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You know, this is why content creators end up abandoning their works, right?

80 likes compared to 10 reblogs means that only 12% of people decided that what you did is worth showing other people.

If you like the thing, reblog it. You don’t even have to add tags, just spread it so that a) other people can see it, and b) the creator gets recognition for what they did.

Obviously, those numbers are never going to match, but the divide should not be that huge.

It’s even more important right now, because tumblr is garbage and they’ve stopped allowing anything with an outside link from appearing in tags. Writers/artists cannot tag things to their twitter/store/writing website. That can cause a significant drop in views, especially for newer creators.

Like… we aren’t asking for much. A few reblogs. Reviews/comments. No creator should have to beg for that much.


Killing Stalking was NOT made to represent all LGBT+, mental illness, etc. so please stop acting like it is and acting like this Manhwa, which is incapable of doing anything other than exist, is attacking you.

The fans, the creator, the F I C T I O N A L characters and the Manhwa haven’t done anything to you, so stop acting like its effecting you.

If you don’t like it, then just blacklist the tag and don’t read it. You don’t need to attack people because you have a different opinion from them, and your opinion does not equal fact, so stop acting like it is.

Do not act like fiction and reality are the same thing.

You’re basically saying that Fictional characters are More important than real people.

If you really want to help, do something for the REAL people who are being abused.

Attacking people for liking a Manhwa is not going to help in any way.

You don’t even know what fetishizing means, so stop acting like you do. Stop acting like you know everything. And for Christ’s sake, stop acting like abuse survivors, LGBT+, mentally ill, etc. people who don’t agree with your opinion are invalid. If you really think you’re helping by telling people what they went through and what/Who they are is invalid SIMPLY because they don’t agree with you, you’re only making things worse.

You being mentally ill, abused, LGBT+, etc. Does not give you a free pass to do whatever you want and attack anyone you want. You being a “minor” doesn’t make it right. NOTHING makes it right.

So just stop.





Attention! I beg you not to use this method of telling people you are a safe place! White supremicists have now adopted it
as their own method! This could be dangerous to women, people of color, transgender people, and people who are of non-christian faith. You could be further subject to hate crimes.

I beg you to stay safe wherever you are and whoever you are.

Do not allow yourself to be lead anywhere by these people. You could be assaulted, raped, or even killed!

And Please Spread the word! People with good intentions need to know NOT to do this!


Use this tag to help your friends, family, and other at-risk people stay safe!

(This was made using photos from other posters credit for those go to them!)

TS just put out a tweet hinting at a possible world tour in 2017. BUT!!! A lot of K-Babyz and other international fans are tweeting against this so BAP members can rest and so they can focus on building back up their domestic fans and popularity.

I know a lot of you may be excited for a world tour and want to see them (I do too) but their rest is much more important to me!

If you have twitter please, please, please help trend the tag: #BAP_2017월드투어_반대

It’s already trending at #2 and we need to keep it going! Even if you aren’t a bap fan, plz help us trend this so TS will reconsider and let the members rest(especially Bang) We would really appreciate it💕💕 Plz help our boys get the rest that TS promised.


Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 1,153

Warnings: SMUT. And NSFW gifs. Also, please use a condom you guys.

Anon asked “Hey, it’s the anon who requested ‘so far’.. I wanted to ask if you can do another imagine where the reader and Seb have been best friends since forever and they both have feelings for each other but don’t act upon it and they get into a heated argument and Seb sees how important the reader is in his life and idk what else.. thank you”

A/N: Here ya go. Part 3 of Who I Want to Be. I haven’t written smut in a while This is my first time writing actual smut so please be nice in the comments. Gifs not mine!!!

Tagging: @ccrossfire  @jared-padaloveme

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TonyStark x reader soulmate AU

Promt: A soulmate AU where everything you write or draw on your skin appears on your soulmate too

A/N: Wohooooo! second part :D enjoy!  and the ususal reminder: if anyone wants to be tagged let me know.

 Tony sighed, adjusted his tie, then checked himself again.

The black suit was expensive (like pretty much everything else he owned) and fit him perfectly. He was dressed to impress which was even more important than usual for tonight’s party since some big business partners were going to be there.  

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There is a thing about fandom mentality that baffles me.
Yes, fandoms change over time and the first big boom slows down. And for haikyuu the first boom definitely has cooled down.
And as I totally get how you can be sad over passed times and be nostalgic about how things were I feel it’s unfair to sit around and mope and complain that the fandom is dead.
I know some of the first big artists and writers have moved on and as said I understand if you miss the exciting times of a new fandom. But if you only look back and look sadly behind you and at the empty spot the artists who have left the fandom have left there you will never see what is happening all around you.
There are still new people coming and creating. There are still new fics and stories and new fanart with a new style.
Some people who have been around for 1 or even 2 years are still around and providing and keeping their stories going and alive.
There are still totally new and very fresh people entering the fandom who haven’t heard or seen any of the stories yet and are excited to get to know all.
But if you only look back and hold on to the old things you won’t be able to see all the new things. You won’t be able to enjoy all the things. And this is sad. And this is what discourage other artists and writers…and in the end I feel this is what makes a fandom dead.

Some of the early haikyuu art and fics are great and they have been important and I value them and I would never talk them down.
But it’s sad to see that they are still held up to such a praise that new things often can’t find their room. Even people who joined the fandom more recently still hold up to the old things.

Go look into the fresh tags. Don’t always look for most notes but for what is new or sounds good.
There are some great artists and writers among us who have been fighting and creating for over a year now but still haven’t found their ground cause you still rather be sad about someone who isn’t in this fandom anymore.

So if you are still motivated and interested in the fandom go out there and have an open mind and search for new blogs to follow and look into newer things! People still creating and posting new stuff every day!! With this a fandom can’t be dead!

tw: child sexual abuse, rape, emotional abuse, suicide-baiting, transmisogyny 

I never do call-outs ‘cause they take forever, but this has to stop. 

@sleepdontvisit claims they’re on a campaign to root out “inclusionist pedophiles and pedophile apologists.” 

Instead, they almost exclusively target bi trans sexual abuse survivors, frequently flat-out lying about what those survivors have said. 

(In their whole call-out list, there’s only two people who aren’t trans. And the cis people only get called out for supporting “pedophile apologists,” they aren’t calling the cis people pedophiles.)

They consistently link to receipts that don’t support their statements, knowing that people won’t click through and read all that. 

Many of their call-outs have hundreds of notes, and have goaded exclusionists and even some inclusionists into sending anon hate, suicide-baiting, and death threats to inclusionists who are bi trans sexual abuse survivors

It’s not a coincidence that bi and trans people (especially trans women) are the ones that are most frequently stereotyped as sexual predators, in both the gay and straight communities. 

(DID U KNOW: Part of the reason that the acronym wasn’t “LGB” till the early 90s was that radical lesbians said bi men shouldn’t be allowed at Pride because they were rapists.) 

It might be relevant that sleepdontvisit seems to be very biphobic, saying things like, “Why are literally all of the big bisexual bloggers literally the most cringeworthy people I have ever encountered?”

there are two lesbians on their list, out of all the bi people. 

they’re both trans women. 

And now they’ve begun going around harassing trans inclusionist survivors who haven’t heard of their campaign, by implying that they’re “pedophile apologists” too if they haven’t called out these people yet. Or if they say that it’s not okay to call CSA survivors “pedophile apologists.” 

They guilt-trip and threaten anyone who won’t help them in their smear campaign, even discoursers who are calling out individual people already. They are goading exclusionists to harass these people. One of their victims has already deleted, that I know of. 

When one survivor called them out for things like posting content about pedophilia in the ace positivity tag, their response was to go through that person’s blog and list everyone they’d reblogged from who themselves had ever reblogged from one of the people on the list. Which may have been well-intended but comes off as intensely harassing. 

And then they falsely claimed that "ace/aro minors… are being told by adults that it’s ‘normal’ for children to be sexual, so it’s important for them to identify as asexual.”

(That person even said “If you’d like, I can give you a list of exclusionists that none of you are no-platforming (and one of which went hand-in-hand with discourseprincesa and doing just as much harm but is still being defended)” and instead of taking the information, they ignored it, and instead tagged another post to boast that inclusionists ignore callouts but exclusionists call out all their TERFs. I know for sure that one isn’t true, @allosexisterfs​ is mine and it contains a list of about 250 exclusionist TERFs, that sleepdontvisit hasn’t said a word about that I know of. BUT ANYWAY) 

If you care about survivors, please spread the word to no-platform sleepdontvisit, and to stop spreading their lies. 

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“When I finished” Naruto “Shueisha asked me - am I interested in continuing the story. I told them that Mikyo-kun should continue this story. It has a great aesthetics. If he is not going to create his own work, then I would like him to work anyway, even if he continues my own work. The most important reason is that I want to see what he creates! ”

-Masashi Kishimoto

So like this proves us that Boruto manga is infact NOT kishi’s idea and kishi is just one of the “Readers” 🤔


Should we consider this Canon NOW??

Thank you for sharing this to me @ino-uzumaki

I’ve had a few people ask me for pointers and tips to begin posting their fanfiction on tumblr, and I know how confusing it can be to work out how to do so once you’ve finished writing. So, I thought I’d post a little guide on what I do once I finish a fic.  

I will most likely post similar guides regarding writing fics and linking to your bio and a masterlist soon as well!! 

» writing  » posting  » linking 

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Commenting on Fanfic: A how-to guide for not being an asshole. Even unintentionally.

You’ve just read a fanfic that has left an indelible impression, and the siren song of the comment box is calling your name. It begs for you to send your opinion to the author… but should you? Are your thoughts really helpful or encouraging or even all that important?

Well… lets break it down! What do you want to say, and should you say it? And if you should, what should you say?


I want to flail at them because their writing is amazing! My comment would be nothing but effuse praise and adulation.

Full speed ahead, captain! By all means! You post that comment! Write for days! There is not enough positive feedback in all the world if you’re a fanfic author. We drink that shit up like it’s the blood of the innocent.

And if you feel awkward about commenting on explicit fic, don’t fret. We’ve all been there. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, but if you want to say something positive about an explicit work, go for it! We wrote explicit fic. We know why you’re here.

Something to consider: While, “THIS IS AMAZING! FLAILING FOREVER! THANK YOU!” is an awesome compliment to receive, it isn’t the same as positive feedback. If you’d like to have a bigger impact on an author that you really enjoy, comment with something specific about their writing and how it moved you. 

- “I liked the way you decribed <specific thing here>. It made me feel like I was part of the story.”

- “Your word choice here was amazing!” 

- “ *cut and paste a small section of dialogue or action* This was my favorite part.”

This is not necessary by any means. Flail-comments are still the greatest thing ever, and are the best part of any writer’s day. It’s not a matter of one being better than the other. It’s about what sort of impact you want to have on the writer. Praise and flailing are ego and mood boosters and are sure to help us keep writing, and writing more of what you like. Specific positive feedback is a great way to help a writer find and improve their voice when writing. 

And “thank you” is always nice. It’s good to acknowledge that fic writers do this on their free time, and let them know that you appreciate it.


This fic is amazing and I want to encourage updates or ask when it will be updated!

Tread carefully here. While on one hand, you could simply be meaning to encourage a writer to keep writing, but I know a lot of writers (particularly who start publishing before they are finished) that get anxious over requests for updates. Be mindful of your wording, and be sure you tell the author that you’re enjoying the work. Keep it positive and encouraging. 

Remember that fanfic authors have lives outside of writing fic. There may be some real world obstacles in the way of their fic writing, and guilting them about updates will not help. And in fact, it may hinder their ability to write. Not everyone responds well under pressure when it comes to creative outlets.

Something to consider: Pair your request with compliments! And avoid outright demands for updates.

Do: “This story is so amazing. I really love your pacing throughout the chapters. The suspense is amazing. I can’t wait for more! Thank you so much for writing!”

Don’t: “When are you updating? I’m dying here!” or “Update soon !!!”


Eeek! This fic I really love has a typo/grammatical error! Can I tell the author in a comment?

Pause for a moment! We are now treading into the dangerous land of uninvited criticism. While your intentions are no doubt good, this could very very easily be taken the wrong way. Or just flat unwanted for whatever reason. This is criticism that is coming quite possibly from a total stranger. There are a few things to consider.

First, check the author’s notes on the fic itself. Do they state that it’s unbetaed and invite corrections? Some do! Myself included when I publish something that has been edited by no one but myself. I know I miss things. When this is the case, I always put an invitation for corrections in my author’s notes, and many other fic writers do the same. Or they put it in their author bio on their main page. 

If you see no explicit invitation for corrections, do not do it. It’s as simple as that. I don’t care how egregious the errors are. It is quite simply not your place.

If you do see an invitation for corrections, a few steps are advised. First, go leave a comment on the fic. Make no mention of the corrections there. Just let them know you enjoyed it and thank them for their work. Then, send them a private message, not anonymously, with a gentle wording of the correction. Don’t do this in a comment that everyone can see. There’s no need to be exhaustive if you’ve caught a lot of errors. Sometimes just one or two corrections are enough to make an author go back through with a fine-toothed comb themselves. Then, thank them again in the private message and lay on a compliment or two there as well.  Again… this is not their day job, nor are you their writing professor.

Do: In a private message, “Hi AmazingAuthorPerson! I absolutely loved your fic “Fic from the Pairing X.” You invited spelling corrections in your author notes, and I wanted to let you know that this word was mispelled here.” *copy/paste line where mispelling takes place* “Your work is incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share with us! Sincerely, PoliteReaderPerson.”

Don’t: In a public comment, “I found errors X, Y, Z, AA, BB, and CC.”

Something to do instead: If you’ve got a good eye for editing, and you’re really interested in helping out fanfiction writers, consider becoming a beta reader. I see requests for beta readers all the time, particularly from people writing in their second/third/fiftyseventh language, and some of the more established fandoms have lists of beta readers. Just know that this can sometimes mean forming a relationship with a writer that goes beyond just comments on their work. Part of what makes unsolicited corrections icky is that they’re coming from total strangers.


The author did not appropriately tag something! Can I tell them?

This is a similar situation to the above scenario with corrections. Even though you may not feel like it be careful, especially with your wording. 

First, consider if there’s something seriously misleading going on? Is the maturity rating wrong? Did they fail to tag triggering material that would have been important to you to know about for safety reasons? 

If it truly is something serious, especially regarding triggering material, very gently tell them using the same method as for corrections. And remember that even though you might be upset, aiming that negativity at the author for what might be an honest mistake or just flat ignorance about tagging is not helpful in the long run.

Do:  “Hi AmazingAuthorPerson! I really appreciate that you take the time to write fanfiction for our fandom. In your fic, “Character Has a Bad Day” there is a scene that contains XYZ triggering material, but the fic is not tagged as containing XYZ material. Would you please update your tags so that your readers can be aware if they need to be? Thank you again for your work! Sincerely, PoliteReaderPerson.”

Don’t: Flame or even shame them in a public comment. Or be rude or angry in the private message. 

Regardless of what the author’s response is, move on with your life. You’re not the fandom police. 


Oh no! I just read a fic and I didn’t like the pairing/ending/a plot twist! I with they had done something else! I need to tell the author!

No, you don’t. 

It’s as simple as that so let me repeat it.

No, you don’t.

Here is where we get into the most valuable tool in a fic-reader’s commenting arsenal. 

Not Commenting.

Yes, it’s true! The option exists to just not comment. You can read something, not like it, and then move on with your life! 

Odds are good the author chose to write what they did for a reason that is personal to them. The idea of changing canon, keeping to canon, shipping a pair, not shipping a pair, or whatever it was spoke to them and they wanted to explore it. Or it was a request from a friend! Regardless, let them do so in peace. 

Or go write your take on the same pairing and write it how you think it should be done. I’ll be honest, I’ve read some fanfic where I’ve gone… “Yeah, I don’t know that I like that. I think I would like this better.” And then I go write it! Or at least bat the idea around awhile until it’s out of my system. Hell… isn’t that what fix-it-fics and non-canon-compliant actually is?

Do: Click the little “x” window. Go read a favorite fic you do like. Leave another positive comment for that author. 

Don’t: Leave negative comments.


That’s the ultimate takeaway here folks. Negative comments are not helpful to fic writers. Full stop. If you feel the author needs to know you didn’t like something, particularly if it has to do with what they chose to write about, or how they chose to portray a character/pairing, I would ask you this:

Why does the author need to know? 

Why does the author need to know about your personal tastes in fandom/fanfiction? Especially if it doesn’t include what they are writing. They aren’t here to cater to you and your personal tastes. That is what fic commissioning is for. That’s what tagging is for. So we all can find what we want to enjoy.

So enjoy things. And let other people enjoy things. And most importantly, let authors enjoy writing the things they feel moved to write about.

This has been a public service announcement.

*vanishes in a puff of feathers and caffeine.*

spiffyzgames  asked:

So I'm the one dude who made that theory video awhile back, (the one about Betty, Frisk and Chara being related) and I can see where I was right and where I was wrong. But holy hell, if I'm going to make another theory video, I'm going to need some links to the lore you've written out so far. Is there a page dedicated to recording glitchtale facts and lore that you put out? Because I have an absolute shit-ton of reading to catch up on. Like oml.

I remember there was a post that someone made with a compilation of ALLL THE RELEVANT important asks I’ve answered related to the plot.

I even tagged it as something specific to remember, but I forgot LOL.

You can go on my tumblr and search for the words “lore” or “story” and find a couple of important posts but….

if someone remembers which post had that compilation of asks please add it as a reply/reblog so I can reblog it myself again.


  • means you experience romantic attraction towards others either conditionally or not at all
  • includes on its spectrum demiromanticism, lithromanticism, grey-aromanticism, etc
  • can fluctuate, including being induced by trauma
  • can really frickin’ suck because of the hyperromantic nature of the media and our society and how alone and broken that can make you feel
  • can really frickin’ suck because of the perpetual crushing knowledge that your friendship will never be as important to someone as their romantic relationship
  • can really frickin’ suck because of the constant worry that you’re going to hurt someone by not being able to even hope to return their romantic feelings for you

aromanticism is not

  • something quirky that teenagers made up for attention or because they’re “late bloomers”
  • something that someone can control at will
  • coldness or a lack of capacity or desire for deep or “real” feelings
  • asexuality
Check To The Heart (Part 11)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

CTTH Masterlist

It had been two months since you and Bucky had solidified your relationship.  Steve had recovered from his injury and was back on the ice.  The two of you had been the talk of the team when your relationship had come out.  Of course it was Steve who dropped the bomb to the rest of the team.  He had a habit of telling everyone he could that you were in love, like a proud parent bragging about their kids good grades.

You check your phone as you head to your dad’s box, it was the last game of the regular season and this game determined the teams standings in the playoffs.  The boys were yet again playing against Hydra.  You had avoided the locker room area, not only because of Ward, but because of the tension the boys had been feeling the last week.  After getting snapped at by the men, you, Peggy, and Natasha had decided to keep your distance, spending most of your time together instead with the stressed out men.

Hey Sweetheart sorry I’ve been so crabby. Love you.

Bucky had texted you hours ago before his pregame nap, so you send him back a quick I love you and good luck, before heading into the box.  You grab a drink and sit at the counter that sat against the opening that showed you the wide expanse of the ice.  You look down at the crowd and smile.  Your attendance had hit the ceiling, tickets were selling out left and right, the popularity of the team, as well as all the event you had planned, had the team financially stable.  All the guys had to do was win the cup and the season would be perfect.

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I reblogged some posts here last night about Charlottesville with an ‘I’m sorry’ tag.

For those of you unfamiliar with this blog’s history, after an initial fit of reblogging other people’s Important Posts about Important Political and Social Things, I made a conscious decision to keep my posts of that nature confined to Twitter. I wanted my Tumblr to be a largely bearable space where people did not have to worry about being subjected to political horrors or reminders of what society nastiness was going on. I wanted to have one space, even if it was only my own, where I did not have to brace myself each time I read it. I didn’t want to recreate the experience I had as a kid where I tried to read a Peanuts comic strip collection from the library, only to find that every fourth or fifth page someone had rubber-stamped ABORTION KILLS and a drawing of a fetus, because they felt their message had to get out.

Hence 'I’m sorry’.

I felt the message mattered and I felt that if I did not say or reblog SOMETHING, the Jewish folks and black folks and anyone else reading this blog would think 'another one who lets this kind of nightmare slide’. I do not talk much about the things I do or steps I take in real life, because I was taught not to brag about doing what ought to be done, but I know that can give the wrong impression. I didn’t want that.

I also didn’t want to encourage the inevitable 'reblog this pointless message without actually donating money or calling your senator or writing your governor or attending a protest, because people who don’t reblog this are all Team Evil’ stuff that seems to erupt online every so often.

To those of you who didn’t expect last night’s material, I’m sorry.

To those of you who expected more and better of me, be aware that I don’t talk about those things on Tumblr or Dreamwidth.

To those of you who think a person who doesn’t turn their blog into a bully pulpit at the drop of a hat isn’t a good person, go away. I donate, I call, I write, I fax, I protest. I just don’t do it where you can see it.

I’m going back to kittens and cephalopods now. Maybe reblogs of other people doing good things, if I find something suitable. But just because I don’t want to protest horror at the top of my lungs in this specific space, don’t assume I don’t give a damn about it.

So like… is there a… thing… somewhere with details on crossbreeding in SWTOR? Like, which races can crossbreed with what?

Like, I know that human/sith pureblood is possible (listen to all the purebloods complaining about the dilution of their blood). I also know that human/zabrak is possible. I think human/miraluka is confirmed as well.

I’m sensing a pattern here. Humans be mashing their junk with everything lol

But what about more… “out there” things like twi'leks, togruta, and cathar (I’m just gonna straight-up assume amphibian and reptile alien species are incompatable)? And how about alien/alien crossbreeding?

“Sol why the fuck do you even care.”

I WANT TO KNOW IF MY CHARACTERS CAN HAVE BABIES THAT ARE LORE-FRIENDLY GUYS. :’| I mean, only one of my characters thus far actually pops out a brat and they’re already a confirmed crossbreed thing so I guess it’s not THAT important…



Madeleine’s prom night, complete with awkward smiles and ugly corsages. I was tagged by the wonderful @ice-creamforbreakfast​ for this. Thank you for thinking of me. I really enjoyed it! :D


Hello everyone,We are back again giving a second shot to the Bayojeanne Week, I hope this time we will have tons of participation. To make this week a real success and enjoyable for everyone. Here are some rules that you need to know.


♣ You have to post something new, that we never saw before.

DO NOT REPOST SOMEONE ESLE’S WORK! You can make something of your own no matter if it’s writing, editing, or drawing.

♣ Please use the tag #Bayojeanneweek or #Bayojeanne Week(It has to be in the five first tag that you are using.)

♣ You are not allowed to post a prompt before the exact day… (It’s going to be complicated if you don’t respect that). However if you are one of the people who are late to the party, you can still participate to the prompts even if the day is already finished.

♣ If you are participating to the week, you don’t have to do every prompt if you don’t want to.

♣ You are allowed to post NSFW but you have to tag it, but please don’t make it direspectful…

♣ Most important rule HAVE FUN!



DAY 1 - 07/10 - Beach Day
DAY 2 - 07/11 - Argument
DAY 3 - 07/12 - Amnesia
DAY 4 - 07/13 - Death
DAY 5 - 07/14 - Alternate universe
DAY 6 - 07/15 - Jealousy
DAY 7 - 07/16 - Dancing with you

BONUS DAY 1 - 06/30 - Gates of hell
BONUS DAY 2 - 07/17 - Childre
BONUS DAY 3 - 07/18 - Family

If during the week I didn’t reblog your work, please forgive me, it can be possible that I didn’t see it. So you can send me a message with a link of your work, I’ll make sure to reblog it.

If you have any question you can contact me on this blog or my other blog xall4one I’ll try to answer you as fast as I can.


죄라 (4)

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 3.7k

Genre: Angst

Summary: “How do you antifreeze?” “How?” “Steal her blanket”

Author’s Note: Spoiler; it is a little bit of a pun fest, and I refuse to apologise for it. Thank you for reading!

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for starting a studygram? Yours is such an inspiration!

Hey! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I hit 103,000 followers this morning and I feel so excited. I’ve been in a great mood all day but it is so crazy yet amazing! Anyway, I’ll kind of start from the beginning and go through with some tips!

  • create a cool username - generally, study related is going to be best for a studygram! If you’ve got a Tumblr, you can always use the same username. I tried but just ‘emmastudies’ was taken and deleted so I opted for the next best option!
  • organise your profile - personalised icon are really popular on Instagram, so you could make one and save it to your phone. and are great sites for icons! Some people use their own photos or a selfie so just make sure it’s high quality! Your bio is important too. You can design it any way you like. Most people will include their name and education level/system (high school, university, etc). This is completely up to you. If you want to have the gaps between like mine (@emmastudiess), type it on your notes and then copy + paste. Remember to add in your website if you have one!
  • develop a feed that you like!! - some people place a lot of emphasis on having an “aesthetic feed” but I feel like whilst it plays a part, it isn’t everything. I think it’s more important to have similar(ish) photos rather than everything being exactly the same. My feed is similar between photos but isn’t absolutely identical. I often will have photos that look brighter than the others, etc, and I’ve come to a point where it doesn’t bother me. I used to be extremely conscious about my feed and wanted it to be heavily edited like some other accounts but I felt it was unnatural and too washed out so I do a very very simple editing process now. If you’ve followed me for a good couple of months, you may remember a while ago I had a little break from Instagram because I got so stressed about my feed. It so wasn’t worth it and after people said “we like natural!”, “you don’t have to make it perfect”, it made me feel much better. It is more important to take just take normal photos that are high quality than get stressed about having “the perfect feed”. I did a post on how I edit my Instagram pictures which you can see here!
  • take good quality photos - I use an iPhone 6 so anything you can have is great! Try to maximise natural lighting in each picture. I don’t use any third-party apps for editing since I feel they dramatically reduce the quality of each photo but that is up to you. Here are some other tips for pictures!
  • be active in the studygram community - follow anyone you find inspiration. You may be lucky to get some follow backs. I try to check out any studygrams that follow me! Like and comment on photos that you like. I would recommend taking caution when commenting on photos, especially if you’re doing it mainly for getting recognition out of it. It can sometimes come across as ingenuine if you’re commenting on a million posts a day. But commenting and engaging with posts that you do actually like is great. I try to leave a few comments on posts that I particularly like each day!
  • use hashtags - this is a great way to promote your photos! Go with the most popular like #study #studygram #school #studies #studyinstagram. I will often hashtag what is in my photos, for example #muji or #bulletjournal. You could even make a hashtag for just your posts.
  • tag brands - this is another good way to get your posts noticed. If someone is checking out a brand’s Instagram, they may go through the tagged photos to use their products in action.
  • be relatable - I think this is super important. I’m always myself on Instagram. If you’ve watched my livestreams, you’ll know I seem to ramble on and on about random topics! I try to keep my entire Instagram genuine and real. I’m just a normal girl and I want people to see me that way! People love to connect with a real persona!
  • interact with your followers - this is so important and actually really fun! I love replying to comments, messaging with others and helping where I can! I feel so lucky to be able to interact with a whole load of different people each day. It is truly the most awesome thing of social media!
  • post regularly - this doesn’t necessarily mean every single day! I post once a day but even once every two or three is enough. Obviously, the more active you are, the quicker you’ll gain followers.

I hope this helps! I feel it is really important to remember that social media isn’t everything and you shouldn’t place so much emphasis on it. As I mentioned I got very worked up a while ago about it but now I’m very casual about it and try not to like anything get to me in that sense. It is so important to note that followers aren’t everything! They’re awesome to have but if you’re gaining slowly, don’t beat yourself up about it! We all started small! Again, I hope this has helped! xx