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so, on the subject of fish

I dont fuckign know guys

161218- Fan note to Joshua and Jeonghan.

Q: If you made unit w/ 1 member?


  • Member that you want= Jeonghan
  • Unit name= HongYoon♡


  • Member that you want= Joshua
  • Unit name= nice kids

trans: ohmywonwoo

Taking drawing requests! Here are my ships, please exploit me

  • symbra
  • mercykill
  • mcgenji
  • widowhanzo
  • widowtracer (esp. this please, i haven’t done widowtracer in centuries)

solo overwatch characters doing weird things are acceptable too. send in anyone. a n y o n e.

love you all, hope you have a good day <3

magicalmandy  asked:

Wrath for the character ask

Send me a character and I’ll tell you

SO I have no idea which Wrath you mean, so!

03! Wrath:

My NOTP for them 
I hope it never ever happens :) 
This was so close to being canon in CoS but fortunately it didn’t happen!

My BROTP for them
They are the worst bros. Well, Envy is. Like, be nicer to your little adopted bro that’s also the sort of kid of your half-brothers old teacher who was sort of like a mother to them

Also Sloth! and Greed! 

My OTP for them 

My second choice pairing for them 
I’m not sure there’s anyone else I ship him with romantically? I probably did a few years ago, but right now I can’t think of anyone. 

My fluffy pairing for them
A L W R A T H 

My angsty pairing for them 

also envy/wrath because they could’ve been close and weirdly brotherly like ed N al but no. Envy has to be Like That™

My favorite poly ship for them 
I don’t
have one. 
I’m sure I could ship like, fletchalwrath if I gave it a thought tho.

My weirdest pairing for them 
I don’t think about wrath enough with other people anymore that I have any weird pairings w/ him. A real shame. 

09! Wrath:

My NOTP for them 
Wrath/Pride if it involves Pride’s container like
like, if Pride is just a mass of shadows I can just be like ‘eh, whatever.’ because Pride really is nothing but a ? shadowy 400 year old blob ?? 

My BROTP for them
also his swords. 

My OTP for them 
I really need to go through my blog and start tagging that ship

My second choice pairing for them 
I once saw King/Alex art? maybe that??? 

My fluffy pairing for them

My angsty pairing for them 
because you know
all the lies and the not really lies except for the ones he tells himself like how he doesn’t love his wife and won’t care if she dies he does

My favorite poly ship for them 
Greed/King/Lily is the only poly ship I have with King :’))))

My weirdest pairing for them
I think the one above this applies?

thank you!!


and you wonder why he’s not social

hey there!

Howdy! I’ll be signing off for quite a while, but in the meantime, I’ll be taking art requests! So if ya don’t mind, send me an ask! 

Thank you so much, I’ll be working on them for the next few days!

a speedpaint of how I’ve been drawing things lately!! this took about 1 hour :’)

also sorry for lack of music

I have 300+ followers??? How??? Thank you???!

(Here’s a quick colored doodle of Yuri because he’s literally my spirit animal don’t ask)

so uh

much like before this blog will be running on a queue but when i come back i can’t determine right now. school and personal life is literally mr. bones wild ride right now and i want off immediately and im just gonna cut things off for a pretty long while (or at least until i finish the semester and start my internship) so



I have finally finished the avatars for my Egg @nope-zero (Claptrap) and me  (◡‿◡✿)

I wonder if people would be interested in Avatar commissions from me …

anonymous asked:

Can you write a cat boy Mika in heat? With Yuu?

i sure can my friend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

also i know nothing about cat heats so im going to write this like alpha/omega but with cat ears and a tail, i hope thats ok !!

Mikaela mewled lowly, desperately rocking his hips against the pillow for any sort of relief. His body felt like it was on fire and not even the air conditioning or open windows were helping.

“I-It wasn’t supposed to be for another week…. Why now…” He whined pathetically, flattening his yellow ears and curling his fluffy tail around his leg. He had removed his clothes an hour ago when his skin felt too hot and sticky.

Normally when his heat hit him, he would call for his boyfriend, Yuuichirou, but since it was a week early this time, Yuu was at work and Mikaela was unable to make it to the phone.

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You're very handsome can I add you on snapchat?

Thanks but nah i made a new one some months ago cus half my contacts were randos who never snapped me that added me offa tumblr but thank u! If i know u tho hmu and you dont need to call me handsome on anon that makes me uncomfortable lol


“What are you doin’ out here all alone? It’s dangerous.”

Title: On thin ice

Relationship: Kaneki/Hide

Rating: General 

Word Count: 3147

Warnings: None. Hide is being really lame though.

Description:  Hide is a slow learner. Luckily, Kaneki is there to help.

Beta’d by the wonderful hidebot  

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anonymous asked:

I'm really not into ship-bashing, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on who would be good with whom, but what I absolutely detest is when someone writes a fic with a ship that they like, and they COMPLETELY change a character's personality to make it work. In other words, Karkat is not some shy, soft-spoken, anime schoolgirl. But I suppose the character's personality's don't really matter. It's clear this story is actually just about the smut. Have a nice day.

“It’s clear this story is actually just about the smut" well mr anon sir if u read my faq before sending an ask

you sound personally offended ngl

i dont have karkat screaming every 2 seconds cuz that would get annoying to draw real fast, i dont want him screaming unless something serious is happening that the reader can understand, not a "oh there goes that diddly darn karkat screaming and taking up the entire page again oh u rapscallion u” + it’s not like i have him going desudesu up in this biz, the comic is sadstuck not comedic like the real homestuck too.

and a healthy reminder that authors don’t write and artists dont draw specifically catering to you and they don’t owe you anything you’re the audience no one is forcing you to do anything. they aren’t pets, people who make fics deserve so much more credit?? and to be honest im that way too with fics (only if its like, idk cronus assaulting someone or kakat giggling and wearing all pink) but hey they’re doing something that makes them happy and they want to share it with people. i like reading canon characters too but that’s not going to make me dismiss the fic entirely because they cant 100% mimic hussie or perfect dynamic characters. even HUSSIE gets knocked for his own characters man you just cant keep tumblr people happy like eve r. i dont make fics but dont bust their buns

but nah son im totally fine if you dont wanna read the comic because it wasn’t made for everyone and this is tumblr and that’s okay c:

you dont need to give me attitude tho remember friend youre the one who was too shy and went on anon, not me