you dont understand this is like my favorite thing

signs & cute things my cat does

Aries: rubs his cheek on my nose

Taurus: syncs our breaths together when we’re taking naps

Gemini: kicks his feet whenever he’s dreaming

Cancer: blinks really hard when i tell him i love him

Leo: lets out tiny meows when i wake him up

Virgo: lays on the exact same spot on my bed every night.

Libra: sits across the table from me when i eat

Scorpio: waits at the window until i come home

Sagittarius: only ever meows when i’m opening his food

Capricorn: lets me lay on his tummy when i’m crying

Aquarius: licks my had when i pet his tummy

Pisces: puts his forehead against mine and closes his eyes

mathiasismywhore  asked:

18 - 26. ^^

18- Obsession?
I love nature/Photography/ and video games
19- Whats your wish?
Right now my main wish is to graduate from my university and move into my next apartment sometime this summer.
20- Do you love someone?
I love my best friend to death @deianira-the-peculiar
21- Kiss or hug?
22- Nicknames people call you?
Agent, Rainha, Becka, Becky, Bear
23- Favorite song?
One of my favorites is Floral and Fading by pierce the veil
24- Favorite band?
I dont really have a favorite, I like ptv, metallica, of mice and men, bring me the horizon, being as an ocean, a lot of music
25- Worst thing to happen to you?
sexual assault
26- Best thing to happen to you?
Meeting my best friend was a huge blessing its wonderful to have someone who understands you and to be friends with someone for almost a decade 💝

anonymous asked:

waste-cat(.)tumblr(.)com/post/146051666300/i-was-lying-in-bed-and-when-i-saw-this LMAO have you seen this????? it was a good fic i dont understand

Trust me, Anon, I have been trying to understand and I will never understand so don’t hurt yourself trying to figure it out either. Also, lol thanks for the heads up, though I’m not surprised because strangely enough this fic has been the one that’s brought out the most criticism for me which, honestly, I just ignore at this point and only discuss with two of my closest friends.

I find it extra funny too because this fic is legitimately my favorite thing I wrote in 2016. And like, it IS good. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says, this shit is great and the only thing I wish I had done differently was make it 20k instead of 10k so people have doubt the content to hate on because apparently writing stories with dark themes and unhappy endings is a no no.

my favorite thing in the world is when fuckboys who think they’re the shit because they read my tumblr once wouldnt shut the fuck up about how much they can relate to me and how they understand me and all that nonsense like boyyyyyyyyy you’ve never even seen me without eyeliner! you dont know me! chill tf out!