you fabulous boy

biology textbook: In puberty adolescents start to get interested in the opposite sex…

homosexuals and asexuals:

  • mcr fans expectations: badass as fuck sex sex sex great artist is a vampire and will probably kill someone
  • mcr fans reality: listening to The Light Behind Your Eyes at 2 am crying and eating oreo in their favourite warm blanket

“I’m not dead I only dress that way” 🖤

Totally Real MCR fact #24

MCR made a bet with Fall Out Boy that they can make a gayer album then them. After FOB released Infinity On High (alternative title: Angry Short Poems about Mikey Way’s Cock) in 2007 they were so impressed that it took them 3 years to make the gay masterpiece Danger Days

the best thing that happened to me at work today:

i was working the front counter and a little boy, maybe 9 came up to get a refill on his drink, and his nails were painted a bright green. i got him his drink and handed it back and said “i love your nails!”

the smile on his face oh my god. he was literally beaming and said “thanks” really excitedly before running back to his parents


When your daughter is a trash for kpop.
  • Me: *scrolling through Facebook and see ASC posted a selfie of Yoongi*
  • Mom: He looks ugly do not like that.
  • Me: *hit like*
  • Mom: Why did you like that omg he looks so green.