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Reclamation of Nowhere,” New Paintings by Josh Keyes & Brin Levinson.

Opening on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 at Antler Gallery in Portland, Oregon is the two person show, “Reclamation of Nowhere,” featuring brand new work by artists Josh Keyes and Brin Levinson.  Both artists pursue the portrayal of wildlife placed in curious, often dream-like scenarios.  The work for this show looks absolutely fantastic.  If you’re in Portland, check it out.


For the past few days, Rainy and I had the supreme pleasure of hosting rowkey and ikrutt at our humble abode during their tour of the East Coast, USA. Words can not describe how brilliant it was to meet these talented people in person and to draw with them! If you lot haven’t checked out their art yet, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Thanks so much for making time for us on your trip! You are both fantastically talented and fantastically lovely people. I hope you enjoyed staying with us as much as we enjoyed having you 💕

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do you know when will fantastic beasts and where to find them out?

According to imdb page, it is to be released in November 18th, 2016.
Fortunately we’ll get to see the wizarding world once again. Unfortunately, however, the wait is still long.

i drew this poster dedicated to the amazing FMA fanfiction called Pressure Point by the-flame-and-hawks-eye!!

since today marks the 1st year anniversary when this fanfic was published, i decided to draw this because it is one of my favorite stories!! the pacing is amazing, everyone is written in-character, and the plot is just so interesting and i really love it!! i think everyone should go check it out because it is such an incredible story. it contains royai, parental!royed, and edwin. not to mention all her other stories are amazing as well and definitely worth reading!  ||  view on deviantart

Shay, your writing is fantastic and you’re such a sweet and kind person. i’m glad that you’re in the fandom; keep being awesome !!

aaaaaa the complete amount of super rad people who’re reblogging that one post is really great! it’s getting around really well, and it’s going to allow me to actually wedge myself a little further into this fandom! ehehe

it’s gotten around SO well that 3 people who that i was already following when i made the post reblogged it! big thanks to furry-for-thought, quaint-queen, and fantastic-furs for being good senpais and noticing me!

i’d also like to thank those of you who are following ME now! i try to keep content flowing but i’ve got a lot of personal stuff going on in the background, so things will probably run a little thin. I might have to start using the dreaded queue again!

aaaah but if you’re new to the icefire82G blog-train then you should check out the faq, links, and about pages! they’re small things that are a bit rushed because i had to make them quick after my remake, but they’re definetly good places to learn about me!

aaaa but for now, i’m going to go to sleep! It’s getting pretty late and i don’t want to go without sleep for too long! so thank you again, and goodnight!

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I was on your blog for two seconds and I started tearing up because I think I finally found perfection ☺️

You’re fantastic, thank you so much! Anton xx

i feel like i say too many negative things regarding being a lesbian on here and im aware i probably have young lesbians following me so this is a reminder that being a lesbian is great, even though sometimes it can be hard, that doesn’t change the fact that lesbians are amazing and beautiful and your attractions are natural and normal and pure and you should never feel bad about who you are because you’re fantastic okay

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I just spent about 45 minutes scrolling through your "advice" tag and it was fantastic. You've helped be out a TON. So thanks for the life advice. *Here, have a virtual cookie*

I’m so glad. This is the upside of making a lot of mistakes, kids–it means that someday you’ll have somewhat valuable advice to share with strangers on the internet. *chomp*

Rule 1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you wrote, then write 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people.

Rule 4: Tell them you tagged them.

Rule 5: TAG ’#tag’.

1. How are you? (Have a nice day/night)

Fantastic! Thank you (:

2. What are your hobbies/interests?

Volleyball, tennis, Youtube, reading, writing, drawing.

3. Whats your favorite sport to watch? to play? or do you not like sports at all? Why?

Volleyball & tennis ^^

4. What kind of arts do you like? Music? Painting/drawing? Photography?

I love all the arts. I personally create drawings and photography.

5. How many youtubers are you subscribed to?

202 oh my god.

6. Top 5 youtubers? (if you aren’t subscribed to any check out troye and connor, and record your top 5 music artists)

Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley, Kian&Jc, Bennymcnugget.

7. Favorite song atm? Favorite song of all time?

No Lie // Wet, Reflections // Misterwives, L.A.F // Broods

8. Favorite artist and/or band?

I love so many I can’t choose (but probs Troye tbh)

9. Favorite 5 things about yourself? (be positive)

Hair, eyes, sense of style, fun-attitude, socialness but introvertness.

10. How large is your immediate family (parents/siblings)?

There’s my mom, me, my two little sisters, and my older sister ^^

11. What is your favorite tumblr blog mutual? (I want to follow them)

Don’t really have one :///


1. How old are you? (no judgement!)

2. Do you like to read? If so, favorite book(s)?

3. What are your favorite/lucky numbers?

4. Do you have any pets? If not would you like any?

5. Favorite songs atm?

6. Top 5 Youtubers?

7. If you could dye your hair an unnatural color, what color would you dye it?

8. iPhone or Android?

9. Sexuality? (if your comfortable sharing of course)

10. Any siblings?

11. Favorite social media platform?

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i’ve had this blog for a year now!!

( technically it turns 1yr on august 8th, but who can wait?? )

geez, what do i even say!! to start with, i frequently make posts with strong opinions – particularly against racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. – and i’ve lost plenty of followers that way. and good riddance! so to those of you who’ve stuck around, thank you for not being offended by equal rights lmao (and accepting the bits of drama that come about when i speak up).

second, i’m a pretty picky follower, and there are some amazing blogs out there that i just never followed back! so to my non-mutuals, i really do appreciate you! i’m sorry i have to be so careful, but i promise your continued silent support is not unnoticed. i’m sure you’re all fantastic rpers, and i wish you all the best!

now i’m not really the type to make ‘follow forevers,’ but i think a full year deserves some shout-outs to the friends i’ve made along the way!

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1. you look fantastic. 2. please tell me how tf you filled in your eyebrows so well wtf (our eyebrow shape/the amount we have seem similar) i must learn your ways

Why thank you! I use Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade for my brows. It’s about $20 for the pomade and then I use elf’s angled brush for application so it’s a little under $25 total. I always start by lining the bottom of my brow and making my arch dramatic but not too sharp. Then I smudge the line a bit to fill in the brow and I outline the outer half of the brow and point the end. I usually tweak a little after that, fill in more, highlight my brow bone and put more foundation directly under the bottom brow line to make it pop and look straighter and then I put a setting powder over it and I’m done! I have a massive tendency to over pluck my brows so I also use a eyeshadow primer on my brows before I start drawing them so I can make them fuller than they are.

Most makeup application can seem difficult but it really just takes practice so if you want to do eyeliner wings or drawn brows just do it over and over and it’ll keep getting better!

Michonne, the mother

Not tagging this bc it’s no biggie, but Richonne News has been spotlighting “Claimed’ for the last 2 days.  That episode highlights Michonne as a mother which was something almost entirely forgotten about in Season 5. 

There are tweets of absolutely gorgeous fan art and links to wonderful gifsets covering this episode. If you have a moment, it would be FANTASTIC if you could log into Twitter and RT some of it to help spread the Grimes Family 2.0 love around and REMIND PPL MICHONNE IS A GRIEVING MOM & HER BOND W/CARL & JUDITH IS DEEP & SPECIAL AND MEANINGFUL TO FANS.  A link:

*have a few more tweets to make on Claimed this afternoon, but if any of you know of something wonderful that should be shared and promoted related to this (e.g. gifset, essay, fan art, video) please tweet Richonnenews a link so it can be shared w/other fans.

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i have a question, to be answered at any point since i know you have a big ask backlog: how important is smut/porn in your fics? you write it so well, but i find i often struggle to write it as i'm not very interested in sex in general and haven't had experience with it. writing it often feels awkward and embarrassing, but i feel as though it's expected in fic, as so many popular fics have or are only porn. so i just wanted your thoughts on that. love all of your writing, you're fantastic!

honestly i have an ask backlog but it’s mostly other people’s headcanons and stuff–i always get to actual questions pretty quickly! 

smut is personally important in my fics because i like writing it. i like the catharsis/connection of two characters sexually after a long build up–and in popular fiction you RARELY get sex as explicit as what i like to read. so the fact that i can write a story that has emotional impact but then have a chapter that’s JUST EXPLICIT SEX is gratifying to me. you know, like if your favorite movie had an explicit NC17 sex scene shot with the same beautiful cinematography as the rest of the movie.

i can’t really speak for my audience though! i find that in terms of stand-alone fics (ones without multiple chapters), my fics without smut perform better than my smut fics. 

and like, isn’t the HUGELY popular great sealand takeover completely without smut? 

idk. i don’t think you should force yourself to write porn if you’re not comfortable with it and if you’re not compelled by it. if you want to learn to write it then by all means work on it–but there’s no outward force that should influence you to do it in order to gain a readership. 

if you write something with emotional impact or a good plot or it’s funny and it’s edited passably, the readership will show up–porn or not.