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Nan’s Good Luck Tea

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So I made a post about my Nan passing away, and I mentioned a cup of tea she used to make before playing Bingo. I’ve had this so many times in my life and can confirm it works!

You will need:

  • Any kind of mint tea (I prefer peppermint bc that’s how my Nan made it)
  • Lemon juice (Only a few drops will do!)
  • Sugar (One spoon is enough is you dont like sugar but it’s needed to attract the luck and make it good!)
  • Your fave mug!

Add your tea to your mug (via tea leaf strainer or teabag) and add hot, not boiling water. Stir the water clockwise, as that action attracts, and add the lemon juice. (HOLY SHIT DO NOT ADD MILK I MADE THAT MISTAKE AND IT ALL COAGULATED). Anyway, add the sugar and continue stirring.

There you go! Good luck tea, drink one for my Nan, will you <3


Ten - Sparkling Cider (that bubbly gay shit)

Taeyong - The Cup (holds everything together aka if it breaks or somethin, it cant hold the drinks)

Jaehyun - Soju (alcohol aka adult stuff aka refined and elegant but makes people tipsy and stupid aka him)

Doyoung - Champagne (has bits of jaehyun and ten aka pretty refined but a little fruity and bubbly)

Taeil - Egg Nog (basic, but POPPIN just like the winter holidays)

Mark - Bottled Water (taken everywhere aka every unit and its vital for survival)

Haechan - Tap Water (basically mark’s twin, but a little more ratchet)

Yuta - Ramune (the standard japanese drink LOL I HAD TO)

Winwin - Tsingtao Beer (recognizable and chinese love it OKAY I ADMIT I WAS RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS)

Chenle - Sprite (the baby soda)

Renjun - Sierra Mist (basically the same as chenle)

Jeno - Fanta Orange (another baby soda but with a little more pizzaz)

Jaemin - Fanta Grape (another baby soda, just has subtle differences with jeno)

Jisung - Apple Juice (poppin but still a toddler)

Kun - Iced Tea (has loads of potential, but still needs fine tuning)

Hansol - Milk (pretty basic, no one gives it a chance)

Johnny - The Straw (super important but people dont use it very often aka sm flakes on his debut EDIT: JOHNNY IS DEBUTIN YALL YASSS)


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Help! Can you tell me how to make a proper British tea?

why of course

step 1. boil the kettle (pour in only the amount of water you need let’s not waste and leave the poor unfortunate soul go goes to boil the kettle after you with tepid water and force them to make the decision of whether to reboil, or wastefully pour away this liquid and refill. )

step 2. whilst kettle is boiling place a tea bag in your mug (these may be English breakfast/afternoon, Irish breakfast, Yorkshire tea. note NOT EARL GREY)

step 3. right after kettle has boilt, pour the boiling water over the tea bags, filling the mug

step 4. leave to steep/brew/mash/mull/whatever other colloquialism your part of the country uses for approx. 2-5 mins depending on how you like the strength of your tea. you may occasionally stir or squeeze the tea bag against the side of the tea to get optimum tea flavour.

(step 5 and 6 are interchangeable, if you are an absolute heathen)

step 5. remove the tea bag and deposit it in the tea bag receptacle that is a regular in many British house holds, because going straight to the the bin is just too much effort, right?

step 6. milk. milk is not optional though brew novices may tell you otherwise. it also DOES NOT GO IN FIRST because they leaves the tea bag in cold milk??? revolting. (the only exception to that rule is when you are drinking out of a teacup and proper etiquette dictates one should pour the milk in beforehand. this is because the landed gentry of yesteryear would drink out of fine bone china, and the milk went in first to prevent cracking and damage. now, unless you are 67th in line to the throne and you have siblings called Araminta, Fenton and Tarquin, assume you are just drinking out of the common or garden mug and therefore, do not need to protect the £1 mug you brought from ikea so have no excuse) 

pour in as much milk as you see fit(but dont go overboard like the tragic fate of the tea lost in the Boston harbour by American revolutionaries; white tea = not good, luke warm, strange mixture) if you are unsure, there are always useful cuppa colour charts to measure your tea against. take care when pouring your milk as a few drops can be the difference between a milky brew, a classic and a builders. perhaps if you are unfamiliar with these concepts, do some background research before engaging in these difficult activities. 

optional step 7. add sugar. if you’re weak and also still a child or little old lady with a sweet tooth.

step 8. stir it all together. don’t go crazy, take the teaspoon that one day someone in the household decided would be used only for tea, that is permanently slightly stained from years of use, and stir that tea. (one should also note that when drinking out of a teacup, it is advised to stir the tea using an back and fourth motion, as opposed to the home grown circular motion as this prevents embarrassing spillages in front of the judging eyes of the aristocracy that have no doubt invited you for a splendid high tea in their country manor)

When you realize you’re in some really fucked up fandom’s with some really fucked up people who have some really fucked up morales and personal beliefs but then you realize you’re also one of those people-

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1. NEVER wash your hair everyday. Go at least on day without washing your hair. It makes a HUGE difference. If you are someone who has to shower every day because you work out or other things, take your shower without wetting your hair and instead use DRY SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. WHY: the natural oils in your hair come from the scalp. With straight or wavy hair the oil can easily travel down the hair shaft with no problem. Curly hair however is full of kinks and twists that make it harder for the oils to reach the ends of your hair. Thats why curly hair does not get greasy as easily. MOISTURE HELPS AVOID FRIZZ!!!

2. DO NOT USE SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERS WITH ALCOHOL OR SULFATES!!!!!! This can go for everyone. They dry out your hair and can actually damage it. That Garnier Fructise that smells so good? Yeah, no. It sucks. Dont use it. AND NEVER EVER EVER USE PANTENE!!

3. IF YOU STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR USE HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY!!! Cannot stress that enough. Damaged hair cannot be saved and must be cut off. If you can avoid straightening then do it, wear natural hair 90% of the time. With these tips youll be able to!! IF YOU MUST STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR: wash it before you do because you’ll want to go 3-4 days before washing it again. This will allow your hair to heal and restore natural oils. The night before you wash it apply leave in conditoner or some moisturizing oil and sleep with it in. This will help heal the hair and keep it soft and smooth.

4. HAIRSTYLES: you can wear your hair down a lot. Curls wont always look good after sleeping on them so you may want to put it up on the days you dont wash it. I braid my hair a lot on days i dont wash it. I also use the half up hair style a lot. And since my curls arent too tight and kinky i can wear a ponytail. But for a longer looking pony tail i use a banana clip.

5. THERE ARE REALLY GOOD PRODUCTS OUT THERE FOR CURLY HAIR. The best are Redken, Deva Curl, and Pureology. Redken and Pureology are amazing too if your hair is color treated at all. Buy shampoos and conditioner for curly hair. Or one can be just moisturizing. I use pureology curl complete conditioner, A deva curl hair scrunch gel, and a pureology split end salve (a leave in conditioner) they work wonders. I also use redken Diamond Oil. This stuff is amazing but expensive. I get a good price because of my sister.
BUT. if you cant afford those there are cheaper options available at cvs or the grocery store. CHEAPER OPTIONS include Organics and Nexxus. These are more expensive than other options but they are much cheaper than salon quality products with similar effects. both these brands offer leave in conditioners and oils for your hair. I personally use Organics Coconut Milk shampoo because it is very moisturizing. Nexxus Ultimate Moisture conditioner is amazing as well.

6. DONT USE TOO MUCH CONDITIONER! if you have curly hair you do need a decent amount. However using too much can make even your hair look and feel greasy or crusty. Use just enough to get you by. Conditioner is your best friend. Dont abuse it.

7. Get regular hair cuts. At least every 3 months. You can just get a trim but getting rid of split ends can save you from potentially going bald!

8. Finally, LOVE YOUR HAIR!! its gorgeous! Take this advice from one curly girl and use it to work MIRACLES!

@g-u-z-e-l ha risposto al tuo post : You may want to go to a doctor to check that you…
also everyone literally has different body types and needs like CHILL americans are so brainwashed into thinking they need massive amounts of food every day its sickening like if youre not hungry dont eat thats literally it.

Really!!!! Like the american food pyramid apparently has DIARY and MEAT on it…like you only need one of those!! Cheese or meat, choose one!  Idk I just have this image of people from Fargo drinking glasses of whole milk with their breakfasts of fried eggs every morning and that is how americans eat haha

like one day theres cheating discourse and people defending cheating the next day someone is asking for donations for milk rather than trying to help themselves get back on their feet and today people are just assuming that others dont have a mental illness just bc of disagreements you all need to relax

Debate camp quotes 2016

“Never date someone who believes in conditionality.” (because you shouldn’t have multiple conditional advocacies!!!)

“Frank wilderson friended my cat on Facebook. “


“Nebraska doesn’t exist!!!!”

“We just mixed conditioner and body wash and hoped it had some kind of anti bacterial power because we had no hand soap”


“Omg chocolate soy milk!!!!!!”

“North Korea.”

“On a scale of one to golf kid, you’re a 7.”

“Are you not white?” “no I’m SO white.”

“dont EVER compare us to the golf kids.”

“cap has a link to cap”

“what do you need glue or tape for?” “my shoe is broken”

“you’re a mormon, whats your plan?”

“ill wash my clothes in the sink with ramen”

“jake is my fave RA!” - “there is no RA named jake…..”

acoustic palimpscest

During a psychoanalysis lecture-

“Scotland is a very simple place there like 7 names”

“my iguana was a bastard”

“you go to golf camp you will die alone no matter how many polos you own”

“lacan is dead. he doesn’t think anything.”

lovely customer questions/orders all within one day

“can i get extra cool whip on that please…?”

“i need a venti iced flat white … but made with nonfat plz”

“can i get a caramel machiatto but with no coffee”

“i dont want any milk in my frap”

“no i dont want a tall i want a small”

“do you guys have blonde roast teas”

“can i have my tea at kids temp..”

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ahh!! what was the vegan crepe recipe you use in your snap story?? I have been looking for one for forever

I use 1.5 cups of unbleached flour, 3 tb sugar, 1.5 cups milk substitute (dont matter which), 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, a dash of vanilla extract, and as much water as you need to thin it out to the consistency u like ! 🐵❤️

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what's a sam/bucky fic you'd love to read, but hasn't been written?

1. this ones based off a prompt i wrote last year so basically after steve gets with sharon he becomes that annoying person in a relationship who keeps telling his friends to go out and find someone! friends being sam and bucky. so buckys like to sam listen i know you dont really like me but please pretend to date me so steve would shut up. and sams like yes! yes!!!!!! anything for steve to finally Shut Up so they start “dating” where basically they just chill at each others apartments and watch movies and order pizza while steve is like shedding tears at his two best friends finding love in each other and sam and bucky are cackling like this is genuinely the best thing we have ever done which is how they become friends and realize they actually like being around each other and then they start talking to each other like actually talking about what they like and what they dont and their fears and stuff theyve never told anyone before and then F E E L I N G S 

2. okay so soulmate au where they have each others name on their wrists but you dont get the mark when youre born it appears randomly at some time in your life so sam gets it first but he doesnt know anyone named bucky and he doesnt really care bc he doesnt believe in it but every time he tries to ask someone out or do anything people are like nooooo you need to go be with your soulmate!!! which makes sam just hate the whole idea more like this annoying mark isnt gonna control me and then he meets bucky through steve and hes like no. im not going to like this guy even if he does find him cute and they have the same opinions on steves recklessness so he has an abrasive kind of passive attitude towards him so when bucky gets his mark hes like ‘the only person i know named sam is sam but it cant be him he doesnt even like me and sam is a pretty common name it could be anyone’ and then they get a mission where its just the two of them or if its a college au an assignment where they get to know each other which results in “enemies” to friends to loves 

3.  Bucky hates frat boys. Theyre almost exclusively the people that give Steve the most shit. He’s tired of their bullshit and doesn’t really understand the point of them. Also theyre loud and annoying and they just suck. Sam is a frat boy. so they sleep together at a party. and then buckys like “oh no never again”. and then he does it again. and then again. so sam and bucky have a friends with benefits kind of relationship (bucky keeps pretending theyre not friends tho) and steves like “finally! you got a boyfriend i love sam hes really nice” and buckys like “be quiet steve he is not my boyfriend he is a frat boy you dont know he is the enemy” and steves just like “you like him shut up and there were only two fratboys who were douchebags and they graduated and sam is so Nice!!!” “shut up steve” meanwhile sam is like “alright man i get it. You dont like me…………are you still coming over later?” and buckys like “of course im still coming over later” and basically bucky keeps making excuses and telling himself he doesnt like sam until he realizes hes fucking in love with him 

4. okay so you know how steve and natasha went to sam in cap2 when they needed to lay low au where steve needs to hide bucky for a few weeks and hes like sam please just for a little time and sams like okay whatever man but youre paying for anything he breaks and basically the most petty domesticity ensues like “wheres the milk?” “i dont know man wheres my steering wheel” “can you give me a hand?” “sorry man i only got one” but then they gradually stop being so petty and divide the house chores and talk to each other and are like basically married and when steve comes to get him buckys vacuuming the living room and sam comes in with groceries and steves just like ??????? 

5. any enemies to friends to loves story

6. sam and bucky constantly roasting each other and then when someone agrees or does it too theyre like “EXCuse the fuck OUTTa ME??????”

7. sam steve and bucky are friends and in the same class but sam and bucky are not that close, and they all hate their professor but steve is too good of a person to talk shit but one day sam is like “i hate that asshole” and bucky is like “what a dick” at the same exact time and then they look at each other like this gif and thats how they become friends; alternatively theyre in a really important government meeting and they say this about general ross or some really important higher up lmao

Applying for jobs 101 by nickelbackthatassup

HI! its summer, and the questions have been pouring in about help and advice in getting a job!!

NOW looking for a job sucks because lets be real, a lot of places will not just look at who applied online and go “wow lets hire this person”

so heres some tips to getting noticed

  1. Resume!
    now i know youre fresh outta high school and never had a job before but that doesnt mean you’ve never been responsible before. Really milk those “past experiences”

    Remember last summer when you told your neighbor you’d watch their dog for a week? That could easily me “Experienced in taking charge of situations when others around me are in need of assistance”

    Remember that one time where you stayed up aLL night downloading music, blogged, ate anD watched half of an entire season of a show, that could very well be “Able to multitask and pay attention when a lot of things are at hand”

    So take the small times you’ve helped and little things you’ve done and amp them up. Dont go around saying you have all these experiences that you dont have just juice up what you know you are capable of doing.

  2. Bug them. Don’t be an annoying piece of shit but go in and introduce yourself. Call and keep your name in  mind. its a bit degrading but eventually they will need someone and remember the really sweet person that wont stop coming in.

    “But Kayla, how do you know this?!?!?!?” I applied online for the same starbucks job for 3 years. Literally 3 years. So, I became a regular, and starting going in every day, and eventually everyone at the damn store knew who I was, and when the manager needed to fill a spot she asked for me by name. So. I mean. It works.

  3. Smile!

    When you go in, be nice, look nice. They will remember that.

Im out of shit.

(side note: floridian????? apply for universal or disney. you will get hired. you will get great experience, if you fuck up its too big of a company to send a bad recommendation to your new place of employment. if you dont fuck up u can use personal numbers to get references.)

(side side note: this worked for me but theres probably better ways to get jobs)

(super duper side note: want a starbucks job? visit my faq for specific tips)

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 53 Spoilers

*Remember the title of the first chapter of Tokyo Ghoul? also, “*” sign means I could be wrong about the translation*


Eto saw the helicopter where Matsuri is at and attacks it.
Matsuri: !!!? What!! We re falling!
Pilot: Uwaaaa!! Matsuri managed to flee using wire.
Matsuri: (That one was… the one eyed…!!)

Eto goes to the rooftop and blows Tsukiyama and Kanae away then grabs Sasaki*
Eto: Ka—ne—e~~~~!!! Kiiiiiiiii!!! Haiiiiiiiise—!!!
Sasaki: Ah, a
Sasaki goes slightly unconscious and Eto shows herself as Takatsuki Sen. (Without owl form)
Eto: Muhaha, that headpoke just now Arima Kishou would have evaded it, Haise Sasaki kun
Kanae: Ga..aga…
Eto: Well well, we dont have much time! You are going to die anyway! Let Shuu sama have a show
Kanae: Gu…zehzeh… Owhhhhh!!

Ui reaches the floor where Furuta is at but only corpses are shown before his eyes.
Ui: Confirm the identitiy of those who died on duty!!
Investigator: Yes..!
Ui: (-the name of stations- Kanda. The melon bread I had with Hairu was delicious -continue with the name of stations-)
As Ui passes by Hairu’s body

Ui’s throwback
Ui walking on the streets with Hairu at night
Hairu: Yes yes, none none. I will erase it
Alone, Ui sitting in a train

Ui grabs tightly of his quinque
Ui: …
Investigator: Special class! There is a survivor…
Ui: Im heading there now
The survivor is Furuta, he looks injured
Ui: …can you speak?
Furuta: We, Kijima squad and Ihei squad was… fighting with two of Tsukiyama’s bodyguards…

Furuta chops Matsumae’s kagune and another investigator besides him was alive
Investigator: !! Please stop Furuta rank 1… I… wont speak of anything!!
Furuta: No, Investigators have the duty to report, if you dont say it

There was an investigator who was killed by Matsumae’s kagune piercing through his head
Furuta: Got attacked by that guy, Ihei squad got killed. Then… Kijima san…. ahhhhh… ahhhhhhh…
Ui: …The vehicle to move the corpse which number is the fastest to reach here?
Investigator: Number 15
Ui: …then number 15
Furuta trembles
Furuta: Kijima san…. Ugh…. Uuu…. U…. Bahhh!!
Furuta made himself looking beaten and worn up before Ui arrives

Kanae attacks Sasaki relentlessly and Sasaki is blown away
Kanae: AH!!
Eto: (♥ Good~)
Kanae steps on Sasaki’s face
Kanae: I want to be loved!! Be loved! Be loved! Be loveeed!!
Sasaki: (Blood… my head was cracked…it feels like honey…)

Noro inflicted heavy blows to the investigators, but Shirazu and Saiko are unharmed.
Shirazu: …Sassan…what… should I do now…? Itou squad’s Kuramoto is injured badly. Here… we are fighting with a ghoul… Saiko is unharmed… after this… I dont really know… quinque was useless against him… Nuts was useless too…
Noro is going to attack Saiko but Shirazu jumped towards Noro to protect Saiko. Noro’s kagune opens its mouth widely, it seems like Shirazu is about to get eaten.
Shirazu: (I…… Sassan)

Kaneki: …you look like a baby that is going to get suffocated inside a milk bottle* ….hey… werent you going to save me?
Sasaki: -shut up
Sasaki grabs Kaneki’s neck
Sasaki: -die…Kaneki…die… My salvation your salvation. Die, me. Die die… Die, I dont want happiness. How good is it if I had died back then. Disappear properly. Kill me. Kill me, die. Haise, me, die.
Kaneki: …it will be good like that bastard* …hey, did you forgot? I, was always beaten by the ones I love.

Sasaki’s throwback?
Kaneki’s mum is hitting Kaneki
Kaneki: Mother, I am sorry… I, dont need anything… Sorry… I, dont want anything… Sorry… I, dont wish for anything… Sorry… Dont hit me… I, dont wish for anything so… Sorry… Sorry… Sorry… I like mum the best

Kaneki: Hey, I was really happy. The underground flowers, that time. I met a deathgod! Just like the insect mum used to be, I too… but I didnt die
Sasaki: …I ○?
Kaneki: Yes, for sure, yes, so, I
Your salvation is… sleeping and happy dreams only…
-This time, properly, somehow, being loved by other people, good things bad things whichever is fine
…after that, I-
Kaneki: want to die in a cool way *smile*
(…I am a happy dream. when I wake up, a little tear will conclude everything)
Sasaki: -that, that is your salvation?
Kaneki: Yes!
Sasaki: …what…that kind of thing
Kaneki: Then, can you do it?
Sasaki: Yes
Sasaki: (Since when, I mistaken what I want)
Sasaki: I am done with dreaming (Good night Haise)
Sasaki changes expression

imagine that urie stress bakes but ONLY does it when everyone is out. so then saiko and shirazu and haise and mutsuki go out to :re and urie pulls out the goods (being the brownie pans and cupcake pans and etc) and sneaks over to the kitchen to do his stuff

but then mutsuki goes home early because he spilled something on himself and needs a new change of clothes. he doesn’t wanna be the one who ends their time out so he goes home by himself

urie is there, sitting with freshly made brownies and a glass of milk. cue awkward silence. urie then says something like “if you tell anyone else, i’ll kill you”

but mutsuki is too distracted by the fact that urie is eating mil and brownies to even feel the slightest bit threatened. instead, he asks. “can i have some?”

urie scoffs “i dont care”

then mutsuki takes a seat next to him after getting his own glass of milk, ignoring his own dirty clothes

they wouldnt talk. just eat in silence.

then later, mutsuki would sometimes watch urie bake and sorta admire how skillful urie was and how good he looked covered in flour

urie decides that maybe having someone eat his baking with him is nice

what if i wrote this sometime lmao

tagging soumeki and hi hello thank you ;w;

i’ll hold your hand: Butters Stotch inspired, songs for cutie pies who love but dont need love. art cred

When I Go- Slow Club // Sea of Love- Cat Power // Do You Remember?-  Jack Johnson // Brave- Sara Bareille // Love My Children- Andrew Jackson Jihad // Be Okay (acoustic)- Ingrid Michaelson // We Are Gonna Be Friends (cover)- The White Stripes // Some Nights- Fun. // Happily (acoustic)- One Direction // Movie Loves a Screen- April Smith and The Great Picture Show // Anyone Else but You- Michael Cera and Ellen Page // Come to Me- Goo Goo Dolls // Tire Swing- Kimya Dawson // San Francisco- The Mowglis // In the Aeroplane Over the Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel // Loose Lips- Kimya Dawson // A kid’s song-