you dont want to have this conversation rn

my internal emotions rn are just
??? ?????
kinda like
anxiety and depression but also longing for some kind of way to talk to my comfort characters but i simply cant since they dont exist

it just sucks that these characters are written so complex and have a spark of life to them and you feel like you could genuinely hold a deep conversation with them but you remember theyre not real

you know that feeling of wanting to be physically close to them
not romantically or anything
just platonically. like a friend to wrap your arm around or lean on their shoulder
the friend that asks if you need a hug when youre upset and gets you a bottle of cold water and pulls you close until you’re feeling better

thats kinda how i feel toward dipper and ford. i dont know why it’s them in particular. i guess it’s that i relate to them so much i’m sure if i were able to be with them they’d think of me as good company

Original content witches?

I’m looking to follow more people who write original content.

Ideas, tutorials, or just “what I’m up to” personal blogging. It doesn’t need to be especially smart or new, I just want to have more conversations, engage with ideas and be learning and thinking.

(I dont mind some reblogs; I tend to just reblog nice content and never use know, like graphics or resource lists, cool but not what I want on my dash rn)

Recommend me people you like; or recommend yourself!

I don’t mind which path (I’m an urban witch who’s into place spirits and tree magic and following the seasons), so long as there’s stuff to get my brain into.