you dont turn me on

y’all: i’m not gonna watch the trc show if [x] and [y] and [z]

me, with my popcorn already popped: ……………………………

the talk we need to have about idols coming of age

you’ve heard it all, but this is just something imo hardly anyone really says? 

theres this grey area between childhood and adulthood where we have to grow and adapt. a birthday is just a day; it doesn’t necessarily mean our brains are matured yet. its not magic, so we need a little time.

high schoolers mentalities are still kind of raw and vulnerable when we graduate; and yes, everyone has different experiences, but this is real trust me lol and yes, of course we want you guys to see us as adults!! not baby us! but when it comes to certain comments its like “that’s.. . uncomfortable chill out maybe lol ??

so when you sexualize some of us before we’ve even gotten the chance to prove ourselves as adults, its kind of.. . awkward and sometimes even creepy .. .

like i hate having to put this in words, but no matter what someones gonna cry “STOP INFANTALIZING” or “STFU NJSNSK NO ONE FUCKIN SAYS THAT WHATTA REACH” but thats why i’m sharing this to the best of my abilities! like ofc they aren’t innocent but that’s not your cue to just overwhelm someone with your comments. idols are human too, so chill with the “they signed up for this” comments, we dont know if sexy comments are even wanted right off the hour they come of age. 

until they’ve proven themselves as adults or have expressed so, please consider keeping your lustful comments to yourselves for a bit, be cool about this. dont be selfish and creepy.. .


Introducing: my biases
↳ My ultimate bias - Lee Minhyuk, Monsta X

I’m convinced that this boy is made out of sunshine and rainbows and he is always bringing me so much joy. His voice is like heaven, although many like to sleep on his lovely vocals. He’s also always out there killing the selfie game. Might drop kick you if you mention liking cucumbers in front of him so watch out. You’ll never regret biasing this angel! ✨

you love a girl made of stardust
constellations splayed across bare skin
and with a supernova at her fingertips
she is the stuff of dreams
a shooting star that burns too bright
her wings are tattered and jagged
feathers frayed with years of neglect
you start to wonder if she will ever see herself
as you do
you love a nebula waiting to explode
to become a star
a girl waiting to soar
a phoenix waiting to rise

you love a girl rooted in the earth
made of iron and steel and healing
you love a girl with ghosts in her eyes
with a lion’s mane matted with blood and dirt
you love a girl so broke with guilt
that she scrubs her hands clean with blood that isn’t there
you love a girl with shoulders heavy with a burden way beyond her years
you kiss the scars anyway
she appreciates the offer and you cling to one another
in the hopes that her spirit stays with you both yet

you love in a time of chaos and war
you love in a time of uncertainty
you love in a time of children marching in boots
fashioned for soldiers ages apart
you love in a time of casualty counts like competition
one on top of the other
you love in a time that does not give you the luxury
you love you love you love
you love

stars cross, uncross, then cross again.

—   i’ll crawl home to her | isha k.
It’s Not Me It’s You (a langst minific)


Somedays he didn’t understand. 

He didn’t get why the cards never seemed to be in his favor, why the world kept piling more stones upon his back. He just, couldn’t comprehend, what he had done to deserve this. Was it his jokes, the ones no one seemed to get? Or maybe his smile, that was either too bright or too flirty for anyone to handle. Or even his walk, was his shoulders too slouched or was he too tall? Was it that superficial?

Or maybe, it was just him. 

Back home, he had a place and instead of the cards going against him, they built with him; his family and friends building this stack of cards that gave him a purpose. He was somebody to them, either a brother, a son, a friend, a teammate, someone. To them, he was important and valued for all that he was worth. They knew him, they understood him, they cared for him to the fullest extent. 

But this wasn’t home. No, this was space; dark, empty, infinite space that did not care who he was or what he had done back on Earth. It only cared about what he could do, and out here, his talents weren’t as helpful as they once were. Even if they were, he was never given the chance to use them and despite what others would tell you, he wouldn’t try to outshine them. He didn’t deserve it. 

That didn’t mean he didn’t give it his all, he did every single day of being out in this hell he used to dream of exploring. He  put his heart and soul into every battle he fought, letting his desperation to protect the ones he loves to motivate him. It was never enough though. Not for them, not for Voltron. 

And he didn’t know how much longer he would last out here alone. Just Lance, not only fighting evil, but also the disappointment of those around him. His hands would begin to shake just thinking about it, about the weight of his actions if he failed again. These battles weren’t the neighborhood soccer matches he would dominate back on Earth, these meant life or death. 

Perhaps that’s why he finally did it. Finally broke free of the chains that began to loop around his throat and choke him. 

He finally understood, that if Voltron didn’t need him. 

Then Lance Sanchez sure as hell didn’t need Voltron. 

A Medical Emergency Pt.2

Howdy friends! It’s wee bairn Marlo, coming to you live from a family holiday to Montreal. So many of you asked for a second part to my prompt surrounding doctor Claire and patient Jamie, which I have since dubbed A Medical Emergency (which you can read here). And, considering how angsty the last few TSS fics have been (blame Kaitlyn and Mikayla), I figured it was time to deliver some fluff for your amusement!

As always, a major thank you to my Kilt Kult buddies and fellow TSS mods for keeping me on track and reassuring me that my writing isn’t trash. Also, I owe all of you a major shout out as well, as I would never have written this fic without your overwhelming positive response. So, thank you thank you thank you from the very bottom of my heart!


It was two weeks before Claire could stomach facing Jamie again. The surgery had been a success, and Claire had meticulously mended the shattered bones of Jamie’s hand. She hadn’t counted on the infection that set in, keeping him bedridden and feverish for nearly a week. Claire couldn’t help but feel responsible.

“It happens all the time LJ. I wouldn’t worry about it.” said Joe Abernathy, Claire’s fellow doctor and hospital confidante. She knew that there was nothing she could have done, that infections happen and it was out of her control, but the thought of seeing Jamie in more pain, with even the smallest chance of it being by her hand, was too much to bear. She didn’t know what is was about this Scot: his bull-headedness, the way his nose crinkled when he smiled at her as she was wheeling him into surgery, or how peaceful and innocent he looked under anesthesia, the softness of his face making him look like a child. Whatever it was, Claire found herself experiencing feelings she had never felt before, and it left her simultaneously terrified and exhilarated.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, and Claire had just finished a run of the mill appendectomy. Granted with a brief reprieve, she quickly cleaned herself off before heading to the on-call room, eager to take a quick rest before her pager summoned her again. Unfortunately, she found herself having to cross through the recovery wing, where Jamie lay behind the closed door of room 263. Claire had continued to follow his case, coercing nurses into providing valuable intel on his condition and moral.

“Yes, he is eating.”

“No. He doesn’t have a fever.”

“If you’re so interested Doctor, why don’t you go ask him yourself?”

Still, Claire refused to step foot in that room. The nagging guilt in her stomach surrounding his prolonged hospitalization, coupled with the more puzzling stirrings deep in the pit of her stomach, wouldn’t allow her to walk down the white tile hall leading up to his room. Unfortunately, she currently had no other option.

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“you know they told me to tie you up if you gave me any trouble.” you stated, eyeing the witch you were supposed to be keeping captive.

“like sexually tie me up?” he asked. you sighed, trying not to react. he stared at you, eyes turning angry, “why dont you ever say anything back to me?”

“like what?”

“like ‘Yes Kai, i would love to tie you up sexually’ or ‘no Kai i would not like to tie you up sexually’ god! you’re so confusing Y/N!” he threw his hands in the air, “so do we date or do we dont date? make up your mind.”

belegsghost said to dwimmerlaiks: for the palette meme: Idril in plum?

Idril on her way to do some city planning probably??

Post-Blackout Thoughts: Why Revenge Isn’t Sweet

Hello everyone! I know it’s already July 16, a day after the end of the Miraculous Blackout. First, I just wanted to say, thank you everyone for your patience and your support in this movement (unless you sent a bunch of hateful messages to some accounts and mine, then I don’t know what to say to that).

I was glad to hear that some of you learned a lot from our blackout, including differences with reblogs and reposts, the art theft struggle, and other aspects of the issue. From the very beginning, my sole purpose for this blackout was never to punish the others for wrongdoing or to change society. It was a form of education and raising awareness. And I’m glad it has achieved its purpose, at least to a degree.

But today in church, I was reminded of an emotion that many of us have experienced even before this blackout had even began, whether creator or otherwise: Anger.

Now don’t get me wrong. Content creators are allowed to be angry over their stuff getting stolen. I mean, it’s upsetting. It causes grief, it causes problems for people. And on the flip side, people are allowed to feel wronged if their stuff was taken down. However, I was reminded-just today in fact-that despite such emotions, we need to learn to check ourselves.

Something I observed during the blackout was that a lot of us had the tendency to go up and arms over belligerent reposters or vice versa. I can think of at least one or two cases where I personally said “let me fight them” when I found out that a fellow artist was being harassed over a copyright takedown. And to a majority of you, yes we had every right to think such thoughts. But as a follower of Jesus Christ, I felt off about it afterward. Then, in church today, I was reminded why.

In Romans 12:19, it says: Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.”

In 1 Corinthians 4:5, it says: “Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.”

If you simply Googled “What the Bible says about revenge”, you will find plenty of verses and passages all pointing to generally the same idea: “Do not take revenge”. “Let go of your anger, and let God deal with it”. “Turn the other cheek.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a difference between acting/thinking in vengeance and acting within legal rights. Creators have every right to have their content taken down because there are rules and regulations set to protect their content. It is when we start falling under the malicious “eye for an eye” mentality that things start to get very messy. I have seen too many unnecessary fights happen because no one backs down or compromises, and one or both get angry. It becomes much more difficult.

But this is something I had to face when I recently took down videos on Youtube containing copyright material that belonged to me. A funny thing about Youtube is that after three strikes, an account is set for termination in seven days since the third strike. For awhile, I ignored these terms, but then I began to think about how it affected the account owner. I saw how angry and desperate these Youtube account owners could get, from incessant emails to hacking threats. It was heartbreaking to say the least. 

I admit, when it comes to these things, the content creators do have the upper-hand regarding negotiations over the use of their work. But it is not undeserved. They made the content, they trained for it, they practiced, they spent money to learn the skills (sometimes they even cried and bled and sweat for it). Simply taking their content without so much as getting permission wrongly invalidates everything they’d done to come to that point in skill, in order for some other person to simply make a quick buck and/or gain a number of followers. So you can see why many creators have not even tried to sympathize with the perpetrators. Like I had said in a previous post, consuming all of this content is considered a privilege. Not a right.

Nonetheless, I personally think that we don’t need to cause any more unnecessary harm to each other. Like the title says, revenge isn’t sweet. Sure, you may beg to differ, especially if you uphold different beliefs than I do, but I still think it saves both sides a lot of trouble when one learns to back down, swallow their pride and be the bigger person

But here is my afterthought to that last one: If we step back, away from that pride stuff and take a look at both sides in this, who is technically in the legal right to control such distribution of works? You, the content creator who put out all that labour into your work? Or, you, the one who saw their work, thought it was cute/worth dubbing/worth earning from and decided to separately upload and/or sell it without even asking for the creator’s permission?

Think about that first before using my words for your argument. Because there is a right answer there.

P.S. This is exactly the reason why I try to always ask that you guys NEVER harass the reposter whenever I post their Instagram/Youtube online in order to notify other creators whose rights were infringed (which I haven’t done in awhile actually). 

once i was babysitting this kid and he wanted to watch steven universe so i was like “ok!” and, being the huge pile of SU trash that i am, i turned on the TV and sat down next to him. i believe the episode was “beach city drift”. all i really remember is that Stevonnie was in it. (if youre reading this and you dont watch SU, Stevonnie is nonbinary)

so anyway, the kid turns to me and asks “[my name], is Stevonnie a boy or a girl?”

so i told him “they’re neither.”

and he just said “oh. okay.” and didnt say another word on the subject. he just used they/them pronouns the next time he mentioned them.

it just makes me so happy that he was so accepting about it and so chill about the subject. we need more kids like that