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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Kenma analyzes Karasuno’s players
“Shouyou, you’re amazing.”

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She’s the Man (Part 1)

Summary: Upon finding out that your twin teenage brother is leaving the country, you decide on taking up the role of him, in hopes of convincing the students at his new school that you’re the real Bruce Y/L/N. [MatureTeenage!Bucky AU] 

Word Count: 795.

A/N: Damn, Sam, back at it again with the movie series. This new one I have here is entirely based off of the film, “She’s the Man” and I’m more than excited to show this to you guys. Thanks to my pal @theassetseyeliner for the idea!!! Hope you enjoy, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. (also i promise bucky will make an appearance in the next part ;D)

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What item in your wardrobe does your girlfriend steal?
- Cristiano Ronaldo for the #CR7 shirts collection (X)

On Tsukishima “just a club” Kei

**Warning: This post is long. And pretty much all about Tsuki. Read More Cut**

“A Battle of Philosophies”
And that describes the whole match perfectly, if you think about it.

Hinata vs. Ushijima
Tsukishima vs. Ushijima
Tsukishima vs Tendou (Read blocking vs. Guess blocking)
Karasuno vs. Ushijima

“Overwhelmingly powerful strength” that’s Shiratorizawa’s strength, apparent in the form of Ushijima. Take away Ushijima and you don’t have the powerhouse Shiratorizawa anymore. Not to say you don’t have excellent players- far from it. Karasuno is malleable, constantly changing. They don’t focus on one thing like Shiratorizawa does. They don’t rely on power alone. They pick things up from other teams. Back attack. Libero’s toss. Synchronized attack.

And one of the best things about this match, at least for me, was megane Oikawa Tsuki’s development.
This baby crow was learning to spread his wings and fly.
One of the most pivotal points for Tsuki was when he got that block on Ushijima.

Tsuki wanted to block him. “I intend to stop whatever spikes I can” in reference to Ushjima

Let’s face it Tsuki has had low self-esteem, belittling himself contrary to what it appears. There is this inferiority complex that exists, evident when he compares himself to Kageyama or even Hinata. He’s afraid to commit, to fully immerse himself in the game because of Akiteru. But he likes volleyball or else he wouldn’t be in the damn club. But he’s so damn afraid of getting into it because he’ll be disappointed.. To try your all and only fail in the end is such a shitty feeling, I’m pretty sure we have all been there at one point.

It’s just a club.

But in this match, he wants to beat Shiratorizawa. He wants to block Ushijima. Screw those one touches, that’s not enough for him. You’re not gonna win against them with just one touches off of Ushijima, he knows this.

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Liam Imagine-Dirty

Requested by anon: You and Liam end up playing strip pool. Warning * if you are too young to know the meaning of the word “smut”, do not read ahead. This is a graphic text. 

If you like what you read and want more, send me a request and I’ll write it up. If you want more without requesting, go on my blog and type in “imagines” in the search bar, you can find the rest there. Enjoy :) 

You and the boys had been partying tonight in a secluded bar. The night was still young, and you were all having a blast. Liam however, kept flirting with you and was all over you. Not that I mind, you thought. You were both doing body shots, the boys were cheering, and you kept dancing all over each other. Liam came closer to you, nuzzled his face in your neck, and whispered:     

            “I have an idea, follow me”, grinning cheekily.

He took your hand and led you to a room with a pool table. No one was in the room, since everyone was busy dancing and partying. He locked the door. You raised an eyebrow and asked:     

            “What are you doing?”

            “Let’s play pool…strip pool. Every time someone sinks a ball in, a piece of clothing comes off, deal?” he asked.

            “I’m not that good at pool…” you lied, pretending to pout.

Little did Liam know, you were an excellent pool player. You’d been playing since you were five and had mastered the game. You weren’t planning on letting him know until the game started though. Liam smiled.

            “Don’t worry, I’ll help you out” he said, winking.

Before the game started, he gave you a few practice shots, wrapping his arms around you, trying to “teach” you how to play. You could feel his hot breath against your cool neck. Your body tingled at the sensation.

            “You’re extremely distracting,” you said, giggling.

He smiled and kissed your neck.

            “Am I still distracting?” he asked, planting soft kisses on your neck. He laughed and you felt the vibration on your neck.

            “Yes you are. If you keep this up, I’m definitely going to lose” you lied, giggling.

The game started and he took the first shot, making you solids. You slipped your bracelets off and he sunk another. You then proceeded to take off your panty hoes. Liam smiled to himself, feeling accomplished. He took another shot and missed, and you smiled. You knew you had him now. You placed yourself to perfectly align the shot, looked up at Liam, and winked. You shot the ball and sunk it in. You laughed victoriously. Liam smiled and took off his snapback. You took another shot, and sunk it in again. Liam laughed nervously and you said:

            “Must be beginner’s luck”

He took off his wife beater and you couldn’t help but gaze at his perfectly sculpted body. Liam must have noticed because he asked:

            “Like what you see babe?” grinning.

You nodded, biting your lip. He laughed. You lined yourself up for another shot, and once again sunk it in. Liam looked shocked. He slipped off his shoes, shaking his head.

            “Have you played this before?” he asked.

            “Hmm…maybe once…or twice” you said, grinning cheekily.

You ended up sinking two more balls, which made Liam take off his socks and pants, leaving him in his gorgeous Calvin Klein underwear.

            “I can’t believe you tricked me; I’ll be naked before you!” he said, laughing.

You decided to give him a chance and miss the next shot. He smiled; he was finally able to play again. He lined himself up, and shot the ball. It stopped right before going in.

            “Ah flippin’ heck” he said.

You pushed the ball in the hole and smiled.

            “Oops” you said, biting your lip.

Liam smiled gratefully as he watched you take off your dress. You were only in your bra, underwear and heels now. He gazed at you fondly. You couldn’t help but blush. He shot and finally got a ball. You started to take your heels off when Liam stopped you.

            “Can those be last? It’s kind of sexy if you only have heels left” he said.

You decided to do what he wanted, and you slipped off your bra, letting your breasts go loose. Liam’s eyes got wider with appreciation, and he subconsciously licked his lips. He went for another shot, and got it in. You slipped off your underwear and he was finally able to admire your full body. He approached you slowly, put his hands on your waist and kissed you. The kiss got deeper, and you let go. He looked at you, confused and you simply said:

            “I’ve still got some balls to sink Payne”, winking.

He smiled and kissed you again.

            “You’re such a tease,” he said, laughing.

            “I know” you smiled.

You sunk in another ball and smiled, feeling accomplished. He was taking his underwear off, but you stopped him. He looked at you, confused.

            “Here, let me” you said, kneeling down.

Immediately, you saw through the fabric he was hard. You set him free and you gasped. Wow, he really is that big, you thought. He saw your reaction and laughed loudly. You touched him lightly, and he nodded at you encouragingly. You took part of him in your mouth and slowly stroked him. He moaned in delight. You decided to torture him, by keeping the same slow rhythm until he couldn’t take it anymore. Your plan was working because his moans came more frequently.

            “(Y/N) please, faster” he begged.

You released him, and got up. You made-out with him, and there was no space between your bodies. You could feel him hard against you, sometimes stroking your clit. You moaned in delight at the sensation. Every part of your body was tingling against his skin. He grabbed your ass, and pulled you closer to his member. You didn’t think that was possible, seeing as there was hardly any room between you two, but somehow Liam managed to make you feel closer. Your bodies meshed into one as the kiss deepened. He stopped, and made you lick his finger, anticipation crawling over your skin at the thought of what he was going to do. Without creating space between you, he slipped a finger inside you from behind and you gasped. The sensation of his finger was incredible. He kept sliding it in and out, all the while stroking your clit. How the hell is he doing it, you thought, Who cares, this is fantastic. You both kept making-out while he pleasured you and he was driving you crazy. You could still feel him hard as rock and decided it was time. You stopped the kissing and leaned your chest over the pool table, insinuating him to take you from behind. He put both his hands your waist, and slowly entered you. You moaned in delight at the sensation. He was so big, that you felt full inside. He started slowly, keeping the same rhythm, torturing you like you had done to him earlier. You knew it must have been torture for him too, because you heard him groan. If he keeps this up, I’m going to rip the pool table fabric from under my hands, you thought. He couldn’t take it anymore and asked:

            “Are you ready?” groggily.

            “Fuck yes”

He started going faster and faster. Your body screamed in delight at the new sensation. You knew he was about to come when he dug his hands deeper into your waist. He kept thrusting harder and harder until he slammed into you and your body came. You let out a moan as your body tingled everywhere. A few moments later, you felt Liam come as he groaned into your ear. He slipped out of you, and kissed you.

            “That was fantastic (Y/N)” he said, slightly out of breath.

            “You weren’t so bad yourself Payne,” you said, winking.

He smiled and you both put your clothes back on. You both left the room, hand in hand and re-entered the party scene. It was just as you had left it before. Liam took you onto the dance floor, and you both danced, teasing each other, waiting for round two when you got home. 

Application of Social Psychology to Magic the Gathering

Just a quick warning: I am writing this up to avoid writing a paper for my actual class. Derp.

One of the things I learned in social psychology class was the idea of attribution, the desire for people to look for things that apparently caused a particular event. Kelley’s covariation model is one such attribution theory.

Let’s say you and an opponent are playing the same exact deck. They have an equal chance of winning as you do. Now, let’s say they win. What do you attribute that to? Was it something you did, or was it something about them? Kelley’s model tackles this internal/external attribution with three factors:

  • Consistency - how well does this person perform over time over many matches?
  • Consensus - do many people also lose to this person or regard them as a good player?
  • Distinctiveness - does your opponent play the same way all the time?

Let’s go through a few scenarios to see if it was something you did/n’t do, or something they did to earn that win. As always, I welcome comments and such!

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