you dont see this everyday man

i hope you go clubbing but dont think that will make you stop loving me or make you stop missing me deep down you know you just want to hold me. 

in reality i was just scared, scared of losing myself in someone, scared of not loving enough or loving to much 

you are exactly what i feared you become a mirror image of everyone else you dont live for yourself and you dont go with what you want you kinda just tilt yourself side to side and go with the wind and listen to everyone but yourself. 

because right now if you were to listen to yourself you’d come put me in your arms no matter how scared or confused or even if you think i’d shut the door on you

you are not a baby anymore you are a man. getting with girls wont numb me off your mind or get the touch of my skin off your body 

you always said weve been together for so long that its written in the books for us

i wanted you but not youre world because we come from different ones but somehow we always met in the middle

i dont even know why im writting to you but you reached out and i said if you reached out id hear you out

dont make this your halloween #2 

wether you see me everyday or not for a month then run into me or maybe youll just see me in a year 

the love you have for me is still there 

i hope at the concert yesterday you saw foggy images of me through each line he sang and it hurts it really hurts for you i know it and maybe i didnt ask how you were doing because i knew 

when you were sad or when you were mad or when you were happy 

sometimes you just know and i am always there for you, you know that 

take advantage of that 

i used to always ask if you were doing okay and you said it got annoying so i stopped 

you said things to me that i dont even want to think were true and im hoping they were just out of anger but it got too much it really did 

the thing is you could trust me im the only person you can trust

i had to get rid of everything you got me because its just memories but i think we both know that memories can be erased or taken from us but never knocked out of our mind

think a little you say im the type to just go clubbing and go for any guy im not the one who is going clubbing 

it was always better when it was just us two no outside world

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Hey pal *finger guns* um I'm an aspiring artist and i know you get like 100 of these messages but like this ones different i get discouraged super easily seeing your art and then mine being trash so i was wondering if you had art from when you were like hella little to like compare? or like when you were first starting out? like a progress photo. i mean you 100% dont have to but it would mean a lot to me personally to see how far youve come... Its totally fine if not but i love your blog & art

Oh god I know how you’re feeling rn. it’s the artist crisis ! 

Firstly : YOU NEED TO STOP COMPARED YOUR DRAWINGS WITH OTHER OH GOD! It will discourage you and it will never help you from progressing. You need to remember that everyone have started by doing stick man on the white paper and with the time, you can have an interest for drawing and just practice everyday to improve as much as you can ! I started being in love with drawing at 7yo and at 10 yo I started depressing bc I couldn’t improve and I was keeping compared my drawings with other and decided to stop drawing until at 12 yo I discovered DIGITAL ART ( dundundun~ ) which literally changed my life so since I have my bby graphic tablet I just keep drawing mostly everyday and improve ! I could make a speech of encouragement but I think my english is too bad for that :’) …

Secondly : Sure I can do that ! Also as I got depressed a lot bc of my art style most of my drawing have been throw in the trash so ya…


brb i’m gonna cringe now

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your art is so great and i love your style you deserve so much more attention ;-; u rly inspire me to draw :,0 <3

YOURE SO SWEET IM CRYIN! I inspire you to draw?? my ugly shit NO WAY AHHh!!!!!

Listen to me! and anyone else reading this. No one comes out the womb being able to draw good. It takes time and practice!! When you first start is it going to look like shit? PROBABLY!!! But keep going! Are you going to see other people dank ass art and get discouraged? PROBABLY! (FUCK I KNOW I DO YALL ARTISTS OUT THERE ARE SO TALENTED!) A wise as fuck man once said “your own bad energy will be your undoing”-gogurt aka my mans Gogeta. Dont doubt yourself!! LIGHT A FIRE UNDER YOUR ASS! Practice! You got this! I promise everyday you’ll improve! IM STILL LEARNING! i have a long ways to go and ill probably never stop trying to out do myself! (I FEEL LIKE GOKU TRYING TO GET STRONGER AND STRONGER) OKAY BUT ANYWAY!!! im sorry im really passionate about this. i hate hearing people say they cant draw. YES YOU CAN!!! If you want to draw, please do! you have to start somewhere. Just do your best but above all else HAVE FUN!!!

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hello, just curious. i know you see jesse as trans (which is awesome, because you draw him non-sexualized, like an everyday trans guy doing normal stuff) but do you think he experiences dysphoria? im a trans guy myself but my dysphoria is so bad i can't wear anything remotely 'feminine' but i find dresses really beautiful, which is why its interesting to see you drawing a trans man wearing things like that. i know some guys dont have dysphoria, but i was wondering about your thoughts on jesse?

ill be honest, i didnt think about this that much
but id like to think that in the future the Situation is better for LGBT ppl in general so 
mayb he does sometimes, but he has a good support system

SVT react to coming home to s/o singing & dancing to their songs

SEVENTEEN reactions to coming home to their s/o dancing and singing to their songs with earphones in. 

gifs do not belong to me


originally posted by souppa

this boy would practically melt at the sight of you jamming out to his own songs, halting in the middle of the doorway in awe. slowly, but surely, warmth would spread from his chest to his cheeks before he’d envelop you in a bear hug, inducing a surprised squeal out of you, before the both of you tumble onto the couch in fits of laughter. 


originally posted by seungheol

our angel would find you so cute and chuckle at you wiggling along to the song, because you couldn’t dance for your life. He would pull you into his arms and dance along with you as the both of you pranced around the kitchen giggling through the lyrics of Adore U. honestly, jeonghan would love you singing and dancing to svt songs bc not only would it give him an excuse to tease you, but he’d just fall in love with you moreeeee.


originally posted by amillionwon

this little bean would honestly die seeing you dancing and singing to his own songs. he would arrive home, ready to call your name before he pauses and sees you flinging you body all around and singing at the top of your lungs, before burying his face in his palms, unsure whether this was second hand embarrassment or love he was feeling - definitely both. he’d slowly creep up behind you (cheeks flushed btw bc blushing joshua kill me) and just wrap his arms around you waist, laughing.


originally posted by infinitblaq

i imagine this boy walking in through the door, and just watching completely bewildered as you dance around the living room, belting seungkwan’s adlibs at the top of their voice. when you realise he’s been there the entire time, he’d probably shoot you a judging look, jokingly, before smirking and sliding a teasingly snide remark. all in all, he would be completely ruined on the inside though bc his two favourite things are colliding in the best way possible


originally posted by amillionwon

wow can you believe this puppy. he would be absolutely delighted at the sight of you dancing incessantly to his own choreography. he would waste no time at striding over to your restless figure, tackling you to the ground, and just never letting go because he loves you so much, and knowing you support him unconditionally would just melt him from the inside out. his signature 10:10 smile wouldn’t fade for a while, and he’d keep laughing, before teaching you step by step some of the dance, and jokingly poking fun at you every now and then. 


originally posted by jeonswonwu

wonwoo would find the sight of you dancing and singing along to seventeen so so so endearing. he would lean against the doorframe, and wait for you to finish before bursting into loud whoops and cheers, smiling his cute adoring smile as your expression transitions into one of embarrassment. there’s no doubt he would envelop you in a warm hug, before the both of you break into a full fledged jam session, marathoning all of seventeen’s albums.


originally posted by grown-man-woozi

tbh woozi would be the biggest tease ever if he walked in on a situation like this. his initial reaction would be one of utter shock bc you dont see your s/o chanting ‘mansae’ like a mantra everyday. he’d probably try letting you finish, but chances are he’s burst into precious laughter seconds into walking in on you, and oh boy, that wouldnt end soon at all. he’d probably never let you live this moment down, stashing it away in his blackmail material collection dedicated to you. but all that aside, he really would love that you love his music and would make sure to discreetly thank you and shower you in subtle affection.


originally posted by shownusgirl

 this ball of sunshine would only glow that much brighter at the sight of you rocking out to svt’s music. he would walk through the door, his signature toothy grin would appear, and he’d start belting out all his (and seungkwan’s) highnotes in aju nice, jumping around and goofing off to the music with you. he would probably try to waltz with you to pretty u or smth, lifting you up in the air, before pulling you into the warmest bear hug. honestly, seokmin would love you dancing and singing to seventeen.


originally posted by 7teans

alright this overgrown puppy would physically collapse onto the floor, having contracted diabetes from the adorable sight of you jamming out to seventeen, as he came home. he’d be clutching his heart, crying bc how can you be so cute. he’d then lift you up into the air before wrapping you in his arms, and concluding to never let you go. basically, the rest of the night would be compiled of a lot of cuddling and jokes, while listening to seventeen 

The8/ Minghao

originally posted by camera-seventeen

similarly to jun, minghao would walk through the door, and be utterly perplexed at the sight of a jumble of bones in conjunction with random belts of high notes. when you turn to find him staring at you, he’d try to keep a straight face, before bursting into small giggles because how can he possibly stay serious when your expression was so amusing and cute. he’d end up turning the volume up full volume, and start b-boying and dancing the choreo to the songs.

Boo/ Seungkwan

originally posted by seungkvvan

to be honest, seungkwan would probably get a scare, walking in on you screaming his high notes in pretty u. he would yell a loud “WHAT” the moment he opens the front door,  clenching his shirt and double checking he was in the right house. when he finally sees you dancing (or to the best of your ability, at least) and slaughtering his songs, he’d burst into loud laughter. after the both of you calm down, he’d give you a jokingly disdainful look, “why am i, the embodiment of talent, dating you?” 

Vernon/ Hansol

originally posted by vernonxhoshi

okay okay. vernon would actually be so amused by this entire ordeal. hed walk in, and complete shock would wash over him. after he finally adjusts to the scene unfolding in front of him, he’ll laugh to himself, as quietly as possible, and he, he is the one who would record you. he’d continue until either it gets too much and he flops on the floor laughing, or you turn and realise he’s there. cue your attempt to get him to delete the video (p.s your endeavours are unsuccessful). the two of you would just end up goofing off to the music in the end. 

Dino/ Chan

originally posted by mountean

chan is the one, who once catching sight of you dancing and singing to his songs, would immediately burst into his loud, perfect laughter. and once he starts, he won’t stop for a while. he’d probably throw a couple imitations of you in between fits of wheezing and chortling, before he’d finally let it go. he would start playing the music out loud, chuck a few mj dance moves into the choreo, and all in all, he’d be super cute about the entire thing. he would never let you live this down, though, so beware.

wow honestly i went a little overboard with these jeez. uh yeah theyre all adorable and would probably you dancign and singing to their songs super endearing.

- admin w

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(1/2) Senpai! >w< May I please request an angst scenario wherein Kise, Aomine, Akashi and Hanamiya are quite really into this girl but the girl loves another person and then reader-chan is like a rebound but they still love the dorks anyway and then

(2/2) the dorks realizes that they always take reader-chan for granted since she always keep it inside even if she’s already hurting and then some fluff and then they live happily ever after. (Did you actually get the idea Senpai? ;;w;;) Thank you!!~

HI! HOPE YOU DONT MIND ME COMBINING THIS! I like how this is angsty! Hope you enjoy! Love youu Raniku!


It isn’t easy passing by her classroom everyday only to see her in the arms of another man. Akashi would always feel his heart clench at the sight. What makes it even harder for him is the fact the girl he was head over heels for did not know he loved her and stayed good friends with Akashi. Akashi was the person she’d run to whenever she had problems. Not her boyfriend. He was like family to her. 

But Akashi couldn’t take it anymore, seeing her with another man, that when you confessed to him, he just said yes without really thinking about it.

You were cute, easy on the eyes, and nice. He thought that was enough to pass the time till he got over her. 

What he didn’t know was that you knew about her. You’ve been in love with Akashi for quiet some time now. You were pretty sure he didn’t know you were classmates back in Teiko as well.

So having him say yes to you, even if you knew he wasn’t in love with you, meant the world to him. 

But as the months passed by, his easy going attitude regarding your relationship started to take a toll on you. That didn’t matter though. You always went to his practices for some post-training snack and drink. You even went to his games to cheer for him and you’d always go out with him when he needs someone to come with him. 

But of course everyone has their off days. You didn’t feel like talking to Akashi that day, or answer his texts or calls. You didn’t say hi to him at the halls. You just needed a bit of space from him. 

And Akashi felt it. He didn’t know why he suddenly felt empty that day until he saw you at the hallway talking to who looked like your guy classmate.

He felt agitated at the sight of you, and when he called out to you and all you gave him was a small smile, he knew that the empty feeling he was feeling was you. 

He took you for granted. And he made a mistake. 

“_____!” You heard Akashi call out to you as you were about to leave the school gates.

“Akashi-kun what’s wrong?” You knew he didn’t have practice today, that’s why it was easier for you to avoid him.

“I needed to know something.” He said.

“What is it?”

“Are you still in love with me?” 

Your eyes widened at the question.

“I’ll always love you Akashi-kun, even if I am a rebound. I’ll stay by your side until you find someone new. That alone is enough for me.” You smiled sadly.

“Then let me make it up to you. I can’t say I love you. I wouldn’t want to lie to you. But I can’t see my life without you in it. But I want you to be the one cheering for me in the stands. You to be by my side when I graduate. You to be the person by my side when my days are great and when my days are tough. So please let me make it up to you. And prove you to you that being by my side isn’t as hard as its supposed to be.”

You couldn’t help but giggle at Akashi, he probably didn’t realized it yet, but he was also falling for you too. Him not being able to see his life without you in it. Him wanting you to be by his side. He was feeling exactly what you were feeling. 

You grinned.

“Okay. And I’ll make sure you fall in love with me, until you get tired of me.” You winked at him before turning away to walk the other direction.

Akashi couldn’t help but blush at your sudden change of demeanour. You were probably the most beautiful person he’d ever seen at that moment, and he couldn’t believe he hasn’t seen it this whole time. He’s definitely going to keep his eyes open. And he’ll definitely pay you back for all that you’ve done for him tenfold. 


Kise didn’t care about using girls. There were plenty of them who were willing. But for the first time it was hard for him to stand using a girl like you.

You were kind, understanding, a good cook and a wild cat in bed. And you were in love with him. You didn’t care about being a rebound. You loved Kise ever since you met him.

Unlike most girls, you met Kise who was hiding from a group of girls at the back of the school, he was crouched down on the ground grumbling about being hungry. And you gave him half of your bentou. And you started out as friends. 

He went to you whenever he was heartbroken over her. The girl he liked so much was with someone else and it broke him. At first he just ranted about it. Complained about the horrible boyfriend she had. And your meetings at the roof of his condominium would last for hours. 

When talking wasn’t enough, he sought you out for intimacy. And you let him. You let him hold you and think you were her. Let him call out his names as he held onto you tightly. You did everything to help him get over her. 

You guys weren’t dating. You were just a friend. A friend that helped another friend in pain. 

But when Kise started getting better, you talked less about his heartache, and focused on the good things about his life. He stopped crying out her name in bed. And you eventually stopped all forms of physical intimacy. 

He was getting over her and you at the same time. He didn’t need you anymore. And you were fine with that. Your heart can take it. You told yourself.

So when you saw the opportunity to get out, you took it. 

A good looking senpai of yours asked you out on a date to watch the basketball game, and you agreed to go with him. 

You watched Kise play and tried your best to hold back the tears and enjoy your date. 

You needed to let him go. Its time for you to save yourself.

When the game was over and you were leaving the stands, you heard Kise call out your name. And all you did was gave him a polite smile and a wave before holding your date’s hand in yours.

Kise’s eyes widened at the sight. He thought you were there for him. You always were. You were always there. And then he realized, you were there for him. But he was never there for you, and you were moving on. 

Skipping the team meeting, he ran after you. He needed to get you back. The days you’ve been pulling away from him were horrible and empty. It wasn’t the same having you by his side. And he had to get you back, he had to make you his. 

When he spotted you waving at your date as he went towards the station, Kise called your name.


“Kise-kun.” You said surprised.

“_____-cchi!” He ran towards you and pulled you into his arms.

“Don’t go.” He whispered in your ear. “Don’t pull away. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to use you like that. God I was so stupid to not see how important you were to me _____-cchi. Please give me a chance. That’s all I ask for. Give me a chance to prove to you, I’m worth it. I can’t promise you anything right now. Because I’m too scared to break that promise, but I will stay by your side until you’re sick of me.” You started to feel his tears fall on your shoulders as he held you tighter.

You grabbed his onto his shirt and nodded.

“Just one chance ____-cchi. Just one chance to show you how much you mean to me.”


You were used to it. You were used to rough fucking and waking up to seeing his side of the bed empty. Aomine only went for you for physical comfort. It wasn’t much. But you were there for him.

The girl he was pinning for was already taken by another man. If he had his way, he’d be her other guy. He wasn’t above doing that. He fucked girls who had boyfriends after all. But to him, she wasn’t like those girls. She was pure, innocent. Something he was not. 

So he used you. He used you to fuck all his frustration and anger away. If that’s what it takes for the man you love to feel better. Then you’d take it. You’d take all his frustrations and anger away, until he got back again. Until he becomes the man who grinned like there’s no tomorrow. 

You checked your phone at your side table only to see a couple of text messages from Aomine.

 I left some food for you in your fridge.

You’re losing weight. Eat. 

I’ll come over tonight.

Your eyes widened at his texts. He never really cared about you before. Besides the fucking, you guys didn’t talk much. You ignored each other in school, except for those days you were grouped together for groupworks.

You couldn’t help but smile before you got ready for the day. Well I guess he’s starting to heal again. 

The whole day Aomine kept an eye out for you. He wasn’t sure when it happened, but he started looking for you.

He started to look for your hair when the halls were all crowded. He tried to keep an ear out for you, just in case he heard your laugh. And when he saw you smiling, it never failed to make his heart skip a beat.

2 weeks ago, when you were sleeping, you probably didn’t realized it but you were crying. You cried his name out, and said those three words. Aomine couldn’t help but freeze. It was the first and last time he decided to stay the night. He usually left right away, but he was too tired that day. 

But seeing you cry in your sleep got him going. For the next few days, he tried avoiding you, but that only got him looking out for you unconsciously.

He noticed your little habits. Your expressions. The things you liked on your lunch tray from the school store. And how you tied your hair. 

It drove him crazy. All of a sudden thoughts of her were replaced with thoughts of you. And what made it even worst was he started to realize how horrible he was to you. He didn’t like seeing you with other guys, laughing without a care in the world. But whenever you saw him in school, all you gave him was a knowing smile before you walked your way. 

He hated it. He hated hiding your relationship away. And he knew he had to fix it. 

Aomine knocked on your apartment door that night, with boxes of takeout for both of you to eat. He was nervous. Because it was the first time he decided to have dinner with you. 

“Come in Aomine-kun.” You smiled as you opened the door.

He grunted in response.

“I have takeout.” He said lifting the boxes up.

“Oh my god thank you!” You squealed. “I forgot to go grocery shopping.”

He knew you forgot, before he left last night, he saw your pantry and fridge empty, and he decided to bring you some food.

You both started to eat the food. Occasionally talking about school related things and basketball. And all Aomine could think about was how relaxed and happy he was beside you.

After you cleared the boxes, and saw Aomine leaning against the bed on the floor. 

You knew what usually came next. You took your shirt off, unclasped your bra, and pulled your shorts and panties down and sat on his lap.

“Don’t.” Aomine whispered looking away.

You heart broke. He was going to cut you off. It was over. Whatever you two had was over.

“I-I’m sorry. I thought you were here for that…” You mumbled, covering yourself. 

“No I mean. Don’t do this to yourself anymore.” He pulled you against his chest holding you tight.

“Don’t let me break you. Don’t let me taint your happiness and make you forget what’s life like.” He whispered desperately. 

“I don’t want to be fuck buddies anymore. I don’t want to hide this. Be mine _____-chan.” He begged. 

“Please be mine, and I promise to make it up to you.”

Tears started to flow out of your eyes and you hid your face against his neck, clutching his shirt tight.

“You owe me aho.” You whispered punching his chest lightly.

He chuckled.

“I promise to make it up to you with wild sex and cheezy annoying dates where I pretend to enjoy.” 

“You better.”

“I will.” 

He kissed your hair before carrying you to the bed, climbing in behind you to spoon you. 

“Thank you _____-chan. You really are amazing.”


When Hanamiya felt like it, he’d call you up for a fuck at the nearest love hotel, and leave after he had his fill.

You were his childhood friend. You grew up with the sadistic boy. He wasn’t really sadistic. He just had sadistic tendencies. Growing up, he was a huge mommy’s boy. Who cried whenever he scraped his knee, or when you bullied him too much. 

But after middle school, Hanamiya started to fight back. He wasn’t one of the biggest kids, but he usually fought back with his wits. Scaring his opponents and threatening them.

You were usually there behind the scenes, shaking your head whenever you saw Hanamiya fuck another kid over. 

But when he fell in love for the first time, he couldn’t handle it. He fell in love with a girl who pretty much was just like him when he was younger. Someone pure, who believed in the kindness of people and loved the people in her life. And he loved her for it. He admired her for keeping he values. 

But when he saw her answer someone else’s confession, he snapped. He started fucking even more people over, even the innocent ones. Scaring them into submission. 

He ranted to you. And when that wasn’t enough he fucked you.

He thought it was fucked up fucking you. You were like a sister for him. And he’d always joke how erotically forbidden he was, and that’s what got him off. 

But you had enough and pushed him off last night. You wanted to date, you said. You didn’t want this fucked up relationship anymore.

And all Hanamiya did was sneer at you for breaking it off and promising you’d never find a better fuck than he was.

And he didn’t make you forget it. Whenever he saw you he’d make sure he was hitting on someone else. Glancing up at you and sticking his tongue out at you. Only to have you roll your eyes at him.

You never stopped taking care of him. You spent your time fixing the chaos he left behind after screwing over someone, apologized to the person and promised to make it up to them. 

But what made Hanamiya open his eyes at the realization he missed you, was the day you moved out of your family’s home, that was beside his.

“Where the fuck are you going?” He glared as you stepped out with the last box of your things.

“I’m moving out. I got a scholarship for another school.”

“But you’re already doing well in our school. What is this really about? Are you scared of facing your feelings for me?” He smirked.

“Nope. I’m just tired of fixing your shit for you.” You shrugged.

“What the fuck are you talking about.” He narrowed his eyes at you.

“Ever wonder why you never got kicked out for the shit you’ve done?” You said rolling your eyes.

Hanamiya’s eyes widened. He did wonder about that. Even when he’d threaten the teachers for their stupidity, they never suspended him or even threatened expulsion. And it was all because of you.

“Anyways I got to go Makoto. I’ll see you later.”

Hanamiya was miserable. Its already been a month since you left and everything in his life was falling apart. 

He didn’t admit it out loud, but everyone in the school knew he was beyond angry and it was all because you left.

“You should go and talk to her.” Hara chuckled.

“Why the fuck should I go talk to her.” Hanamiya rolled his eyes. 

“Because you’re being such an asshole lately.” 

“And how is that any different to how I am when she was here?”

“She kept you grounded.” Hara shrugged. “Anyways fix it. Or she’ll be out of your life for good.”

He clapped his hand on Hanamiya’s shoulder only to have Hanamiya shrug it off.

That day, Hanamiya found himself in front of your dorm room door. His hands in his pockets, his back hunched, while he waited for you to arrive.

Your eyes widened at the sight of him.

“Makoto what are you doing here?”

“Go back home _____-chan.” He said.


“Go back. Your mom’s been crying for weeks.”

“Only a mommy’s boy would care about that.” You chuckled, you knew your mom was okay, she called you everyday. 

“Go back. Your dog misses you.”

You unlocked your door. Your back at him.

“He’s fine. Mom’s taking care of him.”

You suddenly felt his hand on your head. 

Time stopped for both of you. And you knew what he was saying through that small gesture. He missed you.

You felt your eyes tear up. And bit your lip to bit back a whimper threatening to leave your lips.

“Go back and make my life living hell again.” He whispered before pulling away. 

You watched as he walked away from you, not once looking back.

You found yourself moving back at home, but not in school a week later. You’re not giving him everything he wanted. He’ll have to beg for it first. Anyways your dog need you. Your mom sucked at taking care of it in the first place. 

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Wow Jax you really are the Master of ONE PUNCH Man Knowledge hahaha Shouldve listen to ya 2 years ago dude. And Saitama has a Rival other than Sonic O_O tell me more Im intrigued

HAHA again its another joke in the series that I dont know if they do anything with it but theres this Man who we see Training to become a Hero cause he wants to make a Difference

And He’s Training his ass off everyday like Saitama did but he gives up when he sees how powerful this lil S Class Badass Tornado is

Originally posted by hamazurass

And she curses him out for being a weakling and so he starts wondering is it worth it

Then Saitama Comes in Beats the SHIT Out this Monster and Gives him PROBABLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE SAITAMA pep talks which motivates me to keep training

And then at the end we see him Training again

So its been joked around that Saitama will Have a Worthy Rival in Glasses who is Currently a B Class Hero Ranked 21


I love were!Arthur „ so i drew this for you ;; just ignore the weird anatomy and that paw-hand-thing

ANYWAYS„ now that I’m messaging you„ well, I wanted to say that I love your art and your headcanons so much  ; v ; they are all so AMAZING„ I- I just can’t— It just makes my day looking at your art„, I kinda check your blog everyday to see what awesome stuff you have done (hope that doesn’t sound creepy„, i don’t have a tumblr right now so„ ) 

but yeah„ keep it up with the awesome stuff ; v ; thanks for your time„

Wah this is so cute! you dont have a tumblr? man you should get one for posting your art at least, cause this is super cute!

everyday i am reminded by how fake life is. the food. the people. the looks. the music. i went to a park with huge hills and so many trees. and it was all man made. i walked over a man made river yesterday. everyday i sit on a train to get to work. i am so far from natural. fake feelings fake money fake people fake dreams. fake friendships are everything i see and although i will not partake in them they are everywhere. i just want the real back. i want to feel real again. perhaps this is overdramatic, but can you blame me? i am me again yes but sometimes if i let myself slip away i am so far from me. i am paranoid. i dont trust the news i dont trust the sky i dont trust the music the food the people my mind my ears my tongue i dont trust my senses - all i can trust is that i am here i am breathing i am living or at least the knowledge of me existing. there is nothing else to be thought there are no other truths in my head besides the fact that i exist. if i can not trust, i must exist. and the times i stray far from who i am i will seek comfort in the one truth i can believe in and that is that i am something. and i am here right now. when i am suddenly brought back to a sensation of existing and i look at myself or someone else and think, who am i and how did i get here? it will not matter. i will say i am somewhere, therefore i am something. i am something, therefor, i am somewhere. and if somewhere exists, so does nowhere - where no one is. i exist.