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gabriel reyes crush hc’s

  • i don’t mean to cast shade on anyone, but if you have a fav, gabe could outflirt them
  • suave as shit. even the most innocuous of things can suddenly be a topic of flirtation.
  • he likes to pay special attention to you, the object of his affection: giving you a nickname, drawling your name out, greeting you first.
  • he’s got a special smile reserved for you: the corners of his eyes crinkle, and sometimes, he likes to wink
  • who taught mccree how to smirk? this guy.
  • he likes to compliment you until you’re blushing: “look at you - gorgeous. unreal. you’re too damn beautiful, cariño. beautiful!”
  • he’s confident and sure of himself, so he doesn’t feel the need to show off, but he’ll draw attention to certain aspects of himself from time to time, just to play himself up. “[y/n], tell me i don’t have the best assets in this place.”
  • expect a good bit of innuendo
  • gabe notices a lot more than he lets on - so expect him to start mentioning specific things you’ve said, or talk about things you’ve mentioned in the past. 
  • bedroom eyes for days.

You know, there’s still asks I havent answered

reblogs i must respond to

things to do

essay to write

codes to learn

mocap maya things to learn


I have no motivation to study no motivation to read no motivation to learn

and as I draw this I am literally sweating because I know i shouldnt be doing this but I AM doing this and just can’t stop but I feel so GUILTY

But first love is not only love. It’s not the best love, or the last love. First love is first, and it’s wonderful and amazing and new, but first is not synonymous with forever. And first is definitely not connected, whatsoever, to final. It’s called your first love because it’s just that — your first. Not your last.

- Elissa Sanci

I will become the red spot
of Jupiter, forever raging.
I will imprison your mind
with my storm, you will try
and you will fail to forget me.
—  topaz

why doesn’t anybody ever talk about Holes

mother fuckin school-teacher kate barlow had her african american boyfriend shot in the fuckin head by some racist fuckboy in the old west and started murdering people and became kissin’ kate barlow

Stanley Yelnats and Zero save the day by eatin their fuckin vegetables, find treasure and split like 150 million bucks together, buy a mansion for them and their camp buddies and live happily ever after

Zero uses his fortune to hire a PI to find his mom

pretty sure a curse placed by Madame Zeroni got broken somewhere there too

why have you failed me tumblr

herebelife replied to your postIf I see one more person unironically use the…

I shall take the term mansplain to my GRAVE

Ok but like you’re one of the .5% of people that actually uses it sensibly and not in a “I hate men so anything they say to me is mansplaining” like most people do.

“Trust us,” they said. “We’re dog groomers! We know what we’re doing!” That’s nice, but what is this stubbly ginger rat you’re trying to give back to me claiming it’s my corgi?

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Today has gone from fanfiction, to 7/11 wars, to characters in dresses. ah tumblr. you never fail to entertain me.

I’m glad me and everyone else sending the stuff are entertaining 😂 i love these conversations

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You are going to do great things!! Wow you have such a nice blog! Have a nice day :)

You’re so sweet, nonnie :’))) thank you <3

(tumblr failed me and didn’t show notification, so i’m sorry i’m replying so late :()