you dont know a thing about me

tl;dr: send me fic recs! im going to start doing reviews!
send me the title, author and where it’s posted!
-emily (EDIT: I DONT KNOW HOW TO CUT ON MOBILE??) it’s been a hot minute since ive been here last! a ton of stuff has been happening in my personal life (new job! family stuff! excitement!) and now i have a 1.5+ hour commute! im filling that void with fanfic and hamilton, so send it in. im going to do well written (at least a paragraph) of why i would reccomend the fic and what i really enjoyed about it. it’s a practice for me to get better at describing things and a chance for you to get your fanfic reviewed and shown to 9k+ followers!

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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it!

um ok im bad these things …

  1. i dont have any central vision in my left eye 
  2. i fucking love corgis you have no idea i love them soo much
  3. i have my Italian citizenship so i could move there if i wanna i guess
  4. i have hugeeee makeup collection (me and mom may be rouge at sephora ….)
  5. i know how to size and change the battery on a watch ahaha

+bonus, i love using (〃‿〃✿) emojis & such !!

This new trend of people mocking demisexuality makes me so sad like….. Pls dont take that away from me. I feel like im a freak w/ being not-completely-ace thing, when people already have a tough time acknowledging asexuality and fidjshdhdhshd
I know that saying that u are attracted to people you have a relationship w/ sounds weird but its not about ”im so pure and deep" but more like. It’s when you’re kinda ace but once you’re with someone you are able to enjoy and even occasionally want sexual interaction, but aside from that specific situation when you’re in a relationship, wnd you feel comfortable, you don’t really feel that need and don’t feel attraction to people, it’s that simple man





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Hey, just a friendly reminder. You rock, your art rocks, your OC's are adorable fluffs of cuteness and your art brings me so much joy! Keep up the fantastic work and make sure to take your time and relax, don't overwork yourself! Again just to say, you do such a great job and I think you deserve all the recognition you can! I hope you know this! Once again you rock, and your art style is the cutest floofiest thing in da world! Brings me joy! ~laney your average secret furry/who loves your blog

;-; !! thank you veryvery much!! this really means a whole lot to me, especially since lately ive been kinda stressing out about feeling like i havent put out as much art as i’d like!!!!! thank you so much youre  so kind!!!!!!!!  i dont think i can express how much i appreciate your message,,,! i hope you have a great week laney !

yo skip this if you dont wanna know a bunch of random things about me

my babe my mate my dude @niqhteyes tagged me in another thing and now i’m gonna annoy you all here we go

Rules: answer each and then tag 15 people (lmao fifteen. sure)

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hello! im new to the fandom and happen to see posts about haechan's "scandal" (is that the right way to call it huhu im sorry)) i did some research but i just dont trust any of them;;;; i love love love haechan and it just keeps bothering me, can you please explain to me the while thing? ;;;

hey omg this is a pretty good summary of what happened overall!!! it was a mess tbh because so much was happening at once ;; if you want to read through it and talk to us about anything in it then let us know!!

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hi i was the person asking "what do you do with other reylos getting the wrong idea and act super cringe-y?" and... i'm actually a reylo. well, borderline now. it's just that... the reylo community, they're so kind and sweet but sometimes they make me feel so embarrassed. they make it harder to defend reylo against antis. and the thing about "cringe-y".. ignore that. you probably dont know which part of the reylo community is cringe-y so eh

Oh gosh, I’m so sorry, I completely misinterpreted your message. I got your ask right after I made a post kind of ranting about antis and I thought that you were an anti yourself, insinuating that all reylos were embarrassing or something. But still, I’m sorry that I kind of jumped the gun there. I was just a bit confused on the phasing. I get where you’re coming from though. I’ve been around since January 2016, so I’ve probably seen some of the embarrassing stuff in the fandom that you’re talking about, but I kind of just brush it off. 

You shouldn’t have to worry about defending reylo and its shippers against antis though, imo. They’ve made up their mind about reylo and its shippers and they’re hellbent on sticking to their ridiculous ideology. It’s hard to rationalize with those kind of people.

I’m sorry that being apart of the reylo fandom on tumblr is making you uncomfortable though anon. If it’s just a few people ruining the experience for you, maybe just block those people then? If it’s a bigger issue, then maybe the tumblr reylo fandom just isn’t just for you. I don’t know. :/

do you ever see mutuals’ posts about personal things/etc and you really want to help but you don’t know what to say—

Tagged by @aluwyn to say 10 things about myself…. TBH everything not boring about me makes me sound so pretentious, but here we go!

1. I’ve been doing art since i could hold a crayon. When i was little my grandma noticed i would get a lazy eye when i would paint, thus i’ve been wearing glasses since i was 5!
2. I don’t really know how to cook a lot, but I make an excellent Carbonara pasta :)
3. I am completely and passionately obsessed with dogs, of all kinds! If you have one you should never hesitate to send me pics and gush about them.
4. I lived in Italy for almost a year, while I was there I traveled the country and visited Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, and London. It was everything.
5. I also lived in NY for a few years while doing my college thing. Spent too much time worrying about school and not enough enjoying the city, would 10/10 do over if i could.
6. I love Broadway musicals! It bothers how little musicals I’ve gotten to see live :(
7. I have terrible acne which I flat out blur off all my selfies so y'all think I’m pretty. I know that’s not cool, but otherwise I wanna die so…..
8. I was and still am a big ass emo for My Chemical Romance. When I was 15 and living in Puerto Rico I convinced my parents to let me fly to Florida for a weekend just so I could see them play live. It’s still one the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.
9. I made a pair of oxford shoes for a college class once? They’re pretty snazzy.
10. I basically live to watch Buffy and be part of this wlw btvs community!! So please continue to include me and if you ever have any edit request feel free to reach out and i’ll do my best!

I TAG EVERYONE! Just @ me if you do it!

I read Hamlet back in high school and to this day my absolute favorite thing about it was when Guildenstern was trying to fool Hamlet into doing something or other and Hamlet’s savvy to it but rather than saying “you’re lying and trying to trick me” instead Hamlet outta nowhere whips out this flute and tells Guildenstern to play it.

And Guildenstern is all “I dont know how to play a flute, my lord”

And Hamlet takes a dramatic pause before he absolutely ruins Guildenstern with, “Well thats funny considering you thought you could play me”


so, on the subject of fish

I dont fuckign know guys

y’all: i’m not gonna watch the trc show if [x] and [y] and [z]

me, with my popcorn already popped: ……………………………


I thought this post was really cute so here’s datekou

Be More Chill - pt. 3

ive seen this “what if there was a be more chill reprise where michael sings for jeremy?” thing
and decided to just write the entire song
cause why the hell not
now, i know some parts might be a bit off with the melody, but i tried my best so bear with me!


also, im on mobile, so formatting sucks.


Be More Chill pt. 2

[Jeremy, spoken]
Michael, what are you doing?

[Michael, spoken]
Helping my friend.

[Jeremy, spoken]

Ooh, everything about you is so wonderful!

Everything about me is so terrible…

No! Everything about you is so full of life!

Everything about me makes me wanna die…

No! Jeremy, can’t you see? Buddy, just listen to me.. Listen to me!

Everything about you is just so freaking wonderful!

I love everything about you!

Everything about you is just so alive!

I could never live without you.. You’re not so left out or unsure, you’re not that lonely anymore!

Everything about you is so cool
And wonderful

[Jeremy, spoken]

[Michael, spoken]
Repeat after me. Please.

[Jeremy nods. Michael starts singing.]
Everything about you is so wonderful!

[Jeremy, quietly]
Everything about me is so.. wonderful?

Exactly! Everything about you is so full of life!

Everything about me is so.. full of life!

[The music fades as Michael and Jeremy hug.]


so yah
reblogs appreciated!!

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You know jack the thing i like the most about you? You're not doing a fake facade or somthing like that You really care about your fans and dont mind physical contact and let peopole talk to you. There arent alot of youtubers who are actually nice

This means a lot to me, thank you! I try my best to be nice to people and not make it seem like I’m some untouchable entity. It’s much more fun to be real with people and treat everyone equally :)

Not every youtuber needs to be that way of course, some DO like distance but I am tired of all the fakers saying “I really care” when it’s clear they don’t