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why do you outline only some? or sometimes its just very lightly outlined..... asking for drawing practice

its mostly personal preference! there is a bit of logic to it as well but ill put that under the cut in case it gets a little long

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FOR EVERYBODY WHO IS SUCIDAL Your mental illness is tough, but YOU ARE TOUGHER You have only one life, so please dont waste it. Suicide seems like the solution but IT ISN'T. Staying and fighting is hard, but it is so worth it. Look at how far you have come. You have survived through so much, and you are still here, you are so strong, and I am so proud of you. this is a fight that you can win Don't suffer in silence, GET HELP things will get better Plz don't kill yourself plz plz 💖🌻💜🌼💚🌸💙


I was gonna post this when I finished it but I dont think thats gonna happen any time soon so have this flat colored Hashe fusion!
-A small pout is their resting face so they always look slightly frustrated about something
-they look like the quiet type but when you get them to talk THEYRE SO LOUD AND TALKATIVE AND READY TO LEARN OR TEACH
-They get confused easily (pretty naive and oblivious)
-Got them guns (hubba)
-A hella strong shaman omf
- A force to be reckoned with
-But also oh so gentle and supporting
-Would die for you but would try not to do that because they need to make sure you’re safe.
-Any Horaven fusion has a lot of passion!!!
-Did I mention those strong arms cos holy shit i’d let them crush me any day 😍💕💕💕

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Have you ever gotten self conscious about your style? Are there specific steps one needs to take to appreciate their art?

im not sure, i’m very bad at giving advice relating to art (so here’s some advice relating to art)

have i gotten self conscious about my art? i suppose so, yes. it usually happens when it’s being shown to someone who doesn’t know what to expect with my artwork

but it’s only a temporary feeling as it boils down to two outcomes:

if they like it then great! i’ve got more of this stuff you can look at 

if they don’t it, then fuck ‘em who cares

sadly, i dont think there are any specific steps for one to appreciate their own artwork, as every artist is different and feels different about their work

just keep drawing things you like to draw, and im sure you’ll learn to appreciate it in time

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You antis have a way to convince yourself that Sam was in NY, Some anti shipper upload on shippers blog this fake ,secret picture that even person who posted it doesnt want it to leakAnd dont post it at Tuesday only today with a note that WAS TUESDAY, not saturday (it would be smart because he look exactly like today,monday) to convince us that Sam re then in NY.

You know what @casuallyrainytimetravel, I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK.  Seriously, you’ve sent me multiple messages about this.  I only heard of this other picture a little while ago.  I don’t care if Sam is in the same clothes and that he wore them for 14 days straight.  It doesn’t matter. My life is not affected by Sam Heughan and Cait Balfe.  I love their portrayal of Jamie and Claire.  Who they’re dating is quite clear, IMO, and its not each other. 

Furthermore, I am not an “anti” so I wish you and your merry band of tinhatters would stop calling me and my fellow non-shippers that.  They only thing I’m “anti” is anit-bullying, like what the tinhat shippers are doing to Mackenzie.  

In the whole scheme of things, does it really matter to you where Sam is or was?  Does it really matter who he’s dating?  How does it affect your life?  Are you losing sleep over it?  Are your emotions full of highs and lows because of it?  Seriously, you and your shipper group need to move on.  The ship is sunk.  It has been for years.  Don’t bother sending me any more messages because I’m blocking your ignorant shipper ass.

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So my friend and I are going to a con and she told me that we should go as Evan and Connor(me as Connor). I already kind of look like him, I'm pale with curly brown hair and I wear black all the time. Do you have any suggestions for my cosplay?

Ooh that sounds fun!! Lets see…

- Black nail polish, connor wears black nail polish dont forget!

-black combat boots

-Black jeans

-Um a grey hoodie?

-Carry a bag similar to the one he carries in pictures

Thats all I can really think of? Hope it helps, good luck!

(Oh you should totally submit a picture here when youre done!!)

Looking for blogs to follow

I am looking for other blogs i can reblog stuff from.

If you post fashion related content and/or personal photos pertaining to 80’s goth (even some early 90’s stuff), trad goth, deathrock etc. Reblog this so i can check out your blog
I dont post or reblog victorian goth stuff (plenty of other fashion blogs that do victorian already exist) but SOME romantic inspired stuff is okay as long as it still leans more towards the traditional side. I also reblog some punk stuff but only the 80’s stuff that looks like it could cross over with goth. And i post modern photos too but they have to be traditional goth/deathrock or directly influenced by the 80’s.

Online Friends

Okay, we all remember our parents telling us evil 40 year old men were posing as kids our age online and that we should never talk to anyone we dont know Online? I mean look we’re 21st century kids/teens, we can (usually) tell whether or not we are being cat fished or something. Sure there are things (Like blue whale) that remind you that speaking to people online is not safe, but honestly online ive met some amazing people. I have amazing friends irl, but i move a lot, so a friend you can hold in your back pocket is one of the best things. You can come out to these people, they don’t judge you and its not nearly as scary, you can tell them if you’re suicidal or if you’re being abused, things that are just too hard to tell your friends you see everyday. You can also go on rants and complain to them. You know theyre there for you. There’s not any “fake” friends because whats the point online? You dont like someone, you block them. Honestly fandom are where ive met some of the bravest, smartest, sweetest people. I know we’ve all been through the feeling of being pissed your online friends didnt go to your school (until you rememeber they know too much) and i just, I have to say thank you to my friends in my phone. You guys mean a lot to me and I know most of y'all (if not all) won’t see this text post, but I mean I’m thankful af for you guys.

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Wait, Are you ACTUALLY the official Lazytown blog, or did you call yourself that for the follows?

Oops, I’m so sorry !!

I used to have a bio page up that clarified that I am NOT actually “official” in any way or associated with LazyTown - I just really like the show lol

I’ll add that to my sidebar, thanks for reminding me! Didn’t do it for the followers, either. The URL was just available so I snagged it. ;^þ

If anyone already following me was confused, this blog used to have the url @glanni–glaepur

 Sorry for the confusion! 💙


So I was tagged by @johnnysblackhair, (shes so cute pls go follow her) for a selfie tag thing. I guess for my first 100 this is a face reveal too?? Also, Im sorry if I look like a smug asshole in the first pic?? bc Im really not…

I tag (although you dont have to do this ^^) @seoulmarkk, @cherrybomb-saved-2017, @acesymmetrical-ish, @nctbaechan, and @i-adore-jihansol

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Hi. Can I ask something? I love makeup, I love playing with colours, and I love glitter. But i just look stereotypically female, and at the end it gives me dysphoria. What can I do?

Those things are not inherently feminine and shouldnt be labelled as such. If it bothers you though then you can do some other things as well without having to give up on the things you like. This post lists a lot of things you can do that might help you. If you dont want to look particularly female then focus on the things you can/want to change like hair, clothing, binding, voice, mannerisms etc. Liking those things alone that you mentioned wouldnt change how you are read. You can like feminine things and many cis guys do. If you intend to go on T in the future that will change how you look regardless of anything else. If not then you can still try to do all you can to look how you want to. You shouldnt have to but you might ‘pass’ easier if you didnt use makeup for example but you dont have to give up something you like, try other avenues like those listed to see what helps you

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I looked through the resources and faq and couldn't find anything, so: Do you have a good basic introduction article to butch/femme, historically and currently? I know just-butch-things had a few in their faq, but they don't seem to exist anymore.

It does seem like just-butch-things deleted. Does anyone know what happened?
Also, we dont have anything like that. As I gain more knowledge on the subject I’ll add those things.
I think mod p knows about this stuff though.
-Mod Q

Know what im sick off

Frd posts with click baity ass titles like “omg rng stooop..mfw what if.. OMG WHAT anyone else?? its happened again rng loves\hates me”

Post that are basically “ i found a egg/other slightly valuable thing : D”

no. you dont have to post EVERY TIME you get something “cool”. Dont see me posting every black tulip i get or rando chest. just freaking chill with the “omg look i got a battle stone :D”  and shit posts. how can you even get more than 1 pages of discussion 

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What is accidental marriage au actually called on ao3?

ok like no offence ppl but if u know my name & just,,,,, search for unicyclehippo like. my stuff comes right up. i dont see what is so hard abt looking for a fic, it’s rly rly simple? it has to be easier & so much faster than asking me & having to wait for me to even Maybe answer??? anyway it’s called “a world full of light & you (always you)” but only the first chapter is up so far. enjoy

hey please take a look at this

i feel like im really scraping the bottom of the barrel for bmth lyrics. Is there any other bands you guys would like to see featured on here? please comment, because if not i have a feeling im just gonna stop updating because literally all the bmth lyrics i can think of ive already posted at least twice and i dont want just post the same stuff over and over

i know everyone dislikes bansai because he was so awful to yumihiko and also literally everyone else but like that aside im so mad he looks like a soggy potato. like, literally a soggy potato. out of all aa designs this is literally one of the least appealing ones. i have no time to think about what a bad person he is because have you all seen that goddamn sprite of him wringing out his beard i hate it so much it gives me literal irl goosebumps


Viktor: Not exactly..

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