you dont like

That thing guys do where they approach a girl on the street based on looks is such an ineffective strategy in my experience like its cool to know my outfit is “elegant” but sir I already promise your expectations are wrong the only service I offer is being an awkward meme-loving-fuck you’re literally only signing up for 1am discussions about fanfiction and anime characters and trash jokes

A dude stopped and walked with me last night telling me my outfit reminded him of some fashionista he knew if France and i dont know jack or shit about France or fashion and whatever vibe I was giving off was 100% bullshit because the only thing on my mind was getting on my pjs and watching boku no hero reruns

like whats the right way to communicate “you seem nice but im grappling with the stress of realizing ive somehow set expectation too high and i am in fact 400% more of an awkward loser than you realize and i spent all of middle and high school being super ugly so i really dont know how this ‘lets get coffee’ game works i just wanna watch my japanese cartoons in peace”

2 years. Still gold. Still relatable.

  • shannon: *sees enid* what the fuck girls are hot im a lesbian now
  • boxman: shannon you dont just DECIDE to be a lesbian
  • shannon: not for humans, maybe, but im not bound by some primitive meat brain
  • shannon: installing lesbianism

jj keepin’ it real

They say I'm a traitor. Maybe I am. All I know is that I did what I had to do.

Leaked plans are better than a funeral. Hacked accounts are better than an empty room. Sold off passwords are better than a broken family.

Ryan knew eventually they’d trace it all back to him. They would see everything he had done, except they wouldn’t see the second part; all they would see was a traitor. He was okay with that. Sure, he’d lose their trust, might even be booted from the crew, but he wouldn’t lose them, and that was all that mattered.

Me, laying in bed with my eyes closed: *about to fall asleep*

My brain: Mettaton could be nonbinary.

Me, skeptical: …explain.

My brain: Happstablook, along with the other ghost characters, was canonically referred to with they/them before and while many see Mettaton gaining a body as a metaphor for a binary transition, its also possible that gaining a corporeal body wouldn’t change too much about how Mettaton identified, and in theory could be like a NB person getting surgery so they can express themself more to their liking. On top of that, seeing as he’s somewhat “feminine” in canon as he wears a long dress (which he later gives to a fan of his, who could also possibly be nonbinary) and sports hot pink knee-high heels in his humanoid form, it’s possible that Mettaton could be nonbinary and primarily prefers he/him. Of course that isn’t necessarily even close to canon and gender expression doesn’t always mirror gender identity, but it is somewhat good basis for a headcanon if you’re the kind of person that likes having explanations for your theories.

Me, sitting up immediately: holy shit-


here are the drawings that i mentioned in my last personal post idk why this didn’t upload earlier but here they are

cj: posts something ab jason