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have you ever thought about the exact number of times you've done something super specific like how many times you touched a door knob???

Not like that but I do often wonder how much barbecue sauce I waste in a year and it stresses me out

so u know how I’ve spent like 3 years on this site talking shit about my biological father? Yeah he was on my bus today, 90% sure we made eye contact, I ended up getting off the bus like 10 stops early and walking almost 2 miles home while getting weird looks from everyone I passed because I kept going from apathetic to crying

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Hey have you ever thought about going to Comiccon? Specially in the upcoming one in Stuttgart? I bet you'd be able to sell lots ^u^

aaah i would loove to qwq;;;
But Stuttgart is quite far, as I’m living in the upper North of Germany =3=;;;;

That would be indeed nice x3!! I’m planning to throw the money I make through selling on more animation related things like Voice Actors and such *w* So it would be really cool x3 But as I am a fulltime working person, my time is limited qwq;;;


Men are so weird when it comes to setting up dates.
Why don’t you give me your real phone number? Why can’t I come pick you up? Why don’t you just give me your real address? Why why why???? Maybe because you might be a psychopath and I don’t want to get harassed, kidnapped or killed. Have you ever thought of these possibilities? Getting in a stranger’s car, really? I’ve heard it all 😂

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Have you ever thought about posting snippets of your writing on here? Not necessarily your novel, but any creative writing you've done.

Not really, and there are a few reasons. The first one is that I don’t like to share my writing unless it’s as close to perfect as I can possibly make it, and that can take three years and 45 drafts and often requires the help of an agent and editor. Once other people have worked on it it’s not something I can just share wherever I like. The second reason is that novels are all I really write. I don’t do short stories or flash fiction (unless forced), and sharing a chunk of a novel out of context isn’t going to be satisfying for me as a writer or anybody else as a reader. The last (and honestly least important) reason is that I hope to keep publishing my work, and there’s not much incentive for a publisher or a reader to buy it if it’s available for free on the internet. As callous and unromantic as it sounds, free art isn’t sustainable. I literally can’t afford to spend time writing stuff I can’t sell.

All that being said, I just got an email from publicity and marketing this morning and we may be able to share a short excerpt of Villains next week, so that’s something to look forward to if you want a sample.

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Hiyaa!! Just want to take the time to say that you're vkook comparison drawings are AMAZING and thank you goD BLESS™ also have you ever thought of doing drawings like those for the rest of the members?? I mean I'd get it if you won't because I'm sure you have your own stuff to do/worry about but seriously thank you and also vkook yoonmin namjin AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ✨✨✨

yup i’m already working on jimin’s right now!! so happy that it’s been helping so many people so that’s the best return i could get!! 🍑

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Have you ever thought how homophobic the fanfiction culture is? It's extremely sexist and see the mlm or wlw relationship just sexual not anything else. Plus the thing that gay fanfiction are "sinful" etc. That's so homophobic and wrong, I'm so sorry for all the lgtb+ children out there who have to see that too. It's so wrong and I feel like no one really talk or care about it. Or maybe they don't see how wrong is it..

I’m…thinking homophobic isn’t the word you’re looking for babe. Yes, a lot of it is sexualized, but there’s so so much that isn’t. It’s a glorious way to explore all sexualities and identities through fiction. I also feel that fanfic is a perfect place to explore and read if you’re part of the community, because god knows I find more representation of people like myself when I read fic than I do otherwise.

Are there fics that go places they maybe shouldn’t? Sure. But there are innumerable others that show CONSENT IS IMPORTANT and ITS OKAY TO BE WHO YOU ARE, no matter who that is and how you present or identify. It teaches that kink negotiation is so damn important and no sex in a relationship is okay and not desiring a relationship is okay and being sexually attracted to no one or all genders and identities is also okay! There’s so much good to be found in fic. Everyone has their opinion obviously, and you can have yours and I can have mine, but personally I love fic and think it’s a great place to explore as both a reader and a writer, no matter your gender or sexual identity.

PS: I’m sorry for whoever told you gay fan fiction is sinful, but I suggest you ignore them and stay away if possible. If it was here or on ao3 then block them. You don’t need that kind of horrible in your life.


Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs

((Happy Holidays everyone!!! <3
i’m so sorry for the hiatus in ask-soriel! >< i’m still not dead and really wanna get back to updating here… sadly i’ve been very busy with commissions recently, and i really need the money to help at home right now (it’s pratically my job now, and has been helping A LOT!)
i’m very happy to be getting so many commission requests. thank you so much! i know this blog has been immensely important for my popularity as an artist increasing so much this year. i’d like to thank you guys for all the love and all the nice messages i’ve ever received, for bearing with the slow updates and the fashiontale posts…
once again, i’m so sorry for the ask box been closed for such a long time, and i sure hope i can open it again soon~!))


Why did I even draw this

I am really annoyed with the idea that Slytherins are always cool, calm and unemotional. Most of the Slytherins we see are very emotional, and make a lot of important decisions based on strong emotion, and even foil themselves because they get too emotional. They’ll absolutely tear themselves apart for whatever they love, whether that’s a person or power. You have to feel strongly about something to be truly ambitious.

I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THE EXAMPLES. Someone insulted you/your family/someone you care about? Forget the snide comebacks, it’s time to SCREAM, YELL, CURSE THEM WITH BOILS. Family doesn’t approve of your boyfriend? ELOPE, it doesn’t matter whether this turns out to be a terrible decision. Boy Who Lived refuses to be your friend? OBSESS OVER HIM FOR THE NEXT SEVEN YEARS. Telepathic Dark Lord is threatening your son/childhood friend? Lie on the spot AND RISK A TORTUROUS DEATH TO DEFY HIM. Dark Lord is threatening your house elf? DRINK POISON AND THROW YOURSELF INTO A PIT OF ZOMBIES.

Slytherin is the House of cunning, not the House of rational decision-making??

I didn’t know that it was possible to grieve someone who’s still alive.
—  I’m not being dramatic it’s just that missing you is like ripping my heart from my chest