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・I’m so glad this thing exists. I have very high expectations for Lotor.


CS: People think we are dicks. But we’re not, we’re very nice guys. So I think that’s what people get wrong.

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Kuroo Tetsurou + Sexy Black Shirt
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I HAVEN’T SEEN IT BUT I’LL DO MY BEST also the roommate sitch heavily inspired by @bullysquadess’s roommate au

  • because, you know, of course it’s Ikea
  • they found out each other’s identities years ago, when they were like 15 or 16, and now they’re 22 and they really deeply crave independence
  • or, well, Marinette does
  • Adrien moved out the second he turned 18, and now lives off his trust fund in some ridiculous high-rise condo all alone and living off takeout
  • both of these facts come up in a conversation on patrol
  • the conversation goes something like this:
  • Marinette look… I can cook…. I will cook you whatever the hell you want if i don’t have to pay rent… I will be your live-in servant of I don’t have to pay rent…
  • Adrien: you don’t even have to cook just keep me company god they won’t even let me keep fish I am so alone
  • Marinette: ……when was the last time you ate something that wasn’t takeout
  • Adrien: ……………um…
  • Marinette: ….I’ll cook.
  • and so it begins
  • but the thing is, in the four years Adrien’s lived in that apartment, he never managed to buy a couch
  • he doesn’t even have box-springs for the mattress on his floor
  • he has a mattress, a refrigerator, a kitchen that came with the apartment, a desk, and a chair
  • Marinette just looks at him
  • you cannot live like this, her eyes say
  • yes, mistress, say Adrien’s
  • so
  • Ikea
  • they have a condo to furnish (9’-’)9
  • the first pun sneaks up on them while they look through the selection of bed frames
  • ………………’re going to have to imagine the puns because I’ve never seen the video and I don’t remember which language Ikea product names are in and by god I am terrible at coming up with puns
  • but yeah
  • chat puns
  • bugaboo snickers
  • they move on
  • the second hits when they pass by the little kids slide and Adrien needs to attempt to slide even though his legs alone are longer than the tiny slide
  • it’s probably some pun on the Swedish word for children and Ladybug’s better nature but I wouldn’t know
  • Marinette is left covering her face with her hands and torn between pretending she doesn’t know the asshole in the kids area and laughing helplessly
  • those puns really are much more funny when she’s not worried he’s going to spend more time thinking of them instead of thinking about staying out of mortal danger
  • somehow, Adrien comes into his own in the midst of trying out the recliners
  • Marinette has to remind herself that they are in the middle of a store and someone has to keep them on track, or they’ll just end up giggling their way out of the door with no more furniture than when they started
  • or, worse, it’ll be uncoordinated
  • Marinette will not abide by an uncoordinated living space
  • his pun game steps up around the shelves
  • with the shelves come the examples of living spaces and, as much as she loves him, Marinette can’t resist a few jibes
  • “would you look at that?” a mock gasp. “so much furniture! wow Adrien, maybe you should close your eyes. i wouldn’t want you to get overwhelmed or anything.”
  • “my lady, you don’t need to put me on a shelf. I might look free-floating, but I assure you I’m quite well-braced.”
  • oh my god you doofus”
  • look basically they’re the most ridiculous newlyweds-slash-best-friends to ever go furniture shopping
  • and they’re not even together yet
  • when they finally get to the warehouse, it takes them too many trips to get it all out the door
  • and then they have to drive it all back and take it up to Adrien’s seventh-floor apartment
  • they give up halfway through and pass out on Adrien’s floor mattress
  • it ends in cuddles

The Dork Captains | Kuroo & Bokuto |
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Another icon collab between me and @fonbella, this time I did the coloring and she did the sketches<33 And I loved coloring her adorable doodles, not to mention how excited we are for Sun&Moon and seeing our fave gay trainers again!!<33 (Please note these were made for us, so do not use~)

Lawless (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)

Yes… a continuation of this original post by @watanukisakuya, with 50% more “Lichtan” (❛ ▿ ❛ ),  +seiyuu extra audio at the end (KimuRyou, you dork www).

3 Drama CDs + 1 Character CD, and we have Lawless say “Lichtan” 66 times… yes, I counted them x’DD and let’s not even talk about “tenshi-chan“ ahaha.

Thanks to @kairei-chan for the special cast comments audio uvu/

Bagginshield Week

For @bagginshieldsource’s Bagginshield Week

Day 7: Free day!! Anything you want. (Set during the quest, pre-relationship)

While most of the company settled into makeshift beds for the night, Bilbo found himself oddly restless. He ambled over towards the collection of ponies, something which was quickly growing into a nightly routine. During the day, he stuffed his pockets with any fallen fruit he could find, when they were lucky enough to be given breaks. It was hard to ration such meager pickings amongst thirteen ponies, so he had to alternate who was fed each night. (Bilbo absolutely refused to go anywhere near Gandalf’s horse - the ponies were smaller by comparison, yet still dauntingly huge to Bilbo’s practical sensibilities. That horse was just - just monstrously ginormous! …But every so often, he would roll an apple its way - from a safe distance. He did not want to anger the beast, after all.)

Tonight he had three bruised, withering apples. He first gave one to his own steed, Myrtle, who Bilbo was afraid had grown rather spoiled. She had not been given anything special for a few days now, and had taken to jostling her rider in his seat and moving restlessly any time he tried to mount or dismount.

“Now enough of that,” Bilbo murmured as he stroked the pony’s broad face. “You get your turn, just like everyone else, Myrtle.”

Next he moved onto Thorin’s pony, whom he had named Bungo. The creature had a funny shaggy coat, which ignited the hobbit’s allergies terribly if he ever touched it. “Now remember our deal,” Bilbo whispered as he offered the largest fruit to the animal’s large, searching lips. “I give you an apple, and you make Thorin take that giant stick out of his arse.”

The pony snorted as it took a huge bite of the apple, wetting Bilbo’s whole hand with the effort. The hobbit sighed, shaking his head. “Who am I kidding?” he muttered. “Not even the Valar could do such a feat!”

“What are you doing, Halfling?”

Bilbo jumped at the sudden voice, hand clamping down on the soggy remains of the fruit as he spun around.

“I, ah,” he stammered, staring up at none other than Thorin Oakenshield, rightful King under the Mountain - and rightful pain in the arse. Bungo’s large head nudged at his back, blunt teeth nipping at his enclosed fingers. “Oh, there’s no point in hiding it!” he muttered, turning back to the remarkably hobbit-ish creature. “I am giving the ponies some treats,” he admitted.

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The only problem with filling in missing characterization and story using head canons is when you forget they aren’t canon and by extention common knowledge so when you talk to fellow fans you get confused on how they didn’t know about that ‘super important thing that explains this and that’ and it takes you a second to remember you made up the entire thing based on what little scraps of info you had ;-;


These two are without a doubt the best dancers on the crew (Or even the whole fleet) 

Now the two of them know of each others singing voices; they sing and dance together when they’re alone; this always lifts there spirits and happens usually after long missions and dangerously close disasters. 


“Well, while we were preparing for the fan meeting, everyone, we were… It was a time when we were able to see how much the fans appreciate us and how much you guys really like us and how much you care about us and support us. From now on, we will show you how much we care about you guys. I will show you guys. I will show you.” - 161113 JIMIN



Richard Dean Anderson at OzComicCon 2015