you drive a pink car

Career options: avon saleswoman

Door to door, door to door. In your little pink car you drive and drive. You see things on the road. You see things in people’s small dilapidated houses. You can’t seem to sell a single tube of mascara but you collect sad stories from depressed, aging housewives like precious little things. The images on the catalog of beautiful cake faced girls repel you and your customers but there’s really nothing you can do about it. Sleeping in your car you dream of applying lipstick until your lips crack and blood spills. You still have 12 tubes of lipstick that must be sold by friday.

How would BTS react to you being pocket sized:

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·         Would sit you on his head

·         Would play with you like a doll

·         All the time

·         Would buy you a toy car to drive around

·         “But I don’t like pink…“

·         "But pink is cute and you’re cute!”

·         Would kiss your little forehead all the time

·         “I love you a lot ___!”

·         Would help you reach places you are too short for

·         Would poke you

·         All the time

·         Would ask you to help him make food

·         “Ah I wish you were bigger so you could cook for me”

·         Would ask you about what it’s like being mini

·         “I wish I was small like you”

·         #poutyface

·         Would cuddle you all the time

·         Would hold you like a baby

·         Would treat you like a baby

·         “aww who’s a cute lil’ baby”

·         “I’ll bite you”

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Edit: I fixed my laptop yay so now I’ll try to upload more often.