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u dont have to answer this but i wanted to let you know that you're the reason i draw again. i stopped few years ago and then randomly saw your art it just ?? was so powerful, vibrant, dynamic and smooth it gave me so many chills i was like. i wanna be like that too :o and i started drawing, following your tutorials etc. now i like to think im an ok artist tho my art looks very different than yours. but still you were and ARE an inspiration for me and many others so thank you thank you 💜💜💜

There’s nothing more amazing than hearing that you’ve inspired someone to be creative and I’m just slksfsdf your comment made my whole day light up, so thank you for taking the time to tell me!! I’m so so delighted my art has led you to start drawing again! Best of luck with your art journey, you lovely thing <33

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After dying of adoration over your dragon age comic, I then noticed your lines and realized 'it's the dream brush i've been looking for' lol. I'm sure you've been asked before but...what brush do you use for line art? <3

Hey, thank you :D

I love the brush too, however I use procreate on Ipad, and its a default brush  (Ink Bleed) which I have edited.

Ive uploaded it here

If you dont use procreate i think youre out of luck. But basically I make sure theres no opacity taper and the size taper doesnt go too small, so its more like a pen than a brush.

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I know this dont work for most people, but when i have to get a shot or have blood drawn, i learned to just chat with the person. Talk about your day. And look away from the person you are talking with. When the needle pinches, just keep talking.

see i’ve tried this, and my anxiety still spikes and i tear up just from the idea of needles in me.

like, the phobia is so bad and so long lasting that i actually bit doctors as a kid and had to be restrained so the nurses could give me my shots. the restraining probs didn’t help with the phobia.

my datemate just showing me the tiny puncture point on her arm from gettin a shot makes me feel physically ill and, rationally, i know needles aren’t bad but i don’t stop feeling sick from it!!

heck, i even try drawin needles, and have a character who works with medicine/needles and even then real needles are Bad[tm].

i swear to fucking god if i see another grown ass person making fun of a kid’s shitty art EVER again im going to come for their life i s2g my duderus im in college and my art is cringey and bad but im out here posting it bc i dont give a FUCK because im literally DOING WHAT 11 YEAR OLD ME WANTED TO DO BUT WAS TOO AFRAID TO BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YALL............ YEAH MY ART SUCKED AND STILL SUCKS but its FINE because i have the confidence to not give a shit but when you point and laugh at some 5th graders videogame fanart that they made from the passion and pure enjoyment in their hearts? when youre basically telling a kid “fuck you for trying to express your love for this thing”? youre the worst kind of person, my dude, gods looking at you and shaking her head and shes putting a snapping turtle in hell to bite your dick off specifically

hey guys just a real quick psa!

Can we please keep this blog free from nsfw prompts and things that imply it and stuff? I’m a minor, and though yes jokes about nsfw shit are absolutely hilarious to me, Mark has said he’s not comfy with nsfw stuff of him and I’d assume that applies to his egos given they look JUST LIKE the guy so out of respect for him I wanna avoid that kinda stuff on this blog

If you didn’t know and sent some stuff like that don’t worry it’s okay, sometimes you just don’t know things and slip up!

But let’s keep this blog sfw alright? :D

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Don't you get bothered by looking at your own art? Don't you get bothered that some of your characters resemble actual characters, and some drawings really look alike (facial structure, hairs, eye shape)?? I'm asking because I legit feel that I do that and I'm stuck in my art and I'm sad because of that and I'd like to know how do you deal with this (if you deal with this at all)? tyvm in advance <3

i thought this was a fucking accusation or something at first omfg

Yes– it happens. Try drawing different things or different styles or give yourself a break ? breaks usually help me. 
Sometimes ur characters will look like other characters ;; that just happens too. Its not rly something worth getting upset about (imo). 
It uh- kinda sounds like u may have same face syndrome? Maybe try to leave your comfort zone and draw things you usually dont draw? + Dont get mad cuz something didnt come out perfectly the first time. Draw it a bunch of times until you got something satisfactory. (sometimes that takes awhile sometimes you may surprise yourself)
Im not rly good at giving advice sorry ;; 

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sorry if this has been mentioned before but i'd like to mention something my friend pointed out. dean said he's tired of fighting things that look like other things, & it also looks like it'll be one of the major themes of the season. can we also include jack saying he was kelly, and the way dean was framed when jack said he missed cas, could it be that jack somehow absorbed dean's feelings during his ourburst and was able to reach out to cas (became dean?) sorry if i dont make much sense

Hiya! :) You make sense to me, but then this is me :P

I think we don’t really have enough evidence that Jack could do something like that - I generally work on that if we’ve seen them do something similar, until canon contradicts it openly with obvious acknowledgement of that, stuff isn’t just going to randomly happen, e.g. Cas getting his wings back was also extremely unlikely to just randomly happen without a visual demonstration, because we always see a visual demonstration, and he’s still stubbornly resisting even contemplating having wings… In this case, Jack has only done something like that when literally inside the womb, and possibly you could extend that to reaching out into Cas, since we saw his powers going into Cas in 12x19. Since he didn’t touch Dean I don’t think he would accidentally ~become~ Dean. I even had to write it into one of my fics that Jack had to take Dean’s hand to show him something, which, trust me, was awkward for all of us :P

I think Jack saying he *was* Kelly does sort of retroactively make that general idea apply backwards to season 12 (and then we saw Kelly being portrayed by a shapeshifter, and Mia’s whole thing was people literally willed themselves to believe she was who she was pretending to be, and even Jack knowing she was a shifter and had asked her to do it could suspend disbelief on it). But I’m not totally sure how much this applies directly to Jack because the comment was on fighting things, this episode reconciled Jack to Dean enough for Dean to give him the “we’re all monsters” speech, and in general he has not been presented as the enemy or likely to BE the enemy. 

His disappearance was finely tuned to make a total accident break him so that thankfully his fuck up is pretty much not up for debate (at least to me, I haven’t seen my dash since the episode properly so for all I know people are blaming Jack for some reason) and so I would say this episode was the end of Jack’s childhood arc, as well as the resolution to the missing Cas arc, and we’re basically through a lot of the initial set up, themes and arcs for the rest of the season, having been given a full starter sheet for understanding Jack. Whatever he does from here, it’s on the understanding he was inducted into TFW2.0, accepted as family, and we’ve been given to understand at the core Jack himself is good, and his powers are the problem. 

About the only scenario I could think of this theme would apply to Jack is if Jack’s powers began to run things and Jack himself stepped back from controlling them and basically let them react to everything, in a sort of snowball effect of constantly allowing them to save him/lash out from him emotions, without attempting to reign them in because he thinks he’s evil, and it gets so bad that glowy eyes Jack is essentially an entirely different character from nougat Jack and he can be handled as if a mind controlled or possessed character. 

(I have been sort of worried about that because of the whole no sleeping or eating thing, which seems to show that since he was newborn he’s got less and less human and I’ve been worrying that they’ll end up saying it’s because the more he exercises the powers the more he slides down that scale.)

It would be a pretty literal representation of being what you do… But this is all getting into wild spec about all the various ways to END Jack’s story, when it seems most likely he’s now been shelved until/after midseason and we have no clue where it all goes from here :P 

@ people who hate furbys, you have literally no obligation to look at furbys. Stop adding your shitty comments to posts about furbys. You’re not funny and you’re hurting people who use them as coping mechanisms. Which??? Makes you a generally shitty human being because people despite what you think or anyone else thinks, they’re TOYS. 

They can’t spy on people. They physically cannot move around except for up and down on their platforms and they can’t say things that havent been coded into them. Any “demonic” or “evil” sounds they make are from having them operating with low batteries. 

This goes for everything else. You have no obligation to reblog/look at/ etc posts you dont like. Stop being a sniveling ass wipe and block or ignore the post/blog.

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Problem anon. I have a best friend who has done nothing to me but I always feel uncomfortable around her and I don't think our friendship is working, she doesn't know I think that and I don't know what to do. I think i have an emotionally abusive parent.They denied me mental health help and punish me for it, they constantly guilt-trip me to do things they want and they tell me I look disgusting.I don't know what to do with them.Thankyou, its silly but you feel like a sort of parent figure to me.

If you dont think a friendship is working then the best thing you can do for yourself is to either talk to them about it or drop them completely. Youre not obligated to give someone a reason for not talking to them anymore if they make you uncomfortable. Also im really sorry about your parents. Ik its really hard and theres sadly not a lot you can do with parents, especially if you live with them. It is good that you recognize the signs and i recommend talking to someone you know to get it off your plate until you can distance yourself from them. It helps a lot to talk it out


name. J.
age. I’m old.
pronouns. she/her
sexual: yes
zodiac sign. Virgo.
taken or single. single
three facts. 16+ tattoos. southern accent. lipstick queen.


platforms you’ve used. IJ/LJ, Tumblr, FB, KiK, AOL/AIM.

best experience. Tumblr.


female or male. meh. i like to take turns having the dick, but i dont lean either way.

least favourite face(s). dove cameron looks like week old white bread. those culture vultures otherwise known as the kardashians. the obligatory kat grahams so cindy lou can say she has a poc muse. 

multi or single. multi because i have no self control.


fluff, angst or smut. all three. 

plots or memes. Plots. but always accepting memes

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i can’t decide between quoting lucky i’m in love with my best friend and lucky we’re in love in every way from this song that resonates with this picture, and my feelings, perfectly

seamus and dean you guys

boyf riends playing ds: pixel edition

My version of the next gen. “Red hair and hand me down clothes.” Doesn’t apply anymore.