you escape

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can you rec some good supercorp blogs? a lot of the blogs i follow are run by messed up people and i want outttt. i just went on an unfollow spree and i need that good content back on my dash lmao

oomph yea of course bud

@supercorpppp @theragingthespian @proudlyunicorn @motorcyclegirlfriends @precious-luthor @professorspork @lynnearlington

those are just some of the first folks to come to mind with that Good Content 


Bo and Kuroo have tried kissing at some point I’m 100% sure you’ll have to pry this from my cold dead hands

“Happiness is when 
          my sleep is no longer 
                                  my escape.”

-DY // a ten word story // #9: that night, as I fell asleep, I realized

you really can’t escape the mishapocalypse no matter how hard you try you’ll be seeing him on almost every fandom today

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