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I'll Love Her Tomorrow ~ A Niall Horan Imagine

Could I have a personal niall imagine where we are childhood bffs and then we start falling for each other lol or something like that my name is Erin btw

Sure, Erin! Here you go! ~~Trayana~~


You were visiting your best friend Niall, while he was on tour. You always had some feelings for Niall, but you decided to push them away so you could preserve yours and Niall’s friendship.

“Erin!” You heard Niall, call. You turned around and you were swept off your feet into a hug.

“Niall!” You exclaim, hugging him back. “It’s been so long!” He says, setting you down. “It has.” You agree.

“Come along!” Niall exclaims and helps you with your bag. You thank Niall and follow him outside and into his van.

“You excited?” Niall asks you, excitedly. “For what?” You ask him, confused. “That club I texted you about. Remember, it’s called ‘No Limits’, or something. I texted you about it.” Niall explains.

“Niall, you didn’t text me about a club.” You admit. “Yes, I did.” Niall argues.

“No, you didn’t.” You argue.

“Yes, I did.” Niall says.

“No, you didn’t.” You persist.

“Yes, I- didn’t. Oh god, I never told you about it. I am so sorry, Erin.” Niall groans and puts his head in his hands.

“It’s okay, Niall.” You rub his shoulder. “But, when are we going?” You ask.

Niall mutters something incomprehensible to you. “What was that?” You ask, confused.

“We’re actually going to the club, now.” He whispers the last part. “Now?!” You groan. “I’m sorry, Erin.” Niall says.

You look at Niall and see that his eyes are filled with regret and sadness. To be honest, he just looked a tad upset.

“It’s okay, Niall.” You sigh, making Niall beam with happiness. “We’re here!” The driver exclaims.

Niall leaps out of the car, as do you, and you follow him inside. “C'mon, Erin. The boys are already in here!” Niall exclaims, pulling you along. He helps you weave through the sweaty bodies on the dance floor as you two try to make it to they boys’ table.

“ERIN! NIA-NIALL!” A very drunk Louis runs into you and Niall. “Hey, Lou.” Niall laughs. “Are you drunk?” You ask, also laughing.

“Very.” Louis admits and hops onto the dance floor. You and Niall laugh as you watch as a drunk Louis runs into the crowd and as a worried Eleanor races after him.

“C'mon.” Niall laughs, taking your hand and leading you to the boys’ table. “Hey, lads!” Niall says, taking a seat.

You take a seat next to Niall and watch as the rest of the boys erupt in conversation.

About ten minutes later, Niall and Harry are at the bar, Liam’s in the bathroom, and you were deep in conversation with Zayn.

“So, how’s Perrie?” You ask, genuinely interested. “She’s good. It’s been a little difficult considering that we’re both touring, but we work it out.” He explains, happily.

“So, how’s you and Niall?” Zayn asks. “Niall and I aren’t-” you get cut off by a semi-drunk Niall dragging you away.

Zayn laughs and wiggles his eyebrows as Niall pulls you onto dance floor. “Dance wit’ me!” Niall says, into your ear.

“Niall, you’re-” He interrupts you. “C'mon, Erin!” Niall says and starts grinding on you.

“You’re drunk.” You reluctantly pull away. “Let’s get a drink!” Niall drags you to the bar.

“Vo-vodka!” Niall exclaims to the bartender, who nods and pulls out two shot glasses. The bartender hands Niall the Vodka bottle and two shot glasses.

“Niall…” You sigh. “Just one!” He begs. “Fine. One.” You give in.

Two hours later, you are practically carrying Niall back to a taxi. “I need to call Erin.” He grumbles.

“Niall…” You groan, helping him through the parking lot. “But, I need to call Erin and tell her I love her!” Niall stomps.

You stop in your tracks and look at the drunk Irishman. “Niall, you’re drunk. You don’t love m-Erin.” You say, voice breaking slightly.

“Yes I do!” He stomps, again. “I’ll love her today, and t-t-tomorrow! I’ll even love her when I’m-I’m throwing up.” Niall stumbles and stops to vomit. He wipes his mouth with his shirt and stands back up.

“I still love her.” He mumbles as you help him into a taxi.

After you’ve safely reached the hotel and paid the driver, you help Niall up to his room and help him get into his bed.

“I love you, Erin.” He whispers and strokes your cheek.

“I love you too, Niall.” You say and kiss his forehead as he falls into a deep sleep.