you dont know what iv been through

you know what you shouldnt do? constantly tell your child how expensive they are to take care of. because eventually, that child gets scared of asking for money, and doesnt feed themself at school, doesnt go places with their friends that require money, because they dont want to be expensive. it really does get into their minds, that theyre too much money and that they shouldnt do anything.

bitchin’ loser’s club part ii

this was written quickly in attempt to help me edge back into writing

i will be updating just a bet soon, i promise.

summary: a texting fic between the it/st kids

pairing: too many

words: also, too many

the party chat



micycle: i planned it TWO WEEKS AGO


dustinshat: hat

lucasa: dustin i swEAR to god if you DONT STOP PRETENDING TO BE A HAT

lucasa: halloween IS OVER

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i know other jews have been asking would you hide me but ive been thinking about would we hide muslims and/or ppl of arab descent and/or possibly latin@s bc that seems more likely at this juncture

certainly antisemitic hate crimes and terrorist threats against jews have been on the rise but i dont think the government would actually go through with a jewish registry/camp at this point what with trump’s son in law kushner in trump’s inner-circle and the main target of trump’s discriminatory executive orders and rhetoric being arab and latino immigrants atm 

not to take away from trump’s and bannon’s (esp bannon’s) and their following’s very real antisemitism, i myself am REALLY disturbed by that of course as a jewish person and i have even considered fleeing the country due to the fact we are definitely less and less safe. also that we even have to CONSIDER the possibility of being put on a registry or being subjected to camps or genocide is terrifying but yeah we also should be thinking about this

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how do i come to terms with the fact that no one wants me (no one! not even one person! no one!!!) and im so ugly that ive been rejected literally eleven times i counted and not even necessarily by people i liked just by people who wanted to make sure i knew how repulsive i am? ill never have a gf only my ugly-ass face and bitter jealousy for the happy pretty girls who dont know what it's like to be unlovable

hey anon

im so sorry you had to go through this? 

for one, im absolutely certain you look good. and theres definately someone out there who ISNT an asshole that youre compatible with. youre not unloveable and it may not seem like it but things are bound to at least take a turn for the better one day, if not soon. hang in there

Tips on coping with being you / your appearence under the cut

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Which Theories Have Proven True?

In my time on Tumblr (which is about a year and a half) Ive read many theories about how certain things are symbolic to something. Like, Pizza = Lies.. whenever they have pizza, someone is lying. (which I find kinda funny because theres almost always someone lying about something) and because 2 of the 4 cross roads demons Sam summoned, are male, it means he’s bisexual, and because there are 13 songs on the Holy Zepp Mix Tape means S13 Destiel will be canon. There are several strange theories I have come across, so I was wondering if any, of any kind, have ever proven true? What are the strangest ones you have heard? Which one/ones are your favorite? Do you have one you thought up? Do you know of any that have been completely debunked?

I personally don’t give the writers that much credit, Theres been too many show runners and writers walking in and out to keep up with what others were doing, its hard for them to keep with canon, let alone follow through with symbolism that has been going on for 13 seasons, but I do enjoy hearing them. Ive always enjoyed conspiracy theories, even if I dont believe them, they’re fun, but I have yet to hear of any SPN theories that have been true. Enlighten me, if you can :)

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Im that anon that requested for headcanon :D sorry i took so long. Can i get a headcanon of each of the strawhats drinking habits? Like how do each if then act if they get drunk? How much can each if them drink before getting drunk? What is the most embarrassing thing they did while drunk? Do they prefer wine or beer or any other alcoholic beverage? I Was always curious on this one because theres a couple of drinking scenes in op

thanks for this request! it was an interesting one. this ended up being really, really long so im putting it under a read more (probably due to all the pics of evidence i put in from a bunch of different arcs. ive been working on this since 7:30am and its 5:15pm now lol. dont worry though, i took a meal break!)

anyways, i tried to stick to canon/what could be plausibly canon as much as possible for each character (including the embarrassing bits). the heacanons go through jinbei!

i hope you all enjoy the read & if any of you feel differently/have some bit of contradictory evidence, feel free to send it in! im open to suggestions, i tried my best here but i know i probably missed some stuff

also before i start please note that all of them drink beer. all of them. theyre pirates, they kind of have to. pirates sing and pirates drink beer, thats just how it is in luffys mind, so thats the default drink for everyone at parties (i imagine thats how oda feels too)

Originally posted by 1997onepiece

though beer is the default drink, theyll drink anything. theyre not really that picky. like:

with that out of the way, ill talk personal preferences and experiences of each crew member now

also i will only be using manga evidence from here on out since thats what im familiar with/thats whats canon

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@marshmallowfup​ BIG MOOD.

what really baffles me is when people do this, but think sending me this ask is going to change anything??? like, dude– ive been in this fandom for 8+ years and there’s a whole entire sub-fandom with members across the globe supporting usuk like it ain’t no big deal (and theres a reason for that).

my main point i want everyone to know is that– if you think its so bad, why dont you look through the THOUSANDS of eyes that dont see what youre seeing. step into their shoes and fuckin’ use your brain?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

im too tired for this, and i dislike seeing it being brought up again and again. just let it die, dude lol. do smth better with ya life– like instead of attacking ppl online for liking a fictional ship, maybe donate your time and effort into stopping ACTUAL IRL causes that affect real people?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You know what I love about RDJ? The guy is a multi-shipper.

He’s the captain of the S.S. ScienceBros

And the captain of the S.S. SuperHusbands

I mean just look at his facebook, guys~

He’s also probably lurking on tumblr 24/7 looking through all our posts about either of those two ships and posts the one he likes best on a daily basis. Also, he’s probably getting a kick out of StArkBucks

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im suprised no one's asked yet because usually every webcomic author gets this question, but are you okay with people kinning with characters from coupon kids? i know some artists are uncomfortable with it, while some others think it's cool and tolerate it, and i was just wondering what your verdict on it was

ive been ok with it so far! honestly the only thing that makes me hesitate is that the comic is still very young, and these characters will change over time (for the worse or for the better) and i wanna talk about certain topics through these characters. I DUNNo i just dont want. to like, write a depression arc and have a 14 year old like, viscerally live through a character’s horrible experience. 

i guess do what makes you happy, its harmless to kin i feel. but those are the only concerns of mine. 



in oNE (not really but-) DAY? Im gone

im through, what am I going tO DOO!!!!?

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

guys i dont know how im going to celebrate, should i throw a digital party Im up for that XDDDD

can you imagine a damn 3 year old making it this far? Dont need to imagine it because its reAL


Thank you so much, ive been saying that everytime and theres nothing else to really say but thank you? But I really mean it because it means too much to me ^^. This all happened so darn fast whaaa-

things i’ll do to celebrate because im dying in the ins-
-Art Stream (in both streams ill be talking)
-Drawpile Stream (maybe)
-5 or 10 facts about meh
-a song to make into an amv (like the errorink glad you came one)
-arandomcompliationofmefreakingoutatgoodart pffft

and thats all i can think of lol

THank you all again for 700+ followers, I hope you have a wonderful day ^^

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hi santi what did u eat today i just ate a brownie but it was kind of stale also what color are ur underwear currently and whats your name whereare you from iwant my eggs crack ed

“hi haha, uh ive been making my way through texas and literally just pulled over to eat for the first time all day cause i felt like i was gonna pass out. do you know how fucking big this state is? i got a chili burger at some diner and it was probably a bad decision. my underwear? we only just met…jk theyre purple boxer briefs. my name is santi but you knew that, and im from new jersey. i dont really know what to tell you about your eggs, i always broke the yolk whenever i tried to crack them and my mom would yell at me for it.

p.s. save a brownie for me if you have any left 😉 ”

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emily three years ago i woke up to someone (a friend at the time) kissing me and thank God nothing else, but i still dont really know how to feel about it. at the time i was lonely and didnt question what happened and was even kind of flattered but now even just remembering it makes me uncomfortable. that was the last time ive been kissed in three years. other ppl go through way worse but i cant seem to get past this. i havent dated in yonks either & i want to cancel it out but i dont know how.

other people going through way worse means literally nothing in this situation. you’re not other people, you’re you, and you had a friend completely transgress your boundaries. they were an asshole, and you shouldn’t need anyone’s permission to feel uncomfortable and hurt by that. 

but. this means nothing in terms of whether you can date. something like this can come with a grimy, queasy feeling, like you need to–tell your dates or partners about it, like you’re maybe keeping something from them by making it private. I wish this hadn’t happened to you, but it’s not something that needs to be cancelled before you’re lovable. you were lovable then, and you’re lovable now. 

you also aren’t locked into what you should think about this incident by how you reacted to it then. I’ve had pretty terrible things happen that I gave a pass at the time, or just didn’t want to think about or call what they were, and years later they caught up to me like a speeding mack truck. you are a growing changing person, capable of looking back and recontextualizing your past. you need to allow yourself the space to feel what you feel about what you know it was: someone you trusted taking advantage of you. that’s something I know you can give yourself. please take care. ♥

i hate when people who dont know what ive been through tell me i dont have it that bad based on the superficial happy and balanced script i act out in social situations i hate that people who dont know about my multiple diagnoses just tell me to be positive i hate when people come to me with their mundane fucking problems asking me for sympathy when all they can ever get from me is contempt because you have no idea what it’s like to have problems you have no clue what it’s like to hate yourself so much that you want to be hurt all the time bc you deserve it you dont know what it’s like to not own the body you’re trapped in and you’ve never wanted to die the way i want to die all the time

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I hate you. You'll never understand what it's like to really be fat and ugly. You've always been skinny and you lost weight and now you're "anorexic". Everyone pays attention to pretty girls who are already thin who lose more weight. I've had an ed since I was 11 and no one gave a shit bc I was fat. I hate skinny girls I hate pretty girls they never understand

This message is just so ridiculous to me. Do you understand what body dysmorphia is? I dont ever even feel pretty or skinny. I dont feel confident or happy the way i am whatsoever. It doesnt matter if im underweight, i still feel like absolute garbage about myself and its a very complex reason, not a shallow one. Try not to be so selfish and empathize with the struggles of others because they can be suffering just as deeply as you are. Dont be so ignorant. Just look at things through other peoples points of view instead of projecting this irrational hatred onto them. You dont know or understand me or what ive been through. Grow up. I would have said something supportive and kind to you but im not going to waste my time if you started this message with “i hate you”. Sorry, you’re just an ignorant child who needs to gain some fucking perspective about other peoples struggles and not be so selfish.

landocoolrissian  asked:

so, i have a cis boyfriend. hes super sweet, treats me well, does everything he can to learn about me being trans and he respects and protects me on that topic. but recently, i dont entirely know why, ive been feeling like "im not trans enough" to be gay or something like that. i know not trans enough isnt a thing, but its just been bugging me a lot lately and i feel like im lying to myself about everything... i dont really know what to do, honestly.

It’s normal to go through times when you are doubting yourself. I don’t think there are any trans people out there who haven’t been through this. Just try leaning on your boyfriend and let him validate you as much as he can. There’s nothing wrong with feeling this way, it won’t last forever! I know it’s difficult but you will get through this!


How the scene in episode 1 should have gone:

Keith: I’m not meant to pilot the black lion.

Allura: Is that why you’ve been pulling away from us?

Keith: yea… I suppose that’s part of it.

Hunk: Part of it? What’s the other part?








Keith and lance together: ILL MISS YOU!


The more I read about john green and that shitty stars book the more I fucking hate him. I know once the movie is released (and god I hope its criticized to the depths of hell and completely sucks to the point that he gets ridiculed for it) the hype will start to die down and I don’t have to hear about it ever again… but right now it keeps popping up and it just pisses me off.

Its 4:36 am and im not super coherent so I might post more angry shit later, but all I had to do was read a summary of the book to get pissed the fuck off. How DARE you romanticize a terminal illness you hardly know anything about,  for the sake of some angst and edge for your shitty, pretentious, poorly named, one dimensional characters. Go FUCK YOURSELF. Dont give me your shitty “I hung out with some teens at a cancer ward” excuse, no, shut the fuck up and come back when you’ve had to stay at a hospital,  day in and day out and watch someone deteriorate from the disease. Come back when, hell, maybe youre a survivor yourself. Dont act like you know shit about cancer patients and what they go through, jesus christ I cant believe how unrealistic the shit in that book is. Oh, I can just leave the hospital whenever and yolo! Toootally can have sex. Oh no, I thought I was fine and have had ZERO symptoms but suddenly im in a bad stage and dying! HOW CONVENIENT FOR THIS SHITTY PLOT!

It honestly makes me sick to my stomach that he just uses terminal illness as a shitty plot point. Ive watched films and read other books with this as the subject,  but you know what? They worked because they were by survivors or relatives of patients who really experienced the whole thing. before I went through my bout of dealing with it, I watched a movie called 50/50 and I actually had to stop watching because it felt so real and was making me upset. The writer of the screenplay was a survivor. He wrote it so it wasn’t just a plot point for a romance or comedy…. it was something the main character had to fight and get through mentally and physically. Any romance etc were just side points to show how much this disease affects someone.  Its not a perfect film but its a far better representation.

What also upsets me further are the half assed arguments defending this book. I don’t care if you enjoy or hell, somehow relate to this book. But for god fucking sakes dont you dare try to speak for others who have or are going through dealing with terminal illness. “No the book is special to people who have-” “I know because my friend’s brother’s mother’s-” “Ive never been through it but its so tragic and realisti-” please,  shut the fuck up. Go educate yourself. And stop trying to be a spokesperson for something you cant understand. Honestly, those words go to the author too.

In short, fuck john green, fuck tfios, and fuck people who romanticize illness because there is nothing romantic or fantastical about it. Its tragic, its hell, and thats all it is.

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I thought i was over getting misgendered by my peers but apparently i was wrong, ive been in emotional distress for a lot of this month and its barely even started. My dysphoria is coming back too and i dont know what to do, my parents might know im trans too and every time ive tried to come out to my mom shes been in tears. Can i get some comfort, maybe? Im too afraid to ask my friends and my boyfriend for comfort atm,,

I’m sorry we were delayed getting to this, but I hope you’re feeling a bit better now.
Being upset at misgendering is completely normal, and what you’re feeling is 100% okay. But you can get through it 💙 -Matt

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Kouha, Koumei, and Kouen as a guest of honor during a festival in their royalty!crushes country? How would they gain their favor amidst all the excitement? Also thank you for all of your hard work. It makes my day to read your responses!

Ren Kouen

  • Sitting up straight and puffing out his chest, Kouen tries to a good impression. He applauds exuberantly at the end of each festival song and dance, but refuses to participate himself—he’d look like a fool, which was the last thing he wanted to do in front of his crush.

Ren Koumei

  • Koumei watches the festival with great interest, but prefers to remain a spectator, until he’s swarmed by elderly women who tease him and provide cultural context in equal measure. He humors them, answering all their questions…until they ask who he was staring at so amorously (though they already knew the answer.)

Ren Kouha

  • Kouha is in the middle of the action and having the time of his life. He may not know the traditions, but that doesn’t deter him one bit. Kouha catches his crush’s eye as stumbles through the steps of their dance, fitting in just fine in spite of their differences.