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You’re Okay [MJ x Reader]

Warning: One curse

Word Count: 1531

Summary: Y/N is on the Academic Decathlon with her girlfriend MJ. This is their trip for the decathlon finals. 

“Uranium!” I shouted while hitting the silver bell in front of me.

“Correct, [Y/N],” Liz said with a smile. The Academic Decathlon Team was currently on their way to the competition in D.C, and everyone was practicing on the bus ride.

“Ok, scientists infer that the Big Bang occurred approximately how many years ago?” Liz asked, and Michelle hit her bell with a bored expression on her face .

“13.7 billion years ago,” she answered effortlessly.

“Correct,” Liz said again.

“[Y/N/N],” MJ turned to me and asked with her beautiful smile “are we sharing a room at the hotel?”

“Of course, MJ, I already asked Mr. Harrington and he said yes, as long as we kept it PG,” I said with a wink.

“Well, there goes all my plans,” MJ said throwing her hands up in the air. I let out a snort.

“Hey, um, Liz? Can I take this?” Peter Parker said from behind me. He walked to the back of the bus, on the phone and I heard him say something about being “happy,” although he acted as if it was a person. Me and MJ noticed he’d been acting weird lately. Ever since he got this Stark internship, he quit jazz band, then academic decathlon, then asked to rejoin the decathalon. And he always seems like he’s nervous, looking over his shoulder as if someone’s gonna jump out and attack him.

“That kid’s weird,” MJ said to me.

“Even weirder than you?” I teased lovingly.

“Hah, not even close,” she said while leaning over and putting her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, then turned my attention back to Liz.

We got to D.C at about nine that night, practicing for the championship non-stop. MJ and I dragged our luggage to our room, and plopped down on our beds.

“Ugh, finally, we get to relax!” I sighed, kicking off my boots. I heard MJ laugh at my dramatic delivery.

“If I pull out my laptop, can we cuddle and watch crappy teen movies and criticize them as if we were Michelle Visage on drag race?” MJ asked.

“Let’s do it,” I giggled, and got up to walk to her bed. MJ had just gotten out her laptop when we heard a knock on the door.

“[Y/N], Michelle, are you guys awake?” The voice of Liz Allen spoke up through the door. MJ and I sighed. She got up and opened the door to see Liz in a checkered swimsuit.

“Everyone’s coming down to the pool, you guys wanna join?” She asked with the bright smile every guy falls in love with.

“Didn’t Mr. Harrington say we couldn’t use the pool?” I piped up from my spot on the bed.

“Technically, yes,” she answered. “But I read in a leadership book that a rebellious activity the day before competition is good for team building.”

“You down?” MJ asked, turning to me.

“Yeah, of course,” I said, standing up and heading to the bathroom to change.

“Great! I’ll see you guys down there,” I heard Liz say. The door closed, and MJ began changing into her swimsuit. When I was finished, I walked out in a bold red swimsuit that hugged all the right places. I looked at MJ and saw her wearing a very small blue swimsuit.

She saw me and hollered, “yes! You packed my favorite!” I started laughing hysterically, putting my hands on my knees.

“Come on, let’s go!” She said, grabbing my hand and “Of Human Bondage” and running out the door.


“Babe, wake up,” MJ whispered, gently shaking me from my sleep.

“Hm, what? I’m awake,” I said, slowly sitting up.

“Competition day, it’s time to get ready,” she responded, already dressed.

“Ok, I’m up.” I quickly threw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, my combat boots, and my decathlon jacket.

“Let’s go!” I said, opening the door.

“Coming!” MJ hollered running up to me and wrapping her hands around my waist. I spotted Liz and the rest of the team at the end of the hallway and walked towards them, pulling my girlfriend behind me.

“Wait,” MJ said once we reached the team, “where’s Peter?” I looked around and realized that Parker wasn’t there.

“Ned,” I asked, turning to the boy, “you’re his roommate, where is he?” Ned had a very nervous and guilty look on his face that he was trying to hide.

“He-um-h-he had to do something,” Ned stuttered.

“What?!” Liz asked with a furious look on her face.

“Yes!” Flash exclaimed punching his fist into the hair.

“Oh shut it, Eugene, we need Peter. You’re dumber than a turkey,” I retorted, making everyone but him snort.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now. Flash you’re in. Alright let’s start loading the bus,” Mr. Harrington said, and started walking towards the yellow school bus.  


“Alright, last question,” one of the announcers said. At this point I was zoned out, my anxiety flaring up tremendously. I was brought out of my daze when I heard MJ press the bell in front of her.

“Zero,” she said, shrugging.

“Correct.” Our whole team jumped up and started screaming, including me. I cupped MJ’s face and smashed her lips on mine ignoring Flash’s wolf-whistles. Pervert.

“I’m so proud of you,” I said after pulling away. She wrapped her arm around my shoulders and led me off the stage.


As a victory gift, Mr. Harrington agreed to take us to the Washington Monument. I was excited to see a piece of American History, but MJ was not having it.

“Come on, MJ, it’ll be fun,” I whined pulling at her hand in front of the monument.

“[Y/N/N], I am not gonna celebrate something that was built by slaves,” MJ stated simply.

“Fine,” I sighed. “But it won’t be as fun.” I saw the team walking into the building and ran to catch up with them.

The female tour guide bored the hell out of me, and the only time I actually began to realize what was going on was when we heard glass shattering above us and the elevator came to a complete stop.

“What the hell?” I said.

“Don’t worry,” the tour guide said calmly, “our security system is up and running.” Funny, for some reason I didn’t believe her. I immediately took out my phone from my pocket and tried calling MJ, but we were so far up there was no signal.

“Shit,” I said.

“We are all very safe in here, no need to worry,” the tour guide said with a fake smile. Yet, as soon as she said that, I heard the sound of a cable snapping and felt the elevator drop beneath my feet. Everyone started to panic, including the tour guide. The top of the elevator popped open and I saw a flash of red and blue when New York City’s knight in shining spandex, Spider-man, swung down into the elevator, holding it up by a single web.

“Hey, how you doing? Don’t worry about it, I got you,” He said in a clearly disguised voice, and beginning to use his webs to pull the elevator upwards.
“Yes!!” Ned shrieked, while jumping and pumping his fist.

“Hey! Hey! Big guy, quit moving around!” Spider-man yelled at Ned.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” Ned apologized. Spider-man pulled the elevator to a floor where the authorities were waiting for us with the elevator door open, but we had to climb out the top of the elevator.

“Me! Me first!” Flash screamed, climbing on top of Mr. Harrington, while holding the decathlon trophy. Ned followed him, then Liz, the tour guide, and Mr. Harrington. I wanted to make sure everyone was safe before I got out.

“I got you,” Spider-man said, reaching out to me so he could pull me up and to safety. I reached to grab his hand, but the elevator gave out and I began falling. I tried to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth. I felt something wrap around my hand, and I looked up to see the red and blue hero holding a web that was wrapped around my hand. I began breathing heavily out of nervousness.

“I got you,” he said, slowly pulling me. When he reached me, he grabbed my waist and set me next to my teammates on the twentieth floor. I wanted to say thank you, but I was too frightened to say anything. I didn’t have to, as his web gave out and Spider-man fell down the elevator shaft.

“Thank you!” Mr. Harrington yelled after him.

When we got down to the bottom floor, a body was thrown against me. I realized it was MJ, and that she was on the verge of crying.

“You’re okay,” she whimpered, hugging me, and kissing my neck as if she’d never see me again.

“Shh, baby, I’m ok,” I said, wrapping my arms around her.

“I love you so much. I thought I lost you,” MJ said, pulling out of my grasp and kissing me with a passion I didn’t know she had.

“I love you, too. And I’m not going anywhere.”

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I kinda hate how kuro fandom is half dead but when the new chapter comes out, everyone wants to read it and have it translated like right now (calm down seriously, it’s not even out yet) everyone is making 2 Ciel theories and then panicking, people are finally making some edits and when it’s over everybody just crawls back and comes out next month :D