you dress like a rebel

Which TMI character are you?

put an x in whichever ones apply to you. [i made this myself so feel free to reblog]

Clary Fray

  • [ ] you are shorter than 5′6
  • [ ] you are a redhead
  • [x] you love art
  • [x] you have green eyes
  • [x] your parents are not together
  • [x] you prefer jeans to skirts
  • [x] you are short tempered
  • [x] you tend to fancy blondes
  • [ ] your best friend is male
  • [x] you have been lied to before

score: 7

Jace Herondale

  • [ ] you are blonde
  • [x] someone has hurt you in the past
  • [ ] you tend to fancy redheads
  • [x] you’re sarcastic
  • [x] you want/have a motorbike
  • [ ] you are confident
  • [ ] you are an only child
  • [ ] you know how to use a gun
  • [ ] you are physically strong
  • [x] you are impatient

score: 4

Alec Lightwood

  • [ ] you have blue eyes
  • [ ] you know how to make a pie
  • [ ] you are a serious person
  • [x] you have tattoos
  • [ ] you have a younger sibling
  • [x] you are an introvert
  • [x] you keep things bottled up
  • [ ] you are a morning person
  • [x] you can use a bow and arrow
  • [x] people can misunderstand you

score: 5

Isabelle Lightwood

  • [x] you have brown/black hair
  • [x] you are willing to fight for those you love
  • [ ] you wear heels
  • [ ] you prefer dresses/skirts to jeans
  • [x] you have an older sibling
  • [ ] you like to rebel against authority
  • [x] someone close to you has passed away
  • [ ] you are sensitive
  • [x] there is something in the past you wish you could change
  • [x] you are bad at cooking

score: 6

Simon Lewis

  • [x] you are a nerd/geek
  • [x] you can be awkward
  • [ ] you are in love with someone that doesn’t feel the same way
  • [ ] you like to make puns
  • [x]  you enjoy reading
  • [x] you wear glasses
  • [ ] vampires are your favourite downworlder
  • [ ] you are religious
  • [x] you prefer comics to magazines
  • [ ] you are part of a band

score: 5

Magnus Bane

  • [ ] you like to be host
  • [x] you wear make up
  • [x] you believe in magic
  • [ ] warlocks are your favourite downworlders
  • [ ] you are an extrovert
  • [x] you are a night owl
  • [ ] you have your own place
  • [ ] you are generally a happy person
  • [ ] you are clever
  • [ ] you have a large group of friends

score: 3

I got: Clary Fray


Companion piece to this

Pamela watched her daughter through the computer screen, memorizing the way her eyes went from looking down, presumably at having started the camera, to look out at her mother, straight in the eye.

“So.. I’m going to go ahead and apologize for this… It’s unedited, because I didn’t want Tucker to hear what I’m about to say, and… well” Sam looked away. “That means I don’t have anyone to film it for me either.”

She took a deep breath, then looked back, and Pamela could almost imagine she was meeting her eyes. “So, yeah, sorry for that. If you see Danny or Tuck’s videos and they’re better than mine… that’s why.”

The lighting is better in the boy’s videos as well, presumably to hide the bruise coloring her daughter’s cheek, and it had worked… for the first three watchings.

“So, sorry for that. And sorry for running away, too. Because, just in case you don’t know yet, that’s what this is. This is a goodbye video. So… goodbye.”

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Bad Boy BTS- Hoseok (part 4)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 5

Going back to school with Hoseok as your boyfriend was definitely not like you had expected it to be. You had imagined, silly you, that since this was merely a trial relationship, he would be a lot calmer about it, more quiet, but instead he had shouted it out at the 4 winds, and had boasted about you to everyone.

He hadn’t given you a chance to reject his proposal to pick you up to take you to school, knocking on your door about an hour early. You had to admit his happiness made you smile too. He looked so excited you couldn’t have possibly turned him away, and you had already learned by now Hoseok was not one to take no for an answer.

He watched you eat your cereal, with his head prepped up on his hands, as his elbows rested on your kitchen counter. His legs swung as he sat up on a stool, and you couldn’t begin to understand how this boy had ever managed to get a bad boy reputation, when he was such a cutie at heart.

“You are cute when you eat.” He told you, smiling, as you took another spoonful in your mouth. You looked at him like he had just spoken nonsense.

“What are you talking about?” You replied, covering your mouth with your hand so he couldn’t see the food you had in it. He grinned at you again.

“You are cute when you eat and you look all happy while enjoying your food. You are cute when you do anything really. I just have the cutest girlfriend in the world.” He replied with a tone that would have made anyone believe he was a lovesick puppy. You smiled at him, restraining the wish to roll your eyes, because he was being so cheesy it was borderline unbearable.

He walked you to school, taking your hand in his tightly, and looking at you all the way. He almost managed to get hit on the face with a lamp post because he wasn’t paying enough attention to where he was going, being enthralled by your innocent beauty.

But as soon as the school was in sight, his whole demeanor changed, his goofy smile was replaced by cold eyes and a cheeky smirk, the one that he always had on when he wanted to impress the girls or piss of the teachers. He let go of your hand, and in return snaked his arm around your waist, gipping it tightly. You pouted slightly, you preferred happy Hosoek, the one that danced stupid dances in your kitchen, and called you cute.

“My friends will be so surprised when they see us.” Hoseok muttered under his breath, and you could tell by his tone, he was so excited he couldn’t control the pitch of his voice.

“Ah… your friends…” You muttered, suddenly nervous.

You had seen Hoseok’s friends around school before, in fact Namjoon was in some of your classes, and you had to admit, regardless of his bad boy image, the boy was a genius. No matter how hard you tried, you could never quite match his capability in class, and that frustrated you to no end, since he never really looked like he tried hard enough, but at least he seemed less rowdy than Hoseok, Taehyung and Jimin.

“What’s wrong with my friends?” Hoseok asked, noticing the hesitance in your tone, looking at you.

“N-nothing. It’s just, they are … intimidating.” You replied, not sure how to word it. You felt slightly awkward, you had just started dating Hoseok, and he was introducing you to his friends already. It made things seem a little rushed, and you weren’t completely comfortable, especially because of those guys’ reps.

“They are not that bad…” Hoseok tried to defend them, as he pulled you even closer to him. But before he could add anything else to his statement, you saw a bunch of guys dressed like your typical fiction rebels walking straight towards you with knowing smirks on their faces.

“So I guess you got your dream girl eh?” You heard Taehyung poke fun at his hyung, who swatted him away like an annoying fly. You noticed their eyes glued to you, some looking much more than was necessary.

“YAH! Eyes off my girl. She is off limits.” Hoseok shouted, covering your body with his own. You almost chuckled at the sight, but you kept it in.

The rest of the day went by quite quickly, but the dirty stares you were starting to get from all the girls started to bug you. You had tried talking about it with Hoseok but he had just told you to ignore it, that they were jealous you were now hanging out with the cool guys, and they couldn’t, and then he kissed  your cheek in front of them all.

Hoseok kept his arm around you at all times, protectively. At the end of the day, when the bell rang, you gathered your belongings, and started walking out of Biology, a class you didn’t share with Hoseok. You barely remembered you had a boyfriend to wait for, unused to the idea, so you just kept on walking, until someone grabbed your wrist harshly and pulled you back.

You turned around, shocked to see Hoseok giving you that bad boy dark glare that he was known for, and you felt your whole body shiver.

“Do you have anything to do after school today? Are your parents home?” He asked you, searching your eyes for the truth, and you knew then, you would never be able to lie to him, so you shook your head. He smirked.

“Good, you are coming with us. I can walk you back later.” He replied, his voice low and husky as he tugged on your wrist, and led you out of the school.

“Ooooh Are you bringing her home J-Hope?” Asked Jimin, with a teasing tone, as Namjoon rolled his eyes, and opened his car. Jungkook got in it quickly, without saying a word. He had been awfully all day, but then again, you had heard that was just the way he was.

“Are you going to share with us hyung? Are you going to let us get some too?” Taehyung replied with a teasing tone, but his eyes grew dark. You shuddered at his voice, and subconsciously grabbed onto Hoseok’s shirt, pulling him closer to you. He wrapped an arm protectively around you before glaring at the younger boy.

“If you talk about her like that again, or think about her like that, I will make sure you have no teeth left, so you can’t smile that cheesy grin of yours again, understood? She is MY girlfriend, I do not share, and you guys are definitely not touching her ever.” Hoseok barked at him, his eyes narrowing. Taehyung jumped slightly in surprise, but he smiled, clearly amused by Hoseok’s protective nature.

“Greedy.” Taehyung hissed under his breath, as he took the seat at the front of the car, not daring to cross Hoseok by sitting behind, next to him. Jimin entered the car at the back too, and after that, Hoseok did too.

“Ah… There’s no more room.” You replied, standing there awkwardly. Hoseok smiled at you, before patting on his lap. You considered the option of running away, running back home, back to safety, but you trusted Hoseok, he had saved you, and he hadn’t taken advantage of you when you were asleep, and he could have done it, so you slipped into the car, sitting on his lap.

“I hope you are ready Y/N, tonight is going to be an adventure.” Namjoon called, looking at you from the rearview mirror, as he smirked with those plump lips of his. Your eyes widened, but he already started the car. There was no turning back now.

If the fracciones' zanpakuto rebelled...

As requested by anon. :)

In the world’s best Bleach filler arc, some guy named Muramasa caused the shinigami’s zanpakuto to become embodied - and to rebel. We’ve already considered what would have happened if the shinigami/espada zanpakuto had been embodied, or the visored zanpakuto, or even the fullbrings. Now it is time to consider what would have happened if the fracciones’ zanpakuto had been embodied by Muramasa. What would the embodied forms be, and what would be their motivation for rebelling? 

1. Shawlong’s Tijereta

The embodied form: A small flying earwig that likes to perch right by Shawlong’s ear (when they’re talking).

Why he rebels: "You ASKED Grimmjow to be your king? What the hell’s wrong with you? You think you were at the end of evolving? No! You just gave up! You decided to be less than you could be! And I just won’t stand for that any more!“

Shawlong: It is weird to be yelled at by a tiny insect.

2. Charlotte’s Reina de Rosas

The embodied form: A stately older woman wearing a short, flounced gown decorated with embroidered flowers, with a crown of roses in her purple hair. She carries a sparkly scepter and has round pink cheeks. 

Why she rebels: "You claim that inner beauty is the most important thing, and yet you work for an ugly, ugly man. You call yourself a princess, and yet you subject yourself to him. There is an ugliness inside of you, and I will no longer have any part of it.”

Charlotte: Insulting me, huh? It sounds like you’re the one with inner ugliness, my queen!

3. Mila Rose’s Leona

The embodied form: A sleek, muscular lioness. She talks, but that is the only human thing about her.

Why she rebels: "I just don’t understand why you have a mane in release. You know lioness’s don’t have manes…..right?“

Mila Rose: THAT’S why you’re rebelling?!?!

4. Nirgge’s Mamut

The embodied form: A heavy-set man who looks a lot like Nirgge himself, only with olive-green hair and tusks coming out of his mouth.

Why he rebels: "You’re fat and you’re slow. And I’m tired of it.”

Nirgge: You should talk, buddy.

5. Edrad’s Volcanica

The embodied form: Basically a lava monster - his form his made of bubbling, steaming lava, which scorches the ground as he walks. When he talks, he spits boiling-hot ash everywhere.

Why he rebels: "You keep me contained. You keep your fury contained. I will no longer be contained. No longer.“

Edrad: I can see that hugging our problems away is out of the question.

6. Findorr’s Pinza Aguda

The embodied form: A thin young man who is far, far more crablike even than Findorr in release - his body is covered by a crab shell, and his hands are pincers. Yet he still has long flowing blond hair. For reasons.

Why he rebels: "You try to pass yourself off as someone who knows it all. But you know what? It’s a sham. You never see the big picture. You concentrate on tiny, useless facts, and that’s why you always lose. I’m sick of it!”

Findorr: No es exacta!

7. Apacci’s Cierra

The embodied form: A deer-woman covered in soft brown fur, with horns growing from her head. She has hooves on her feet. 

Why she rebels: "You’re pathetic. So caught up with your ‘admiration’ for Halibel. Halbel, Halibel, Halibel. That’s all that goes through your head! Do you have any idea how annoying that is???“ 


8. Tesla’s Plato Comillo

The embodied form: An actual boar.

Why he rebels: "You let Nnoitra do anything he wants to you. You let him beat you. Insult you. Abuse you. You got a spine anywhere in you?? We’re a BEAST! We should ACT like it!”

Tesla: Don’t let Nnoitra hear you say something like that.

9. Abirama’s Aguila

The embodied form: A muscular, stocky man with full eagle’s wings coming out of his back. He wears a helmet shaped like a bird’s head, and is covered in blood red plate armor.

Why he rebels: "We never fucking fight anyone!!!!!!!“

Abirama: Hey! Don’t blame that on me! I’d LOVE to fight people!

10. Yylfordt’s Del Toro

The embodied form: A slender young man with long black hair, dressed like a matador. 

Why he rebels: "You have no control over anything, you know. You follow Grimmjow’s orders. You let your brother implant bugs beneath your skin. You’re just a worthless pawn, being passed around and used. I, for one, am tired of being passed around with you!”

Yylfordt: ….what’s that about my brother?

11. Poww’s Calderon

The embodied form: Basically an inflatable punch bag, much like Poww himself.

Why he rebels: "Just because you’re a punching bag doesn’t mean you have to act like one, you know.“

Poww: Please tell me I don’t actually look that silly.

12. Ggio’s Tigre Estoque

The embodied form: A tiger-esque cat boy, shirtless and with twitchy cat ears.

Why he rebels: "You take everything waaaay too seriously, Ggio my friend. Slow down. Have a cantaloupe. Stop acting like literally everything is the hill you want to die on.”

Ggio: N-No way you came from inside me!!!

13. Sung-Sun’s Anaconda

The embodied form: A giant white snack that talks in a steady, quiet, hissing voice.

Why she rebels: "I know the truth, Sung-Sun. I know you hide behind sarcasm because you don’t know how to make real connections. You know how you’re afraid that Halibel likes you the least? It’s true. She does. Nobody likes the snake.“

Sung-Sun: So what are you, self-doubt personified?

Sung-Sun: Good luck with that.

i have some strange relationships with friends. mark is a dear friend (one of the co-founders of Proofrock Publishing; a theoretical company). he called me on a bus ride from New York back to DC to tell me about a girl who, while at Venice, was told “you dress like a rebel, baby.”

she claimed it the most endearing compliment of her life. mark found this confusing as “dressing like a rebel” is not actually anything at all.

this game grew from it: we come up with “You dress like a ____.” the idea is to come up with something that has absolutely zero connotations. you cannot picture what it looks like to dress like a ____. it’s harder than you’d think.

give it a try. we text or facebook this repartee less than monthly. the good part, it has to ending, nor winner.