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im v sorry if this is weird but im super proud of you , like , sticking with your art even when it got hard? like ive always wanted to draw and find my niche style-wise and youve been a huge inspiration for me but i still cant get a hold of it? but you have this like, fantastic ability to stick with it and figure your stuff out and improve and then look back and pat yourself on the back for doing that, and it really really makes me want to do the same for myself. youre just really wonderful, idk

oh gosh anon,, its not weird at all!! i,, i dunno what to say,, i guess i just lean on drawing very heavily bc its one of the thing i know that are able to make me happy/cheer me up/take me out of things so even after all the frustration and the years-long breaks (cause of health or otherwise,,) i still… i still have to admit to myself that spending my time drawing just,, makes me happy hahah,, and! i dunno why ive started being more positive.. i guess having my best friend be always, always enthusiastically supportive of my art, like as excited about it as i was, and realizing how much good that did for me, i wanted be a bit like that for people who tell me they picked up drawing too or started drawing new things whether its smut or comics of just drawing in general,, and also… opm dragged me out of a,, kind of a dark place. im glad i have the kind of energy to be this involved and productive at all, now. thats not something u can just take for granted. so, yeah. things gets better, sometimes for silly stuff like a parody anime coming along and making u feel excited about things again, haha,,

So I was randomly texted by my friend asking if I was down to be in a short film and get dowsed in blood and I said “fuck yeah” and now I’m going to be in a short film and I got hired to not only act but be the MUA and I will get imdb credits for both. Also gon be in compromising positions with a hot dude. How did this happen

I Am Yours

An overly fluffy little drabble for @sherlockian87​. Happy Birthday, love! (Hope I didn’t miss it) :) Thank you for all your fantastic contributions, encouragement, and for being just a beautiful person!

The evening sun spread its gold and red hues across the ocean, sending sparkles dancing with every gentle wave. The warm breeze whispered over the sand and the only sound was the soft lapping of waves upon the shore and the rustling of leaves.

On the porch of the charming cottage set back in the solitude of trees with nary a soul around for miles, Molly was curled up against Sherlock’s bare chest in a rope hammock, his arms wrapped around her. She sighed happily when he kissed her temple and tightened his embrace. With one leg stretched out on her side, he kept them gently rocking with the other by pushing off the floor.

She stared out at the beautiful sunset, but couldn’t bring herself to truly appreciate it. Not when she was in the arms of her love.

Slowly swinging her legs over the side, she stood and walked toward the door, turning back just once with her hand on the doorframe. Sherlock stared after her in confusion.


A smile broke across his face and he gracefully extricated himself from the hammock. Molly held out her hand to him and giggled when he took the opportunity and spun her back to him. He swept her up into his arms and she lost herself in his passionate kiss.

She pulled away when she felt the softness of the mattress beneath her. Sherlock knelt over her and threaded his fingers through hers, pressing her hands into the mattress on either side of her head. She smiled at the sound of their rings, the ones they placed on each other’s finger just the day before, clinking together. Sherlock’s answering smile was enough to fill her heart to bursting.

He leaned down, his breath caressing her lips as he whispered, 'I am yours.’

'As I am yours.’

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thank you everyone, I should really try to do something nice to celebrate~ Even though I have so much to do/want to do. ehehheheheh…

ANYWAY, You guys are really fantastic, thanks for making me feel special and connected every day~

Dear Sam

Hi lovely people,
Today is @ichoosedestiel ‘s birthday and so I wrote a little something for her. Go over there and send her some love and birthday-wishes because she’s absolutely wonderful and deserve it all! Happy Birthday sweetie, I hope your day is absolutely fantastic!

If you’d rather read it on AO3, then you can do so HERE


I know that you could never see me. That you probably wasn’t even sure that I existed, even if you prayed to me and anyone else who might listen, often (not that I quite understand that, considering the amount of angels that had been complete and utter dicks to you).

The first times, you were strictly addressing father, and we are told not to intercept on those prayers, not to listen in. I don’t know exactly why, but I found myself drawn to your words, even though I could not exactly make them out. There was this pleading and self-sacrificing tone to them and I was… Well I was curious. I came to visit you a few times, to see who it was that spoke these words that I was somehow able to feel, even though I was banned from trying to make them out. You were so young then, so pure and good, and I had this weird feeling that I later realized was a dire need to protect you from all evil. It was all so new to me, and I don’t think I have to tell you how rare it is for an archangel to experience something completely new, do I?

I asked father about what it meant that I could feel your prayers when I could not feel anyone else’s. He told me that at times a soul is created, one that is so bright that one could almost say it shines with it’s own angelic grace. He told me that my own grace recognized your soul as such and because of that, as well as the fact that you were born on a monday and thus my charge, we shared a connection. I wanted to keep listening to your prayers. I wanted to answer them, when you began addressing angels instead of just father. But I was no angel anymore. Father was the only one who knew me to still be alive, everybody else thought my disappearance meant that I was long gone. I couldn’t save you from Ruby, I couldn’t save your brother or your father from going to hell, and for that I am sorry. I was scared, you see. Scared of revealing myself to the heavenly host. I realize now that I was wrong in hiding, that I had a purpose that was much more important than punishing ass-holes.

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Imagine being pregnant with Remus Lupin’s baby after two wonderful years of marriage.

“Oh my gosh,” you whispered as tears gathered in your eyes. You stared down at the little stick that was going to change your life forever. You smiled at the thought. You and Remus were pregnant. You wiped the happy tears away and got up of the floor. You knew exactly how to tell him.


You fidgeted in your dress as you cooked dinner. Remus had been away for the past couple of days giving you plenty of time to get everything ready. You were almost finished when you heard Remus call out that he was home. He stumbled into the kitchen.

“You look fantastic, Love,” he complimented as he wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your neck.

“Thank you,” you smiled. “Why don’t you get cleaned up while I set the table?” Remus kissed you once more before making his way to the bedroom.

Remus emerged in a pair of clean clothes as you finished putting dinner on the table.

“You didn’t have to go through all this trouble. I would have been fine with takeout,” Remus said as he pulled out your chair before sitting down himself.

“I know, but I wanted tonight to be special,” you murmured.

“I didn’t forget something, did I?” Remus asked with a smirk. You shook your head with a smile.

After you two finished dinner, you told Remus to close his eyes as you fetched his present.

“Ok, open your eyes,” you told him as you set a white box with a big red ribbon in front of him. Remus smiled and looked a little suspicious as he opened the box. On top was a letter.

Dear Moony,

Each of us helped pick out this gift. We hope you enjoy!


Prongs, Padfoot, and Lily Flower

Remus smiled before looking into the box again. The first onesie he pulled out was from James.

Next was Lily’s.

Next was Sirius’s.

And finally yours.

Remus turned his head sharply towards you.

“Really?” he whispered. You eagerly nodded your head. Suddenly, you were Remus’s arms as he swung you around the kitchen. Once you’re feet were back on the ground, Remus’s lips were on you.

“You have made me the happiest man in the world,” he whispered in your ear.


Thank you to the fantastic people who have followed me! Hello :))) Thank you for the encouragement to post more :) it’s not an easy thing to crack your heart open and let people see what’s knocking about inside. I’m floored that anyone even found this crazy blog of mine, much less taken the time to read and ENJOY my writings. I’m so happy that I’ve made this a place for me just to be me. And I’m eager to share things with you. I’ve made so many new friends lately and if you’ve sent me a request, I’ve added it to my list. Come talk to me any time xxoo

THANK YOU the bottom of my heart for giving me a place to fangirl with all of you. CHEERS TO THAT:)

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Thank You ft. Domhnall Gleeson

Hi! You’re a fantastic writer, and I love your stories :) They really help me make it through the hard times. Would you by any chance be willing to do another Domhnall Gleeson fic, or one about General Hux (or both). Thank you! - anonymous

Wow, I don’t know what hard times you’re going through, but the fact that these little stories mean so much to you really touches my heart. Come back any time for anything you want, friend!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - February 10th

There are four special Swiftie birthdays today! Join me in wishing them all a Happy Birthday:


@isnt-this-just-fabulous (It won’t let me tag you, sorry!)



I hope you all have a fantastic birthday day! You deserve the best today and every day! Enjoy your day! Happy Birthday!

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Hi, I'm really new to all this but I was wondering if you could suggest something I could give my friend for good luck. She has university interviews and I want to support her in any way I can. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much and I hope you have a fantastic day.

my favourite, simple luck spell is apple cider! put a cinnamon stick, cloves, whole allspice, and star anise into a piece of cheesecloth. tie it up in a little bag so nothing gets out and simmer the bag in a pot of apple cider. stir a few times, murmur whatever feels right, and have your friend drink! maybe even put it in a coffee tumbler and she can take it with her wherever she needs!

like… i am all for making headcanons abt ur favs especially when u see yrself in them. headcanons are great! making a story more diverse through transformative fanwork is fantastic! but you cant just do this shit blindly, you have to make sure your headcanons and fan interpretations arent harmful to other ppl. its kind of like a milder version of that ‘my right to swing my fist ends where your face begins’ quote. u can make headcanons til the sun goes down but you shouldnt make headcanons that take away from canon representation of other minority groups because youre building yourself up by tearing down other ppl who have it just as bad as you do

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Jet Jet Jettttt. I know you have a mountain of messages to dig through but I just wanted to say that, as someone who has always meant to give Xena a try and just never quite got around to it, your overwhelming passion for it today gave me SO MANY FEELINGS that I'm completely sold on the show already. My soul is already sold. I'm going to watch this at the next possible opportunity, and THANK YOU for doing everything that you do. It's always such a joy.


Xena is ridiculous and silly and utterly amazing. I’m so happy you’re going to give it a try! HAVE YOU STARTED YET WILL YOU START SOON TELL US WHAT YOU THINK AND EVERYTHING YOU FEEL WE NEED TO KNOW

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This is a different anon. I think asking if you were going to move on to a new fandom was just a knee-jerk reaction. You (& a handful of other fic writers,) are our only source of quality Thorki sustenance. Maybe I'm speaking for myself here, but I worry that someday you will tire of writing about the same fandom. We're probably a bit clingy when it comes to our beloved authors, but it's a testament to how fantastic you are at writing Thor + Loki. We don't want a Sif getting in the way. ;) xoxo

Well, you know, I’m a reader too. And I consume fanart and gifs and graphics and whatnot. So I sympathize with the need to have things to read and things to admire in the fandom. It’s just that I’m not going to let myself be scrutinized for just how much time I do or don’t spend working on producing content for others. I will need to finish my master’s thesis this year, should I be okay with people tutting at me for not updating my WIPs fast enough because of that? And in this case it was especially ridiculous, because I have been putting up so much thorki lately. So much.

I just want to say that I do see and do appreciate the well-meaning behind yours and the other anon’s (who has apologized and clearly didn’t mean to upset me) words, but I’d like to remind you that perhaps if you want an author to keep producing, it might be a better idea to tell them when they are producing, and tell them exactly what you like, rather than coming sometime later all “umm you belong to us, keep giving us things”. Obvs, I don’t know who you specifically are. Maybe you give me feedback all the time. But this is a general observation.

Oh, and since I’m already all longwinded about this, the Captive Prince series is something that I would heartily recommend to every Thor/Loki shipper. The chances that you will love it are about 95%. So instead of being ruffled that I’m giving it my attention, why not join me? Here and here