you drive a pink car

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1-15 of the ask meme xx

hi, im thinking that you want me to answer just those two questions, instead of all of them, but im doing it anyways!!!

1.       Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? 
spotify sometimes, but really I don’t use them

2.       is your room messy or clean?
usually messy

3.       what color are your eyes?
light brown with hinst of haze

l4.       do you like your name? why?
my real name, I would say yes, and why I don’t know, but my nick name I love it, is Yuri

5.       what is your relationship status? 
single as a pringle

6.       describe your personality in 3 words or less
two words

7.       what color hair do you have?
right know is black with redish ombre, thinking to go all black or pastel pink

8.       what kind of car do you drive? color?
I don’t have one.

9.       where do you shop?
usually at target, Walmart, michaels, hot topic, Sephora, ross, blick art store, amazon

10.   how would you describe your style?
a boho grungy hipster

11.   favorite social media account
this one, I just love tumblr

12.   what size bed do you have?
twin size 

13.   any siblings?
yes two

14.   if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?
there are a lot of places, Canada, South Korea, Japan, England, and if you see, I choose places that tend to have cold weather, I don’t like hot weather

15.   favorite snapchat filter? 
I don’t have a snapchat, I don’t understand snapchat

How would BTS react to you being pocket sized:

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·         Would sit you on his head

·         Would play with you like a doll

·         All the time

·         Would buy you a toy car to drive around

·         “But I don’t like pink…“

·         "But pink is cute and you’re cute!”

·         Would kiss your little forehead all the time

·         “I love you a lot ___!”

·         Would help you reach places you are too short for

·         Would poke you

·         All the time

·         Would ask you to help him make food

·         “Ah I wish you were bigger so you could cook for me”

·         Would ask you about what it’s like being mini

·         “I wish I was small like you”

·         #poutyface

·         Would cuddle you all the time

·         Would hold you like a baby

·         Would treat you like a baby

·         “aww who’s a cute lil’ baby”

·         “I’ll bite you”

A/N: So this took me a while to upload cuz of some complications with my laptop; I ended up using mobil to upload this one. Still, here it is! The first part of the reverse BTS mini series~

Edit: I fixed my laptop yay so now I’ll try to upload more often.