you drive a pink car

Full Moon

Castiel x Reader

A/N: I’ll put this up as a two part story because I’m feeling lazy.

Summary: You go on a solo hunt gone wrong and come back to an injured human Castiel in your motel room.

Warnings: panic attack, profanity, gore

Word count: 644

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Oh no.

Oh no.

Oh no.

You ran past all the mangled trees, making sure to lift your feet high enough to not trip over a stick of some sorts. “Crap, crap, crap.” You repeated over and over, not taking a chance to look behind you.

Turns out there were more than just the single werewolf, there was a whole bloody pack. Why didn’t you even think about that? They stay in packs, that’s what they do. How could you be so careless that you forgot? Now your life was on the line, and you were more than positive they wouldn’t let you live without a few bite marks, if they even allowed you to live.

A werewolf tackled you from the side, pinning you down to the leaf covered ground. Fighting against her grip, you flipped your silver blade upwards so it was facing her. “Son of a…” You breathed out, trying your best to shove the metal straight into her heart.

She was much faster and stronger than you. With a quick swipe to your hands, the blade was launched meters from your reach, leaving you completely vulnerable. The werewolf forced your head to the side as she slid down your shirt to take a bite out of your shoulder. 

You winced in pain and struggled underneath her powerful body. She finally removed her fangs from your flesh after a few seconds and immediately sprinted away, giving you no time to kill her. “Fuck, fuck…” You whispered, looking at your bleeding shoulder.

Standing up, you retrieved your blade and walked back to your awaiting car. Taking deep breaths, you tried to calm yourself down, but failed miserably. Salty tears cascading down your pink flushed cheeks, you pushed your car into drive and pressed down on the pedal, hoping to make it back to your motel room before you have a full on panic attack.

By the time you made it to the motel, you were hyperventilating and sweating a stream. It was fucking ridiculous. You felt like you were about to pass out from lack of oxygen and there was literally nothing you could do about it.

You were going to die.

You were so sure of it.

Pushing yourself into your motel room, you fell to your hands and knees, not even caring about getting dirty. Right now you couldn’t focus on anything other than the bite in your shoulder.

“Y/n?” You heard the deep voice of Castiel. You shook your head and pressed your forehead to the carpeted floor, mumbling incoherent words. “Y/n, look at me,”

“N-not real, not real, not real.”

Placing a hand on your lower back, Castiel bent down beside you and lifted up your head by your chin. He definitely looked real.

“Y/n, take deep breaths.” Castiel instructed, grabbing a hand and placing it on his chest. “Like this.” He continued to take a deep breath in, a deep breath out. In, out, in, out, in.

“C-Cas?” You asked, finally feeling like you could breathe. “I-I thought…”

“I’m fine,” He smiled weakly, helping you stand to your feet. “You’re bleeding,” Castiel pointed out the bloodstained clothes, carefully peeling back your shirt, only to find nothing there. 


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How would BTS react to you being pocket sized:

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·         Would sit you on his head

·         Would play with you like a doll

·         All the time

·         Would buy you a toy car to drive around

·         “But I don’t like pink…“

·         "But pink is cute and you’re cute!”

·         Would kiss your little forehead all the time

·         “I love you a lot ___!”

·         Would help you reach places you are too short for

·         Would poke you

·         All the time

·         Would ask you to help him make food

·         “Ah I wish you were bigger so you could cook for me”

·         Would ask you about what it’s like being mini

·         “I wish I was small like you”

·         #poutyface

·         Would cuddle you all the time

·         Would hold you like a baby

·         Would treat you like a baby

·         “aww who’s a cute lil’ baby”

·         “I’ll bite you”

A/N: So this took me a while to upload cuz of some complications with my laptop; I ended up using mobil to upload this one. Still, here it is! The first part of the reverse BTS mini series~

Edit: I fixed my laptop yay so now I’ll try to upload more often.