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these are dedicated to @sportacuzz, because you keep asking abt that steampunk au and i never make anything for it,, :p

i painted some of the shots that i had in mind back when i was planning the storyline, buut i dnt think i’ll be doing much else for this au. consider this concept art for a comic that will never exist

a white rose in disguise 💭

hating on clace/clace shippers because clace is a white het couple doesn’t make you cool and progressive and it doesnt change the fact that it’s a healthy supportive relationship between two characters that love and respect each other bye 

pull yourself together district leader

Train To Busan - Astro AU (3)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Okay so I highly recommend you watch the movie or read the plot bc it’ll make more sense when you read it

special shoutout for @literal-ktrash @puppycat-eyes for helping me through my writing slump and @mystic-astro-trash for motivating me when I was gonna abandon it

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so today’s “dinner” was absolutely horrible:

out of all the things on this plate, the bread is the only thing i can sometimes eat and even it did not taste good at all + everything was cold but there was another, more pressing problem with the dinner:

i…………. was not eating that.

music shuffle tag | put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten mutuals

i was tagged by @kiaronna!! thank you very much!!! i think what i’ll do is link to the song, and put down my favorite quote/gush a little!

1. au cinéma by lianne la havas

“i wish
that we
could somehow freeze the frame
but this isn’t the silver screen, no”

lianne la havas is a genius and i adore her. this song has a sort of bittersweet, nostalgic feel, chock full of old cinema references, and it’s an experience.

2. the trapper and the furrier by regina spektor

um i’m gonna break my own rule and just put the entire verse here, because

“ the lawyer and the pharmacist went walking through paradise
and all the sick were around and with fevers unbreaking
crying and bleeding and coughing and shaking
and arms out stretched, prescription collecting
the lawyer and the pharmacist went walking through paradise
pressed suits in a courtroom, aroma of chloroform
and they smiled at the judge, disposition so sunny
cause they didn’t have the cure but sure needed the money”

like holy wow her righteous anger in this song is palpable. i always listen to this one when i’m feeling thirsty for Vindication.

3. pick up off the floor by mika

“love is lost, life can burn,
but your luck will return,
but if you’re dragging it down you won’t know it’s there”

the quintessential Sad Song - it’s inevitable that mika would show up on here, he is my go-to.

4. honey and the bee by owl city

“don’t remind me
that some days i’m a windshield
and other days i’m just a lucky bug”

owl city has always been very special to me, and this is one of my favorite of his songs. it’s so optimistic, while also acknowledging that sometimes things suck a little, and it’s okay.

5. sleepwalker by emily king

“i feel my body
without me again
like a sleepwalker
getting closer to you, getting closer to you“

the one that i listen to normally is actually the demo version, and it’s a lot more dreamy to me somehow, but i adore this one too!! very fun and weird.

6. if so by school is cool

this song is dorky and fun and i love it

7. she’s a handsome woman by panic! at the disco

“go on, grab your hat and fetch your camera
go on, film the world before it happens”

i am in love with this song, as i am in love with the whole pretty. odd. album. it’s a weakness, and i embrace it.

8. silly eye-color generalizations by regina spektor

i can’t choose a single lyric from this song. it is my child - it’s my funny audition song, and it infuriatingly has no accompaniment, and i’m furious with myself for being this in love with it - AND FOR BREAKING MY OWN RULES AGAIN.

9. greek tragedy by the wombats

“She hits like ecstasy
Comes up and bangs the sense out of me” 

this song is INTERESTING. i didn’t really love it at first, but after watching the music video and how dark it is, i actually really appreciate it. i love me a dark twist on a song that otherwise would’ve just been kind of empty and boy band.

10. philosophize in it! chemicalize with it! by kishi bashi

“picture our wedding it’d be summer sour and summer sweet
we’d paint the ceiling red, we’d go to the greek and straight to the street
concerned but never bleak
we’d find the day about you and me”


thank you so much to @kiaronna to tagging me in this!!! i guess i’ll tag @aeipathy-not-apathy, @xyriath, @paxohana, @thefuckingassholesupi, @espritneo, @lavelrian, @rei-drome, @jellyfishpicks, @onceandalwaysenglishmajor, and @psyraah!!!!!!! i dont think any of you have been tagged before!! and only do it if you feel like it, definitely no pressure ! <333