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Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Zenyatta 

[Requests by @morethanlittlesinister , as well as several anons] 


Finally, there are robots robot boyfriends who wear each other’s clothes. (Clothes? Pieces?) 

I’m sorry this one too so long, since most of you know I’ve been dealing with chained concussions on and off for over a year. Still, this was such a joy to do, because Zenyatta is my sweet boy - and now looks like General Grievous’ jedi cousin. 

Genji looks a bit odd to me still, and don’t even get me started on how Zenyatta taught him to float… But I took a fair amount of artistic liberties with their designs since neither of them have full reference for the parts of their bodies that aren’t covered? It’s like they planned this. 


Thank you all for the submissions! 

[Requests for Overwatch Outfit Swaps are CLOSED]

let me go

You and Yoonoh were supposed to be meant for each other, but things aren’t always happily ever after.

This was supposed to turn out a little differently, but, even so, i like it. ;))) this uses the soulmate au of like. when you write on your skin or whatever your soulmate can see it and vice versa. Enjoy ;).

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BTS Reacts - Your Drawing Of Them

Hoseok: When Hobi finds you huddled over a desk, moaning endlessly to yourself, he becomes worried - what exactly are you slaving over? You don’t notice his presence in the room, so you keep at your detailed sketch of Jung Hoseok; your eyes dart back and forth between a picture reference of him and your own work. He cranes his neck over your shoulder, muttering a faint ‘whoa’ under his breath. He knows that this is your line of work - he just never knew how amazingly capable you are at it. Hoseok is so proud of you, that he just wants to comment on your work until he’s dried out of compliments. However, he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it - he knows you get easily flustered to showcase your art, so instead, he chooses make light of the situation by striking a dramatic pose, which makes you laugh in response.

“So beautiful! Those lines, the strokes, those details! So perfect! This - this is art!”

Seokjin: He’s casually browsing your phone since his has just run out of battery, when suddenly, he swipes through your photos to find something that piques his interest. Jin fixates his stare on your screen as his expression turns to one of enthrallment. Your brows knit as you ask him, what are you looking at? He lifts his arm higher toward the ceiling, admiring the image in your phone’s gallery while you jump up and down, clawing at his wrist to get your cell back. The watercolours that stained the thick, textured paper painted a portrait of one handsome Kim Seokjin. You’ve been quiet about your current side project this whole time, which makes him wonder why you feel the need to shy your talents away from the public eye; he thinks what you’ve created is absolutely beautiful and worthy of praise.

“I can’t believe you drew me so well! I guess it helps to have such a good-looking subject, huh?”

Taehyung: When Tae stumbles across your drawing of him, he becomes absolutely flattered. This inflates his ego, especially since it’s a notable piece of work. He would constantly badger you about it - why did you choose me? Is it because I’m the handsomest member? Taehyung would start to act mockingly cute to further tease you and your supposed ‘obsession’ with him. If he doesn’t already think that you have a crush on him, he would now - not that he would mind it. He’s always thought of your strong interest in the arts as something very agreeable. He places his hands on his cheeks, flamboyantly exhibiting his features. ‘Wanna do another one of me?’ - a disgusted moan is heard from Min Yoongi before he abruptly slaps the boy who’s taunting you, across his face.

“I was just kidding! Well, not really. You can draw me as much as you like, just make sure you show it to me next time, okay?”

Namjoon: Namjoon would rest his revering gaze on you as he covertly watches you draw, standing behind your seat wordlessly. You’ve painted an impressive, well-proportioned sketch in his likeness. He knows the artist in you always thinks of yourself as your own worst critic, but he could see no fault in your craft. He would watch not only the varied gestures in your hands, but the gentle, patient expression on your face as you remain quiet - he is enjoying every second of your impassioned focus - he’s enjoying watching you. Namjoon ponders what might have possibly prompted you to draw him, of all the things you could have, around you. Either way, he’d feel pretty proud of you for finishing this, and appreciative that he’s the illustration of your choice. He smiles warmly before speaking up:

“Ah, you’re an awesome artist.  I don’t know how, but you’ve made me look even more handsome.”

Jimin: Jimin is about to make himself comfortable on your couch, when he spies an array of familiar photographs strewn across your desk - all pictures of him. He unearths an accurate charcoal depiction of him; the resemblance is uncanny. He is wholly and utterly embarrassed by this, but he can’t deny the fact that he’s also pretty amused by your efforts to have hidden this from him for so long. When he thinks of you sketching away at his portrait; the characteristics of his face being so thoroughly canvassed by you, it makes his cheeks flush red. You’ve always told him you were working on something ‘beautiful’ - a word he’s always used to summarize you in his mind - to realize you’d been referring to him all along, makes a sheepish grin appear on his lips. When you come home, all he can muster is a meek:

“This is amazing - but did you really have to use this many references of me?”

Yoongi: ‘Why can’t I look at what you’re working on?’ You try to repel Yoongi’s attempts at snatching the sketchbook out of your hands. You warn him not to be an ass before you leave to relieve yourself in the bathroom, and of course, he takes this opportunity to pry while you’re gone. His nose scrunches as his lips grow wide while he takes in your artistry. Low-key wants to steal it so he can frame it up in his bedroom. He knows humility is an important trait to being a noble creator, but he definitely wants to urge you to put your work out more, especially because it’s good. Yoongi wants nothing more than to see you be successful in your dreams, even if that means giving you a little push. When you come back, he appears to have a little drawing of his own in his hands:

“If I trade you for an original Min Yoongi, would you let me have yours? I’ll only post it on every social media platform I have an account for.”

Jungkook: The maknae is astounded by the detailed crosshatching in the pencil strokes that brought the piece together - he wouldn’t be bothered by the fact that it was a picture of him. Jeon Jungkook would be attracted by the effortlessness of your natural abilities, and would want to get closer to you because of it. After witnessing this impeccable image, whenever he thinks of you, he does it with a newfound respect and wonderment for your being as a whole - he adores the talent you always seem to dismiss as a regularity. When you notice your sketchbook in his hands, the expression on your face turns to one of distress; it doesn’t help that it’s under the rest of Bangtan’s scrutiny, too. Jungkook tries to ease your concerns. He never wants you to feel like you’re being judged, even if he thinks that you’re pretty damn special for being able to do what you do.

“Sorry we took a peek - but I really love this! You’re really good at drawing. How come you’ve never shown us any of this? I think your artwork is seriously professional!”

Two requests in one! I hope you guys like it! <3


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

BTS reacting to finding their S/O’s sketchbook.

A/N: For @shonyeeo , I’m sorry if this isn’t the best. I was kind of on writers block when I wrote this.


Jin would already love you so much but once he found your sketchbook in one of the bedside tables in your shared bedroom, he would love you even more. He would sit there on your shared bed, flipping through the book. A huge smile on his face. Yet he couldn’t help but wonder why you never told him about this. You were so good, so he doesn’t understand why you would keep something like this as a secret. You would walk into the bedroom to see him sat there with your book. Quickly he would hide it behind his back but you would have already seen it in his hands. You would question why he checked it but then you couldn’t help but to smile when he began complimenting your talent.

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Suga/ Yoongi:

Wouldn’t really bother much about the book when he found it on the bedside table. He was searching for something else so he would just forget about it. Until later on he saw you sat on the couch with it and when he asked what you were doing, you would hide it from him. He’s never someone to invade someone’s privacy but he was really eager to get to know what secret you was keeping from him. He would jump on the couch and try to snatch the book out of your hands. He wouldn’t ever get it and instead you would hand it to him, a sigh escaping your lips. “You can look but it’s nothing interesting.”

“What do you mean? These are amazing Jagiya.” He would say as he flipped through the pages.

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J-hope/ Hoseok:

This ball of sunshine would be so happy when he accidently finds the book and had seen what was inside of it. Especially when he saw a few doodles of him. It made him happy inside that you had something that enjoyed to do. He knows how much something like drawing could mean to you, just like music means to him. Later that day, you would be staring outer space and he would think that this was the perfect time to speak to you about it. “What are you thinking about?” He would ask you as he moved closer to you on the couch. “Nothing.”

“What to draw next possibly?” You would be so confused after he asked that. Your eyebrows scrunching up and a simple “What?” slipping from your lips.

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Rap monster/ Namjoon:

He’s always one to think into things. Not all in a bad way though. When he saw your drawings, he would wonder what they all meant. He wouldn’t hide it away from you for a while, that he saw your drawings. As soon as he saw you again that day, he would ask you about them. You wouldn’t be mad at him and instead, your cheeks will start to turn a rosy red colour in embarrassment. He would tell you that there was nothing to be ashamed about and if it’s something you enjoy, you should embrace it. Then he will continue to ask you what the drawings meant. He’s written songs and he loves having meanings to them so he would love to know the meanings of your drawings.

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I imagine him freaking out when he finds your sketchbook. The cutest mochi smile spreading across his face. He would flip through the pictures so giddily that he would end up tearing a bit of the page. Quickly he would place the book back where it was. Then next time you try and draw in it, you see the rip in the page and question Jimin. He denies it at first but he eventually gives in. “Fine I did look through it but I can’t believe you kept something like this away from me. I think you’re forgetting that I’m your boyfriend.”

“I was going to tell you one day.”

“Did you ever draw me?” He would ask, that cute mochi smile once again showing up on his face. He would blush a little as well, at the thought of it.

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Finding out that you can draw would be a big deal to Taehyung. He would want to know everything about it and why you kept it away from him. He wouldn’t even bother about the fact that he invaded your privacy on accident. He would be too busy asking you so many questions. “How does it make you feel? Why did you never tell me about this? I’m disappointed. Can you draw me one day? Wait, no. Have you ever drew me before? If you have, can I see? It’s okay if you don’t want to show me it.” He would say, the cutest box smile on his face. It’s something new about you that he’s finding out and he’ll be so excited about it. Wanting to know every little detail. When did you start? If you ever want to become an artist? When did you realise you can draw? All these questions would be thrown at you and he would be so damn cute about it.

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This boy is a multi talented king so when he found your sketchbook he would smile so much at it, like the other members. Then when you find out that he’s found out that you can draw, he would ask you if you could teach him how to draw. He would definitely want to share the same talents as you to bond over it but eventually, he decides not to learn how to draw because drawing is your thing and singing is his. He would walk into your shared bedroom to see you sat on your bed, drawing. Then he would sit down on the bed next to you and just watch you. Admiring how your eyes flutter and your hand gliding across the page. You found his attention too much so you began to laugh and turn red, him then breaking out in a fit of giggles too because of how cute you were.

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queens-clarke  asked:

bellarke + 6 because I love stars and space a lot :')

thanks for the request bby! i legitimately thought no one would answer xD

bellarke + 6. things you said under the stars and in the grass

When Clarke finally finds Bellamy, he’s sprawled out in the grass with his hands behind his head, gazing up at the stars. For once, he looks almost at peace, and Clarke considers turning around and leaving him alone, because Bellamy deserves this - this rare moment of silence.

Instead of leaving, she lays down beside him.

Bellamy doesn’t look at her; his eyes are still trained on the breathtaking scene before them, the dark expanse of the night sky filled with a scattering of stars. “Hey, Clarke,” he says quietly.

“Hey. What are you doing out here?”

Bellamy sighs, stretches out his arms. “Just taking a moment before the next crisis. Space is beautiful from down here, you know? I’ve never really had time to notice.”

Clarke nodded. “If I had my old sketchbook and my charcoal pencils, I’d draw it all. Every single star.”

Something heavy hangs in the air then, a feeling of something lost. Childhood, perhaps. Innocence. Clarke knows she won’t have the luxury of drawing for leisure anytime soon, not when the world is ending, but in this moment with Bellamy, she can almost pretend.

They’re silent for a while, but it isn’t uncomfortable. (Things with Bellamy rarely are.) Then a shooting star streaks across the sky, and Bellamy says, “I finally figured out what I would wish for.”


“I once said that if I saw a shooting star, I wouldn’t know what to wish for. Now I know. And it’s kind of a selfish wish, but I think all wishes are, you know?”

Clarke nods, because selfish wishes that will never come true are something she understands all too well.

Finally, Bellamy turns to look at her. His expression is just as awestruck as it was when he was looking at the stars, and Clarke feels a blush creeping up her neck. “I’d just wish for a simple, quiet life. We’d have come down to Earth and it  would have been uninhabited, or the Grounders would have left us alone. And we’d just make a little camp and live peaceful little lives. And then I’d meet you and you’d become my best friend even if we weren’t fighting for our lives all the time.” His eyes are honest, vulnerable, and then he says, “We’d be happy, Clarke. We wouldn’t be broken the way that we are. That’s my wish.”

She bites her lip, because the words are threatening to spill over: I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.

Instead she says, “Sounds like a fantasy.”

Bellamy turns back to the night sky. “Anything’s possible on a night like this.”

(He’s looking at the stars. She’s still looking at him.)

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Hey so I've been having a terrible day and it would be great if you could make a feel-good bnha thing (art or a fic-whichever you want to do!)

[on twitter]

so i didn’t know what i wanted to draw more so i drew them all instead 

(these are all totally platonic btw)

some info about the pics: i really wanted to draw a cute Dad Might head kiss. i kinda hope we see this in canon b/c it’s such a Dad thing to do

i have this headcanon that after the midterm exam, Todoroki and Momo become really close and comfortable around each other, and enjoy sleeping next to each other. Todoroki is also really nice to sleep next to b/c he can regulate his body temperature. (i also like the idea that they have sleepovers at the dorms)

Bakugou sleeps like the dead and woke up like five hours after Kaminari drew that. everyone in class 1a has a picture of it on their phone. Bakugou vowes to murder them all

and, as usual: big bro Kirishima gives the best hugs, especially for tiny frog siblings

i hope these helped cheer you up!!!

Dear people who complain about the lack of Amedot content, there is a solution:

Make more Amedot content. 

That’s it. That’s all. 

Post your goofy headcanons. Write fics. Draw things. Request Amedot if you know of artists who take requests. Commission Amedot art if you can afford it. Write fics based on your fave art, or draw something from a fic you love. Do cosplay. Make gifs. Take photos of purple and green things next to each other that remind you of Amedot. Wear purple and green and take selfies. Make playlists. Make AMV’s. Post it all to tumblr in the appropriate tags. 

If you can’t do any of those things, support the people who do! Like and reblog the silly headcanons and add comments if you want. (In case it needed saying: you are always welcome to add to my silly headcanon posts, or use them as jump-off points for other content.) Leave kudos and comments on the fics you like. Like and reblog your fave Amedot art and send nice messages to your fave artists. And it doesn’t have to be some analytical masterpiece: one of my fave ao3 comments is intentionally-misspelled keyboard mashing, you guys. I took a screenshot, edited out the username and icon, and posted it to facebook to show to my non-fandom friends because I loved it so much. If someone makes something you like, tell them! They’re a lot more likely to make more!

I’m just as desperate for Amethyst and Peridot to even interact in new episodes as y’all are, okay.  

But the secret of fandom is that the the fun stuff we do in fandom, amongst ourselves, for each other, is always going to be the best part of being a fan. For real. I’ve been in fandom for, um, a long time. Don’t wait for canon to give you what you want–make it yourselves.  

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117 please!

She’s 6, how can she scare you?

“Robert she’s six, how can she scare you?” Aaron couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing.

Pausing in his typing Robert looked at Aaron over his laptop, before replying, “you’ve met April, right? She’s not a normal six-year-old Aaron, she knows things.”

Aaron couldn’t help but laugh at the look of utter terror on his husband’s face, “you make her sound like she’s a kid from a horror movie or something. She’s not going to hurt you, you know.” He gave him a playful smack on the arm as he walked past on his way to the kitchen. “Besides, what the hell do you mean by she knows things? I think you might be getting her mixed up with Faith there mate.”

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Whoa 2000 followers! (artraffle)

“Gee bill 2000 weiners.png”

Goodness, never thought I’d get that many, you guys are really the best though, thank you all really!! :,0 
So like I promised if I ever get that many, I decided to start an art raffle! This is my first raffle too, aaa. 

Winner goodies:

First winner- Full colour/soft detailed shaded, full body, anything you want, 

Second winner- Full colour(cell shaded), full body, max of 2 characters

Third winner- Lineart, flat colours, max of 2 character

Fourth winner- Lineart no colour, max of 1 character, either full body or headshot
Example  (dont have any lineart with one single character but you know) 

Some rules:
-Must be following me of course,
-Two reblogs from you are aloud, likes don’t count im sorry.

Things I can draw:
-Your OC’s (just need a ref and i’m good!) 
-Gore/dark art
-Multiple characters (about 3-5) 
-Almost anything! (besides the things listed in the next part..)

Things I can’t draw:
-Robots, mechanics, transformation art

Due date: March 18

jesslyn1810-deactivated20170403  asked:

Heyya! I've just found you on depth of the internet and when i saw your art I immediately fell in love with it! I wanna ask, have you draw with other thing beside pencil&paper and drawing tablet? Like a 10 inch samsung or something like that? I've been planning on getting a wacom tablet at the end of the year or earlier next year, but I also want to know if drawing on a touchscreen phone is any different. Thx in advance! ^^

nooo i havent ;A; ah BUT

i watched this video of a review for uh….iuhuhuh oH

the iPad Pro + Apple Pencil yeah her review was cool so if u happen to have one of these laying around this might be good! if not then getting a tablet is prob cheaper than getting an ipad haha

(My non colorful brush pens are starting to crap out on me oy)
Look man. I’m not saying that I ship Tammy and Liz.

Okay. I might. A little.

I am sorry.

sarcastic-fandomtastic-dragon  asked:

IM SUCH A BIG FAN OF THE WAY YOU DRAW HAIR! I'm pretty bad at it, so I'm super jealous! Is there anything you could point out that could help other artists

AWWWW THANK YOU!!! drawing hair is like. my joy in life i love doing it SGJHGJCKCF

hmmm to tell you the truth the way i draw hair is just.. i.. wing it half the time LOL but when im doing a serious piece, this is usually the way i go about it! (keep in mind this is just my way lmao)

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anonymous asked:

hello. can you do a reaction of bts to you are an amazing artist, but they discover it by falling by chance on her drawing book. thank you !

i take this reaction slightly personal bc i used to carry a sketchbook around with me all the time in school and people would flip through it and id get super pissed bc its so personal—im getting off topic my bad

NAMJOON : finds your sketchbook as he searches for something; approaches it with you in hand and asks you before flipping through it. careful not to touch the art itself. looks in awe, admires each detail.
“Looks beautiful. Keep up the good work, baby.”

SEOKJIN : moves you book to make space for something, but gets curious later. find him flipping through it, jaw dropped. biggest fanboy of your artwork.
“How long did it take you to make these? Wow…”

YOONGI : somehow gets his hands on your sketchbook, although you didn’t leave it in plain sight. finds you, excitedly requesting you for some art of him. 
“Draw a portrait of me, please?”

HOSEOK : was finding a book to read but stumbles across your sketchbook instead. stares at each page for several minutes before moving on to the next one. really sad when he reaches the empty sheets, wanting more to look at.
“Do you want any art supplies?”

JIMIN : who knows how he found this, honestly. he asked you before looking through it, but he looked at each piece and smiled at you in approval. he was definitely wondering how you made things like this. traces his fingers across your pen signature.
“I wish I could draw this well.”

TAEHYUNG : you were beginning to sketch something, but he snatches your book and flips through it. you try to complain and steal it back, but he holds it above you and looks through it quickly. very interested in your art history.
“Ah, what is this? How long have you had this? Is there any drawings of me?”

JUNGKOOK : come home one day and find him looking through it like a fictional book. smiling at all your art. wonders about each stroke you took to make these things. your biggest fanboy.
“This is super amazing. Please draw more.”

Darkness is a harsh term, don’t you think ? 
And yet it dominates the things I see. (x)

I post drawings at 5 am because I’m smart. Also that FUCKING SWORD took me like 3 hours I never want to look at that damn reference picture ever again. The crown looks kinda weird but eh whatever I tried (I’m thinking about making another piece with Merlin, so maybe you’ll see that pop around in the next month who know maybe I’m becoming productive)
(you can click for better quality and all that jazz)

Multipurpose Linking Sigil:

There are two ways to use this sigil, as shown below:

1. Draw it on a piece of paper or something and it will link 2 objects if you place them next to one another on the 2 circles on the ends. You can alter how it links these two objects to your desired effect. For example, you might want to make the energy flow from one direction to another, or you might want to apply a permanent link. Maybe even intertwining the fates of the two objects. Who knows.

2. Draw 2 or more copies. One on each object you want to link. Same as above, but works for multiple things, and you don’t have to worry about physically placing them together. It’s more permanent as well.

Follow me for more metaphysical goodies.

afterschool ritshou hcs

I have a bunch of ritshou headcanons that i just. can’t get out of my head.

  • shou and ritsu talk a lot on skype! when ritsu gets home from school and starts homework shou just immediately calls him
  • he’s never the one to initiate skype conversations but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to talk, he just. waits because shou is always the one that calls
  • shou tells ritsu about his day
  • “okay i’ve never told anyone this but i trust you okay? it’s just… i saw this post online right. and then one thing went onto the next and… i have a hamster now.”
    • “you just get a hamster because of an internet post????”
    • “i’m naming it ritsu”
    • “no, DONT name it ritsu”
  • shou always sends pictures of his art to ritsu and ritsu is really bad at giving validation because he doesn’t know how to
    • he tries his best
    • he gets excited with shou when he sends him a page of decently drawn hands
    • “i hate drawing so much.”
    • “but this is a page of decently drawn hands”
    • “i KnOw RiGhT?????”
    • most of the drawings are of wrestling poses
  • shou talks a lot, while ritsu listens as he’s doing his homework
  • shou gets self-conscious because he feels like he talks too much but ritsu says that he likes that he doesn’t have to do a lot of the talking
  • “why?”
  • “i get to listen to my friend talk to me and enjoy talking to me instead of a bunch of people expecting things from me like at school. i know i suck at showing it but i really appreciate you.”
  • shou
  • oh this kid
  • ohhhh this kid
  • he’s in deep for this boy
  • “well, how could you not love listening to me?”
  • “i change my mind i’m blocking you.”

Hi guys,

~and new followers!  Hello!

I know I haven’t been posting any drawings for a while. 

I’ve been working on the illustration for the Steleo collab calendar in my spare time between part-time and school. I’m finally finished so I’ll be drawing a lot

-less… actually, finals are coming up, and I’ll have to pull out a miracle from my ass to bring up my grades for next semester.  I’ll maybe upload things like this once in a while. 


I also know I said I’ll maybe do a 500+ follower thank you drawing, but when I came back to tumblr the number has gone up to 700+… (thank you!!!/sobs/) So I’m keeping it in my mind to do that once the semester ends.  Thank you for being such wonderful people, and I hope you all stay safe and keep warm.

- Tomi