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tell me fergie, what is the key to making such fabulous ocs like, how is it possible for you to make them so pretty and put so much diversity in them:3

!!!! ah i dont have exacts ways of doing it but here’s some helpful links and exercises for more diversity!!:

I know the resource lists r mainly for developing ocs writing-wise but sometimes that really helps! Knowing ur oc better like background and such helps u draw them with more personal touches! really makes them who they r u kno??

have fun makin ocs!!!!

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so my girlfriend just broke up with me and im dead idk why im really writing this because i dont know you and ur just the first person that appeared on my dash not of my friends are online and i dont know what to do

I’m so sorry anon :( I’m rly bad at advice so here’s some from my friend:

Try to see a counselor or a therapist if you can. Taking a break from looking at the person’s things, like their blog or their fb. Don’t message them or talk to them if you don’t want to. You don’t -have- to talk to them, or stay friends with them. You can do what is ok for you. If you want to still be friends but can’t at the moment, that is ok.

Don’t feel bad if getting over them takes longer than a year or more. Sometimes it takes a long time. Practice self worth. Remember that you were a cool person before you dated, and a cool person during, and that you will be a cool person after. It’s ok to just be you.

Doing mindfulness exercises from here are good when I get into a panic attack thinking about stuff.

It’s ok to be angry, it’s ok to be sad.

Mm.. Another big thing my counselor said to me was like.. Not to believe things I make up in my head that have no truth to back them up. Like for instance thinking that my past partner hates me now, or that I was a bad girlfriend and that’s why we broke up. There is no factual support for those thoughts, winding myself up with them will only hurt me.

When I was worried about if my friends might not want to be with me anymore, or what they might say about me when I couldn’t stay friends with my past partner, my counselor also said to not think about what people might say, or might do. We can control what we focus on.

Spend time with friends who care about you and make you feel loved.

I often wonder if I’ll be worth loving to another person, like if anyone will ever care about me again. But I think - yes. me! I can be that person. And if I love me, and other people did love me, another person will love me if that’s what I want.

both of us hope you’ll be ok <3

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oh no- someone pointed out that we're being silly! guess we have to drop all the pretenses now... anything silly or not 100% realistic and down to earth? no longer allowed. disney is cancelled, pixar has to quit, nonfiction as a whole is outlawed now, nobody's allowed to talk about what clouds look like, etc etc... and dont even get me started on jurassic park; wow theyre literally just dead things from millions of years ago why would you make a film out of that? so embarrassing!

all fun is cancelled, smiling is illegal 

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heey v0id, so i'm working on a snas drawing. it's actually just supposed to be a cover photo for an animation i'm gonna start working on soon - but i'm having a lot of trouble with... shading, i guess? your characters look 3D, and like i've looked at a bunch of things but no matter what i can't seem to get my shading right? do you have any tips on it by any chance? it'd be much appreciated! thank you! (btw, i love your art so much. it's such an inspiration for me to keep drawing!) <3

Hmmm i dont do anything unusal i guess o3o;;;
First I do the flat shading, then cell shade it and shade the cell shades to give em more depth xDDD
Clipping Layers will help a lot o3o!
Also adding gradiants or just not cell shading but using a super soft brush can really help if you want to like .. blur out of hard edges or indeed give em a more 3D like feeling o3o!!!

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i feel like i've never seen you post anything overly sexual, while that's beside the point, i dont get why people would project all their fetish shit on you :[

You really don’t want to go near my inbox. It’s full of sexual messages and the chat is even worse because you can send gifs on it. The amount of sexual/fetishizing messages and porn gifs I get is ridiculous and I get them from people who want me to be their personal dominatrix, people who have a thing for Nordic girls, people who like adult women who look like younger girls (aka people who want to sleep with young girls but don’t want to go to jail), just plain creepy people, and so on… I also get people asking me to send pictures of my feet or my lips or nudes.
I get all sorts and often, all I basically have to do is post a selfie. It’s the beauty of the Internet but I just try to ignore them.

I do also get loads of nice asks from genuinely nice and non-creepy people, which is of course very nice :3 I’d also like to point out that if I haven’t replied to your message, it doesn’t mean that I think you’re creepy, I just don’t have time to reply to every message I get and I rarely even check the chat!

heres a post thats kind of out of the blue fr my followers

being delusional (aka considering yourself a god or angel etc) doesnt permit you to be abusive or talk down to others

some folks believe in their own gods or none at all, it’s EXTREMELY unjust to pretty much everybody if you demand that people worship you. that also ends up fueling a really, really big ego problem that one should probably try to stop instead of forcefully demanding others to enable it.

in fact, if you believe that you’re above everyone and should be worshipped, that’s something you need to keep in fucking check. that is a superiority complex, and will most likely feed into bigotry. we are equals.

if youre angelkin, or an angel Right Now, dont talk down to others. don’t do that. it’s rude, it’s disrespectful, it makes you look terrible, it makes all of us look terrible. it is pretty terrible. it makes people feel like shit or feel angry. people who have been talked down to in the past by people they’d love to forget will not appreciate your fucking tone.

if you call people fake or claim theyre “pretending”, check your shit. dont antagonize others or look down on them because they have a different experience or definition of being an angel than you do – unless its a bigoted view, then yeah, fuck that guy.

a while back someone talked about another angelkin person having a “scary blog” and therefore pretending they’re an angel or being dishonest because “angels aren’t supposed to be scary.” thats unacceptable. let them express their identity how they’d like – again, unless part of that identity holds bigotry.

kinning deities that exist that people still worship is disrespectful to the people that worship said deity. they are not worshiping you, nor do they want to.

if your idea of angels is primarily or all white people then check your shit, thats racist, what a shocker

i know its hard to swallow sometimes but these are delusions, may very well stem from thinking you are superior, and should be actively monitored. because that kind of sucks and makes people feel alienated.

luv an angelkin delusional person who distances himself from the community as much as he can because of this stuff

i was gonna draw this but uuuuuuuh im lazy so consider this concept:

firi and inien have been dating for a little bit, and theyre both rlly happy with each other. however, before one particular date, inien calls firi like “hey look, my one friend/roommate Colvin has been REALLY down recently and i kind of dont want to leave him home alone or he might watch sad movies all night and ill come home to him crying…. do you mind if i bring him along?? do you have a friend that you can bring so it can be like…. a blind double date???” and firis like “oh of COURSE he can come; and i have the PERFECT friend :)”

the day of the date shows up, and inien brings colvin along like “ok so my amazing gf brought you a date so at least give them a shot, i trust firi’s judgement and-” but then they see firi. and at her side. is a Massive Ten Foot Tall Bug Monster 

and firi just smiles wide like “hey inien!!! hey colvin!!! this is my friend, narn!!!” and inien is just like. oh my god. oh my god. i forgot that my girlfriend is also Fucking Weird. oh my go. this is the worst decision ive ever made in my entire life. and she slowly looks over at Colvin to see just how disgusted he looks and he’s……. hes blushing Really Hard

in the end, narn and colvin have a Very good time together and Firi is grinning widely for them and inien is really fucking baffled but at the same time she cant bring it upon herself to be surprised  

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Ok, you dont have to write this but imagine this: Tiny looking s/o who is very smol like 5'0 who looks weak as shit manages to literally fliP REINHARDT ONTO HIS BACK IN A SPARRING SESSION IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY AND IS SO HAPPY LOOKING LIKE 'DID I DO A GOOD' AND THE FEAR IN EVERYBODIES EYES IS REAL AS THEY REALIZE WHO THEY JUST SAW THE BIGGEST GUY GET REKT


But hey now! If you reveal your strength early on he won’t hold back when he kidnaps/punishes you

okay i feel bad but i dont feel comfy doing tythan stuff, like i think it’s an adorable ship but i feel weird thinking/writing ethan being romantic because i have a brother named ethan and theyre just a lot alike that it feels like i’d be writing my brother being like that which is a no for me im so so so sorry but like there are some great fic writers that will do tythan justice but im just not that person im sorry

I got tagged by @musclesforeveryone

Name: William

Nickname: Will, Hey you and @work-hard-for-success may call me Zambi

Gender: Male

starsign: Pisces

Height: 181 cm

Sexuality: straight

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Fav animal: Japanese Koi

Average hrs of sleep: 7

Current time: 2.49pm

Blankets you sleep with: 1

Dream trip: Japan or Australia

Dream Job: Japanese koi/Fancy goldfish breed

When I made my blog: II started as a fishblr for my koi and goldfish untill I discovered Instagram. Than my blog turned into a fitblr almost 3 years ago

Followers: 447

Account peak: Not yet reached. 

Why i made a tumblr: To track my own progress and looking for motivation.

Reason for url: I dont have much nerve feeling in my left leg, so if I touch it it feels like touching rubber.

I tag: @work-hard-for-success   @shapeyoursmile @lifecapturedbyrobert @junes-journey


ok hi!!!! wow omg 200 followers.,..,.,.,aaaaaaaaa

ok so FIRST i wanna thank u all so much like im seriously dying what the fuck.,/.jgiudsffj

ok so what u have to DO to enter in the raffle is reblog this. likes dont count, and at the end when i decide the entering will stop, ill put the names in a random picker thing.

there will be three winners!! first place gets a full drawing and an icon, colored, shaded (badly or you can just get flat color), of whatever they ask for except NSFW..obv

second place gets an icon and a colored sketch of their choosing.

third place gets an icon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes yes and thats it!!! good luck everyone i love u

i love to imagine Draco, Hermione and Harry working together at the ministry. 

I imagine it’s a lot of Draco giving a sneer to anyone that rolls their eyes during any of Hermione’s speeches.

Harry too but mostly with him if he looks at you disapprovingly they straighten up, i mean he defeated the dark lord; dont want to look like a douche and insult one of his closest friends. 

And a lot of Hermione filtering through their assignments to make sure Harry doesn’t get assigned anything too dangerous, and Draco doesn’t get anything to do with dark magic (for his mental stability). 

I think that Harry and Draco’s friendship definately takes time. But they do start with having an understanding concerning Hermione. 

It’s mostly just them warning the other when Hermione is pissed at them. 

“Oi Malfoy, fair warning Hermione was looking for you.” 

“Oh for merlin’s sake what did i do now? Did she say why?”

“No, just that she wanted to talk to you.”

“Great thanks mate, big help you are Potter.”

“Hey, im just relieved it’s not me this time.”

“You’re a little shit, you are lightning.”

And after a couple hours of Draco avoiding she (of course) finds him


“Ah, Granger. I have been looking for you everywhere. Have you been avoiding me? Potter had said you were looking for me earlier.”

“Malfoy you’re so full of shite, i saw you duck into that empty conference room when i waved at you in the commons.”

“Oh, were you down there too? Wow you know i just had such a busy morning.”

“You are so frustrating!” and she’d turn and start to walk away

“Wait, didn’t you need something?”

And she’d turn around looking very annoyed and march over to him and smash her lips onto his completely throwing him off guard.

“I just wanted to know what it would be like” and she would smile at the stupid surprised look on his face and leave him pink lipped and watching her walk away.

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I'm a new got7 fan and I want to watch their shows and stuff. Like how can I watch it. I know they were on some radio stuff last night, but I didn't know how t watch it.

Hello My love!!! All of their official stuff is uploaded to their youtube channel and vlive channel like their personal variety show and what not 



now as for stuff like radio broadcast and other variety shows like I can see your voice and YangNamJa Show that aired last night too those you have to wait till someone rips and uploads them  which those ones should be up by the end of the night!! these are the Ahgase made Got7 Channels that usually do so

pialoveSJ1 (some parts of the radios show are up on this channel like the highlights) 




But if they dont upload them usually a day or two or so after whatever it is your looking for airs someone would have and you can just youtube or dailymotion search it and it will come up!! okay hope i could help my love!!


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Hi! I'm getting a bp soon, and I love how spiders look but I don't want to my snake to have a wobble. Is there a morph that looks like the spider morph?

Pinstripes. A little different, but as close to spider as you can get without going for a super fancy morph. And definitely healthier. I beleive calico pinstripes will give a more spider-like pattern, but I dont see a lot of them.

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for that other anon, I don't know if it helps, but I identify as non-binary and I also have female parts that I wouldn't like to have and at the moment no option of changing it, but I think of it this way: I don't have to change it because I am still valid just the way I am I dont need to look/change anything to appease anyone other than myself (cause dysphoria is a bitch)

thank you for your input, darling!!

@ other anon, you’re not alone!


Viktor: Not exactly..

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he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything.