you dont need a milk one

i think the best answer i thought as to why the list of craftable food is do boring and mainly steak and soup, is its easy. easy for the player character to craft when all you need is one or 2 ingredients, easier for the devs to not have to make recipes and new models for different foods.

even so they really skip out on something vitally important to world building. theres a ton of dishes you can make using the ingredients in fnv and fo4! but they arent there!! even with a 200 year difference, i dont think it would be so much as everyone just went back to eating meat on a stick again, itd be more like people find innovative ways to flavor meats considering a lot of it probably tastes horrible.

its trivial and its extra work that the average gamer wouldnt care about, but food is a really important tie into people’s lives so if you want to make a setting where people feel like they are living and thriving, they’d have more recipes past meat on a stick and meat in a broth.

peoples cognitive dissonance man.
the omnivores calling the veganegg gross because one of the ingredients is algal flour, flour from algae! WOAH!
I’s a cool product especially if you’re switching to veganism and want to ween so to speak, it’s pretty good. I personally wouldn’t buy it every week, cause I have no need for it, but hey, fyh is amazing for their products. You don’t have to eat it, or even like the idea but if you’re an omnivore its kinda really laughable to shit on these products…like dude, cows milk/cheese and eggs are some of the grossest things labeled as food, as a human you can consume. Eggs are chicken periods, literally eating an abused hens menstruation. but algae!!flour?! yikes.

lovely customer questions/orders all within one day

“can i get extra cool whip on that please…?”

“i need a venti iced flat white … but made with nonfat plz”

“can i get a caramel machiatto but with no coffee”

“i dont want any milk in my frap”

“no i dont want a tall i want a small”

“do you guys have blonde roast teas”

“can i have my tea at kids temp..”