you dont mess with my friends and expect me not to hate you

Back to September I was a mess. My heart was broken, not by any guy, but by a company and my best friend. It felt like they teamed up behind my back and its similar to cheating in a relationship. I cried, I tried to go out, I bought as many books as I can, I was running from the pain. I did not want to see tomorrow, I did not care about anything, I hate my life and my stupidity. Even when other friend offered another job, I dont want to go because I hated everything. No new comic idea came to me, it sucked.

But then I decided I should just play this game if Im gonna waste my life anyway. I never played game online, but the fandom got me curious. 

It was a great decision. It might sound foolish, but this game really saved me.

I actually expect tomorrow, what will they do? Whose call will I receive? What will they chat about? The curiousity got the best of me, as I am always the type of people that chased after excitement feelings. And then my passion actually come back by this game, I can get up and draw something again. The inspiration is a life saver, I was motivated. I accepted my friend’s help and went to work, my life still sucked, but at least I can move on slowly. I actually want to know what tomorrow will bring.

So thank you @cheritzteam, you did a great job in this game and it somehow encouraged me! I sincerely wish you a great X-mas with many joys and happiness!

Thank you so much.