you dont understand my love for this picture


Here. Have some pictures that I am very, very glad exist…

Heya ! I cant draw digital art‚so can I ask you for something ? Btw you dont have to do it its your choice to do or not xD. but Can you draw my character Ryu (the raging one with the red background)
And your chara and frisk as people you see with yellow and blue background ?
Cuz I really want my see my character as a raging gamer and yours like “wtf?!?” lol.
Man I felt really rude right now ‚ wanting something like this from you…you have already drawn me a pic which I like a lot and I couldnt even draw something for you.I thought my traditional art style doesnt worth yours lol.
Anyways I talked so much sorry.I just wanted to ask something like this.I cant force you or I cant make you spend time for something that including my character.
I love you ! (Pls dont get it wrong)
Stay awesome as always with your perfect art which makes me happy to see !


Hi there! Thank you so much for your nice words! 

I like your works, and of course Ryu too! But I’m sorry that I don’t take requests. I don’t want to be rude, I hope you understand me.. v.v

And it’s ok you don’t have to draw anything for me, I draw you a picture because I like your characters ^^ Sorry again!


Like if you wanna draw me, draw me; if you don’t feel like it, don’t. Like I just wanna say, no pressure mate.
Also idk if you mind that I’m submitting a couple of pictures but I thought it might be easier to understand what the heck is going on with my clothes like this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also idk what the heck is up with the Distressed Face™ but what can I do??

ah i love all the grey + layers! and it was actually a lot of fun drawing a different expression (hope you dont mind!! hehe)

I WAS SO SCARED AND SHAKING AND I WAS LIKE “justin could we take a picture?” and he goes “no I’m sorry I just took like 50 pictures and I’m really tired” and I wasn’t gonna be a jerk so I said “it’s ok, I love you” and started walking away and I started crying so much and he ran up to me and was like “wait wait actually lets take that picture” and I was like “THANK YOU SO MUCH JUSTIN NO I TORALLY UNDERSTAND IF YOU DONT” and he took my phone and my mom was there lol so she was like “thank you so much justin that’s so nice of you she loves you so much she’s never gonna forget this” and he was like “aw love you too I’m just really exhausted from taking photos with people all day I’m really tired” AND I TOLD HIM I LOVED HIM AND HE SAID HE LOVED ME AND HES SO NICE TO COME GET ME AND DO THAT I LOVE HIM AO MUCH IM CRYING SO HARD

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i cant believe how much youve changed my life for the better in just nine months((a year if us talking, coming soon to theaters near you). youre such a special person charli, i dont think you can possibly understand how much i care about you. i really cant picture the rest of my life without you, i love you so soso much more than you could ever imagine, happy nine months baby. you make my life worth living.

thank you so much what the fuck ty

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Don't you wanna share some of your jikook pictures (please say yes)

Ah most of my jikook pictures are on my phone, but lets see what i have in my laptop


^ He wants to kiss his hyung


I dont really understand this couple

Goddamnit i told you two to just kiss each other on the mouth already

Jimin looking taller < 3

True love is the person you can lean on

smh im so ??? /crying for 99 years/


/Another haters voice/ itS SO OBVIOUS THAT JUNGKOOK IS UNCOMFORTABLE WITH JIMINNN!!!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!

Their fixing each other hair thing < 3

Bye feels

I have no comment on this picture

Cuteness overload, look at their expression, im dyign


Kiss me underneath the mistletoe~ Tell me baby that you love me so~

Fetus jikook

/Haters #99 voice/ jungkook never carE ABOUT jIM I n ! ! !

They are beautiful

If this isnt cute, then i dont know what is cute

They be talkin shit, i think

Their cheeks are touching???

Same jungkook

Dont they look a lot like a couple

b o y f r i e n d s

Boyfriends in vacation

That is not a fake sub

Thats all of the jikook pictures that i have on my laptop, hope you enjoy


this is a sappy appreciation post and these pictures are all super derpy but we dont seem to be able to take good pictures together😂

amelia. youve been my best friend for the last three years and i dont feel like ive touched on how amazing you are yet. ever since i came out about a year and a half ago, youve been there for me every step of the way, even though you didnt fully understand my gender identity and what i was actually coming out as and i had to explain it to you many times, but thats fine. when you texted me saying youd changed my contact name from abi to jack and that you were gonna try and call me jack from now on, that made me so fucking happy. because youd called me abi for the last 6 years that weve known each other and changing from one name to another is hard. but you did it for me and i appreciate it so much.

youd better stay my best friend forever and ever, even when i move schools next year and we can barely see each other during the week. otherwise who am i gonna go to the gym with and eat burritos in the park with and scream the lyrics to mr brightside in the middle of the street with? i love you amelia and im so happy i have a best friend like you in my life💛

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So, I have my notifications turned on because I just love your pictures. And you recently uploaded a picture which I suppose keeps getting deleted. I dont know which one it is, but the last time you uploaded it the caption was something like "I don't know whether I accidentally deleted this..."

I totally understand what you’re speaking about but I’m confused what it means or what your question is?

  • Jelena shipper: I just heard a song that's Jelena af.
  • Jelena shipper: I just read a book/ff and the main characters are so much like Jelena.
  • Jelena shipper: I just saw a romantic movie and I swear that they were acting like Jelena.
  • Jelena shipper: Jelena did it first. And better.
  • Jelena shipper: This sounds so much like something Justin/Selena would say.
  • Jelena shipper: Feels. *stares into the void*
  • *watching a movie*: Oh my Gosh, they said the word(s) unconditional/cuddle/princess/rainy/blur/baby/babe/her/class/strong/my girl/the way you look at me/throwback
  • *watching a tv show*: Oh Gosh, they're in Hawaii/Mexico/Brazil/Norway/Japan/Malaysia/Australia/St. Martin
  • *watching old candids*: The way they fucking hold hands, I'm gonna DIE.
  • *watching old pictures*: Do you see that?!!??? DO YOU SEE HOW HE/SHE LOOKS AT HER/HIM???
  • *after watching a jelena video*: *blows nose* *wipes tears away* I love pain. That was beautiful.
  • *after a jelena reunion*: *haters freak out* I LOVE DRAMA.
  • Jelena shipper: *groans at juloodleedoodle shippers* Get off my blog.
  • *having a conversation with a friend who has no idea what the jelena shipper life is like*: I MISS THEM, YOU DONT UNDERSTAND.
  • *venting on tumblr*: What if they never come back?
  • *still on tumblr*: NAAAAAH BITCH, they love each other too much.
  • *mumbles*: Justin, post another throwback.
  • *after Justin likes something Jelena*: That stalker. Number 1 shipper.
  • *after Selena likes something Jelena*: OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jelena shipper: Can they please stopping dressing so similarly?
  • Jelena shipper: Bless the Montage hotel.
  • Jelena shipper: Did the 20th of November happen? Did I dream it?
  • *watching the dance video*: YAS!!!! WALL!!!! GRAB THAT ASS YAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!! *stars crying*
  • Jelena shipper: WHERE'S EMORY??
  • Jelena shipper: I can't believe that I'm still shipping these two. I hate them.
  • Jelena shipper: I will go down with this ship like the captain of Titanic.
  • *talking about Titanic with a friend*: Justin Bieber once rented out the Staples Center for a date with Selena Gomez and they watched Titanic on the big screen, from the top row. Just because he heard her saying that she hadn't watched it in a long time. *smiles but tears are coming out of their eyes*
  • Jelena shipper: Where's the J ring??????
  • *talking to a friend*: They lived together. Bruh. They lived together. Like. They woke up and they were already together. They did everything together. They lived together. Bruh.
  • *sees hot pictures of jelena*: Hehe, little brother my ass.
  • Jelena shipper: They probably have so many duets...LEAK UNFAMILIAR.
  • Jelena shipper: I miss Jelena. I miss Jelena. Did I say that I miss Jelena?

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hiiii, i followed you and i've been seeing gifs & pictures of this band exo?? anyway i really love what i see of them on my dash and they look really cool and i really want to get in to them, but im american so i dont really understand much of whats going on from the few videos ive watched of them.. can you some how help me out? ive added a few of their songs to my spotify playlist but i really want to learn more about them and who each of them are and stuff. thanks!! -jae xx

hi jae! 

let me introduce you to exo!

exo is a group that consists of 10 members, 8 of them are korean and 2 of them are chinese (there were originally 12, but two of the chinese members left the group)

exo is supposedly a group from “outer space” that’s why you’ll see that they have like “superpowers” 

there is exo-k (k stands for korean and this subunit is formed by 6 korean members)

suho (stage name), is the leader of the group and his superpower is to control water. his real name in junmyun. he is the “rich” one here so we usually make joke calling him $uho. although he is the leader you’ll often find videos where it’s hard for him to control the other members, and he get frustrated but looks really cute lol (i’ll be linking you to teasers they have so that you get an idea of who is who) 

teaser [suho is the second guy who appears in the video]


D.O (stage name), is the main vocalist of the group and his superpower is strength. his real name in kyungsoo (he is the first guy that appears in the first teaser link) he is the shortest member and you’ll be able to identify him because his eyes are bigger that the other guys and his lips form a heart shape when he smiles. yeah, he is the guy with black clothes and the other members are scared of him because he will jokingly hit them


what is love mv [d.o is the first guy that sings]

baekhyun is the main vocalist of the group and his superpower is to control light. when he smiles you can see his canine teeth. he’s really playful and do cute faces and send hearts with his fingers. he can play the piano (he is the other guy that sings “what is love” with d.o)


chanyeol is the main rapper of the group and his superpower is to control fire. he is the tallest member, he has a big smile and his teeth are big too lol, and his ears are really big. you might get tricked by his cute face but his voice is really deep. he loves to play the guitar and he can play the drums and the piano as well



kai (stage name) is the main dancer of the group and his superpower is teletransportation. his real name is jongin. he is the second youngest of the group and he is a really sweetheart most of the time if he is not dancing. he is really passionate about dancing and you’ll notice it every time they are on stage. moreover, you might think that he is sexy and stuff, but he’s really cute and shy. he appears in most of the teasers 








sehun is the youngest member of the group and his superpower is wind. he is miranda kerr’s number one fanboy. he might look like a tough boy in photoshoots, but he is full of cuteness that will make you want to punch the wall to regain you sanity. he is the creator of “yehet” “ohorat” and an upgraded version: “yahat.” he is really handsome but he has a trademark face that looks like the grumpy cat



teaser [sehun is the one with the gold jacket and kai is the one with gold pants]


we are done introducing exo-k, and let’s go for the exo-m

exo-m (m stands for mandarin chinese, this subunit was formed by 4 chinese members and 2 korean members, but now it’s 2 and 2)

xiumin (stage name) is the oldest member of the group and he is in charge of twerking and screaming hahaha. although he is the oldest, when he makes cute faces you might mistaken him as the youngest. his superpower is to freeze. he doesn’t talk that much, he is a coffee and soccer lover. his real name in minseok and he is korean. he has abs, the abs where you can wash clothes.

teaser  [he is the second one in the video, the first one is kai]


chen (stage name) is the main vocalist of the group. his real name in jongdae and he is korean. he is in charge of thunder. his lips form into a kitty’s mouth when he smiles (?). he is also called the chensing (dancing) machine, and his voice can be really high pitched. another sweetheart!! a fan gave him flowers and he took one and gave the rest back to the fan.


what is love mv [chen is the one who sings first]

tao is in charge of the rap in chinese now. his superpower is to control time. he is a chinese member and although he might look scary, he is really cute (the other members say that he’s a crybaby) he knows wushu, which made him get a really long introduction as “AB style kungfu panda tao.” yep, his blood type is AB. you’ll be able to tell him apart with the eyebags under his eyes  (this is the panda part lol) and his lips! the shape of his lips… how do i explain that?




lay (stage name) is the main dancer. he real name is yixing. his superpower is healing. he is a chinese member. he is an angel walking on earth! always worrying about the safety of fans, but he claims to be a unicorn. you can tell him apart because he has a dimple [although chanyeol has one too, lay is shorter.] he is also talented with instruments! he plays by ear the guitar and piano. whenever exo gives a speech, he’ll be the one giving it in chinese. he is really cute when he starts asking questions. his favorite color is purple (irrelevant fact lol)


teaser [lay is the one with gold dots in his jacket and the other one is kai]

teaser [lay is the one lying down, the other one is sehun]


i’ll give you an introduction of the former exo members because you’ll see the in your dash as well (they are both chinese)

luhan (lu is his last name and it means deer) he was the lead vocalist and lead dancer in exo-m. his superpower was telekineses. he loves soccer. really cute and innocent looking, but he hastes to be called cute so he’ll always argue that he is very manly. he was the face of the subunit, but when he makes derp faces, he is like another person. when exo debuted, we all thought that sehun and luhan looked alike. he is the other guy that sings “what is love” with chen.

teaser [luhan is the first guy in the video, the other guy is sehun]

teaser [luhan is the one on the right, the one on the left is kai]

kris was the leader of the subunit. his superpower was to fly. his real name is yifan. he was the first one who attempt on giving us a name as fans, so he called us galaxy. thus, we called him galaxy hyung (hyung means older brother in korean.) he is really funny and awkwardly cute! he is the anime character in flesh and bones. 


i hope this small introduction works in hopes of you being able to tell them apart as join us, exo-ls

i’ll drop a few more links to their mvs and showcase

exo’s showcase part 1, 2, 3, 4

history mv korean | chinese

mama mv korean | chinese

wolf mv korean | chinese 

[drama version ep 1] korean | chinese

[drama version ep 2] korean | chinese

growl mv ver 1 korean | chinese

growl mv ver 2 korean | chinese 

miracles in december mv korean | chinese

overdose mv korean | chinese

call me baby mv korean | chinese

  • what i say: I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan!!!
  • what others think i mean: i listen to Taylor Swift's music sometimes
  • what i mean: I'm literally obsessed with every aspect of her life, i know all of her friends and their careers and how they know taylor and cute stories about taylor with all of them, i have over a thousand candids and funny gifs and videos of her saved on my computer, i know every single word to every single song she's ever written, sang, or looked at, i know where she is on any moment of any day, i know random facts about her childhood, i run a blog dedicated to her that i spend my life on, i relate everything in life to her and her music, i spend my time wishing i could meet her or talk to her or take a picture with her, i bought every single piece of music she has on iTunes, i talk to all my friends about her, and what she's doing and i look up to her like a big sister

| Promo Pictures:  Almost Adults ver. |

Story by: wheresthecarmillas2promopictures 

Produced by: wheresthecarmillas2promopictures 

Directed by: wheresthecarmillas2promopictures 

Written by: wheresthecarmillas2promopictures 

Cinematography by: wheresthecarmillas2promopictures 

Edited by: wheresthecarmillas2promopictures 

Music by: wheresthecarmillas2promopictures 

Executive Producer: Petty fans


“Creampuff” played by Elise Bauman

“SmokeBomb” played by Natasha Negovanlis

In an exclusive interview with the creator of “Promo Pictures: Almost Adults version”, wheresthecarmillas2promopictures describes “this movie was inspired by my personal relationship with the web series ‘Carmilla’ and the company who produced it.”

The movie was recently nominated for best on screen platonic chemistry even though there’s ass kissing between the two involved.


Ok so now that I am on the train home I can now compose myself and write what happened. It is one thing for me to talk about how sweet and lovely tao is to fans and how I really do support him no matter what. But now that I finally got to see him in a way I never thought was possible (at the airport) my thoughts havent changed, instead it has increased. The moment he entered the arrivals he was nothing but kind to us fans smiling at us, shaking hands with some and especially taking all our gifts to welcome him to London. He laughed a little and smiled as we sang t.a.o to him and even when chanting his name. Like oh my god he even said I love you guys and thanked us. Truly a very sweet guy who really appreciates his fans, i seen that first hand. Also i know you will all want to know, what does he look like in real life ? Well I will say this, he is so much more handsome in real life than in photos. Yes he’s that handsome. His skin looks so soft and healthy, what the heck he didn’t look like he just arrived from a long haul flight at all. And his tan omg his tanned skin is basically a gift from the gods and even then, I am not showing justice to his handsomeness or good skin. Tao please teach me your ways ; ~; After Tao left a few people asked me why were there girls freaking out, who was the guy, was he a celeb? I answered that he is a famous chinese singer called Tao. Even before he arrived people asked us who tao or z.tao was as we had banners of his name and were constantly talking about him. I hope by spreading his name people may go search for his music!! This trip to see Tao was really a last minute thing, in total i will have travelled around 18-20 hours within 24 hours and I swear it was completely worth it. He is so lovely to his fans, I cannot understand at all why people dont like him, he has such a lovely charm radiating off him that you have to see and eventually love. And if I am correct he took my fan letter and I am now embarrassed with myself and will now go and bury my self in a great big pit. Pictures are mine so please do not pretend theyre yours. If you use them please credit me - Heather10016 for twitter or Heather941001 on weibo thank you!

Someone contacted me about answering some questions about my wedding and the internet's reaction to my photos for a LGBTQ college course he is taking.

I was told I did not have to answer any questions that offended me, and even though every single question offended me, I thought I would answer them anyway, so as to set the record straight.

I will attempt to keep all sarcasm at bay, as well as my anger, because I am deadly serious in my convictions and don’t want emotion to color how seriously they are communicated.

((Pretty long; read at our own risk.))

1) Why the traditional male/female “costumes”? It supports the “sacred between a man and a woman” argument…[you] are mimicking it.

  • Because I am a lesbian does not mean that I want anything different from what potentially any other woman wants. I have long wanted to wear the pretty white dress and walk down the aisle. I wore the traditional “costume” because I wanted to; being gay does not lessen my right to wanting it. Furthermore, my wife did not wear a “man’s” costume. Every single article of clothing she wore was bought at a women’s store. She wears pants every single day of her life; wearing pants to your wedding is not suddenly different. She felt beautiful; she looked beautiful. There is no way someone would have mistaken her for a man and she did not look mannish.

2) Why one of the most hateful states in America (Arkansas- trust me, I have been there a few times. The tension is thick in the air)?

  • Because that is where my wife and I are from, and it was central to where the majority of our friends and family live. We know all about how that state is; we lived there for 20+ years.

3) It truly is amazing that there was not one hater, BUT… do you think it is fair? Fair in a sense that you may inspire others to be more transparent in their personal lives, but they more than likely will not get the same warming response.

  • To be totally honest and blunt, no it isn’t fair. No, most people probably would not receive this response. I posted my pictures to my blog that, at the time, had 85 followers. I could have never in a million years predicted this response. They are pretty pictures and people enjoyed them. Fair has nothing to do with anything.

4) AND MOST IMPORTANT…Why do all these gay people wanna get married? Does the dynamic of the relationship change? I understand that their are legal rights and such associated with marriage. But for the most part, I feel like gay people want to get married because they know they cannot. Its like telling a child not to do something, and what do they do…go do it. As a culture, why can’t we gays find a way to “marry”. Why do we have to dress like them. Stand and take vows like them. Wear all the wedding stuff. Tacky decorations. I feel like the gay community is clever enough (and has the decorating skills) to make something more fabulous than the mundane boring thing they are trying to keep us from. Why marriage? I say share your love, like to the 40% of homeless LGBT youth. Do not confine it to a ceremony and some words. Live it. Love it. Show it.

  • I’m going to break this down:
  1. I wanted to get married because I was in love and wanted to commit my life to the person I love. I wanted to share this commitment with my friends and family, and celebrate it with them. Being gay has no bearing on this.
  2. It doesn’t matter if the dynamic of the relationship changed. I am a consenting adult who wanted to get married, so I got married. Being gay has no bearing on this.
  3. Re: legal rights. Yes, there are “legals rights and such” involved. Thousands of them. For custody, for adoption, for insurance, for inheritance; the list goes on. In our case only, we struggle with legal issues every day. I am a student and can’t work full time, but because my marriage is not recognized, I can’t be covered by my wife’s insurance. I have multiple health issues and have been hospitalized on several occasions. It is only by the grace of the good people that work in the different hospitals that my wife has been allowed to stay by my bedside. They could kick her out, refuse to let her see me. They have that right. If Kat were my husband, this would be a non-issue. That is the hard fact.
  4. Being gay has no bearing on wanting to get married. I am a person, first and foremost. As a person, I wanted to get married. It has nothing to do with “not being able.” Being gay does not make me any less of a person.
  5. I’m dressing like me. Not “them.” People gushed over my dress because it was so “me.” Ditto for Kat. The wedding was so us, it was obnoxious.
  6. I wanted to make vows to the woman I love. This is not a exclusively heterosexual right.
  7. Side note: our decorations were not tacky.
  8. In my opinion, you are perpetuating the toxic gay stereotypes that lessen our validity in the world at large (which is further frustrating as you have told me that you are also gay). Being gay does not equal being fabulous, having impeccable taste, or knowing how to decorate. It means you are sexually attracted to the same sex. 
  9. I don’t know how else I could have “Live it. Love it. Show it.” more effectively than by getting married and then sharing my photos with the world. I showed no shame in getting married and then freely sharing my happiness. My getting married does not lessen the experience of the homeless youth, nor does it imply that my own experience has been an exclusively joyful one.

Those picture are with out a doubt beautiful. I do not want to diminish or poke fun at what they have done. I am looking for understanding. My grandmother told me that it was important to pick your battles. I just dont understand how you can put yourself (gay marriage) before helping your fellow brother or sister. They want to live and survive, find love and happiness, success; and here you go…taking time, resources, and the spotlight off of issues that can make a bigger difference, and mean a lot more than “I do.”

  • I took no resources. I got married, with my own money, and posted pictures of the event on a virtually unknown blog. They, by the random aligning of tags and a few affluent blogs, went viral. I have not monetarily gained from this experience, nor have I  lessened the fight for equal rights. I have shown that I am as boring and normal as anyone else, and that I do boring, normal things, like getting married. 

I will close with this: I feel as if you are hoping to lay guilt upon me for what has happened in the wake of my posting of ten wedding photos. I do not and will not accept this guilt. What I am fighting to show the world every single day is this: I have done nothing wrong.

Thank you for your interest.

how good your sign looks
  • Aries: you lookin fresh (so fresh)
  • Taurus: yep im impressed
  • Gemini: go head and flex
  • Cancer: everybody be hatin the way that you stealin the show
  • Leo: ooh you be killin em just like lil terio
  • Virgo: ooh you can get it, anything you want
  • Libra: cant nobody ever tell you know
  • Scorpio: dont need no filters on pictures before you post em on the gram
  • Sagittarius: shut down the internet they dont ever understand
  • Capricorn: they dont make em quite like you
  • Aquarius: youd be rich if looking good was your profession
  • Pisces: think im in love cause youre so sexy

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how old were you when you started to focus on lover your body (if it wasnt always how you felt about yourself)?

its been a constant thing ever since i was about 11 probably

it started off with me accepting the fact that i was probably not gonna grow up to be cute and thin. i sort of told myself that its okay that im not attractive because that means my friends who stuck around arent only there for the looks but because they actually love and appreciate my personality. obviously not the healthiest mentality, but it was a start

this is what i looked like then to give you an idea

when puberty hit when i was 13 my body was way out of whack and it was probably my worst year when it comes to body image. i was highly self conscious about the fact that i was fat (i distinctly remember crying and panicking in the counselors office in school after gym because i thought somebody had been laughing at me running). my boobs began to grow but they were way out of proportion to my body and dumb middle school boys would make fun of the fact that i had a small chest despite the fact that their balls hadnt dropped yet. i had extremely severe acne all over my face and eczema on my skin which led to me developing dermatillomania (compulsive picking of the skin). i would pick at my skin during school, especially around my chest, and people would call me gross.

at 14 my body began to develop more, my hips widened and the skin on my face cleared up significantly (except for the scars left over from picking). my body looked slightly more proportional but not really. but i started to feel somewhat better about myself, despite the fact that i was going through my hella emo phase. however i didnt spend much time thinking about my body around that time.

ah the emo

15 was about the age i really got into feeling better about my body. after i started looking in the mirror and realizing, hey, im not half bad actually, i worked on other parts of my body. some places i had no trouble with and felt comfortable with immediately, such as my legs (i have some damn hot legs) whereas some areas took a little more work. i spent a lot of time squishing my thighs and tummy and making little squishy squishy noises and laughing at how cute it was and how it was so me. it got to the point where the only part of me i didnt like was my boobs and my skin

awkward homecoming pic is awkward

16 is where i focused a lot on my boobs. i had gotten past the point of being uncomfortable with my boobs, but i still felt self conscious about them and i thought they were really weird shaped and small and had huge nipples and had a lot of scars from picking because i would alost always pick at the skin on my boobers and they just werent pleasing when it came to the boob department. i never felt like i couldnt take my clothes off around somebody like a friend or a boyfriend, i just thought nobody would ever like em and they were just useless lumps there for nothing but to give me grief. i was wrong in all of that. not only are my boobs hella, they also deserve a lot more love than i give them (i say that bc my skin picking often scars them more). also nobody who has seen my boobs has ever been repulsed by them. the fact that they are disproportional to my body is just a part of me, i wouldnt want it to be any different

my face also cleared up almost all the way, and i think a last spurt of puberty hit me

17-18 the constant struggle with my skin. honestly im very comfortable in my own body. my skin doesnt bother me that often. its more when i become aware of what im doing to it which makes me very unhappy about it. the areas where i pick has spread from just my face and chest to my face, chest, stomach, arms, inner thighs, back, and occasionally my outer thighs, pubic area, and legs. you can even see in the picture above that i have red marks all over my shoulders and upper body. now sometimes i love my skin, and i think its very soft, and other times i hate it and would rather have it gone. it depends on how im feeling

also these pictures dont display that i just wanted to keep up with the trend of posting “when i was that age” pictures

overall im very happy with the confidence ive acquired in my own body. i love the way i can look in the mirror every day as my body changes and still feel as comfortable and content as the day before, and it kills me to know people look in the mirror and see something so awful. what a lot of people who argue against body positivity dont seem to understand is that feeling happy and comfortable with your body isnt about one body type (i.e YOU ARE ALL PROMOTING OBESITY SFKHFGEGALAWD), its about consistently being able to view your body as a welcome thing as it changes and grows. ive gained at least 40lbs in the past two years, and its visibly clear on my body when i compare pictures of me from two years ago. and i still look in the mirror at the parts of me that have grown and still feel comfortable with it. a body is not meant to fit one mold. often times (using a generic example here about weight loss) people will think that losing weight will give them the confidence they need in their body, and it may, for a short time. but what happens when a person puts on a little extra weight over christmas break? its back to the gym and the diets. not because that person feels like being healthy, but because their body is not “good” in the way they perceive it. “good” is a certain number on the scale. “good” is how far your belly puffs out. “good” is what they show in those weight loss commercials. and that not what makes a body “good” at all. thats why its essential to find ways to love your body as your body, as a part of you. good is finding your own boundaries, good is finding out whats healthy for your own body type. good is studying the way your body looks and how it is so inevitably you. good is adjusting to change and maybe some clothes that are too small or too baggy that you have to throw away. good is telling yourself the things you like about yourself rather than the things you find ugly. good is eating healthy, but not being afraid to eat what you want. good is smiling in the mirror. good is recovery. good is continuous. 

Preference 13: Midnight Memories Album (Happily: His phrase to you + a photo).


“@Harry_Styles: I just want it to be you and I forever…#Happily”

“@Y/T/N: Forever Styles! love you :)”


“@Real_Liam_Payne: I wonder if he knows that I touched your skin, of course not, ‘cause im the only one, right? @Y/T/N :( #Happily”

“@Y/T/N: my one and only leeyum!”


“@Louis_Tomlinson: I don’t care what people say when we’re together…#Happily”

“@Y/T/N: love you tommo! :)”


“@NiallOfficial: so c'mon baby be with me so #happily”

“@Y/T/N: my little leprechaun :3”


“@zaynmalik:you don’t understand what you do to me when you hold his hand, it’s the most beautiful thing babe! (: #Happily”

“@Y/T/N: Love my boys :3”

Midnight Memories Album: BSE - SOML - Diana - MM - Y&I - Don’t Forget Where You Belong - Strong