you dont know how grateful i am

I was in love with you then and i have been this whole time. I worship you, you are a absolutely beautiful imperfect being that if i ever get any chance with you I’m happy. For all the years i have known you my infatuation never subsides. Even when we parted i said i love you. And if anytime any place i could go for you to say it again i would. I would run a thousand miles. I would do any thing. I am not worthy of your time or your presence but you let me. You come back again and again for reasons i dont know. Even when i say go away you come back. And for that i am forever grateful. You do not even know how much time i have spent thinking about you. Even when i thought i hated you, my absolutely adoration never went away. Even when you showed me your worst! When we both made mistakes we both kept coming back.

I am utterly madly and forever in love with you
And you deserve more than the world at this point
You deserve everything that anything has to offer.

You have etched a permanent mark on my life and how i am as a person. Even if all of this is for nothing. I learnt so much from you and what happened about myself and you then i could ever learn from someone telling me.

Ok I’m done now i just wanted to rant

dream daddy is a game where not only can you BE trans but you can have a trans love interest. so uh. basically im crying really hard because im a really happy gay trans dude that never, ever, ever thought i’d get any kind of representation and im so shocked and….. i dont know how to possibly express how right i finally feel. how unnecessarily grateful i am. its… its so ??? im so happy??? thank you???

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You were one of the first tumblrs I followed. Its very sad that you're leaving but I respect your decision . You are an amazing, beautiful and wonderful person and I wish you all the best. The calmest carat I have ever seen, literally you are so kind to everyone. You deserve so much!! You never failed to make me laugh with your funny replies. Take care of yourself, study hard and touch the stars!! 🌹💕💕💖💕💕💕💕💖💖💖

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*me trying not to cry but cries anyway*

im shook…… im stunned. I really dont know how to reply this of how grateful i am to serves you smiles and laughter. omg this is too hard for me ughhh TTTTT.  Thankyou for being so kind to me <3 Thankyou for having me all these years <33 I’ve seen you alot on my activity box. (MY CUTE OG <3) You are so precious. I wish you all the best too and one day we will both touch the stars <3333 

Happy 5th birthday to my blog!

ok so my blog turned 5 and i wanted to make a little appreciation post because i love you and your blogs all so much, i’ve changed fandoms and urls so much in the past five years but most of you have stayed and i met so many new people and i became such good friends with a lot of you and you’re all amazing!!! (i put it under a cut bc it got way longer than intended whoops)

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so as you all know i havent been on so much on this blog lately last year so i am genuinely making this post bc i want to sincerely thank and appreciate all of you mutuals that still have the want to follow and stick up with me lol i do not deserve you all i swear to god

honestly since i accidentally deleted my blog last year i thought lol whats the point on doing it all over again but tbh no what makes blogging fun isnt followers, it is you guys, my lovely mutuals that i consider friends already. i had a breakdown from the accident but you guys helped me through even helped me to gain followers again (seriously i dont deserve you all) blogging are seriously so much fun with you guys still around. seriously i met a lot of lovely people last year, we talked, we shared, we rant about our feelings to each other a few of you i consider as my close friends seriously you guys made this year so amazing for me, you are all rays of sunshine to me and i love you. everyone here inspires me so much and makes me strive to be a better person and i’m extremely greatful to all of you

this isnt a follow forever whatsoever you dont have to reblog it i just want you guys to read it :)

this is going to be long so i’ll put this under a read more

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MY THIRD FOLLOW FOREVER ALREADY good grief. so much time has passed can you believe it? i’ve officially had my blog for a little over half a year and i cant believe how much ive grown to love this fandom. despite some bumps most of the people ive met have been incredibly accommodating and loving people. im so happy to have made friends here. i recently reached 10k and i think thats insane bc i never thought id get here :’) thank you to everyone who has been so incredibly sweet and kind to me. i really dont know how to show how grateful i am. so here are some people i love <3333 i couldn’t possibly choose favorites bc you’re all my favorites huhu also because formatting a follow forever kills me inside. im sorry if i forgot anyone ;; also i gave up on alphabetizing so just a warning lmao

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@4bts @1versehoe @97x95  @9395 @ahjuicy @aishjimin @auriee @agustd @busanie @beagletae @booptae @btsboyz @bwiyomi @bwiseoks @bwibelle @cataerpie @cerealhoe @chimilkeu @chiminnies @chim-chimii @cowjimin @cypherkookie @cyberpunkyoongi @dontyumind  @eatjin @fyeahbangtaned​ @forjimin@forpjm @fuckyestaehyung @ftcoups @goldenmaknae @goldenhyvng @gentlejeon

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special mentions

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Yuuma: Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful Birthday wishes and presents…

I-… I don’t know how to begin to repay this generosity to you all.

I am so…

So grateful, I just…

((thank you for your lovely presents, everyone!!! <3))

We hit 10k!!

Ok story time.

I was having a bad day today, needless to say I felt like everything was going wrong and I got incredibly upset earlier on. But when I was on the bus, I opened up tumblr and noticed that this blog hit 10,000 followers.

Instantly, I turned to my boyfriend and said “MY BLOG HIT 10,000!!” and I legit felt tears in my eyes and he was really proud.

It felt like my day had turned around and instantly smiled for the first time since I woke up. That is how much you guys mean to me.

Literally ok, I can’t thank you enough for such an insane amount of people who consider me worthy enough to follow. I still don’t know HOW to thank you all.

You are all incredible, welcoming, warm people and it’s a genuine honour to be a part of such an amazing community, you’ve given me strength on my dark days, you have helped inspire me to create again, you have given me some of the hardest laughs i’ve ever had in my life and that is something I could never repay you.

Overall, TL/DR, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all <3!!!

Taylor, I was thinking about how beautiful, talented, smart, caresmatic, loving, kindhearted & all of that good stuff! You are, the most talented person in the world. Trust me I would know, going from making country album to making a pop album was probably a hard move. Well probably not because doing that the pop album because SUCH a success. I mean I love d you’re country albums as much as this pop album. Couldn’t be more prouder. We’ve made me a very proud swiftie. And because of you, I wake up with a smile on my face, dream impossible things & overall of everything you have showed me not to care what others think about me, you told me to shake it off. That’s what I’ve been doing. That made me so much confidential in my self. Although you may never notice me or anything like thst . I’m waiting on the day when I can meet you and tell you how grateful I am for you in this world. I send tons of fan mail aha dont know if you see them or not. But I want you to know that you are an inspiration to this earth. And swifties have you’re back 100%. We love you Taylor, and I’m pretty sure you know that already!. Btw can’t wait to see you in Arizona! Continue making us proud! Anything you do. Us swifties will always be here supporting you! Don’t you forget that. That’s about it LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!! taylorswift love , julianna. taylorswift taylorswift taylorswift @taylorswift taylorswift Swifties please help me get taylor to see this ILY ALL💓

Junhweism got deleted

Ah yes I dont know how I did it but I deleted my blog, and am now left with nothing,

All of my original content is gone, all my followers too. Im so peeved tbh i dont know how on earth i couldve deleted my blog but here i am.Im pretty terrible at saying stuff so … id be grateful if you could spread the word!!

P.S The edit belongs to me!

I recently reached +4000 followers! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! So I wanted to do my first Follow Fever!

Also before I begin, these people I put on my list are my mutuals! I follow them and they follow me back!

I love bunches of accounts that dont follow me back though! So lets begin!

almost-dragneel lovee-yourseelf-xo wendychuu shadoouge proudtobeaginger s-a-r-a-r-a little-dragneel 321star-in-the-sky123 a-k-u-m-a-se aaniichan akirazoe alex-bites allaboutdatanime animeemma ann-kouhai assnologia avatarik bakadragonslayer bdragneel blazexkeys bringonthedork chanime

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Aaaaaaand I am done! *wipes of sweat* Whoo! That took alot of time!

Again thank you for following me! I dont know how I got so many lovely followers in such a short time but Im grateful! Hopefully, I’ll be able to draw something for you guys on 5000!

ya i actually am happy about same sex marriage being legalized believe it or not like ya duh that’s a good thing but it isnt gonna do much for trans people being murdered or not allowed to use the right bathroom it isnt gonna make asexual or apparently even bisexual people more visible it isnt gonna do anything for homeless LGBTQIA+ youths it isnt gonna help make mental health care more accessible to the LGBTQIA+ community and i cant believe i have to explain myself on this but the fact that i even have to makes it clear that many straight allies don’t understand any of the struggles of this community. and that’s just reinforced by the fact that SO MANY straight people have the nerve to tell me and other young queer people who are upset and frustrated in the face of this self-congratulatory straight ppl circle-jerk that we should “be more grateful” and that we “couldn’t have done this without their help” as if their help is a carrot being dangled in front of us and if we dont behave right they’ll jerk it away. one of my best friends is afraid to dress in the clothes that they feel happiest in bc they run a risk of being LITERALLY MURDERED if they go outside dressed like that. my parents dont believe people like me exist because the media has never shown them one single human being like me EVER. and all this fucking news coverage isn’t gonna do shit for us. and the majority of straight allies have never done shit for us. yall are out there fighting for rich pretty cis gay people. the media shows you rich pretty white gay cis people. there’s a lot more to it than that/ mentally ill people, homeless people, poor people, people who are being denied jobs and health care, they’re not worried about getting fucking married they’re worried about staying alive. LGBTQIA+ kids and adults are committing suicide every day, and it’s not because they cant fucking get married. so yes, same sex marriage legalization is a step. but it’s just A Step. I am not going to let some straight kids call me ungrateful because im not on my hands and knees praising straight allies who have done nothing for a ton of the LGBTQIA+ community. dont tell me i should “just be happy” because this step has been made. it’s good. it needed to happen. but this is the most elementary standard of human decency and im not about to be sobbing tears of joy, bc the people I love arent any safer than they were before this. this is like the straight equivalent of a man holding a door open for a girl and “being a gentleman” and then throwing a fit when she doesnt wanna date him. to all the straight allies: ya, its cool that u dont hate gay people. but that doesnt make you a saint or a savior or a hero or a fighter. we’re the ones fighting. and we’re still fighting and nothing has really changed for most of us. we dont owe you thanks just for being not evil, and i dont wanna hear your “not all allies” speeches because i KNOW that. we know that. but we are the community that is at the center of this, we should be allowed to speak about how we are still hurting without being told to stop and be grateful by people who aren’t us. Im not just gonna stop and be grateful. Im gonna keep moving forward. 

hi everyone, i recently hit my first k and decided to make my first ever follow forever to response! just to note i have a deep love for all of my mutuals, but i had to limit this because i have almost 300 mutuals!. faves are bolded

special mentions:
@tomnlinsuns: my sun and stars, love of my life, my best friend. i dont even know what to say i am so lucky and so grateful to have met you and i hope you know a fraction of how much you mean to me. I love you. also thank u so much for the banner.
@ufookinlosah: my go to for fic discussion. my favourite european bean. pregnant with louis tomlinsons magic baby. ive never met someone who enjoys mpreg so much but i support it.
@santababylouie: my other fic queen. i love that you never shame even the weirdest of my kinks and send me all of your favourite smut. you sending me pics of both twink and daddy louis keeps my blood pumping always.
@santababyharrie: bethanie you are definitely the person who understands my feelings about harry the best. thank you for always sending me disgustingly hot pictures of him. and thank you for consistently having nsfw manips to share with us.

the rest of the harrylarry network: @hazandlouis@wellingtonfan | @adarkbluesea | @louissecretblog | @falalalarries 
and a mention to harrylarry members that aren’t currently in the group but always in my heart: @santababynialler | @theaftermalik | @lovesincerelyharry | @zouisandchill

always a special mention to my real life best friends who put up both with this blog and me screaming about harry most days: @lannabum | @lafoli3

@1dshipthat | @21and23 | @420niall | @5exyasfuck | @actualniallhorantrash | @adidaself | @agenderliam | @aimhstyles | @alliwantsomuch | @aroharrie | @avocadolouie |@becomingkait | @bottomlinsons | @boyfriendsofficial | @chillarry | @croptopharrie | @dearestlou | @doodlebearharry | @fookinlarryloser | @frick-niall 

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Tag Your Tumblr Bestie(s)

I just thought it would be fun to tag your tumblr bestie(s) and say at least one nice thing about them…

@chaos-and-the-calm67 she’s amazing. She is literally the sweetest, nicest, most caring person I’ve met on tumblr. She’s become my source of inspiration and, to me, she’s turned into a really good friend. (I didn’t talk to her for like a day and it felt like 10 years) I love her writing and her!! 💜🌹

@sam-reidzugzwang she is the best!! She’s my tumblr bestie and my irl bestie. I love her so much. Her writing is superb. She doesn’t know how good she is. She’s blatantly honest and hella fucking rude but she wouldn’t be her if she wasn’t. 💜🌹

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing I know we don’t talk much but when we do I get all warm and fuzzy inside. She is so nice and so supportive and she has made my confidence in writing grow so much. For that I am grateful to know her.

Dear God,
I know I haven’t been doing my part. Sometimes I get so worked up and worried. I know I have no excuse. I just want you to know how much I love you. How grateful I am that you love me even though I dont deserve it. Lord, only you see the trials I go through. I feel like my life is in pieces and i’ve never been able to see the full picture. Im not even sure Im supposed to. Only you see my tears, pain and struggles. Im hanging on with all thats left of me…hoping theres more to life than this


Still wearing my smile you put there thank you!Still get emotional thinking about it. Thank you Taylor for making me so happy at the times when I need it the most or feel like someone cares I love you so very much. Was so nice to finally hug my friend. I invest my all in you because you invest ur all in us. You work so hard and deserve everything you have and more. So Thank you for taking the time out of ur busy life, for me. I dont see how you do all you do it astounds me. From ur Tour to meeting us to ur bros grad, then billboards. I can never thank you enough for what you did, and giving me the best nite of my entire life the show was spectacular and magical. . Im scared I was so in shock That nite and tired and beat up I dont remember what i said or didnt say. So i hope u know how thankful i am still . So thank you for always being my friend and know you can count on me anytime, like i can count on you. I love you with all of my heart, and there can never be enough thank yous, or words to express how grateful i am . xoxo ( aka the rio squad)… taylorswift