you dont understand this is like my favorite thing

some general tips for people with executive dysfunction

1. invest in a can of dry shampoo!!! they’re not particularly expensive (mine is batiste brand, i got it for $8).  showering a lot can suck for low energy people, esp people who are trying to get their hair to adjust to getting washed less offten (hair gets oily very quickly after long periods of being washed every day) and this can save lot of time while also making you feel clean!! 

2. BANANAS ARE A GODSEND. i get very sick in the morning, and im also perpetually low on energy, which usually makes me opt out of breakfast. but bananas are quick, easy, filling, and (fun fact) make you less nauseous somehow? idk. they’re great. if you never eat breakfast like me, try to start buying bananas more often as its a really good backup 

(this one’s kind of big so ill break it down so its easier to read) 

3. clean stuff as soon as possible rather than waiting for it to build up. it doesn’t have to be huge, time consuming tasks. just small steps to save yourself from some stress in the future. 

  • pick up clothes from the floor the second you take it off and put it in the washing machine. you don’t have to turn it on or do the washing now, but now its off your floor which is great!
  • throw stuff in the trash can the first time around instead of having it pile up. take empty cups/plates into the kitchen right away (you can go around the house, or even just your room and pick up dishes whenever you need to take a break from working or studying)
  • quickly do your bed first thing!! it doesn’t have to be extremely neat, honestly just dust off your covers, fold it at the foot of your bed and fluff your pillows a bit!! it took a minute but now your room looks a lot cleaner!

4. break up everything into small tasks/create routines that are very specific! my example will be showering.

  • when i shower, i break it up into very very specific parts. the first thing, probably the hardest, is getting myself in the shower. focusing on how showering is not a stressful activity, how it feels good and how good you feel after can definitely minimize the amount of time i spend psyching myself to get up, as overtime the idea of showering becomes an intrinsic part of your day rather than a task or chore. 
  • after i get myself in, the hardest part’s done, and i can relax. i do my routine, which at this point, has become a no brainer. my routine is: shampoo, conditioner (but i dont wash it out), body wash/soap, face wash, brushing my teeth (yes i brush my teeth in the shower fuck off two birds with one stone), and then finally i wash the conditioner out! this is weird but if im done extra quickly, i’ll let myself just stand there until the water runs cold bc idk i really like showering?? 

starting a new routine is always difficult but just stick with it. you can start introducing a routine one task at a time, you can remember to just wash your hair and then get out if thats all the energy you have today. and dont be ashamed about music in the shower!!! i played music on my phone in the shower every day for a year maybe? ive stopped now bc my last phone’s headphone port broke bc of water damage but anyway thats not relevant 

5. keeping a calendar and planner is great in feeling good and organized. you dont have to get a super expensive bullet journal, just start small. i got my current calendar as a christmas gift (theres food puns every month i love it) and my school provides planners. dont feel obligated to use it EVERY DAY and constantly have the best handwriting. just keep it on your desk in class and at home for whenever you need it

6. music and podcasts are good for any time. waking up but feeling super anxious and you dont want to get up? music/podcasts drown out your thoughts and can help you start your day in a nice way. studying and feeling really bored and annoyed?? listen to your favorite songs. trying to go to sleep but your annoying brain wont shut up? nice chill podcasts, or even just longish youtube videos help. 

  • music (especially instrumental music) is best for when you need to think and focus on a task. podcasts are good for menial tasks that dont require you to think that much, as podcasts are more engaging and have you focus on something so you feel less bored/procrastinatey!!! 
  • my favorite songs to listen to when studying are actually playlists ive made! (here and here) and my podcast/video recommendations are off topic and grumpcasts/long game grumps videos, but i understand that this isnt for everyone (cw: lots of swearing, dark humor, stupid casual racism/sexism/transphobia/ableism but its just something i put up with bc i really like michael jones)

i can’t really think of anything else right now!! these are just all the things i do that actually do help a lot

i see lots of sentiment in the studyblr community that basically says “your future self wont be pleased with your pathetic excuses right now :)” and stuff like that and just…please remember that executive dysfunction is never “just an excuse”, it is a legitimate reason for not being able to complete tasks. feeling frustrated with yourself is normal, but you should never be made to feel guilty for not being able to do something, no matter how menial or how crucial. you’re great and you can do this <3

signs & cute things my cat does

Aries: rubs his cheek on my nose

Taurus: syncs our breaths together when we’re taking naps

Gemini: kicks his feet whenever he’s dreaming

Cancer: blinks really hard when i tell him i love him

Leo: lets out tiny meows when i wake him up

Virgo: lays on the exact same spot on my bed every night.

Libra: sits across the table from me when i eat

Scorpio: waits at the window until i come home

Sagittarius: only ever meows when i’m opening his food

Capricorn: lets me lay on his tummy when i’m crying

Aquarius: licks my had when i pet his tummy

Pisces: puts his forehead against mine and closes his eyes

The 100 4x12 spoilers and review// that's some good sh*t right there

- okay it’s a little better but I know that father is about to pull some shit and start some drama so here we gooo
- oo that opening shot of the island its great
- Jaha you killed 300 of your own people already, I see that he had reasons and he probably doesn’t want another 300 people on that list but bro
- also bellamy is still a lil mad at his wifey
- also abby is adopting bellamy as her son in law already, following in Kane’s footsteps
- I know we saw this scene but still bellamy babe looks so freaking good I am hereeeee for it
- “Take care of each other” “yes ma'am” OKAY BUT IM A LIL TURNED ON RIGHT NOW
- it’s not just bell and clarke but that’s okay I like them too
- where’s out murphamy friendship I miss it already and it’s just barley left
- that lil boy is so cute I’m glad we know he’ll survive
- hmmmmmm my only thought to octavia’s comment is hmmmm bitch, I hate her less than I did but still bitch
- Niylah is such a voice of reason she’s very sweet
- Murphy and Empri look so fake under those lights, they look so edited
- “your home is with me now” do you hear me screaming
- “bellamy I never meant to hurt you”
- “whatever choice I make someone dies” the epitome of clarke and why she deserves so much
- who you????? IS IT ECHOE
- now we know we they had so much grounder blood
- aw the millers, please break my heart, break it 1000 times, it was only ever yours to break anyway(+bellarke babes) @ the red queen
- did I tell you that he would start something, also jaha stop ALSO JAHA STOP PLEASE
- where’s wells jaha went you need him
- “monty drive fast” monty hits the gas with everything he has, love of my life
- intelligent thinking bellamy and planning everything bellamy is my favorite and he’s like that all the time so no wonder he’s my favorite
- bellamy is so worried i’m living
- how many people will they kill 364!??? I can’t remember they haven’t said it enough
- they always let children lead them what the hell
- so octavia can push all of her people’s death on them and she won’t get shit for it but clarke and bellamy do it and they get so much hate I fail to understand
- kane looks very hurt about the fact that indra has guns
- I mean he’s hurt about other things and Kane crying is breaking my heart awe
- the music makes this 10000172910x more sad please stop
- if kane leaves so abby can stay I will literally be so hurt
- them pulling away the father from his son broke my heart, put tears in my eyes, I can’t even imagine
- whoop and the delinquents go to space okay
- the bellarke nod + a good raven quote yes
- good episode good episode your girl approves

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Heyo! Ive got a question Im not sure how to articulate because ive a ton of anxiety about talking to new people but I love your blog and am a huge fan! I consider Loki (with Hel) my main deity. I've been feeling drawn to Freyr lately, but I'm a little torn. Although I haven't had a band experience with Sygyn (never interacted with their sons) Ive never been drawn to the Aesir. Ive wanted to reach out to angrboda for awhile and possibly other jotnar. 1/2

2/2 although ive been with Loki for awhile, poking other gods and toeing new relationships is new to me. I was wondering if you could talk more about your experiences of working with jotnar and how thats affected your life? I know you wrote a bit on it in another post (and probably several I haven’t seen) but like… What’s a sort of day to day feel? favorite thing? I mean it works for you? Sorry this ask is a mess. I dont want you to share anything you are uncomfortable with of course. thanx!

Hehe, no worries. I appreciate the excitement. :>

So it’s worth noting that a majority of the jotnar I work with are worldbreakers. Loki is the best known for shaking up people’s lives but all those associated with Ragnarok’s destruction have a tendency to create upheaval for the better. Case in point: my experiences with Surtr. He is generally quite understanding that his actions are creating difficulties for me but he’s still doing it because the chaos is necessary, the breaking of order is to fix disorder in my life. As I’ve said in my worldbreakers post from ages ago, in order to fix an improperly healed bone one has to break it so it can be set properly. Worldbreakers do just that, one devotee’s life at a time.

I mention this as other jotnar are more inclined towards continuity rather than upheaval and change. Ymir, for instance, tends towards less destructive methods. He’s generally one for slower ‘gentler’ approaches that are… constructive in nature rather than relying on destruction. (Tho the worldbreakers would argue that the destruction is constructive in the end ofc.) He tends towards being a more supportive entity as such.

Angrboda is more towards the worldbreaker mindset insofar as she’s definitely far harsher in methodology than Ymir is and will happily cause upheaval as necessary. She is harsh and will make you suffer. She is the one who offers sorrow and grief afterall. But after the pain of thurisaz’s prick is a bittersweet joy that only she can teach. She is the she-wolf teaching her cubs how to survive the harshest conditions, strengthening them to live in this monstrous world. She will let you be ground down but never destroyed. Sometimes you just need to wear away the surface to bring out the gem hiding below.

The jotnar are vast and primordial. Sometimes, well often actually, this primordial nature of theirs makes them feel alien to interact with. They are the natural forces. How is the eagle that births the winds supposed to have a human conception of the world? This can lead to very vague and frustrating miscommunications with them, but this primordial nature is a large factor in what draws me to them so I wouldn’t change it for the world. But something to consider and be aware of. Jorm in particular has been notorious for this in my experience but so has Angrboda.

In my daily life… The jotnar give me a sense of unconditional belonging. Even when my Avoidant Personality Disorder flares up I still feel welcomed by the jotnar. I am monstrous, I belong with them, I am theirs. Even with those who are harsher in their treatment, once you are part of them you are a part of them. -points at Fenrir and Surtr for personal examples of this- I haven’t doubted that their tasks, though impossibly difficult and often painful, come from places of deepest care and concern. Even now with Angrboda being gone, something that is incredibly painful for me to cope with, I trust her that it’s for the best to be without her and to have Surtr in her place.

The jotnar are wise and are the source of wisdom and knowledge. They are natural creators and builders. They are monstrous and destructive. They are my life; it is devoted to them. They give me strength and guidance and community. And above all, they give me love. And I give them all I have in return.

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hey so you said we could ask you questions about space. so like i'm writing this fic and i want to do what you do with all the cool science stuff but i dont understand it. like what is gravity? how do u write about it? i love When I Dream it happens in Blue, btw! my fav Voltron fic!


Thank you for reading when I dream it happens in blue! I’m so honored that it’s your favorite, seriously, that’s awesome! Yes, you are always welcome to send me questions, I’ll answer them as best I can.


Gravity is the force that holds the universe together. It holds together planets and stars and holds things down to their surfaces. Gravity is what locks planets and satellites into their orbits. It’s what holds galaxies together. So, in that sense, you’re right. Gravity is fundamental when considering the setting where planets are stars are found, i.e. space. Gravity is complicated when it comes to real-world systems, but like I said before, you don’t have to master it, just understand it. 

Gravitational force follows an inverse-square law: that is to say two bodies attract each other with a force proportional to their masses, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. (the bigger the mass and the shorter the distance, the greater the gravity) Mathematically, it looks like this
where F is the force exerted, M and m are the masses of the bodies, and r is the distance between their centers of mass. G is a universal constant. That means it’s always the same. For the sake of clarity, I’ll give it to you in both dynes (gram centimeter/sec²) and newtons (kilogram meter/sec²). Use the value of G depending on whether your planet is measured in grams and centimeters or kilograms and meters. (basically is your planet tiny or is it regular planet-sized)  Based on what you use, F will be expressed in dynes or newtons respectively.

Universal Constant:
G = 6.667 × 10⁻⁸ dyne cm²/g² = 6.667 × 10  × -11 newton m²/kg²

It’s important to note that gravity forces planets and stars into spheres. So don’t write non-spherical planets unless the non-spherical shape is maintained dynamically, meaning by ongoing forces. (For example, planets have an equatorial bulge due to the planet’s rotation, which is a dynamic force). It’s pretty implausible to have an oddly-shaped planet. Galileo actually explained this. It’s because strength goes up as the square, but mass the cube. So to make something 4 (2 × 2) times as strong, it would have to be 8 (2 × 2 × 2) times as massive. This is the problem with the shrinking/growing plotlines. The legs of a human-sized ant would collapse. A giant, for example, would have to have a skeleton made out of something much stronger than bone if they were humanoid. 

Surface Gravity

What we mean by this is what an object feels, the “pull” it feels by something on the surface of a spherical object, in this case a planet. Mathematically, this looks like
g = GM/r²
g is the acceleration or the “pull”, G is the universal gravitational constant (see above), M is the mass of the planet, and r is its radius. It’s important to remember that g does NOT depend on the mass of the object on the surface. 

On average, g = 9.8 m/sec² on Earth, or 32 feet/sec/sec

So, how can we use that to world build on hypothetical planets? Well, what we can do is assign Earth’s gravity the value of 1. So instead of a number in meters per second squared, we’ll figure out if a planet has 2x the gravity of Earth’s or if it has half the gravity of Earth. From there, you can explore how that affects the life on the hypothetical planet. 

Here’s an equation that will help you with that.
gp = Mp/rp2 = rppe)

When trying to figure out the gravitational force of a potential planet, you need to take a few things into consideration. So, we’re trying to find gp or the “pull” or acceleration of an object on its surface. Remember, we assigned Earth has the value of 1, so in this case gp , M, and rp  all would correlate to that number (if Mp  equals 2.4, that would mean that the planet has 2.4 times the mass of Earth,and so on). All the letters stand for what they did before, except this time, we are adding in ρ (the Greek letter rho) to stand for the planets’ density. ρe stands for the mean density of Earth (5.5 g/cm³)and ρp stands for the mean density of your hypothetical planet. 

It’s important to note that the mean density of the entire planet is all that matters. Earth would have far less gravity if it didn’t have a high-density core of iron-nickel alloy and other light elements. 

So what does this all mean?

Basically, the “pull” of the gravity on a planet’s surface depends on both the density and the radius of the planet. If you want the surface gravity of a planet that has low density to be similar to Earth’s, it would have to be larger.  For example, if we solve the above equation for rp, a planet with a density of 4.0 but Earth-normal gravity, it must have a radius of 1.38 Earth’s. Conversely, even a small planet can have a gravitational pull similar to Earth’s if it’s dense enough!

Surface gravity is a good story detail to include in science fiction. For example, things will fall faster on high-gravity planets, human people on such a world would be more injury-prone. Not only will things hit harder, but their reflexes, tuned to a more leisurely pace will be too slow. Characters are also likely to suffer from heart problems if there for extended periods of time. There would be an adjustment period where the body has to get used to digestion and circulating blood at this new level of gravity. If all other things are equal with this planet and Earth, mountains would likely be lower, weathering would be more effective: raindrops hit harder and landslides would happen more often.


Surface gravity differs from place to place, because no planet is a perfect sphere. First to consider is the rotational flattening from the planet’s spin. Due to this alone, Earth’s sea-level value varies from ~9.83m/sec² at the poles to ~9.78 at the equator. 

Gravity variation has two causes: the different distances from the center of the Earth (the poles are closer than the equator) and the face that centrifugal force offsets gravity slightly, with the maximum at the equator. For slow-moving planets like Earth, this variation doesn’t really affect daily life, but it could become important on a planet that spins rapidly! Other causes of variation include tidal distortion and difference in density of subsurface rocks. Once you know the rules, it can be fun to play with them. 

Hope this helped! Link me to your fic when you’re done, so I can check it out!

love Blue

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I read some of your pjo stuff expecting to love it and I just... It went from eh to really not good and I was expecting a lot more from you

if youre talking about long way down i am a bit insulted because i genuinely love that fic. because i pulled it out of my ass (literally i wrote like 13k in the 3 days before it was due) and its also really close to what i want my original writing to be. its one of my favorite things that ive ever written 

if youre talking about anything before that, i understand. because i am still learning and growing as a writer, as all people who create are doing all the time. most of my pjo stuff is from a year to like….5 years old at this point. very little of it is good. ive always struggled with the character voices and have always made them more my own than sticking true to their original characterizations. and honestly? if you opened a fic from me from 2014 i dont know why youd expect the quality of writing that i have now

this is just to say that if you meant to hurt me in some way with this ask, it didnt really work. im very aware of what ive written. and while im not ashamed of it, i acknowledge what it is and how i couldve made it better

so unless you had anything more to say about the topic, thank you and i hope you have a good night

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how do you draw hair in your syle?

how do i draw hair in my style* i think thats what you mean right? Okay hair is seriously my favorite things to draw because its super fun and its really not that difficult once you get the hang of it. You need to understand how hair works though, that is very important!!! 

you need to know the ‘flow’ of the hair. seriosuly. understanding how this works makes your life so much easier because then you dont need to copy EXACTLY how the characters hair looks like (if you are drawing fanart or something) and you can just make up your own way of drawing the persons hair (following the flow) and it still looks great! Yes even the crazy bedheads like kuroo has flow and parting. i hope i made sense, im terrible at explaining.

now that you know the flow, did you notice that the arrows all come from one point? That is where the hair is parted usually. I often start off where it parts and follow along the 'arrows’.

dont draw the 'outline’ of the hair only (meaning you dont draw what is happenig inside of the hair), there is no flow and it looks really choppy and its super difficult (unless you are really good at it go ahead idk). see how in the middle kuroo, I start with where it is parted? SO MUCH EASIER TRUST ME!!! So remember, always always always know the flow and the where the hair parts!!!

as for my style, i dont know i just draw hair and boom. style? here are a bunch of habits i do when i draw hair:

look at the very left side where it shows how I draw hair strands. remember to start with simple lines or big shapes and then gradually break it down smaller and smaller and you should be good! hope it this was helpful in some way :)

get to know me tag~

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dating kim seokjin
  • cries I wish he was my boyfriend
  • he would be one of those people to pine for a hella long time before actually asking you out??
  • like every day namjoon would get texts from jin crying over how cute you are and namjoon is?? just go and say hi?? it’s seriously not that ha- “YOU DONT UNDERSTAND NAMJOON I WAS BORN AWKWARD”
  • namjoon probably the one to instigate a lot of things like “hi see that man over there with the large shoulders yes he’s wonderfuL I THINK YOU SHOULD GO SAY HI”
  • and you’re the one who usually starts up conversation anyhow like “oh hey there I saw you were reading this book and it’s like my absolute favorite” or “you know you should really try the oolong tea here it’s my absolute love” because damn he’s attractive and he’s sweet and he seems so shy buT LIKE WONDERFUL???
  • and every time you talk to him he just!! blushes and stammers and he’s like “jin plz chill out” but he still gets all flustered anyway
  • he finally asks you out after namjoon and jeongguk threaten to ask you out instead
  • and he’s too shy to confess right away so he stays up all night making your favorite cookies and then gets jimin and taehyung to drop them by your house//dorm//room and you open the door to see a huge basket with ribbon and cookies and your heart flutters bcuz there’s only one person this could be?
  • and the little tag says something very corny and cute “like your smile could cure my cravings for sweets” or something !! (can u tell i don’t write fluff usually) nd it’s “wanna come meet up for dinner tonight?”
  • and you take five minutes to scream and jump around on your couch and counter and?? because seokjin of all people?? has asked you out on a date??
  • tbh most of your dates end up being dinner dates
  • he really loves fancy dates for an excuse to see you in //tight// dresses and your hair all made up and he can wear a tux and buy you roses and show you off
  • but they can also be really casual?? like I just got home from practice you want to go and get some noodles from the local ramen place??
  • but I also see him like being super into walks in the park and going out to shop a little bit and feeding pigeons like the old people do?? as long as he’s with you he’s good to go
  • no matter where you are though, this boy is gonna feed you
  • you don’t have a choice, he’s gonna put his fingers on your chin and hold his fork//spoon//chopsticks up to your lips and make sure you eat and coo at you when you try to fight him
  • and for sure he would cook you for you, if you’re not going out or eating at work//school he’s making all your meals, all of them
  • sometimes you help, sometimes he tells you to sit and look pretty so he can surprise you
  • he always asks for your opinion on his cooking??
  • “is it too salty love?? how about too spicy??”
  • pet names though??
  • like I see a lot of “darling, Princess, sweetheart, honey, love”
  • anything that’s romantic and kind of old fashioned
  • the entire relationship would be kinda old fashioned
  • like he’s gonna bring you flowers before every single date and open the doors for you and pay the bill aND WHATEVER YOU TWO END UP DOING JEONGGUK ASKS YOUR PERMISSION
  • “is it okay if I kiss you now I mean if it’s noT-”
  • “jin, you goofball, shut up and kiss me breathless”
  • like he’s so !! about skin ship
  • it would be very timid kisses and hugs and anything else (so shy and embarrassed) and he wouldn’t be one to start much, especially not in public
  • he would always make sure to be touching you in public though either holding your hands (usually) or his arm around your waist if he’s feeling really jealous??
  • he’s a silent jealous
  • if you’re being hit on, or goofing around with even taehyung and jimin, he’ll sit and pout and cross his arms over his chest and glare and threaten the guy under his breath
  • the only way he can be calmed is if you sit on his lap and pepper his face in kisses and tell him he’s all you care about
  • if you’re with the boys and any of them (cough cough namjoon) decide to be flirty and teasy (within reASON- like namjoon all “wow you’re outfit is hella fleek today you should be featured in Kim daily”) jin will not tolerate it and will be gross with affection like kissing the back of your neck when you watch a movie (you gotta be on his lap because “there’s not enough room with all of us in here…) or like keep his hand on your thigh at the dinner table and???
  • while not one to initiate cuddles and kisses normally, he would crave your touch like 25/8
  • although confident in his looks he reminds me of someone who needs constant reassurance you love him??
  • okAY BUT UM??
  • like asking all formally and stuttering and stammering and offering you the power to redecorate if you want and he’s all I even GOT A BIGGER MATTRESS sO ME AND YOU CAN SNUGGLE AND WATCH CUTTHROAT KITCHEN????
  • sleeping with jin can we??
  • like he’s so broad you could lay on top of him and he’d be good to go?? like wow you’re actually a blanket??
  • but his favorite would be spooning for sure and he would always be the big spoon bcuz shouldERS
  • he would definitely be super sappy and sing for you every night before bed like soft lullabies as your eyelids droop and he’s messing with the hem of your shirt??
  • and be all for small talk like “hey what do you think we should name our kids??”
  • he would always probably low key be hinting about kids??
  • like “wow darling see that cute baby doesn’t that make you want a cute baby” or “wow I have like six boys already I want a girl, don’t you want a girl??”
  • but seriously the most respectful person especially of boundaries and your comfort zone
  • he seems to have a very strict comfort zone too, my innocent Prince Charming
  • such a prince in all aspects??
  • like every single day there is some sort of present just waiting for you??
  • like “darling here are so roses cause I came home from practice late”
  • or “I got you a kitten because you said you were lonely when I was away on tour, she’s our baby now!!”
  • for real everything would be your guy’s baby though from the cat to like the plant he got at the farmers market??
  • he’s always smiling and giggling around you and all the other boys make fun of him because he’s so smitten that half the time he can’t even talk right or walk straight??
  • they call you both mom and is the cutest thing when you both turn your head simultaneously like “yes?”
  • yo also gotta say it video game night is like every night you do not have a choice
  • because sad jin will probably be the end of the world keep this boy happy
  • he plays just dance to make you laugh and giggle because he’s not all that great at it and he’s flailing a trying to sing and daNCE AND IF YOU’RE BEATING HIM HE WOULD PROBABLY SLAP YOUR BUTT (then cry lateR BCUZ THAT WAS TOO MUCH WASN’T IT?!?!????)
  • and Mario for sure and he gets so into it like he’s screaming and jumping and threatening the gaming console and you kinda “babe, babe it’s okay, we can team up on wario together babe, we’ll make him pay for stealing your star”
  • when you’re upset he would play with your hair and let you sob and once you cried it all out he would all you through it and offer advice and support??
  • then sing for you and cook your favorite meal and put on your favorite movie and braid your hair to calm you down??
  • and if you’re upset and after you’ve cried iT ALL OUT he would definitely be more affectionate like kiss you all over and pull you on his lap
  • he lets you wear his clothes 25/8 especially his sweaters
  • if you’re not wearing his clothes he would try to match you in the small ways???
  • probably have matching phone cases and bracelets anD SUPER SECRET LOVER EARRINGS (psych anyone??)
  • loves taking your pic with the Polaroid and hanging the pictures all over your room even tho you tell him next time he does you’re gonna fight him
  • he would text you like every five seconds when you aren’t together to make sure you’re eating and feeling okay and remember that he loves you and he would send you pictures of the most random things like “this cup of coffee reminds me of you cause it warms my heart” and he’s so cheesy and sappy
  • like one time jeongguk steals his phone to tease him about flirting or something and he reads it and it’s just talking about what an angel you are and how gorgeous you are and jeongguk just “wtf hyung you’re so boring”
  • and jin gets all offended “youRE TOO YOUNG TO UNDERSTAND LOVE”
  • when you’re out of the room he talks about what a goddess you are and how he worships the ground you walk on
  • and the other boys are like stfu but they’re already placing bets on when he’ll propose
  • can I date jin tho someone get me jin thx

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im love you???
you dont understand how unbelievably hard this was :’(
erm so I think I try my hardest to make other people happy, like I hate seeing ppl sad. I have a good moral compass (thankgod for that), i’m not half bad at writing, i don’t mind my eyes and sometimes I like my smile  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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can you recommend fics you liked so much, so you read them more then once. if that makes sense???

*cracks knuckles* this will be a loooong list


Supernova - i’ve  read this atleast 7 times SO WELL WRITTEN

Mistaken For Strangers -i reread this yesterday and cried again

please toutch me -teatch me how to write smut like this TT????!?!?


 Some Things Last a Long Time -I LOVE THIS FIC IT’S JUST SO GOOD I LOVE IT


You are my angel with benefits - i do not understand how a fic that is 70% smut can have sutcha great plot and storyline. teatch me your ways TT

 Precautions -definently my favorite alpha omega fic


Miscalculation -the story<3 the plot <3 the everything <3


physical changes (they dont matter as much) -just yes


Human Nature -this breaks my heart in the best possible way ever 

Awkward -this is so fluffy i’m puking rainbows forever

Then came you -so many side stories going on at once, and all of them are good like how?????



140506  -it’s almost sad bc you feel with all the caracters even if you dont wanna?? so so good


Revolution -this fic! THIS FIC! no you dont understand. it feels like you’re reading a book. there is nothing “amature” about this fic. the au the plot the caracters! if you wanna write: this 2. take notes 3. bow down to the almighty aurtor of this fic 

happy reading^^

How every artist feels more than once in their lives.

When we say “My art looks like shit”, it may not look like shit to you, but in our eyes, its the most disgusting thing in the world. And I gotta say, its quite impossible for anyone to change our view on this.

If you see your favorite artist going through time like this, the best way to help them out is not by saying “your work is better than most people” or “better than me”

Go for the approach of what you see in their art that makes them stand out. “I love your clean lines”, “I love your quirky style”, “I love your understanding of expressions.”

Something I don't understand.

I don’t get when people criticize other people and shame them for the kind of music they like…this happens to me all the fucking time. People will ask me, “what kind of music do you listen to?” or “who’s your favorite artist?” and more often than not I’ll answer with country. About 85% of people respond with “Oh god, I absolutely hate country. I can’t stand it.” Like seriously? Would you stand there and blatantly criticize me for something else like my clothes or my hair? It’s something I like and I really don’t give a fuck whether you like it or not. It just the fact that people try to shame me and make fun of me for listening to it. Honest to god some of that music has saved my life. But you shouldn’t have to know that to know its incredibly rude to attack my music choice. So when you go off on a little rant about how much you hate it, knowing perfectly well that it’s something I like, yeah I feel a little insulted. It’s a bit insensitive. Just a bit. Like okay I 100% understand if country music isn’t your thing. But when you ask me what I like, then criticize my answer…I just don’t really get it…like at all. There are many other ways to let me know it isn’t your favorite that won’t upset me in the slightest. But “I refuse to listen to country, its awful” is not one of them. It’s just completely unnecessary and rude so fuck off. Please and thank you.

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i dont understand why people always get mad if you dont like annie. Annie did terrible things. she killed one of my favorite characters: petra. i dont HATE her but i certainly dont like her because of how she killed squad levi. i think i shouldnt be called sexist for not liking annie

Easy, anon. I understand where you’re coming from and yes you are perfectly justified in your opinion. While I personally don’t dislike Annie, ik there are plenty of reasons not to like her - her murdering Squad Levi being the biggest one.

People are called out for being sexist when they’re in looove with Bertolt and Reiner while they hate Annie. It’s hypocritical and sexist bc Bertolt and Reiner have killed just as many - actually, they’ve killed thousands more - people than Annie has, yet they’re offered the sympathy of the fandom while Annie is demonized. If you’re going to criticize them for doing terrible things (which you are totally valid in doing!!) you can’t just hate Annie and excuse Bertolt and Reiner’s actions.

It’s a sad fact of fandom that boys often aren’t held accountable for their actions while girls are criticized much more harshly.

I understand being frustrated with Annie because she killed so many soldiers - I love Petra a lot too and it still upsets me that Annie killed her. It’s just not okay to dislike Annie and forget about Bertolt and Reiner’s roles.

Annie isn’t my fav bc her motives/justification for murdering all those people hasn’t been revealed yet and I can’t love a character who murdered innocents without a worthy reason - but she’s also not my least fav bc I have the hope that she did all of these things to further her own plan of bettering the world. It doesn’t mean you or I have to forgive her but will make it easier to understand her actions.

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