. “Should I do Bubblegum or Cherry Red?”

“Do what you want.” I sighed walking out of the room. “I’m using Bubblegum though!”

I went into my parents’ room where my mom was naked and my dad was undercovers.

“Eww what the hell?!” I covered my eyes.

“Honey! I was getting dressed!”
Mom covered herself.

“I don’t care. Did you see my gold heels?”

“Yeah i borrowed them. Take them and leave.”

I took my golden heels and returned to my bedroom trying to get the image of my parents about to fuck. Everything has to be perfect. Homecoming is pre-prom. I have to show Chris how great I am at homecoming so he can’t wait to take me to prom.

“How do I look?” I spun around.

Heather snorted jokingly. “Ugly as shit.”

“Shut the fuck up, you fat cow.” I hissed grabbing the lipstick.

“Bitch fuck you. This fat cow is going to homecoming with her dream man.”

“So your dream man busts your sister wide open sophomore year?”

The words left my mouth before I could stop it. I was so angry I didn’t think about what I said. Heather looked at me in horror and I felt a pang of guilt. I frowned.


“You fucked Trell?!” She screamed as her tearducts began to produce tears.

“It was before you guys started dating.”

“But I liked him! You’re a dirty hoe, Jasmine. I wish you weren’t my sister.”

Shit, that hurt. Before I could apologize, Heather pushed past me and went into her bedroom. I knocked on her door.

“Heather, I’m sorry!” I felt some tears roll down. Damn, I really didn’t think it would hurt her that bad.


No answer. I gave up going down the stairs to meet up with Chris who dressed in a tux.

“Damn, Jas, you look hot!”

“Don’t I always?” I smiled meeting with him.

We said our goodbyes to my parents and as we walked to his car, Chris turned to me.

“What’s going on with you and Heather?” Chris asked opening the passenger door for me.

“Nothing, babe. Just sister stuff.” I lied through my teeth getting into the car. This bullshit is not gonna ruin my homecoming.


I put on my suit jacket and brushed myself off. I look too fly.
I might have to get more than one date. My phone buzzed signaling a text. That must be Karrueche. I smiled until I saw it was a text from Ty.


Yo we meeting up McDonald’s b4 we pick up the girls. Come thru.

I placed my phone in my pants pocket and grabbed my canister full of vodka putting it in my suit jacket. Whether Karrueche means to or not, this is going to be an interesting night.

We met up at McDonald’s where all the niggas were.

“Why we here? Homecoming is in 10 minutes.” Chris complained taking a seat in our booth.

“Because you know damn our ladies are going to take forever to get ready.” Trey answered taking a sip of soda. “I know damn well Amber aint ready.”

“True. Jasmine got to be looking like a damn supermodel everytime she go out.” Chris agreed.

“I don’t know about Honey but shit nigga I can’t fuck this up.” Tyga shook his head sitting up.

Trell laughed. “Aww Mikey catching feelings for Honey!”

“Eww nigga. Don’t call me that gay shit.”

“So your government’s gay?” I asked.

Ty turned to me. “So is August. Who tf names their kid after a month?”

“My mama. It don’t matter because Karrueche likes my name.” I smirked sitting back.

“The fuck you mean Karrueche likes it?” Chris questioned with wide eyes. “You bagging her?”

“Well not without the help of this.” I smirked wickedly revealing the medium metal canister filled with vodka.

The crew’s eyes widened as they stared at the canister. I quickly put it away due to the fact I was underage.

“It’s my pop’s. Shit’s filled with vodka.” I answered their questions they were going to ask.

“And what do you plan on doing with that, my nigga?”

I chuckled. “Vodka mixes well with punch. I’m gonna slip some in every cup of punch i give her and then after a few cups, I’m gonna be in between them thighs!”

Instead of dapping me up like I expected, most of them got up shaking their heads and states they were going to pick their girls. Chris shook his head.

“Nigga, you’re dead ass wrong. It’s one thing to try to sleep with a girl but it’s another to get her drunk to do it. Don’t fucking do it.”

I stood up. “Nigga, why the fuck do you care? Last time I checked, Karrueche hated your ass and she’s going to homecoming with me so mind your damn buisness.”

Right when I said that, my phone buzzed and I pulled it out reading the text notification.

From Kae:

I’m ready.

I smirked holding up my phone in Chris’s face.

“And look at that! She’s ready and so am I.”

External image


I stared longingly at my white and golden dress on my bed along with my gold jewelry and beige heels. Shit. Why in the hell did I agree to go to homecoming with August? Why? Was I that desparate for a date?

I removed my towel lotioning my body and putting on my panties and dress. I strapped on my heels and put on my jewelry. I pinned my ombre hair up in a updo and applied lip gloss. I sighed deeply before stepping in front of the mirror.

“Wow.” I mouthed at my reflection before doing a little spin. I look…

“Karrueche, baby-”

Mom looked at me smiling wide.

“You look gorgeous.”

I smiled looking down. “Thanks Mom.”

“Anyway, I came to tell you that
We’re not gonna be home.when you get back, remember your key, and no sex!”

I was taken aback then narrowed my eyes smiling. “That was Dad, huh?”

She nodded smiling and left the room. I quickly sent August a text telling him I was ready. As soon as I stepped outside, August was waiting for me cheesing hard. Aww shit. What did I get myself into?

"Well, don’t you look beautiful?”

I smiled a little. “Thanks August. Why are you cheesing so hard?”

“Because I’m really looking forward tonight.” He bit his lip escorting me to the beige Toyota he pulled up in.

When we arrived to homcoming, it was already turnt! Dim lighting, hip hop music playing, and people dancing.

“You want some punch?” August asked in my ear.

“Yeah. Thanks.” I shouted over the music. I scanned over the crowd and peeped Amber and Honey coming towards me.

“Damn Kae! You look fine! I’m not even gay and I want to fuck you!” Amber exclaimed looking me up and down.

“Yeah!” Honey agreed. “Looking like Aphrodite! Work it Coochie!”

“Thanks guys. Where’s Heather?” I asked as August returned with my drink.

“I don’t know but I’ll leave y’all alone and look for her.” Amber smirked pulling Honey away. I noticed August staring mad hard at Amber. I rolled my eyes drinking my punch. Damn that was some good punch. In the corner of my eye, I saw Chris and Jasmine walk in and Chris began dapping up his crew. He looked happy with his group of friends. I guess he doesn’t care about me anymore. I wiped my stray tear looking straight ahead.

“You want more punch?” August questioned taking my empty cup.

I looked at him nodding. “Yeah.”


I drove away from Jasmine’s house gripping the steering wheel.As much as I wanted to push the thought out of my head, I couldn’t. August’s bitchass is really gonna get Kae drunk to sleep with her. That’s a fuck boy move and it makes me really angry. Kae doesn’t deserve to be treated. My angry face and I sighed.

Why do I care so much? Is it because I have a big heart or is because I feel guilty knowing of August’s plans. Knowing August, once he has his mind made up, God and his mama are the only people that can change his mind. I silently prayed that he wouldn’t go through with it because for some reason, it would kill me if Kae got hurt.

“Chris, are you ok?” Jasmine placed her hand on my shoulder. I looked at her shrugging.

“I’m fine. Just deep in my thoughts.”

We finally pulled up in the school parking lot where people were just arriving and taking pictures.

Jasmine pulled out her phone and handed it to someone.

“Come on Chris! Let’s take pics!”
After we posed for many pics, we finally made it inside and danced a little. When we got tired, Jasmine went to her friends while I went towards the crew. I dapped each of them up.

“How’s it going?”

“Man, Honey is a bomb chick! Why didn’t I ask her out earlier?” Tyga cheesed sipping his soda.

“Because you’re a bitch nigga. Where’s Jaz?” Trey asked over the loud music.

“With Amber. Where’s- ”

Trell stormed in and went up to us with anger visible on her.

“Damn nigga did something happen between you and Heather?” Ty looked him up and down.

“Yeah because of that bitch she calls a sister.” Trell huffed and I stepped in.

“Chill on calling my girl a bitch.”

“Nah fuck that! She wanna ruin my homecoming? I’ll ruin hers! Chris, you know Jasmine ain’t a virgin, right? ”

I shrugged. “Well I’m not surprised. A lot of girls aren’t. “

“Yeah she ain’t a virgin cuz she lost her virginity to me!” Trell spat out of breath. “It was sophomore year and we were both virgins so we decided to lose it to each other. I’m sorry bro, but I had to tell you.”


Jasmine walked up to me grabbing my arm and I jerked away from her.

“Let’s go dance!”

“You fucked Trell 2 years ago?”

Jasmine glared at him. “Seriously Trell?”

“Karma’s a bitch, Jasmine. Just like you.”

She rolled her eyes turning back to me.

“Chris, it was a long time ago. I’m sorry.”

“I just need some space, Jaz.” I walked out of the gym to the bathroom where August was with Karrueche. She had no balance in any part of her body and giggled like a school girl. August got her drunk. I clenched my fists walking up to them.

“Hey Chris! You likey homecoming?!” Kae giggled drunkenly almost falling on the floor and I grabbed her pulling her close to me.

“August, nigga you make me sick. You actually got her drunk? Was hitting that important? ” I almost screamed.

August grabbed her back and began kissing her neck.

“Augusttttttt stopppppppp you’re my friendddddd!” Kae slurred pushing him away.

“Not tonight!” He pounced on her and I punched him making him drop to the floor. Karrueche gasped and began giggling again. I grabbed her hand and led her to my car.

I drove back to my neighborhood while Kae was babbling and slurring random shit. Once we made it back, We went up to her doorstep.

“Kae, you got a key?” I turned my attention from her door to her, who was struggling to keep her balance.

“I think…..” she was about to hit the concrete floor when I caught her. Fuck it. I have to bring her to my house. Mama isn’t home because of her night shift at the hospital anyway. I carried Kae to my house and once we went inside, I laid her on the couch. Although she was drunk off her ass, she looked like a petite goddess. It’s a damn shame everything got fucked up because of bitchass August.

As I turned to leave, she stopped me.

“No, Chris. Stay.”

I raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

She nodded moving over and I went behind holding her tiny waist but I backed up due to the fact we were too close for a nigga in a relationship. Kae turned to face me looking up at me.

“Chris, I miss you.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “What?” 
Kae began to tear up. “As much as you hurt me, I love you because you’re my best friend. I miss you and our friendship so much and as much I try to hide it…..I just can’t hide what I truely feel anymore. I miss my best friend.”

Even though Kae was intoxicated, I could tell she was speaking from her sober heart. Drunken tongues speak sober thoughts.

“Karrueche, I’m so sorry.” I pecked her lips and held her closer kissing her forehead. “I love you too. I’m sorry. I wish I could take it back. I want it all back. I want my best friend back too.”

Kae wiped her face and smiled widely. “Well she’s right here.”


“Wake up!” I felt someone shake me. I got up squinting my eyes at the small girl in front of me.


She swallowed hard pacing the floor. “Ok I just texted my parents telling them I spent the night at Honey’s. Tell me the truth. Did we sleep together?”

“No!” I exclaimed with wide eyes and looked at the time. 4:30 a.m. Mama still ain’t home.

“Do you remember last night?”

She nodded. “Yeah I remember. Kinda.”

“Well August got you drunk to sleep with you so I brought you here to prevent.”

Kae shook her head. “Bitchass.”

“Do you remember what you told me?” I asked slowly.

Kae sat next to me resting her head on my shoulder.

“Yeah. It was all true.”

“I said-”

Kae grabbed my face making me look at her smirking.

“Chris, I remember. I wasn’t that drunk. I forgive you.”

I smiled widely wrapping my arms around her. “Is my Pikachu back?”

Kae giggled a little before responding.

“Yes. Yes she is.”


Rating: R

Pairing: Reader/ Calum Hood

“Calum stop!” I yell and begin to run away from him. My heavy feet padding against the dark oak flooring as I hear Calum close behind. I cut a sharp corner and run into the living room.

“Oh my god, Ashton move,” I exclaim and shove him away from the couch and climb over and set myself behind it. “Where is she?” I hear Calum’s faint voice say. I clamp my hand over my mouth to suppress some of the sounds of excitement that are coming out of me. I hear a mumble of words and then hushes. Shit, they already gave me up. I begin to crawl over to the other side of the couch but I see black socks.

I look up and I am met with Calum’s big brown eyes and raven curly hair. I squeal and push my self off my feet and try to run past Calum but he grasp me by the waist.

“Let me go! Stop!” I squeal and try to push myself off of Calum, my backside rubbing against his crotch. “Can you guys please go somewhere else we are trying to watch a movie!” Michael exclaims and throws popcorn towards us. Calum releases me and I look up at the screen and see Lego people dancing in the background and tapping the screen because it’s 3D.

“Real mature guys?” I laugh and turn around. “Oh shut up!” Ashton yells as Calum and I laugh and begin to walk back into our room. I flop back down on the bed and watch as Calum sets himself on top of me.

“Ew. Get off of me you fat cow” I breath and pretend to lose my breath. Calum places both of his hands either side of my head and leans down,close to my lips.
“Aw baby you say the sweetest things” Calum breaths against my lips and smiles, I rise my head up and press a kiss to Calum’s lips. Calum lips press against mine and begin to deepen the kiss by placing his hand on the back of my neck. I moan into the kiss when I feel Calum’s hand begin to massage my breast in my other hand.

“Cal-wait” I say breathing against his lips and push his shoulder so his now red,plump lips are away from mine. “What?” Calum ask and looks at me.

“What? We can’t have sex right now, I mean the boys are just down the hall there going to hear us” I say and try to rise up more but Calum shoves me back down on the bed. “Then we have to be quiet then” Calum says and begins to kiss my neck.

“No Calum we can’t” I say and shove him completely off my body. Calum groans and flops himself on his back and stares at the ceiling before looking back at me after a few minutes. “Can you at least suck me off” Calum says. I look back at him and rise my eyebrows.

“Please!” Calum says and pouts out his bottom lip and lowers his eyebrows. I huff and nod my head as Calum gives me the brightest smile and straighten his back. Calum moves up more on the bed as I lay between his legs and see the bulge between his jeans. I just roll my eyes and unzip Calum’s tight jeans, shoving them down his legs, his boxers also. Calum’s member slaps against his abs.

“Quiet” I say and wink and Calum returns it with a sly smile but it is soon cut off when I take Calum into my hand as he sucks in a shaky breath. I begin to rock Calum in my hand a few times while I see pre-cum leak out of the tip, I lick my lips and place my mouth on the head. Sucking gently and using my tounge to circle the outline of his head. “Come on Gabby” Calum moans, placing his hand on the back of my head. I hum around Calum’s member and sink down onto Calum’s member, my nose brushing against his pubic bone. I rise back up and begin to bob my head and using my wrist in swift motions for what I can’t fit in my mouth.

“Just like that” Calum breaths and uses my hair to get me into a steady rhythm, I moan around Calum’s mouth and that’s when I feel his member twitch in the back of my throat while I gag around it. “Do that again” I hear Calum breathlessly say. I hum around Calum once again and that’s when I feel Calum come down my throat. I release my mouth off of Calum’s member and swallow the rest.

I peel my shirt off of my body and tug down my shorts along with my panties, then crawl onto Calum’s lap. “God your so sexy” Calum says and place his hands on my hips rubbing them up and down while placing a kisses on my collar bones. I push Calum back onto the bed and rise up, taking Calum’s member into my hand and sinking down. Both of us moaning in unison. Calum gently lefts my hips, sliding me up and down. “Calum” I whine, when he slides me down agonizingly slow.

“I love teasing you baby” Calum says while I pout my bottom lip. Calum smirks at me. Calum pats my thigh so I get up and look at Calum. Calum shoves me back down on the bed and climbs on top of me. Before I can’t even blink Calum is already sliding into me. “Fuck” I moan and bite down on my lip as Calum begins to pound into me, making the bed pound against the wall.

“Shit you look so hot under me” Calum breathlessly says against my lips before pressing his lips against mine. “Oh Calum” I moan when I feel his member brush against my g-spot,me moaning breathlessly underneath him.

I rise up and bite and begin to suck and bite on Calum’s neck and collar bone while I dig my nails in Calum’s back feeling my orgasm coming near me. “Fuck baby” Calum groans when I bite down onto his shoulder when he is directly hitting my g-spot, completely sending me over the edge.

“I’m gonna cum” I moan. “Come for me Gabby” Calum breaths against my neck and slips his hand below us rubbing my clit in furious figure eight motions.Before I know it my back bucks up colliding with Calum’s chest. After I come down from my high Calum slips out of me.

“God I love you” Calum breaths and kisses me. “I love you too” I say and cuddle into Calum’s chest. Before my eyes can even flutter shut I hear pounding on the door.

“Shit you look so hot under me” I hear Michael fake moan while I stuff my face into Calum’s chest more. “Oh Calum!” Ashton yells and I hear a bunch of chuckles and then Luke’s voice “Fuck” Luke moans out and then the door open letting the three stooges walk in.

“Shut up, at least I’m getting some” Calum says and all the boys snicker and walk out of the room. Calum throws his arm around my shoulder and kisses my forehead and mumbled out an ‘I love you’.

Bsm: He likes Your Twin Better Part 1

Niall:(5) Niall always played with your twin Daisy but seemed to never care about you. He was forced to take both of you to the Ice Cream Parlor and was not happy to say the least. When you got there you asked him for a chocolate cone but he got you Peanuts!!!!!! which you are allergic to ( or food you are allergic to) You of course didnt know you were allergic to peanuts and ate it angrily. You started feeling like you couldnt breath and niall never noticed a few minutes later he left without you. A nice lady noticed your troubles and called an ambulance. You passed out on the way to the hospital

Harry: (12) Your Twin Sarah always got his attention and to him you were dirt, You had your thirteenth birthday coming up and hoped he would be there since your twin’s party was later that day. when he didn’t show up to say you were upset was an under statment. You sobbed and had no fun at your only 13th party. When your sister got home she bragged about the new jewlery when you got a closer look it had an infinity sign and said best sister, You ran up stairs and spelt worthless on your arm with cuts.

Louis:(15) you were very consience about your wheight and seldom ate. your twin sister Annie had a fast metabolism and ate like a pig. Lou and Annie were going out to dinner and you wanted to go. you had asked and louis told you that you were a fat cow and didnt need to eat any more. In your eyes you were fat and so you cut off eating all together. You weighed in at 57 pounds when your twin came in “omg y/n we need to get you to the hospital” you passed out in her arms not knowing what would come next.

Liam: (14) Liam hadn’t liked that you were lesbian while your twin sister Andrea was straight. The moment you came out he was diffent. Always took your sister out and was sweet to her boyfriends. He always took her shopping and you were left in the dust. When you brought a girlfriend home he was very disrespectful making them break up with you, it was already hard enough to find a lesbian without your brother making everyone of them break up with you.


Both your twin sister Gabriella and you had contracted the stomache flu and Zayn was supposed to take care of both of you. You had a trash can next to you when you had to throw up. Every time she threw up he held her hair and comforted her. where as when you threw up he told you to keep it down and that you were so annoying.

The depressing thing about being a woman today: People will shit on you if you aren’t pretty (”Get in shape, you fat, ugly cow!”) and they’ll shit on you, even if you are pretty (”You aloof, mean, arrogant cow, you just want to tempt men! Silly cocktease!”)