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Hey, I'm new to the simming community- well posting to it- and I was just wondering how do I make friends in the community? I've found a couple blogs that I like, this being one, but every time I try to send a message my social anxiety kicks in and I can't bring myself to press send. Help?

hewwo anon, i actually feel the same way towards some simblrs! i understand the whole anxiety thingy, but remember that most of the time the people you write to feel nervous too, so its not one sided i promise! talk about ur common interests - not just sims. one of my internet bffs i met bc he liked my memes, and then we found out we liked sims and undertale and we became bffs! dont be sad if with some people you cant “click”, because theres always someone who you will become friends with <3 speaking from personal experience, the friends i have made have always messaged me first, so even if you are afraid remember that the person on the other side can really like you. and finally, dont b afraid to message me :0

twitter bios

need new clothes, a new city, a new life 


constantly torn between “treat others how u wanna be treated” and “treat others how they treat u”

worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could, and it still wasn’t good enough 

all black everything to match my soul 

just wanna do bad things with the right person 

it sucks being the person that cares the most in a relationship 

blood type: gold 

confidence is attractive 

i like being alone i just hate feeling alone 

a heart full of pain and a head full of stress

plot twist: you miss me

not exactly emotionless, but close

no matter what I’ll love the shit outta you

roses are red violets are blue nobody loves you baby the way i do 

so honey now take me into your lovin’ arms 

which is messier my life or my hair 

as I was writing this, I was thinking of nutella and you because that combination is just so perfect

life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you

it’s insane how easily someone can lie to your face

be serious with me, don’t waste my time

honestly if my ex is happy im good

we can watch netflix or we can just have sex

a girl who wants best for you, is best for you

trying not to care is so damn hard

“being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone, don’t be someone else just be yourself”

remember to take care of urself. sometimes u forget, because u are too busy taking care of other people. u are important too

where are ü now that i need ya

he chamber of secrets has been opened. enemies of the heir, beware.

there’s only one queen in this town and that’s me

u r the collest kid in the town im ur little lady

the worst feeling is when someone makes u feel special, then suddenly leaves u hanging & u have to act like u don’t care at all

if a girl tells you about her problems, it doesn’t mean she’s complaining. it means she trusts you.

appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had

maybe one day youll realize how much you neglected me

you lie about the dumbest fucking shit and you expect me to trust you? you got me fucked up

just because someone treats someone one way, doesnt mean theyll treat everyone the same way

i miss “i love you” coming out of your mouth

maybe youd understand if you knew how i felt

do you ever sit down and think “what if my whole life is a lie?”

i just want someone that cant get enough of me and wants to talk to me all the time

you make me feel so unwanted

youre full of shit

dont “okay goodnight” me, were gonna fucking talk about it

we met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson

i may be an asshole but i got feelings too

dont really give a shit about anything but i give a fuck about you

if overthinking was a drug, i’d be high af

sometimes I care too much // sometimes I don’t care at all 

I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature. all of it’s art.

i don’t remember the last time i wasn’t tired

black clothes are an obsession

tired of school, but i’ve got goals

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101 Writing Prompts

1. “I didn’t know you two were related.” “We didn’t either.”

2. “I’m not saying I’m gay, but I would be if they were asking.”

3. “I’ve tried my hardest to fall for you, but it’ll always be them.”

4. “I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to me before.”

5. “I didn’t even want to come to this party. You lied to me about the pinata.”

6. “Spin the bottle is such a cliché. I’m in.”

7. “I have to go in there with you? I didn’t sign up to play 7 minutes in hell .”

8. “That’s not how you pronounce my name and I’m not even sure you tried.”

9. “Are you new here?” “We’ve been in the same math class for six years.”

10. “You really shouldn’t touch that… I told you.”

11. “I recognise you. Do you have a dog.”

12. “ You’ve never seen Harry Potter?

13. “Can’t we just lay here for a minute?”

14. “We have to stop running into each other like this.”

15. “Is it weird if I say that your dad’s really hot?”

16. “I know it’s 2am but can we meet up?”

17. “I don’t know how we ended up sleeping together but I know I’m mad about it.”

18. “Whatever you do, just don’t tell anybody!”

19. “I don’t come here often, it brings back unwanted memories.”

20. “They told me I’d forget about you; that I’d move on but it’s been three years and here I am.”

21. “I’ve waited so long for this moment, but now it’s here I don’t know how to feel.”

22. “You can’t just say that and then disappear!”

23. “I always hear my neighbour playing this beautiful music, but I’ve never actually met them.”

24. “Would it be alright if I pet your dog?”

25. “I’m so sorry to bother you this late but an owl got in my house and I have no idea how to get it out.”

26. “We can’t call the police! They’ll never believe us!”

27. “Why are you buying plane tickets? Are you leaving?”

28. “I swear I’ve seen them before in a dream.”

29. “I don’t want to be your partner either but we have to get this assignment done.”

30. “I never hated you, you just make me feel things I don’t understand.”

31. “It’s your fault, and I don’t think this is something you can fix.”

32. “This isn’t easy for me either.”

33. “I would never do this to you if I didn’t have to. You know that, right?”

34. “Can you at least promise me that?” “I don’t think I can, not this time.”

35. “I’m sorry but it’s very hard to focus when you’re dressed like that.”

36. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard to you want me to hit you?”

37. “I’d be scared if I were you.”

38. “You can’t go in there alone .”

39. “This seems like a lot of effort to go to for a mediocre joke.”

40. “Delete that picture right now or Mr.Snuggles gets it!”

41. “You didn’t go through my photos did you?!”

42. “Uhhh, I went through your photos and I have some questions.”

43. “I swear to god, if you tag me in one more bad meme I’ll make you regret it.”

44. “I really want to kiss you right now. I know I shouldn’t, and somehow that makes me want it more.”

45. “You have individual ringtones for everyone? What’s mine?”

46. “ Why wouldn’t you lock the door?

47. “Did you know kissing burns calories?” “I’m happy with my weight, thanks.”

48. “Your bad pickup lines aren’t cute, they’re just bad.”

49. “I’ll give you fifty bucks if I can take you to Christmas dinner and tell my family we’re together. They always ask if I’m dating and I can’t have that conversation again.”

50. “I don’t think you’re ever too old for trick-or-treating.”

51. “We’re dressing up for Halloween this year and that’s final.”

52. “I forgot what we were fighting about in the first place.” “I didn’t.”

53. “Fuck you.” “Not with that attitude.”

54. “90% of people admit to having at least a slight bondage kink, and 10% are lying about it.”

55. “I don’t understand why you won’t just use a map on your phone.”

56. “You know my house has a door? You don’t always have to use the window.”

57. “The truth is, my friends dared me to ask you out, but I’m really glad they did.”

58. “You know, I was joking in that birthday card when I said I’d help you hide a body.”

59. “Can we please turn off this song.” “But it’s a masterpiece .”

60. “I’ve known you for two years and I think I’ve been saying your name wrong the whole time.”

61. “Wow, you really are blind!” “Thanks for the update, can I have my glasses back now?”

62. “It might be petty but you borrowed my pencil three weeks ago and I’m gonna need it back.”

63. “I think they have a crush on you, which sucks because I’m kinda into them.”

64. “Just go and talk to them, they dont bite!” “What if biting turns me on? If they dont do it then what’s the point?”

65. “You can’t say that in front of children!”

67. “Seven years old is practically an adult.”

68. “Dude I ordered this on eBay and you have to see what they sent me.”

69. “I didn’t realise it meant so much to you.”

70. “I wish I was sorry, but I don’t regret any of it.”

71. “My friend thinks you’re cute, personally I don’t get it but this isn’t about me right now.”

72. “Not everything is about you!” “Untrue.”

73. “You can pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

74. “This is why I hate family dinners! It always gets awkward.”

75. “This can only end two ways and neither of them are pretty.”

76. “Not everything can be butterflies and rainbows! Things get hard sometimes, that’s just how it is!”

77. “My mom told me I shouldn’t talk to strangers, and you’re definitely strange.”

78. “I can’t believe you fell asleep when I was showing you my favourite movie of all time.”

79. “You shouldn’t be out here alone, it’s dangerous.”

80. “I could lie here with you forever. I wish I didnt have to leave.”

81. “Everything’s changing and I hate it! I liked the way things were.”

82. “You look so incredible, if that didn’t look so good on you I’d probably tear it off.”

83. “Do you think they noticed that we left?”

84. “The funny thing is, you could have fixed this and you didn’t even try.”

85. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? I’m only asking because it hurt when I did and I thought I might have done it wrong.”

86. “That was super cheesy and I’m lactose intolerant.”

87. “You didn’t tell me you were gay!” “You didn’t tell me you weren’t.”

88. “Your friend told me you had a crush on me, I just wanted to let you know your friend is a snake.”

89. “Are you staring at me or are you staring past me?”

90. “If you we’re a guy/girl would you go out with me?” “I am a guy/girl.”

91. “Sounds stupid. When are we doing it?”

92. “Can we tell my parents that I’m at your house, just incase they get suspicious?”

93. “This is the part in the movie where we kiss or one of us dies. My fingers are crossed for option one.” “Speak for yourself.”

94. “I’m offended that you don’t have more faith in me but, honestly, it’s understandable given past experience.”

95. “Its just a blind date! What’s the worst that could happen?” “I could literally die.”

96. “I would light myself on fire to keep you warm and you wouldn’t even hand me a coat if I were freezing.”

97. “I trusted you, and so I guess I should have seen this coming.”

98. “I had a really weird sex dream about you and I’m not sure how I feel about it, honestly.”

99. “Okay, but this is the last time I bail you out!”

100. “All I know is that if you don’t tell me to stop I’m going to kiss you.”

101. “I’m not sure when it happened, but I fell in love with you, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.”


Sana: Hello?

The ballonsquad guys: Discussing how Yousef has tried 10 times and failied and how he’ll fail again

Yousef: Sch.. Calm down boys 

The guys: Come on then!

The ballonsquad guys: That was bad!

Sana: Whats going on in here?

One of the guys: Lets make Sana try it!

The other guys: She’s totally gonna make it!

One of the guys: Yeah because she is actually good at basketball unlike some people!

Simo: Yeah, because she learnt it from me!

Sana: What you talking about learnt it from you? Even mom is better at basketball than you!

The ballonsquad guys: Ohhh!!! That hurt!

Simo: If you can make it, then I’ll be your slave for a week!

The ballonsquad guys: Dont do it man!

Simo: I’m sure about this

Sana: Drive me everywhere, clean my room?

Simo: Whatever you want! The whole package!

Sana: Swear!

Simo: Wallah! (I swear to God in arabic) And all the boys are my witnesses!

The ballonsquad guys:

Dont do it!

Simo: Its okay guys! I got it!

Sana: What should I do?

Simo: You gonna throw this in the lamp, exactly at the time Snoop Dogg sings “Smoke weed everyday”

Sana: Just that?

Simo: Just that?? But if you fail, you have to be MY slave for a whole week!

Sana: That was not a part of the deal!

Simo: But you said “its just that?” What is it, are you scared of failing? If you’re so confident come on then!

Sana: Give me the ball?

The ballonsquad guys: You’ll regret this!

They are just cheering, and then Sana fails.

Simo: So.. now can you go make us some tea?

Sana: I’m not a slave to all your friends!

Simo: But they are my guests!

Simo: Thank you, slavewoman!

Simo: It came out wrong, sorry. Chill. That was not nice of me to say. 

The ballonsquad guys: Watch how you talk to your sister! Thats your sister!

Simo: Don’t get involved! Calm down.


peaches (cheryl blossom x fem!reader)


Pairing: Cheryl Blossom x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 767

Request: A Cheryl Blossom x Fem Reader for your riverdale ones. You’re at one of Cheryl’s parties and you’re really drunk and keep embarrassing her in front of the gang by saying soft things about your relationship and ruining her HBIC image but every time she try’s to get mad you say something cute and then run off to do more stupid things “Stop being cute I’m trying to be mad at you”

Even if Cheryl Blossom’s manor seemed gothic at times, you still felt completely comfortable as you lounged on the couch during one of her parties, waiting for her to return from wherever she went off to.

“God, Y/N. I don’t know how you do it, she scares the shit out of me.” A mutual friend your current state of mind couldn’t recall commented.

You easily laughed. You felt you were the only one who truly knew your girlfriend. “Trust me, she’s not that scary. She is waaaay too beautiful for that!” you hiccuped, the red solo cup in your hand finally getting to you.

“Y/N!” You heard Cheryl shout, grabbing your arm and pulling you up from the couch. “Are you drunk already? The party’s only been going on for half an hour!”

“But, Cheryl!” You whined. “That’s a whole thirty minutes!”

“Exactly. That’s such a short amount of time.” She said sternly, and people around the room fell silent, knowing she was taking her place.

“Uhh, that’s the same amount of time it took you to ask me out. That was a reeeaallly long time, remember? You couldn’t find the words and you just held my hand, talking about—“

“Dont!” Cheryl put a hand over your mouth. “Bring that up here!” She turned on her heel and walked away from you swiftly, going to take care of other matters while you pouted.

“Aww shit, I was hoping she would make out with you again!” A random jock high-fived another jock.

You sat back down. “Well, honestly, same.”

Reggie laughed. “Oh damn, she’s agreeing with us— she’s really out of it.”

“I do want her to kiss me…” You stated obviously, confused. “She stares into your eyes really hard right before, and her lips are so soft… and I always tangle my hand in her hair, because that’s soft too…” You grinned stupidly.

“Aww, that’s so adorable!” Betty squealed.

“Peaches!” Your girlfriend stormed into the room again, this time sitting next to you on the couch. “I told you not to tell any stories about us!”

“But whyyy? They’re so good!” You complained.

“Hey, why does she call you peaches?” Archie asked, knowing you would launch into a story and anger her further.

“Well, right before we had our first kiss—“

“Y/N!” Cheryl nudged your shoulder, but she couldn’t stop you even if she screamed, which she knew would be ridiculous.

“I was eating a lollipop, right? And she asked me what flavor it was, and I was crying and annoyed from that day because someone outed me when I didn’t want to be, so I just crossed my arms and told her to figure it out herself. So she walked right up to me, pulled it out of my mouth, and kissed me. Long and hard. And I stopped crying.” You smiled, staring off into the distance.

“That’s somehow hot and cute at the same time.” Veronica stated.

“Yeah, and then she just told me, peaches, and walked out.” You giggled.

Cheryl crossed her arms, rolling her eyes. “I can’t believe you just told that story, and you left out the part where you avoided me for three days after that.”

“That’s because I couldn’t deal with my feelings for you… they were so much and I was just scared of myself, and I was scared that I wasn’t enough, because— you’re like, you’re everything…” You slurred again, trying to make sense through your clouded head.

Cheryl smiled softly at you and took your hand. “You are enough, how many times do I have to say that? And— wait!” Cheryl yanked her hand away from you. “Stop being cute, I’m trying to be mad at you!”

“But you can’t be!” You protested.

“Oh, and why’s that?” Cheryl went back to crossing her arms, tilting her head in her typical mean-girl fashion.

“Because I love you,” You stated this as if it were obvious.

Cheryl dropped her arms, falling silent for a moment, before abruptly grabbing your face and kissing you hard as some on-lookers cheered. “I love you too,” She stood up again. “But don’t think for one second that I’m not still angry you said that for the first time in front of everyone, and drunk!”

She stomped away angrily, and while other people in the room seemed slightly uncomfortable, all you did was laugh. You were familiar enough with your girlfriend’s antics, and you shouted, “You love me!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Cheryl echoed down the hallway, and you smiled.

a/n: first kiss = true story

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Diane Edwards, also known as Marjorie as a pseudonym, was Ted Bundy’s first love and first real girlfriend. The two met whilst attending the university of Washington in the late 60′s. When Ted became incarcerated for the kidnap and attempted murder of Carol DaRonch, Ted was evaluated by Dr. Al Carlisle on the 90-day-diagnostic team at the Utah State prison. Here is an interview Dr. Carlisle had with Ted’s former love about their relationship.

Al: What did you like about him?

Diane: I was very caught up by his ability to talk. You know, he could just off the cuff come out with anything and it sounded good. And he wrote fantastic letters. He put a great deal of import on a person’s ability and intelligence, in their quickness of mind. 

Al: Did he ever seem to be involved with anything illegal? 

Diane: I didn’t know of anything. If I had I’d probably have been real scared. I’m a real chicken. 

Al: Did he seem to have any friends?

Diane: No, and that was weird too. There were none that I knew of. 

Al: What did he do in his spare time? 

Diane: I don’t know. He had a bike and he rode around on his bike. He also went skiing every once in a while. 

Al: Was he good?

Diane: Oh yes, he was very athletic. 

Al: What was Ted like as you saw him at the time you were going with him?

Diane: He was aesthetic and he was brilliant but he was not terribly social. He always had sort of a bowing manner, always trying to get people to believe he was humble and that he wouldn’t walk on anybody’s toes. Like he was pleased to be in somebody’s presence. He seemed to have a great deal of insecurity and lack of finesse in dealing with other people.

Al: Insecure in what way?

Diane: He was a very passive person. He had an oddity which I thought sort of went with this lack of confidence. It was a put on. His actions were to make people feel, “poor Ted, sweet little Ted.” Yet I think he had this feeling that he was very… sort of debonair. 

Al: Like he…

Diane: Understood the world.

Al: Did it ever seem like he was hurt by a girl? 

Diane: Not that I knew of. I felt he hadn’t had much contact with women until he got involved with me. We pretty much experienced each other together that way. 

Al: In the beginning, did he ever sleep with you and not have sex?

Diane: Did Ted tell you that?

Al: Yeah, he did. 

Diane: We did a lot of that. I wasn’t experienced at all with sex and I wasn’t on any birth control methods and I didn’t know if I wanted to do it. We did a lot of playing around but it didn’t culminate sex. 

Al: Did it ever seem that Ted just wanted sex or do you feel that he was in love with you?

Diane: He never made me feel like it was just a physical thing. I believe he was in love with me. I was very turned on but I wasn’t experienced. I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Al: Did he ever seem to get frustrated with that?

Diane: I guess he did. Yeah, I’m sure he did.

Al: It’s been said that Ted was an angry person. Did you see any of that in him?

Diane: No, Ted didn’t show a lot of anger when I was first got to know him. We were truly in love with each other at that time. It was a great emotional relationship. 

Al: Can you say anything about his relationship with his mother? 

Diane: I was under the impression that he cared about his mother and he felt sorry for her. He felt she was a competent person who got messed up with a nothing of a father. I think that he liked his mother a little bit because he felt that she was sweet. He seemed to adore his little brother, his younger brother. That seemed to be the only reason, when we were together, why he went home. It was because his brother was smart.

Al: Ted said that you and he would have some arguments or quarrels. What was he like in those situations?

Diane: Oh, pitifully weak! This was my main criticism of him after the year and a half of our relationship. He kowtowed to me. He wasn’t strong. He wasn’t real masculine. If I got mad at him because he did something he sort of felt apologetic about it. He wouldn’t stand up for himself. There was no use getting mad because the person didn’t react. And the things i got mad for were primarily that he lied. It wasn’t that he out and out lied. He fibbed. It wasn’t necessary that he had to be like that. It wasn’t actually that he had done a bad thing in his mind. It was that he was saying something he knew would sound good to me.

Al: For example?

Diane: Instead of saying his pants came from Sears, he said he bought them at a high class store. He would make something appear to be what it wasn’t to impress me. Of course, we came from very different backgrounds. He was very concerned about those things, and about his lack of experience. I had experience in small things like restaurants and the things that would be important to a young coed. In the beginning of our relationship he was always reverting back to the need to sort of beg because he didn’t have anything. He didn’t have a car. He, in fact, would sometimes tell me he hadn’t eaten that day because he didn’t have enough money. It never seemed to bother him that he was using people. 

Al: Would he borrow from you?

Diane: He never did off me because I never gave him a cent. Sometimes I felt he was spending his last dime to buy me something. 

Al: How did your relationship with Ted end?

Diane: I began cutting it off in letters at first, before it ended. He knew it was coming.

Al: How did he respond to this?

Diane: Oh, sort of begging. I told him it was never going to work, that he wasn’t the kind of person I needed. I loved him dearly but I couldn’t exist with him. I just wasn’t comfortable with the things he did and the way he kowtowed to me. I just didn’t feel he was straight with me all the time. i pushed him away and I cut off my ties with him. This was about 1966 or 1967. It was in my junior or senior year in college.

Al: What was his reaction?

Diane: He cried. He cried. He was really falling apart in front of me. That’s when he went out to Philadelphia to run away from the whole thing. It was to go to school. And I would call him when I needed attention.

Al: When you finally cut it off, what did he do?

Diane: I dont know. He left. I took him to the airport or something. He called me a couple of times. He sent me flowers and some cards. 

Al: After you and Ted broke up, the two of you continued to talk on the phone from time to time. What was your impression of his life?

Diane: He floundered around for years and years and years, never completing anything, going from one place to another, getting involved in all the wrong things.

Al: Such as?

Diane: The politicking. He was a member of a group in the Republican party that would go around to the opponent when they made speeches. He would tape them and then rephrase the speech and use it against the opponent. There was a black man running for something in the state, I believe. Ted helped him by driving for miles in his VW, and I just didn’t trust any of that stuff. I’m pretty conservative. I got the feeling that he was sometimes associating with people who used drugs. He told me he did that but he said he didn’t try them himself. This, of course, was in the early stage of our relationship. 

Al: When he was going to the University of Washington and Stanford?

Diane: Yes.

Source- Violent Mind by Dr Al Carlisle 

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Ok idk if this is dumb or w/e but i think a 10 things i hate about you au would be awesome if u wrote it! Anyways ur literally my fave writer ??? Like ur so bloody good

lets do a brainstorm  

  • james is patrick obvsly and he is just The Worlds Biggest Shite meaning that hes v hot and always smoking in chem and also is rumoured to have drunk paint stripper on a dare and lived 
  • it was actually wine in the paint stripper can but dont tell peter pettigrew bc he thinks james is immortal 
  • lily is kat and once she shoved a tampon so far up a guys nose that you couldnt see the string 
  • lets fuck w/ the plot a bit and say that bianca is petunia and cameron is vernon ONLY lily doesnt want to date anyone bc that means petunia can date vernon and thats #1 on lilys Not Today Or Ever list 
  • (also included on the list are acknowleding slughorn when he speaks or letting mary mcdonald hook up with sirius black when hes meant to be at soccer practise) 
  • everyone is scared of lily except:
  1.  james who couldnt give two shits abt anythin 
  2. sirius whos been on her soccer team since they were 7 and also she knows that if she ever punched him to hard he’d tell everyone abt that time she tripped over the ball when they were 8 
  3. petunia, whose to vapid 2 notice anything (we gotta fudge it to make it work sorry bianca bby i love u and joeseph gordon levitto or whoever the fuck) 
  • anyway: vernon pays james 2 date lily so he can date petunia. cue hijinks
  • james smokes while waiting outside her locker and so she starting walking up wearing a gas mask and ignoring him 
  • james readin up abt all the social causes shes into and dropping into conversation bits like ‘the fact that taiwan has to enter the olympics as chiense taipei is appauling’ and watching lily like. squit at him
  • ‘stop trying to impress me.’ ‘whose trying?’  
  • he stops going to his classes and just starts going to hers like james the fuck man

  • at the concert when shes getting water in that dress and james is just. looking. and lily is just. noticing that hes looking.
  • the bar scene and ‘she likes pretty guys’ and james, straightning up, slips his hair back slightly, clutches his pool que, ‘you dont think im pretty?’ and then punching vernon lol 
  • also: james hearing that lily has black underwear and deadass getting a hard on right there in the bar 
  • lets have snape be some kinda joey donner guy and when lily hits his car at the record store and he calls her a bitch she rams it again
  • THE PARTY SCENE and lilys ding the strip tease and snape is cheering and james pulls lily off the table and also maybe tips snapes drink down his front 
  • ‘your eyes have a little green in them’ and shes so drunk, and james is looking at her even when hes trying very hard not to. how odd
  • she keeps talking abt how she wants to start a band and how sirius could be the drummer and james could play base and she could play guitar because ‘im the only one- whos got the skills *vomits onto james’ shoes*
  • lily tries to kiss him in his car but shes drunk and james isnt a bad guy so he doesnt let her
  • the soccer scene where james gets remus to get the band together and then he sings the song all the while sirius is like bopping his head and lily cannot stop grinning  
  • ‘potter did you really sleep with all of the spice girls’ ‘dont be ridiculous. only two out of the five’ 
  • the prom bit where everything goes to hell and lily finds out that vernons been paying james this whole time and shes so sad and hurt and pissed and she leaves only petunia does not go after her. 
  • sirius does 
  • goes to her house the next day and they talk abt sarah laurence and debating how good david beckham actually is 
  • the poem scene and I hate the way you talk to me And the way you cut your hair I hate the way you drive my car I hate it when you stare I hate your big dumb combat boots And the way you read my mind I hate you so much that it makes me sick It even makes me rhyme I hate the way you’re always right I hate it when you lie I hate it when you make me laugh Even worse when you make me cry I hate the way you’re not around And the fact that you didn’t call But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.
  • and james wants to die like right there bc hes a fucking idiot and he’d probably kill all of the spice girls and eat a kidney just to have her talk to him again 
  • he buys her a £2000 guitar with vernons money and tells her what a cock hes been and she makes the joke abt how he cant just buy her an instrament everytime he fucks up and james makes the quip abt how there are lots of instraments and she smiles and he just. feels good again. just like that. 
  • this got super long whoops but u see what i mean
al would never talk to ed that way

there’s this trend in fma fic, and it drives me up the wall, and it’s in lots and lots of otherwise really good fic.

and it’s where al … is kinda a dick to ed? like he talks down to ed and says these witty and sarcastic one liners while ed flails and acts like a dumb older brother while al is all wise and oh poor ed, so ruled by his emotions? and its always surrounded by ‘the brothers love and protect each other always!!!’ and yes true of course.

but. al would never do this? like it wouldnt be one sided? they’re brothers, they fight and argue of course, and snipe at each other. but edward carries both their guilt, would sacrifice anything and everything for al. also, edward is not an idiot? which is another separate issue i have with a lot of fma fanfic. like ed doesn’t always get along with people but he almost always understands them.

and i feel like this cool holier than thou alphonse that people write is like, fun and all. but it’s not accurate. al is a kid and ed is a kid and they love each other more than anything. and when alphonse belittles ed in fic and it’s treated like normal and okay and no big deal because ed’s not upset by it, and hey ed needs to hear it because he’s a dumb alchemy freak who only understands fighting and science, it makes me want to pull my hair out.

it was ed that figured out izumi’s instruction, ed that first knew roy wanted to be fuher, ed that connected with rose. he’s not an idiot. and if alphonse ever heard someone talking to his brother the way some people have him to talk to ed in fic he would beat them up.

alphonse loves and respects his brother more than anything in the world. and ye sure, he’ll absolutely call edward out when he’s being irrational and an idiot but that certainly isn’t nearly as often as people seemed to think.

tldr: al would never casually belittle ed in everyday conversation and it’s the most ooc trope in existence. al is just as devoted to ed as ed is to him and dont any of you forget it.

given I’ve been waiting for this book since it was first announced as the first of the resurrexion, there was no way to curve my excitement this morning on release day. if you read my earlier post about why iceman is such an important series (and the subsequent posts in which i said the same thing, but with much more keysmashing) i promise the first issue owns up to what was promised.

it talks about bobby as an x-man, a trainer, a teacher, a son, and a man just recently come out and what that means for a superhero and for a guy with not the most supportive parents in the world…

even if you know essentially nothing about Bobby I seriously recommend you pick up his title. I have a hard time NOT liking a character who makes me laugh, and bobby’s whole thing is making people laugh. if you’ve ever had a hard time liking him, or being interested in him because the xmen comics dont give him his due, this is the book for you.

this is one of those books that gets you feeling like ‘dude! where the hell is the next issue?!’ right away, and im really excited about it!!!

got a theory

i think that the white robed frank from filthy frank vs chinchin is still not the real frank.

first, notice how his little title card thing has quotations around “real”. oddly specific detail.

next, fake frank even seems to doubt he is real, when talking to wheelz he says that there is an unknown person who is imitating him. though take this with a grain of salt because fake frank was most likely lying to get wheelz on his side.

next, we have the actual man himself talking. he says “some might call me a peacelord, i dont know..”
that was interesting to me, because sure, you can say frank could have secretly been a peacelord this whole time, but the quotations around “real” and the outfit and godlike powers really tie this together. the papa i know is a scrub and i really dont think he’d ever be that cool.
it was also said before that the peacelords were hunting both franks, so why would the supposed real one be labled as a peacelord himself? it doesnt quite tie together for me.

and as ive observed, outfits are absolutely EVERYTHING in this show. sometimes even the slightest outfit change can mean a new whole character (aka kamikaze failure frank) so really the possiblity of white robe frank STILL not being the real frank is quite real. in fact, im not even sure that the frank wearing orange sunglasses is the same as the frank wearing blue sunglasses.

sorry to say, but i still think it will be a time until we see the true filth again. i personally think that the white robed figure was a peacelord with striking resemblance to frank (because apparently there’s a lot of entities who look like him) who was just fighting chinchin. i really dont think frank was ever powerful enough to fight chinchin let alone brave enough.
besides, was it not hinted that this was only the beginning? let me know what you guys think!!!

SUMMARY: white robed man is a peacelord and not really the real papa franku. i think he still has yet to show up.


Here’s a thing I’ve wanted to talk about! Crossovers are very interesting. If done right, they’re amazing! However a few of the crossovers done are not very well done. I’ve been shying away from doing too many of them because I know the repercussions. 

I feel like a crossover shouldn’t really happen unless it extends the stories for one of (if not both) of the series. Back in my early days of content creation I used to message so many people asking if they want to connect their series to mine (@turkeyleniniii and @deathlylogic can attest to this) but I was dumb back then. Working with @sv-ev on the AEC/SF crossover was a very eyeopening experience. I used to think of crossovers as just cool nods to each other, but in the process of writing and setting up everything I learned just how important they can be. 

In my case it drove home a plot point I was hinting at since the beginning, showing that the AEC has been trying to prohibit anyone from contacting Arin. Would I have been able to do this without Stan? I’m sure, but showing him breaking into a house only to find they had recently completely relocated Arin (and not telling him the new address) was a much more effective way of doing so.

Would I do more crossovers in the future? Maybe. Not anytime soon though. We’re in the meat of Arin’s arc right now, and I don’t want to try and confuse people by suddenly throwing in an unrelated character they need to read up on. 

One last really important point I didn’t know where else to fit in to this wall of text: Don’t feel disheartened by the rejection of a crossover. I used to message a lot of people back in the day, and every time I was denied it felt bad ( @deathlylogic knew how to let me down easy thankfully :P) but I felt like my series wasn’t good enough. That isn’t the case at all. I’ve talked to a few other creators, one in particular showed me the harsh reality to a lot of crossovers that occur and why they occur (not naming names lmao). But a lot of times, crossovers just aren’t needed. Some just exist for the sake of existing, without really progressing the story, or the theme of your series doesn’t fit the person you want to crossover with. 

This is just my dumb thoughts on the matter though, so crossover all you like! just dont gamejack another series without their approval 

while we have Ordo and Kom’rk in one corner, having a serious conversation and trying to navigate new realizations with brevity, in the other corner we have Prudii coming to Mereel to try to suss out the dulled panic that’s risen from a hum he could ignore to an endless siren behind his ears (and burying under … illicit means of self medication) and they both come to the conclusion that, really, the only way to navigate this is to go bar cantina hopping and “figure it out.”

that Prudii is Mereel’s go-to party partner, or vice-versa, isn’t really brought up, and neither is Prudii’s attempts to navigate attraction.

Gender he talks around, because he’ll be damned if Kal’s constant endless drilling and droning of normalcy and compacting his sons into narrow boxes wasn’t seriously internalized to an extreme and painful degree for him. 

Does he ever figure it out? Maybe. Maybe not. He doesn’t get there without support—but it’s not the kind any of his other brothers can give, not really. Mereel is the only one so secure in himself that that security bleeds into him, and helps him try to find it in himself.

Petition to stop cis people:

I walk into a restaurant with a friend and this girl that knows my gf from her school from the next town over comes up to me and is like “heyyyyyy!”

and im like oh hey (because I vagually remember her)

and she looks at me and is like “oh my god your voice is so much deeper than the last time i talked to you” and then she says “wow youve even got a little stubble going on!” and then TOUCHES MY FACE. 


Its okay when my close friends and family members who have known me my whole life mention stuff like that, or my local trans boy friends™ because thats just buddies bein buddies but jesus christ



why do they think this okay leave me alone.  quit outing me to everyone. im stealth most places

On Holiday

Hello, admin here. I hope everyone is doing well! I’d just like to announce that I’m going to be away for the next 2 weeks to visit my friend abroad. I’m not going to bring my computer and I’m not even sure I’ll have internet access, so this blog will be on hiatus until I get back. I will keep the ask box open though (but if you spam it, I will get angry). In the meantime, take care!

Story Time! By a starstruck Lo/\e

Okay, gather around munchkins cuz ima bout to tell yall about my water incident at the nu'est concert in dallas (i still cry over this TBH)

So a little backstory: my parents took me and 2 of my friends to see nu'est when they came to dallas back in 2015?? (Note: this was the first time they have EVER done something like this for me so YOU CAN BET I CRIED MULTIPLE TIMES DURING THAT WHOLE TRIP; i cried 4 times the day OF the concert) so we had vip tickets, which meant we got to get something signed by them and take a picture with them too (i posted the pic a while back, i’ll reblog it again if yall want me to, i look so scared tho 😂)
this happened after the concert (which was so good and they sounded so good and ARON NOTICED ME WITH MY FANSIGN TWICE BITCH HOW) and a friend that we met there bought us some waters. With no caps for some reason.
….This is an important factor to the story.
So my phone case was signed by minhyun, ren, and jr (ren told me he loved me and i was SHELL SHOCKED, and Jonghyun looked so tired DAMN IT) so then it was aron’s turn. We said hi to each other and he was signing when i went, oh, i got you something. I put my OPEN water down and grabbed the stuffed dinosaur plushie that has a letter to him on its back (theres a whole other story to that plushie but long story short: my friend and i didnt see the gift bin outside so the security guard told us it was okay to give it to them in person). Now, to people new to me, in case i never made it clear enough: aron is my bias in nu'est. he is my LOVE. He was my ultimate for 2 ½ YEARS (damn you jeongmin, why did you push him off), especially when we were at this concert. I was completely paralyzed; he was gorgeous (i mean, they ALL were, but my heart exploded when i got to aron) so you CANT BLAME ME for what happened next. (It was also my first concert too S O)
He looked up, saw the plushie, said “oh, thank you”, and took it from my hand (sadly not in the cliche “we touched hands and there was a spark” way). I dont even remember if i said welcome?? But anyway, he passed my phone case to baekho and i was about to say hi when i was like, oh my water
I reached out to grab it, but instead of GRABBING IT LIKE I WANTED TO, i literally just, bumped it with my palm. And everything happened so fast.
okay not in front but it was a little to the side, thankfully it was where the tables were connected so the water kinda gathered there
I never picked up a water bottle SO FAST IN MY LIFE. My cheeks were on FIRE, and i kept saying, oh my god im so sorry im really sorry.
Poor aron, i felt like he felt me cuz he was like, “oh no its okay its okay” the manager that they had was behind and had the “oh god” face. They cleaned it up and i just kept apologizing and honestly, i was CLOSE. TO CRYING. Thankfully only the tablecloth got wet. I walked over to baekho and his smile was so beautiful and pure that i legit forgot any sorrow i had in me. But then when he handed me back my phone and i walked away, i wanted to tear up, but i DIDNT.

The end lmao, this still haunts me
My friend is like, “he’ll always remember you as the girl who spilled water” and I JUST DONT
Is this my legacy

PS: On the upside, my other friend, who was behind me in the line THANK THE LORD, said that while i was contemplating dying right there, aron looked at the plushie and said “rawr” while moving it on the table before giving it the manager for safe keeping. MY BABE ISNT HE PRECIOUS

anonymous asked:

Haha yeah just Louise's tone sounded like she was in a bathroom? I dont know if its just a girl thing or something because I watched the video with one of my guy friends and he didnt get it at all, he was questioning how that happened and we had a whole 'witchcraft' thing - but, like, she sounded distressed and... like she was in a bathroom... that doesn't make sense but it does at the same time! You get me?

she was talking low and fast as if she was in public and like? it just sounds like something you might hear in a girls bathroom? it just was

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Holy shit pls talk about the emoji movie

i gave el my entire emoji movie overview/review and had to scroll up to find it holy shit we talk a lot

-i brought a notebook to count the amount of poop jokes (it was 11)

-every time sir patrick stewart (aka poop) spoke it was a poop joke

-the two main emojis like fell in love in 45 minutes and at the end gene (the main emoji) confessed his undying love for her

-about ten minutes in, gene was sitting on top of a building looking all sad bc he didnt fit in and my friend whispered, “jump” and i was crying

-the movie was basically tying to tell you to be yourself and whatnot but how can you take that seriously when eMOJIS are telling you, like bitch youre a fucking emoji check yourself next time

-the emoji gene fell in love with a girl that was a princess emoji that had run away from textopolis (that’s where they live, which is in a phone) and she was trying to be like “men are always saying women cant do anything and we are just known for our beauty” and i was like bitch some people dont even have beauty okay so know your place

-also jailbreak (the girl princess emoji) was defo trying to be a feminist and whatnot but it was the emoji movie so it just seemed ridiculous

-there was a mom there that would whoop laugh at every “joke”

-they realllly pushed that just dance app

-the kid who owned the phone deleted the just dance app bc it was going off at random times and the dance lady from the app was in the garbage doing the sad macarena which for me was the turning point of the whole movie

overall the movie was just as bad as i thought it was going to be and the creators of the movie know nothing about “teens and how they text” but it was amazing bc my friends and i were crying the entire time at how bad everything was

thank you

anonymous asked:

i am actively on break flabbergasted because a coworker i LITERALLY DONT TALK TO nor KNOW just had our manager call me and one other coworker to the office because she "overheard us saying she was stupid". she's been doing take backs the whole time, so even if we HAD said that, how would she have heard us? and we also literally didn't say anything about you, i don't even know you?

irwinponyboy  asked:

You know what pisses my LORD JESUS! I was looking though tumblr and these little stupid annoying...!!! dont have a single ounce of brain cells like they brain is the size of a peanut. Tf you explained the whole situation better than ANYBODY! I swear people just want a reason to me mad. These are little kids staying pressed all the time!!!

I believe some of them are young and joining bandwagon hate to fit in and to have something to do, cause the shit I’ve been reading makes no sense, they make Patrick Star look like a Harvard graduate.

1 Year Anniversaty

Or know tha hell how it called..idk english is not my languague XD

Well 1 year ago i was really alone…and i was hyped by the Undertale AUs (im still hyped but i dont have any idea to make one ;w;) aaand started drawing. I can remember the first draw what i copied about Maffiatale Sans took 6 hours :D

Then i practiced and practiced and i met a lot of nice person (and you will have your part just wait it out :3) So i learned a lot and i really proud of myself and i still have to learn things

But let’s get to the main part of this whole thing…the people! The wonderfull people who i met the lot fo senpais who had the time to talk with me aaand they gave me hope to countinue my work

@byutak i know we dont talk too much these days but you were the first one who pushed me to the right way i really thankfull for it! You are still my friend even if we dont talk ^^

@lazycb Lazy lazy… you are something really cute and wonderfull thing. That you always talk with me and always know what is my probleme and always know that i’m a hard one and…i dont know what to say just thank you qwq

@azy-arty you were so nice to me and you helped me to meet new nice people and help me a lot with streaming and drawing. Thank you! ^^

@patchedways my very first fan. Thank you bro! :3

Now the big senpais: @superyoumna @paintingit @wolf-wrathknight jakei (i wont tag her cause she busy af) @chronictale @azy-arty @lazycb @calista-222 @camilieroart @hammie-heart and all the other senpai who dont come in mind but i still love them ^3^

And i’m not good with words but i want to say Thank you to all the followers to all the friends who talking with me ^^


What is the plan for the next year

Well :3

First of all starting a comic…i only show the starting letters: M B T L (jakei know the anwser :3)

trying to make other comics (maybe undertale-aus comic) aaaaaaaaaaaaand draaawing a lot of fanarts and art :3

So keep it up!

And dont forget what i always (or just trying to say always) saying:

 Stay Awesome!