you excite me quite a bit actually

Autistic people on tumblr: Rick Sanchez has verbally confirmed himself as autistic, and this makes me happy. It’s pretty rare for autistic characters to be canonically confirmed in-show like this, and especially not this easily and casually. It’s also very unusual to see a canonically autistic character who is sexually active, not straight, not white and who is actually a complex, funny, well-rounded character. It’s a neat little bit of representation in a mainstream show that I wasn’t expecting, and you know, it’s actually kind of nice :).


EDIT: I’ve switched the word ‘positive’ with ‘nuanced’ as I definitely agree with a lot of commenters that Rick is not a positive role-model for ANYBODY, but I still wholeheartedly stand by this post.

Because Rick represents something us in the autistic community need so badly on TV, and that is complex, original autistic characters, rather than autistic charicatures.

Autistic people need to be allowed to be depicted as people, and that doesn’t always necessarily mean ‘good’ people. Because not all people - neurotypical or autistic - are ‘good’ people in real life. We don’t expect non-disabled characters to be morally black or white, so why do we expect this from characters with disabilities?

There is nothing wrong with creating a flawed, damaged or destructive autistic character. The problems occur when a character’s flawed, damaged and destructive behaviour is immediately linked back to their autism. Which in most cases it invariably seems to be. 

Rick is a very damaged, incredibly flawed individual. He’s selfish, manipulative, completely morally bankrupt and basically just one big, collossal twat. 

But at no stage is it ever implied that this is down to him being autistic. Rather, the blame is blatantly and repeatedly assigned to its one true source: Rick himself. Rick himself is clearly the product of his own bad choices, selfish actions, unhealthy coping mechanisms and flat-out refusal to ever address his catastrophic mental health problems. The revelation that Rick happens to be autistic is never presented as an explanation - or excuse - for the way he has been up till now. 

Is Rick the most positive representation of autistic characters out there? Hell no!

But does he represent a shift from creating rigid, overly-pathologised autistic characters to more human, nuanced characters who are capable of making their own mistakes and forming their own independant, complex personalities? Hell yes!

And I for one welcome this kind of representation.

(*>ω<*) -Some news about S&P [Event] + recruit new artists

o(≧∇≦o) Great news !

“ [EVENT] Help us to title and comment the fights!” 

We’re working on the protoype and added a new thing :

Every time you finish a fight,a kind of youtube page is appearing,it’s the menu and it let you choose if you want to fight again,go back to the main menu or change characters.

At the same time, random titles and comments appears. Well, be excited ‘cause that could be your own comments and titles appearing in the game!

You can propose anythin’ ,be creative, there is no number restriction !

Join the event there : ( Google spreadsheet )

Exemple : 

Jokesfilms “ ME ME BIG BEAR” -( found by @blackmesa_ita on twitter-)

ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ - New recruitment :

We’re searching for a new 2D animator +  maybe a line artist/colorist (someone is actually passing the test rn so maybe it’s already taken ) 

The task as 2D animator is quite important and due to the lack of time of Bubbles and Kino,we need to  find an external help. Someone who could help on cleaning a bit our rough animations like this one. it needs to be a bit smoother (but still with the less keyframes as’s a video game, not a animation doesn’t require too much skills)

They don’t need to be all smooth and clean as heck but some of them are quite important and really need to be reworked a bit . If you feel that you can do it, feel free to contact meh there and join our journey ! :

Why Moonlight Deserves Best Picture Over La La Land

After getting a recent message from Tumblr user @fewger and reading a bunch of Oscar-related articles, I have discovered that I hold the semi-unpopular opinion that Moonlight deserves Best Picture over La La Land.  So, I feel obligated to go to bat on this, so let’s have a chat, y’all.

The debate between La La Land and Moonlight brings me back a year to last year’s Grammy Awards, where the Album of the Year award was given to Taylor Swift’s 1989 over Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, a move that shocked many.  One hand, you had a collection of pretty well made pop tunes that can make even the most Swift-cynical person, like myself, tap their toes.  1989 was a fun album with a lot of celebrity gossip theories and some admittedly great songs.  On the other hand, there was the magnum opus that is To Pimp a Butterfly, which blended together modern and older styles and used some daring techniques to paint a poetic, detailed picture of growing up in places like Compton while struggling with race, mental illness, and self-identity.  In this album, Lamar provided a glimpse into a lifestyle that many of us will never ever experience or truly understand and was unafraid of showing the ambiguous morality of this life.

My, this is all starting to sound a little familiar, hm?

The thing is, it’s true that La La Land is a feat of filmmaking. Honestly, just getting the green light, producers, and the big budget it had was a huge task in and of itself.  As it is, the musical numbers are impeccably executed, from cinematography to choreography to music and lyrics, and it’s damn charming to boot.  I genuinely love and enjoy this film, and God knows I don’t like to knock Chazelle, whose previous feature, Whiplash, was an intensely personal experience for me.  However, what La La Land accomplishes, it does with a pretty decent budget, whereas Moonlight accomplishes more with next to nothing. Hell, even the musical moments of Moonlight have as much, if not more, impact than many in La La Land, from the “Every N—– is a Star” opening (just another element it shares with Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly) to the heart-wrenching impact of “Hello Stranger” to the haunting moments created by the chopped-and-screwed score.

Now, let’s hit the two biggest, most noticeable (even to an untrained eye) elements of filmmaking: performances and story.  Moonlight shines brighter in both.

In La La Land, Gosling and Stone have both achieved quite a bit.  They’ve learned to dance in all sorts of styles, sing, and even, for Gosling, learned piano from scratch.  These aren’t easy tasks, I’ll grant you, but when you look at the actual acting performance that marries these elements to the characters, it’s just not very exciting stuff.  Gosling and Stone have great onscreen chemistry, but these characters aren’t a departure for them.  Stone is basically playing a slightly different version of herself, while Gosling is just great at being Gosling.  (And this is in no way me throwing shade at Ryan Gosling; the man is a damn delightful actor with incredible comic timing.  I genuinely love his work.)  So, there’s not a real acting challenge here, just a bunch of side challenges.  However, this is the kind of performance for which the Academy goes crazy, where transformation is achieved through a means that is not really acting.

Meanwhile, Moonlight is built on a foundation of superb, nuanced performances from a cast of smaller parts.  There are beautiful character interpretations from Ali, Monaé, Harris, Holland, and the three Chirons (Hibbert, Sanders, and Rhodes).  These actors are directed superbly by Jenkins, so much so that none of the actors playing Chiron ever met before or during filming to discuss the character, but still play him with an uncanny similarity. It’s ingenious directing, and the actors’ work is transformative, moving, and worthy of reward.  However, most of them, except Ali, will go without.

Now, we come to story, which we all know if the most crucial element of a movie.  Without a good story, it’s not going anywhere.  And it’s definitely where Moonlight proves its importance over La La Land.

La La Land is about a couple of privileged dreamers in Los Angeles who sacrifice relationships for their goals. Let’s be honest, guys: this isn’t at all original.  I can think of many films, shows, songs, other musicals, even musicals within other musicals, etc. etc. with a pretty dang similar, if not identical, concept behind them.  And yeah, we’re all dreamers, and yeah, we can all find something relatable in the wonderful feeling this film conveys of wanting to fulfill your dreams.  However, the self-centered, self-praising nature of this film makes it an easy choice for Hollywood people, whose egos demand to be stroked and whose backs need to be patted.  Meanwhile, Moonlight brings a cinematic voice to a kind of person we rarely see onscreen.  We watch him grow, learn, lash out, hide himself away, and, finally, accept and, in doing so, love.  It’s a gorgeous tale that resonates deeply with anyone who’s struggled with who they are, and Chiron is a vulnerable character within many of us can find something of ourselves.

Someone once said that all cinema is, at its core, about identity.  Moonlight has a way of opening the audiences’ hearts and touching them where they’re most vulnerable.  Its story is strikingly universal.  On the flipside, La La Land, while perfectly executed, resonates with a very specific group of people.  Moonlight is original, singular, impossible to categorize.

La La Land is for some; Moonlight is for all.

That’s why Moonlight should win Best Picture.

Hey, guys! Quick bit of unfortunate (for you, maybe) but exciting (for me, definitely) news – as of this week, I’ve got two rather large projects to tackle within the next few months that will be taking quite a lot of my time and focus. The unfortunate part is that I’ll be unable to share any of this work for quite some time, if at all. It also means I might not be able to spend as much time updating this blog with art for a while.

I’ll probably go back on that last statement almost immediately, knowing myself, but just in case I actually stick to my guns this time, now you guys know what’s up.

Wish me luck!

Summer Heat

Summary: It’s too hot in the bunker for you to sleep, so you decide to get up. Castiel is there much to your surprise. So you guys go hang out and drink and then go outside?

A/N: I wrote a thing and I hope you like it??? Also, I should never ever write summaries.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: fluffy smut

Word Count: 2k

Originally posted by neobumblebe

You tossed and turned in bed as you struggled to fall back asleep. It was summertime, and the bunker was hot. You’d fall asleep at nine PM and then wake up at two AM to a sweat soaked bed. After getting frustrated with your sheets sticking to your body, you decided to get up. You walked over to your dresser, shedding your t-shirt and shorts and trading them for a sleeveless crop top and a clean pair of panties. You stood there for a moment, trying to cool off with no luck.

Sam and Dean would surely be asleep at this hour, so you decided to go wander around the bunker. Maybe you’d take a look at the air conditioner or something.

Making your way to the kitchen and opening the fridge, you pulled out an ice cold beer. There was a shuffling of shoes making their way for the kitchen, startling you mid-sip. You spun around to find Castiel standing there, trench coat, suit jacket, and tie missing. His shirt was even unbuttoned slightly. He also appeared to be slightly sweaty.

“Geez, Cas you scared me.” you said as you let out a relieved sigh.

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“I thought it was a one-night stand... and now we’re married.” Tom Holland Drabble Prompt

Requested by the always wonderful @tomshollandss !

Bora Bora, 1:30 a.m., the night after the wedding. You two were lying on your sides in bed, facing each other, studying each other’s faces and listening to the serene ocean outside of your door. 

You sighed contently: “I love you so much.” 

“I love you, too.” 

You brought your hand out from underneath your pillow, looking fondly at your wedding ring, then to Tom again: “I’m absolutely blown away. Look at us, babe. We’re in Bora Bora, on our honeymoon. We’re married. We’re gonna spend the rest of our lives together, and I’m so excited. It’s unbelievable.. I mean.. remember how we met?” 

Tom chuckled: “Yup. Quite a night. I wish I could remember it a bit clearer, to be honest… Have I ever told you that I originally wasn’t going to go out that night?” 

You raised an eyebrow, “No, actually.. I don’t think you told me that before.” 

“Yeah,” Tom started. “I was still feeling tired from jet lag, but Harrison dragged me out. Glad he did… Wouldn’t have met the most beautiful girl in the world if I hadn’t. I really should thank him more for that!” 

“We’re so lucky, truly. I mean, I thought it was a one-night stand… and now we’re married. Good thing you caught the feels, or else I don’t know where we would be.” 

“Excuse me?” Tom asked, propping himself on his elbow. “I caught the feels? Darling, it was you first.”

Sitting upright, you retorted with a smug smile, “Uh, don’t think so, love. Better check those facts.” 

Tom kissed you, “Welp. We’re in a little too deep now, aren’t we?” 

“Yes, we definitely are.” 

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Alex Nylander - Burning Sensation

request: Oooo Im so excited to read your work!!! Could you do one with alex where theyre on summer vacation or something and she has burned in the sun and Alex is a bit in the mood and wants to do something u know 😏 but they cant cause of her sunburn hurts?
authors note: i hope you enjoy this! i really did enjoy writing it and am quite happy with it actually. please, as always- feel free to send me some feedback as it always motivates me and i greatly appreciate it.
word count: 2803

With it only being two weeks until you and Alex were bound to se off for the states once again- you had decided to spend some alone time in the sun. The summer in Sweden had been dreadful, weather wise. When you had flown to Sweden in mid July, you had expected to be greeted by the lovely, glistening swedish summer heat. However, you were majorly disappointed as your flight had landed at Arlanda airport in treacherous rain. And basically every day after that had offered the same sort of weather. It had gotten on both yours and Alex’ nerves. He had planned on taking you out by the sea and lying by the pool and all other things you could possibly do when the sun was out. Fair to say very little of that, had actually happened. So spontaneously, the two of you booked a last minute trip to Marbella. The Swedish summer had failed you. You were hoping the Spanish one would not do the same.

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Hello, guys! Today I decided to post something different… For starters, this is not a request. Second of all, it is a true story (about me and my boyfriend), but with some modifications of course.

Hope you like it!


“DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!” The small crowd around us were chanting. As soon as the 3rd shot from the night went down my throat I knew I was drunk. I’m a light weight, I get drunk very easily, sorry. I looked over to Harry and he looked a little be woozy too.

Harry’s closed a bar to make some small party to his team, the ones who worked alongside him to make the masterpiece it is his album. I worked very close to him, so the logical thing was for us to become very good friends. The type of friends who have inside jokes, who would spend all day together working, but also having the best times of our lives.

The thing is… I fell for him. Don’t blame me, have you looked the guy?! The first time I realized I loved him was when I went away for a weekend to see my family and my sister’s new daughter and when I came back, he hugged me so tight and kissed my neck. Oh boy, that’s when I knew I wanted to be with him. There’s just one small problem: He has a girlfriend. Of course he has a bloody girlfriend! The first time I actually fall for someone and the guy has a girlfriend. A beautiful one.

One that, in this moment, decided to jump in his arms and kiss him right in front of me. Truth been told, she never liked me. Not even before I realized my feelings for Harry. She was polite to me just to not cause any fights with him, but sometimes she would through some shades and whatnot. Harry was oblivious to this hate. He’s such a good heart, the poor boy, that he doesn’t even realize how much of a snake his girlfriend actually is.

Not wanting to see this kind of thing in my current state, I decided to go to dance floor and just enjoy my drunk mind. You know what is the problem of my drunk self? I instantly become someone extremely honest. If you ask me anything in this world, any secret or something like that, I will say it. I will tell you everything that is going on in my mind in that moment. And let me tell you, not the best night to be drunk…

I was dancing, minding my own business, when a friend decided it was a good idea to take me back to the bar to drink some water. And drink a margarita.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

I vaguely remember seeing Harry’s girl. I, also, vaguely remember turning to my friend, pointing is this girl’s face and saying “Someday, I’ll make out with her boyfriend. Do you hear me, Y/F/N? Mark my words!”

To say she was pissed off is an understanding, she was beyond mad. She was screaming to Harry about my not so subtle comment. I didn’t have time to think things through, my friend were already taking me away from them. A part of me knew he heard, but the major part of me just didn’t care. It was about time he realized my feelings for him. The ball was on his field right now. If, after tonight, he didn’t come after me, I was giving up on him. For good.

I was back to dancing and I don’t even know how long exactly I was dancing when I felt someone grab my waist. We’re dancing to the sexy beat of the song and I had no care in the world in that moment. I could feel his strong hands on my waist, I could feel how hot the dancing was becoming and, most of all, I could feel it was him.

“Your girlfriend is gonna kill me.” I giggled turning around and meeting his green eyes.

“I solved the problem. I broke things off with her.” He looked at me curiously, trying to see what would I do next.

“I’m not gonna be with you tonight, you know? You just broke up with your girlfriend of 8 months!” I told him and let go of his shirt, that only then I realized I was holding it.

‘Ok.” He said and backed away. He send me a small smile before going back to the bar.

You know, I’m very aware that being with him so soon after he broke things off with his girlfriend was wrong, but I didn’t care! I spent so many months wanting to be with him, to kiss him and feel what’s like, to finally be able to hold him, that I fucking didn’t care.

Like a girl on a mission, I went straight to the bar after him. He was slowly drinking some whisky and didn’t notice my arrival. I stopped by his side and told something that was going against all my morals.

“Do you think if we disappear people will notice?” I asked, a smirk playing on my lips.

“Yes.” He smiled back, already getting up from the stall.

“Do you care?”

“Not at all.”

And before we knew it, we’re on the back of the club, kissing each other hungrily. Ok, I knew I wanted to be with him for a while, but I haven’t realized he wanted me as well. His lips molded perfectly with mine, his big hands holding my face, pressing me to the wall. We’re both quite desperate, to be honest, desperate to finally be with each other, to finally put an end to that damn sexual tension that seems to surround us all the time.

“Hello, guys!” Niall stepped in by our side, breaking us apart.

“Ok, I think we need to have a chat.” Gemma looked at us disapprovingly. They lead us to a small room, that has no one in it and the music wasn’t so loud.

“You both know this is wrong, right? Harry, you just broke things off with your girlfriend. It doesn’t really matter if you wanted Y/N or not, is still wrong!” Gemma reproved him for his actions.

“And you, little miss, you know that as soon as you go back to normal and the alcohol left your system, you are gonna regret this. That’s not you, you would wait for a while before kissing him, not an hour after his break up.” Niall handed me a glass of water.

He was right. This was wrong. This wasn’t me, this was the alcohol. If I were sober, we wouldn’t be here right now.

“We’re gonna leave you two to talk. Be responsible here, kids.” Gemma left the room followed by Niall.

A lot of things were running through my mind and all the built up emotions decided to show up. I could feel my eyes tearing up and I hated myself for wanting to cry right now.

“I don’t regret it, y’know?” He spoke slowly. He was on the opposite side of the room, watching every thought running to my mind. “I’ll understand if you do, I’m just saying I don’t.”

“We’re horrible people! Harry, you just broke up with her and an hour later we’re kissing each other?! That’s terrible! Even tho I didn’t like her and I wanted to be with you for a while, this is not something you do to someone.” I told him, trying to hold back the tears but failing miserably.

“Ok, shh, breathe…” He wiped away a few tears. “First of all, don’t feel bad for her. She didn’t like you either and she definitely doesn’t deserve your kindness. Second, I wanted to break up with her for months now. I just hadn’t had the courage to do it. Third, I actually like you. I didn’t kiss you because I wanted to fool around, I went after you because I couldn’t take not being with you anymore.”  

“I actually quite like you too, you dork.” I smiled at him. He caressed my cheeks, wiping a few more tears away before his lips were on mine again.

“Where this leaves us?” I asked, pushing him away a little bit.

“We’re gonna figure it out. You and me, right?”

“Yes.” I smiled.

“FINALLY!” Gemma and Niall screamed in excitement from outside the room.

“Seems we have an audience.” Harry smiled and kissed my forehead. “C’mon babe, let’s go back to the party and enjoy it, shall we?”

“Hell yeah.”


Soooo, what did you think? This is basically the story about how me and my boyfriend got together and I felt like sharing with you. 7 months and going strong, people! Anyway, tell me your thoughts here. And please share it if you liked it (I hope you did).


All the love,


[SUMMARY: Lisbeth sneaks into Negans compound, eventually finding his bedroom. Negan returns a lot sooner than she expected. As she is hiding, she realizes he is seriously wounded and he collapses in front of her.]

Semi fluff, flirty Negan.

Negan and Lisbeth.

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What to do the Summer Before Vet School

So you applied to vet school, waited 809,089 years to get a decision, and you got accepted! What an awesome feeling! So…. now what do you do for 2-3 months before vet school begins? Never fear, your friendly vet student is here to help! 

-> Relax. I know, I know, you hear this all the time. BUT SERIOUSLY. You have 4 years of vet school to work, study, and worry. Go hiking at a national park, go lay on the beach, go read a ton of great books. But whatever you do, DO NOT PRE-STUDY. The only thing you should study is the back of your eyelids while you are napping. “But soontobedvm, what if I never had anatomy before? What if I had a few gap years and haven’t studied in forever?” I know you don’t believe me, but not only whatever you study will be taught within a lecture or two, vet school is good at catching everyone up to speed quickly, regardless of whatever background you are from. So please don’t burn yourself out already by pre-studying! If you are worried, I have several other posts about preparing for vet school, mental health, and anatomy here, here, here, and here.  If you want to glance at your anatomy book because that excites you, then by all means do so, but don’t feel like you NEED to pre-study, because I can ensure you will quickly be on the same page as everyone else. :)  

-> Establish good habits. Now one thing I WILL advocate the summer before school is to get into good habits that will follow you into school! For me this was getting into an exercise routine and trying out and freezing recipes for my crockpot. This could mean discovering your de-stressers, revamping your nutrition, or simply making time in your daily routine for “you” time. These types of things in my opinion was way more helpful to adjusting to school than pre-studying ever was. 

-> Settle in. You know what is worse than starting school and not knowing anyone? Starting school and not knowing where anything is. Take a few days (or a few weeks for some people) and explore the town you are in. Go discover some future study spots, take the route to school once or twice, unpack everything, go find something fun to do, that sort of thing. It might just make adjusting to vet school a little easier if the rest of your life is organized. :) 

-> Wait to buy materials/books. I know, I know, you are chomping at the bit to buy books, because I was too. HOWEVER, do not waste $200 a book quite yet!! Wait until you either contact your big sibling (Most schools have a second year buddy you are paired with), or communicate with upperclassmen via your school facebook group/email. You will either get hand-me-down books or online PDFs that are FREE, or you will get the down-low on whether or not you actually need these things. So just try to be a little patient and wait and see what materials you actually need! 

-> Get excited! This is it folks, you are going to be a vet in 4 years! It’s going to be a crazy, ridiculous, exhausting rollercoaster of a ride, but you always have someone to help you through the tough times, and never forget that we are all here rooting for you! 

anonymous asked:


Yes!! It’s been awesome! Earlier today, there was a Voltron meet-up at the Hilton next to the Sheraton where Anime Boston is held. Obviously, most of the people there were cosplayers. And they were all so amazing!!!!

I’m honestly Blown Away by how many people showed up. I risked my neck to climb up on this wall in order to get a group shot, and even then I barely managed to fit everyone in. I had to take a couple of panoramas! That’s how many people there were!

And there were so many artists selling Voltron stuff! Like, I dropped about $50 worth of stuff today alone, and there are still things I plan on buying tomorrow. I’m drained rn so I sound kind of mellow, but believe me- I was literally bouncing off the walls, that’s how excited I was. I lost my voice because I was chatting so much lmaooo.

I didn’t talk to too many people because again, lost voice, but the energy was so positive? People were there to have fun, and it showed. Every time a certain character/ship/scene was called to come up for photos, people cheered. There was actually quite a bit of screaming, but we kept getting scolded for it lmaoooo.

So yeah. Thank you, so much, to the mods of @relatablepicsofvoltron for arranging this amazing get together. I got to connect with so many people!! I took so many pictures!! I’m still deciding which ones to post, lmao


anonymous asked:

Speaking of Zephyrtale in the previous asks.. Would you continue it? I really love the concept and idea of the AU!!! I hope you didn't throw it away ;-; I mean, I'm excited for Dreamers and all but looking at the old concept art of Snowytale and Zephyrtale makes me feel sad that not many peeps talk about it nor more of the plot is revealed.

Aww oh man Snowytale. Well it was actually called Starrytale but man Starrytale is actually pretty cute to remember about.

And I still LOVE Zephyrtale, and it’s always been going. I just haven’t been much focused on it for quite some time and probably won’t be in the future. The plot is a bit messy but the culture and universe is rather thought over. However I love replying to asks about it, and I think I can happen to doodle it. If you have questions about that AU don’t hesitate, it’s still up. <3

anonymous asked:

* I move to the neighborhood after the monsters come on land, I have a questionable backstory and no listed address. Despite this, I become quick friends with the (UT, UF, US, SF) brothers. I come over to the house one day for a project and get cornered by a body of water by (Skele-bro) and he pushes me in, causing me to take my true form: I'm a mermaid that got separated from her pod and had to escape to land. How do they react? (A fun little ask)

Oh, wow! An actual prompt! :O ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s rightfully shocked, but not at you being a monster. He peeked at your SOUL and stats when you first showed up, but at just how well the magic you have works. Can anyone learn that technique? Or is it exclusive to specific types of monsters? He’ll also help you back up if you ask.

UT Papyrus

He’s a little confused and a lot upset. “YOU MEAN YOU WERE A MONSTER THIS WHOLE TIME? WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO?” He’s not gonna stop being friends with you. Heck, is bestie’s a fish, too! Maybe you guys could get along as well!

UF Sans

“what the fuck is this?” He isn’t sure why this feels more accurate, but really? You move into monster territory and hide the fact you are a monster? Really? What is your motive for this?

UF Papyrus

He doesn’t quite understand how you had legs a little bit ago and now you don’t. “HOW EXACTLY DID YOU DO THAT?” Besides that fact, he doesn’t really react.

US Sans

He’s practically excited like a child at Christmas. “OMG WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT TECHNIQUE!! IT’S SO WELL DONE! I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE YOU WEREN’T HUMAN!!!” He’s not really upset at all. You’re his friend, he’s sure you had reason to not say anything.

US Papyrus

He’s upset at first, but then he mentally starts to connect dots and, yeah, it actually makes sense that you’d be something else than human. “kinda wish you just told me, though?”

SF Sans

He’s not quite sure what to do. On one hand, you were lying to him and he feels like an idiot for that. On the other hand, it was a pretty convincing illusion or whatever it was. He ultimately decides to tell you to never do trick him like that again and then asks you to teach him that magic technique.

SF Papyrus

Believe it or not, that’s actually the reason he did this in the first place. He was tired of you hiding your true self, and honestly felt you probably were exhausted constantly using magic like that. “there, isn’t that a little better?” He’ll then show you how you can still move around the area without using such a strong spell.

BTS Reaction to you having a sex addiction

Requested!  Idk if you do things like this but can you do a reaction when their partner has a sex addiction?

Jin (Seokjin): he would get slightly uncomfortable if he just wanted to chill out after a stressful day and you were starting to get things going but he would try to satisfy you as much as he could.
“Jagiii…. again?!”

Suga (Yoongi): his lazy side would come out and you’d have to do most of the work but he wouldn’t be compelled by your addiction. he’d just get tired out fast
“Can we just sleep today? The training today killed me jagi… I love you though”

J-Hope (Hoseok): after explaining to him how you feel about sex (and how often you actually want to do IT) he’d be a bit flustered at first, but quite excited nonetheless although he, too, would sometimes just want to relax with you instead of doing anything else

Rap Monster (Namjoon): I think he’d be more than happy to comply to your wished and needs although on rare occasions, when he’s tired out or just not in the mood, he’d leave it to yourself to satisfy your needs
“Jagi hurry up, get out of the bathroom, my pants are off already”

Jimin: Sometimes Jimin would be more than happy to experiment and do sexy things with you but other times he would just want to cuddle with you and hold you in his arms without any dirty thoughts.
“Come here, let’s just cuddle today”

V (Taehyung): he’d be confused at first as to what that thing even is that you say you have, but after explaining it (and after experiencing it) he would start to love it, especially when you made things interesting by including toys or cuffs and blindfolds. Tae would be like a child in a candy store, but in a sexy version, although sometimes he’d be just too tired or not in the mood since the guys work hard every day and just get tired out.

Jungkook: Kookie would be very embarrassed at first, he wouldn’t know what to say or how to handle it but he’d eventually get the gist and he’d just start having fun with you although the Maknae would be content with just cuddling some nights as to change up things.

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hey christy!! how are you? just wanted to remind you that you're so sweet and i hope everything's going well for you!! you are so loved by so many people. your positivity is infectious!! keep on being awesome! love you sososososo much xoxo

!!! awh nonny thanks for checking up on me :’) ! I’m actually sick & on my period (tmi) so my body is quite out of it atm bUT i’m super excited for my followers’ collage (it’s not rlly a collage anymore but you’ll see!!) edit thing!! I changed it up a bit & it looks weird but bleh I’m excited for y’all to see b/c y’all in it :’) !! also aksjhf thank u so much ajksdfh i’m glad you’re getting positive vibes from my simblr - that means I’m doing smt right (+1 brownie points for me LOL)!!! i love you nonny & everyone else so much too have a wonderful day/night :’)

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Adel 😈 And Asmo and Vic ofc! (Anddd Qamar, Tonda, Nestor, Lohengrin, Melina, Isaac and Claudio. 😛)

Good grief, calm down Satan! (> ▽ <)
(No, I’m kidding. You know this excites me)

As listed:

Remains unimpressed as usual, but I guess that’s part of his charme? 


Not that anyone really needed to tell him, but he loves the flattery anyway and is grateful for it.

Just had a mini heart attack and doesn’t know what to do with himself right now. Can we quickly talk about puppies, before he starts blushing for real? (or worse)

Mr. Sexy and I know it… had me thinking for a bit. Probably doesn’t really care whether or not anyone finds him attractive, but surely isn’t opposed to the idea to use it to his advantage, if that helps to reach a goal.

I fear he does not appreciate it. I might be wrong, though… maybe this is his face of excitement and he’s super happy right now. What do I know?

He insisted for his butt to be left out of this. Beside that, he’s actually quite happy and thanks you for the compliment.

Interesting choice. He’s currently undergoing a makeover, so he’s not at his best right now, but it has to be his looks? Can’t be his winning personality, unless you’re into faceplanting a rock…

She knows she’s pretty, but she admires the compliment a lot!

Don’t tell him that too often, he might be getting ideas! Well, we know he knows, but he’s polite enough to say thank you.

As if that gigolo wasn’t vain enough already!  (≧Ц ≦)

Gift exchange?

So, I’ll be on a short holiday and will be away from Tumblr until Sunday, but I’d like to take the chance and leave a question for ny Bagginshield mutuals … Would some of you be interested in a “real” gift exchange for the holidays? I know that there are some fic/art exchanges, but would there be an interest in crafting little gifts and actually send them to your partner? Like a Secret Santa? I already took part in such an event once, and sending a parcel to somebody was really exciting … as well as receiving one, of course! I know it’s quite early for such a thing, but please let me know what you think nonetheless ^^

Update: Since there is an interest, I’ve decided that I’ll organize a Bagginshield gift exchange for the winter holidays! :)

It’s still a bit time to go, but since autumn is approaching for some of you, I guess you might take the chance to already collect some acorns and oak leaves … it’s Bagginshield, after all! ;)

But I’d also like to remind you that you don’t have to be as crafty as a dwarf to join this gift exchange! Art and drawings count as well, of course – as do keychains and picture frames and notebooks and bracelets and and and …

The sign-ups will probably be at the end of October, and November will be for crafting so we can send out the gifts in time and they’ll reach our partners before the holidays!

I’m already looking forward to it :)

Kalafina @ Mezamashi Live 2017 - Live Report (CORRECTED)

I corrected some minor and major mistakes (it wasn’t Wakana who danced mit Keiko during “Hyakka Ryouran”s kajiurago bridge, but Hikaru).

So today, on July 23rd 2017 Kalafina had their Live event in Fuji TV’s huge “Minna no Yume no Tairiku”-Festival: “Mezamashi Live” in Odaiba, Tokyo. Of course, I had to go, since tickets only cost 1500 Yen and they included some other stuff too, like entrance to special floors at the Fuji TV building.

Before going to the Live, I expored Odaiba, mainly the Fuji TV building and the boothes and sales corners (they had human-sized statues of One Piece characters - I died of excitement and happiness long before I went to see Kalafina).
The weather was actually quite bad, if you compare it to the past weeks here in Tokyo. It was very cloudy and windy and it did rain sometimes (but only a bit and it was over soon). But for me, that was probably the best thing of the whole day. I don’t know if someone already experienced summer in Japan/Tokyo area, but it is hell. Starting from rain season in mid-June until fucking October it is over 30°C almost every day with a humidity of 198675%. There’s literally no air to breath. So the fact that we did not have the sun burning down mercilessly on the poor souls walking here today, we had a refreshing wind and a bit of rain, which also probably made people stay in their homes, since it was not crowded at all (and I am talking about Odaiba on a sunday).

Anyway, I couldn’t participate in the pre-sale for fanclub members, so I just bought a ticket like any normal peasant at 7-Eleven. I had a number in the 1000s, so yeah, I thought I would not be able to see the stage at all, but I was actually wrong. Due to the arrangement of the areas where people were allowed to stand, I could see the stage perfectly and I wasn’t too far away from it. There was also a goods corner beforehand, where they sold some 9+ONE merchandise as well as stuff from older concerts.

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(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 21 Bangtan Boys Personal Questions

Q: What are you interested in lately besides music?
A: I like photography. I heard there’s a new version to the Olympus camera I’m using - I’m currently deciding whether I should buy it or not. I will take pictures of the members and of scenary. Although I haven’t been uploading them to the blog recently, I will let everyone see my new photos.

Q: If you can use magic, what magic power do you want and what do you want to do with it?
A: Teleport. I want to go back to my hometown. If I can teleport, then I can go immediately and then come back right away. I can also get to Japan quickly so it’s very convenient.

Q: What’s an unforgettable Christmas memory?
A: Last Christmas. We had to film an MV so the members couldn’t go anywhere. It was very cold at that time and we just kept recording so it was very unforgettable. Speaking of Santa, I saw my dad putting down presents when I was 7. My dad also got shocked (laughs).

Q: Speaking of winter, what things or events come to mind?
A: Snow. I think it’s very pretty when it snows, but shoveling snow can be very tiring. My hometown doesn’t really snow and I got to see snow for the first time after coming to Seoul. At first I was quite excited but not so much lately… (laughs). Also because of snow, I slipped before.

Q: “If you are my fan, here are the advantages!” Please talk about the benefits of being your fan!
A: I’m an element of surprise. When people see me for the first time, most will think I don’t look like a rapper but rather a vocalist. I look like I have a high and pretty voice but in fact it’s very low. I also look very lively and cute but I’m actually not like that so I feel a bit inconceivable. So you’ll see a lot of more if you’re my fan, especially to those that like scary movies (laughs).

Q: What is your favorite subject or a subject you excel in?
A: I like gym and I didn’t like music at that time. All of the music that appeared on the textbooks were traditional so I really hated that. So I didn’t learn about the music in the textbooks but rather just played around with music after school.

Q: What do you want to ask the members, or things you want to tell them to do? A: I want to ask about everyone’s dreams. As trainees our dreams were to debut. That dream is fulfilled so there should be a new dream. I only understood after I debut that after becoming an artist, a lot of people place their focus on things other than music - whether it is acting or variety. Compared to those, I want to focus on making music and to continue making good music even after 10-20 years later. This is my new dream.

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