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this is really specific asssahfhs im sorry but i was thinking of one of my fav songs and realized hey i know most of the words for one of these lyrics in japanese!! but i know SHIT about japanese grammar. here's the sentence: 僕のお父さんが愛は世界できいれい物一番言う. i was trying to say "my father says that love is the most beautiful thing in the world" and idk if i got the order of nouns right. would it be ok to ask if u could point out my mistakes and rewrite it correctly for my future reference? :> ty..

to express someone saying something, there’s a grammatical structure for quoting. i dunno how to properly explain it (& also im by no means fluent) but i think it’d be better written something like this:


its been ages since i lived there so like, my sense of natural flow is a little rusty & my textbook knowledge is fuckall, but it’s at least something like that.

DS Errorberry: “Mine”

“I thought you loved me”

Error froze in his position, the knitting in his hand stopping abruptly. His hands starting shaking but he quickly put them down, hiding them.

“I love you” He said, not looking back. He felt himself getting tense when he started hearing the steps get closer.

“Then why did you leave?” A voice murmured really close of his “ear”, making him jump in his seat.

Sweat started to drop from his face, but he did not react in any other way. Error put his face carefully in blank, not moving even to breath.

“It was a misunderstanding, didn’t want to leave. I was being a idiot” He replied, his voice monotone, like he was repeating something from memory.

A careful hand took him by the chin, making Error look back. His glitches incremented, while the shaking in his hand increased.

“I’m so happy to hear that, my glitch~ Tell me, to whom you belong?”

Tears threatened to fell from Error’s eyesockets, but he kept up his blank expression.

“I belong to you Blue” HIs voice, shaking slightly, replied.

Blueberry laughed, gently kissing Error.

“Good boy. I will come back later with some food, Okey? Don’t move too much or your chains will hurt you again”

When Error was left alone again, he broke down crying.

In his hands, the little Dream doll was squeezed.

Error knew he would never be able to see again his love.

Not without his legs…


Yes hello, is me and I’m going to die :’)

Sorry for my shitty English nnfkfkdkfk

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Hey remember me? I’m gonna be inactive aGAiN ugh
I think I just need time to re-collect myself, I’m so lost ehe (being insecure about everything you know)

I may be scrolling down but I really don’t feel like posting (I’m so sorry)

Don’t forget that you’re amazing and beautiful and everything good, your life is worth living and please be happy and healthy. I love you.

i have had so much wine at this tiem

That V Route video got me so shook I woke up at 2am just to sketch this hhhhhhh – i wanted like an ‘aesthetic look’ but it just ended up looking like he’s refusing some toppings on his pizza

it must be because im hungry and i dont wanna order food at 3am //wheezes
anYWAY goodnight LOL


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again


“I like the notion that June has this power over Nick that causes him to make decisions that aren’t necessarily ideal for his self-preservation. The power of love is a strong thing.” - Max Minghella


12x23: “The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon but that we wait so long to begin it.”

13x01: “The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”

(More of the quote from 13x01: “The time is coming, they think, in some far future, when they shall find leisure to enjoy each other, to stop and rest side by side, to discover to each other these hidden treasures which lie idle and unused.” “She never knew how I loved her.” “He never knew what he was to me.” “I always mean to make more of our friendship.” “I did not know what he was to me till he was gone.”)

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archer with a sword

“It’s not pedophilia! It’s hebe/ephebe/whatever-philia!!”

Stop right there

If you need to make yourself sound “less dangerous” or “technically not a pedo”, re-evaluate why you want to defend your attraction to kids. Why do you defend your “right” to fantasize about molesting kids. Children don’t care what your technical terms are! You’re a fucking pedo to us!