you even wear glasses

Enchanted Items 🔮💍

•its always a good idea to enchant items you know you’ll almost always have on you like glasses or a piece of jewelry, maybe even that lipstick you always wear.
Personally i enchanted my glasses and a ring I always wear

Purpose of Enchanted Items:

Enchanted Items can serve a lot of purposes.

💍You can enchant it to serve as a protection charm

🔮You can put your witchy energy in it, and use it at your disposal

💍When you ground, you can store all the excess energy within the item to recycle the energy for next use

🔮When you do a spell you can store some intent in there

💍Use the energy in it for spells

🔮Give enchanted Items to someone else to give them your intent whether it be good or bad

💍Use them to direct energy

🔮If you choose to enchant glasses your gaze can fix any sort of intent onto something, same goes for rings (enchant with touch) and other things

💍Be creative, there are so many more things you can do with this.

🔮 Housing entities, it can serve as an anchor to your entities and can be used to call upon them, also can be used to channel energy through that entity

How to enchant items:
💍Bless it yourself, however you may do it

🔮Ask your deities to bless it for you

💍Simply fill it with you own energy

🔮I personally called down energy from the universe to go into it

💍Literally do anything

🔮Leave it under a full moon

💍Seriously, you can do anything to enchant it

🔮Do a ritual

💍If you choose to use it as a protection charm, do a protection spells and store it’s energy in there

🔮 If you choose to use it for any sort of charm you can use the energy of your intent to enchant it

💍Call upon the elements

🔮Seriously guys, these are just examples be CREATIVE go wild with it

Gone with the wind


So these are some selfies I took earlier today before my concert….I’m not a big fan of my face but look…I’m channeling my inner Marcia….

Shadowhunters S02E07: How Are Thou Fallen?

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it

  • Valentine’s Spider-Man leap in the opening scene. I hope he was unsure about whether or not to do it and he asked his goons and they were all like, “Yes, boss, sounds very cool, it will show off your athleticism and stuff pls don’t kill me” 
  • Of course Clary confides in the one corrupt Iron Sister, no one ever said she had good instincts 

when u drink ur slurpee too fast

Clary: did you hear that? 

Person I’ve never seen before: Hear what?


  • Magnus’s “Jace the Cock Block” solution is to magically turn on the radio… I was hoping he was going to like teleport him to Trump’s gold encrusted bathroom or something, I mean that would’ve have gotten the message across better than just turning up Marvin Gaye real loud. How much you wanna bet Jace will just come out right when they’re about to kiss again to turn the station to Third Eye Blind or some other 90s alt rock band & then just be like “Hey roomies, whats up?”
  • Clary checking out Simon’s abs… is it just me or does she have literally zero chemistry with any of the dudes on this show
  • Shadowhunters send an official bat signal via text. I wish I could send that to everyone whenever I post a new recap
  • All of Jace’s runes are chosen specifically for their sex related advantages 
  • Izzy working in a jab at Simon while going off on Clary and I’m just like in awe of this fabulous woman



  • I like when this show introduces a new location and then everyone just goes there all the time & acts like they always have. That place this season is The Hunter’s Moon
  • How much u wanna bet Magnus will eventually save Izzy from her yin fen downward spiral and the writers will just hit that ‘Magnus Resolves Plot line’ button once again
  • Luke: “I told you Clary, I used all the department’s resources, there’s no sign of her” *she walks into the room* Luke: “fuckin useless cop career”
  • “I’m a spiller.” I’ll take ‘things you should never say aloud for $100,’ Alex
  • Part of Jace’s downward spiral is becoming ~ The Pick Up Artist ~
  • Alec naming his made-up girlfriend ‘Jessica Hogblew,’ proving once and for all that he is 100% gay

“Jace we gotta go” “I’d love to old man, but I’m busy, now buzz off”

“It’s Clary”

  • Kewl rooftop lightning storm fight scene where Clary can suddenly fight good? She’s really good at pulling skills out of her ass when needed
  • An angel gives Jace and Clary a coded message via a video game design student’s first school project. Nice to know angels support the arts

Could I please have ships for teen wolf and riverdale? I am 5"4, with long brown hair and brown eyes, I’m quite curvy and I have glasses (which I hate wearing!) I am generally pretty outgoing and friendly, and I love sports and also reading. I also love science and am hoping to go to medical school. Thank you! x

No problem at all.

Teen Wolf: I ship you with:

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Liam adores how cute you are.  Your personality fits with his so well.  He loves your glasses even though you hate them, and tries to wear them himself all the time.  He encourages you to want to go to medical school, and will be by your side the entire time.

Riverdale: I ship you with:

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Jughead Jones finds you absolutely adorable.  Like Liam he loves your glasses and thinks you look so cute in them.  Because you are really good in science, he always comes to you to help him study, because science is definitely not his thing.

Maks, Peta, Sharna, and Serge in Jon and Oksana’s episode of David Tutera’s CELEBrations

there’s this really gorgeous dude in my english film class and i can literally feel myself starting to descend into stalkerish mode and i do not like it


(x), (x), (x), (rhett ver.)

Preference "How they react to you wearing glasses."

(So i’m posting this preference before because I finished it first XD and it’s kinda fluffy! Yay for our fav liking us again :3 As someone who always wear glasses (cause my eye sight sucks XD) this was awesome to write!! Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan- The moment he saw you with glasses while doing your work, he stopped and then slowly made his way towards you and as he got a real good look at you, said “You look…fucking awesome with glasses…Je-sus! Fuck! How do you even do that?!” You laughed but suddenly he got a hold of your glasses and put them on and started to ask “Tell me Y/N…do I look just as good as you do with these glasses?” Only to make you laugh even harder.

Daryl- He noticed you wearing glasses one day and thought you looked pretty. He never found the courage to say anything but would smile here and there when he saw you looking towards him. However, you noticed him staring at you and decided to ask him about it and he admitted “Y/N, you always look good but…I don’t know…there’s just something about you with glasses that I can’t stop myself from staring at you…”

Rick- He was getting prepared to leave for a run, when in the corner of his eye, he noticed something different about you. You were wearing glasses and he couldn’t help but smile and say “Something new Y/N?” You laughed and explained to him as to why you had glasses and he replied “That’s good…i’m glad you’re wearing them…you look stunning…as you always do…”

Merle- You were working with Milton and as Merle walked in, he noticed something different, you had glasses. He whistled and couldn’t help but chuckle as you looked up at him. “Lookin’ good Y/N! You look like one of them sexy secretary or teacher you know…I like that! Plan on keeping them when you come to my room tonight, right?” You shook your head and laughed and threw a ball of paper at him.

Glenn- While on a run with him, you found a pair of glasses and decided to put them on for fun. You laughed and so did he but he thought you were cute and said “You should keep them! You look really adorable…and pretty…” He seemed a littly shy and it made you laugh. You noticed another pair of glasses and decided to put it on him. You told him he was cute as well and he chuckled, you then promised to keep yours if he kept his to which he gladly did.

Carl- He walked by your room and noticed something new about you, you were wearing glasses to read. He smiled and without even knocking, walked into your room and sat next to your bed. You looked up at him smiling and he said “New glasses?” You nodded and he continued “I hope you don’t plan on wearing them everywhere now…Cause it’s seriously distracting! I forgot what I had to do before this!”

The Governor- You always had glasses but every time you wore them, he was always out. However, he was about to leave for a run and that’s when he finally saw you with glasses. He smirked and said “Y/N…never knew you had glasses?” You chuckled and explained to him as to why he never knew and it made him laugh. He nodded and smirked said “Well, when I come back you better still have them on…”

Abraham- When you started to work along side him, you always brought your glasses with you to get a better look at the plans. He noticed that and as he’d look at you he couldn’t help but be distracted. He’d stare for a while and as you’d ask him what was wrong, he’d chuckle and answer “The fact that you don’t wear glasses as often as you should! You look gorgeous…”

Eugene- You were eating a snack in the kitchen after a long day of working and as Eugene walked in he noticed something different. You had glasses and he couldn’t help but just look at you from afar for a while. Eventually, you noticed him and called him over and ask if everything was alright. He’d look at you straight in the eyes and say “Yeah…But I just wanted to tell you…you’re seriously really hot with the glasses!”

Jesus- The first time he met you, he saw you without glasses. However when he came back, he noticed you always wore glasses and couldn’t help but find you cute. You caught him looking at you more than once and asked him what was wrong and he said “No, there’s nothing wrong…it’s just you look as good with glasses as you did without!”

Ron- He noticed you wearing glasses while working, one day and couldn’t help but ask since when you wore them. As you’d explain to him, he’d smile and only end up saying “Well, I just wanted to say that you look really nice with your glasses! I’m glad you wear them often!”

Dwight- He never really noticed you wearing glasses, until you took them off one evening. He then realized you looked just as good with them on and as you did without but never really thought of saying anything. However, you’d often catch him stealing glances at you and every time you were about to clean them he’d always offer to do it for you and just take it.

Morgan- You always had the habit of reading before going to sleep and wore glasses to do so. Even though he saw you like this every night, it would still stun him and make him smile. You noticed and chuckled asking him what was wrong and he’d answer “Nothing…It’s just I still can’t get over you when I see you reading…”

Michonne- Since your arrival in Alexandria, she noticed you wearing your glasses more often and couldn’t help but smile. She thought you were adorable always adjusting your glasses for them to stay close to your eyes. One day she helped you adjusting them and said “I hope you realize you look really nice with them…”

Maggie- From the day she met you, she couldn’t help but be attracted to you every time you wore your glasses. You noticed her looking at you and biting her lips once and asked her if it was because she liked it. Shyly she nodded and said “I really like it when you wear them…it makes you look different from everyone here…I like it…”

Andrea- She noticed you wearing glasses while helping Milton in his office and couldn’t help but find you a little more attractive. You noticed her often staring and smirking at you and one day couldn’t help but wonder why, to which she answered “I’m staring at you because I like what I see…”

Jessie- She saw you come back from a run with a pair of glasses on and couldn’t help but be surprised. She asked you why you had them all of a sudden and as you explained to her, she found herself smiling and actually enjoying your new look.

Beth- She liked that you wore glasses, it made you look different from the others and would always go out of her way to remind you that. She’d smile and say “Y/N, you should keep wearing your glasses often, I really like it! I mean you look good without them too but…I really like it when you wear them!”

Sasha- She was about to leave and go on a run, when she came across you and noticed you wearing glasses. She looked over at you twice and realized you were really wearing them. You noticed her smile and asked if she noticed something new and it made her laugh and as she walked away said “Yeah…I like it! Hope you plan on keeping them!”

Rosita- You were working on some plans and she noticed you were wearing glasses. She couldn’t help but keep looking at you to get your attention. As you’d ask her what’s wrong, she’d shrug and say “Nothing…It’s just you never told me you had glasses…but that’s okay…I just wanted to say you looked good that’s all…”

Christmas Drabble #3: Wally West

Prompt # 10:  “So…just you and me…y'know..chillin’…totally normal except HEY THERE’S SOME MISTLETOE UP THERE WOULD YOU LOOK aT tHAT WHAT A COINCIDENCE!”

The noise of the crowd swelled and ebbed like the frozen ocean outside. Armed with fuzzy socks and a Christmas tree decorated by first-timers (courtesy of M’gann and Conner), you were very much feeling the holiday spirit. And why shouldn’t you? The team had been together almost half a year now, and this was your first Christmas together. A few senior Leaguers were here to supervise, but other than that, it was just the team in civvies. Even Aqualad was wearing the standard ugly Christmas sweater. 

You filled your glass with sparkling punch (strictly non-alcoholic) and filled a paper plate with hors d’ouevres from the buffet table set up in the common room, and then made your way to a bench off to the side to watch the party in contentment. Later on, you’d join in - mingle, talk, maybe even dance a little. But for now, you were content to watch.

A whoosh of yellow announced the arrival of Kid Flash, who sat down beside you and lounged against the wall. “Hey there, beautiful,” he said casually. “Fun party, huh?”

You nodded and took a sip of punch to hide the embarrassing blush. God, it was humiliating. Every time you liked someone, you couldn’t even be in their presence without going red as a tomato. It wasn’t fair. At least he didn’t have super-hearing, so he couldn’t pick up on the racing tempo of your heartbeat.

He nodded at Dinah and Oliver on the other side of the room, sitting much the way you were with their heads bent close together. “Ten bucks says they’re gonna bang tonight,” Wally whispered.

You choked on your drink and spewed punch everywhere, which didn’t exactly help with the blushing thing. 

“I’m so sorry!” The words tumbled out of your mouth, almost garbled in their speed. “God, I’m such an idiot sometimes, I -”

You stopped. He was laughing so hard, he wheezed, his freckled face red and tears streaming from his eyes. He gasped in air and wiped his eye. “That was great,” he sighed. “We should totally hang out more often. I feel like we never talk.”

You swallowed and looked down at your lap, but couldn’t hide the smile that bloomed on your face. “I - yeah, I’d like that. Though - I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m not so great at the whole talking thing?”

He chuckled, shifted a little closer to you. “Yeah, I noticed. But you’re a great listener.” He stretched out his arms above his head and gave a luxurious yawn. “This is nice, y’know. Just you and me.” A mischevious sparkle came into his eye. “Chilling out. Totally normal. Except…”

You frowned. “Except?”

He pointed one finger toward the ceiling. “Oh, would you look at that? Mistletoe. Huh, how’d that get there? What a coincidence.” 

Your heartbeat pounded, and your hands tingled. In a sudden rush of boldness, you leaned forward and touched your lips to his - just a tiny brush of a kiss, just to taste the sweetness of his lips. You drew back, face burning hot. “I - I’m sorry, that was-”

He reached a hand around the back of your head and drew you back to him. “Not enough,” he mumbled against your lips. “Merry Christmas.”

BTS reaction to you wearing your glasses

Thank you for the request♥ I kind of imagined this like when they first see you with glasses and they didn’t know you need glasses.

Jin: ‘Hey you look really cute even with glasses on.’

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Rap Monster: ‘I like you with glasses it really suits you.’

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Suga: ‘I haven’t seen you with glasses but you look great with it.’

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J-Hope: ‘How did I not know you wear glasses, you look even smarter with it.’

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Jimin: ‘Wow, I almost didn’t recognise you, you look really different with glasses, but it’s adorable.’

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Taehyung: ‘Can I try them on please, I promise I won’t break it, I need to take a picture.’

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Jungkook: ‘You look really cool with glasses, you should wear them more often.’

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-admin Bae

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Meepers senpai I love ya but man, you look like a chicken mc nugget bro just sayin

wh– yo- stfu you probably look like a fuckin ice cream cone with out the ice cream and you just wasted 2 human seconds of ur life pouring sprinkles into the cone you wont even eat you Dairy Queen, ice cream, sPRINKLE GUCCI GLASSES WEARING HEC K. I’M ON YOU ANON, FIGHT ME >:(.

the best part of wearing glasses is when you have to adjust them and the BEST part of adjusting them is when you somehow miss and jab yourself in the face/eye or touch the lens and smudge it even though you’ve been doing this + wearing glasses since childhood like. fucking. shit. damn it

C's Ramblings pt.2:

This fuck boy in my science class has a thing for my crush(in the same class) and he’s so fucking blunt about it. I know she’s straight but like !!! I don’t wanna see them flirt right in front of me ugh. And just now our teacher changed up our seating plan and asked if anyone had eyesight issues, and this fucker (who doesn’t even wear glasses mind you) steps up and goes yup ! he switched to the seat at the front, right next to her, and I’m so mad agghhh

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honestly you look a lot like this one really pretty girl I knew in high school?? her face shape, especially her cheekbones and chin and stuff, looked like yours and your eye color's the same and you even wear the same kind of round mostly clear-framed glasses. and I mean she was like, *intimidatingly* hot. she's attractive, you look like her, therefore the transitive property of equality says you're also attractive, math backs it up

Omgggg stopppppp!!!! You’re too ding dang nice!!!