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PTA Moms
  • Jeonghan: So Suho how are your kids?
  • Onew: Sometimes you just gotta let them be *sips wine out of a mug*
  • Kihyun: Well at least my kids are only weird
  • Jinyoung: someone needs to come get my kids. Mark is the only normal one and even then I'm pretty sure Jackson is starting to leave an impression on him, Yugyeom just released a song on SoundCloud about having a side piece, Jackson is Jackson you can't do anything about him, Youngjae has consistently locked himself in his room with Coco, BamBam is BamBam you can't help him either
  • Jeonghan: Just be lucky y'all don't have 12 kids
  • Onew: I thought you only had 11 kids
  • Jeonghan: Oh Seungcheol is a child himself. The worst child of them all.
  • Jeonghan: But anyways... Jin how are your kids?
  • Jin: Oh they're fine Jimin made some brownies the other day, Jungkook is currently going through his emo phase, Yoongi is doing what he likes which consists of music, Hobi is being the ray of sunshine he is, and Tae is in theater so he's been practicing for an upcoming play.
Task time!

I want you guys to like this post. May seem weird but here’s my plan. Everyone like this post and wait 1 hour, then go through the likes and message at least 3 people. Try to make new friends or maybe find a potential dom/little. This is your moment to make a first impression. Be nice and friendly! I know some of you guys have problems making new friends but no one here should judge anyone. This is a safe place to be yourself. You can message as many people as you like! Share stories with eachother or make new memories! I know a lot of you are sfw and many of you are nsfw. Please! Specify which side you are and be respectful to eachothers wishes. If you dont feel comfortable talking to a nsfw person, just tell them. If a sfw person says they dont want to talk to you, dont force them. They’re here to feel safe, not in danger. I love you all so so much! Have a wonderful night 💜💙🐱


I have to say this slavery thing that the anti Monel faction use as a stick to beat him and any fans is interesting for me bc I watch Mercy Street which is set during the American Civil War and a protagonist comes from a family which owns salves and quite frankly feel no shame over it. 

But Jed left and went to school and became a doctor and his experiences have obviously shaped him although you can tell some aspects of his upbringing rears up at times. But not on slavery because by the time he goes back home he cannot stand it and his family’s defense of it. He even ends up buying his own niece from his family so she could be free. And the thing is no one thinks he’s a slave owner even though he comes from a family of slaveowners and grew up with it. 

And I feel the same about Monel, like he’s not a slaveowner and by the end of the season he was prett much engaging in warfare with his mother because he disgarees on all of her practices. He was thrown in jail for dissenting. He and Kara freed the slaves on the planet they went to. Like I can’t think of clearer instances where his character growth could have been more obvious. He came from a family and planet where this was the norm and he rebelled against it and like Jed due to his experiences. 

It’s so disingenuous to read someone write that he’s a slaveowner, like how. And if the only arguement you have is blatant lies then you have lost. And no wonder the people that matter are just ignoring these fans as they see through the BS to the fact that this is all about not getting their ship- Supercorp. 

I dont think its a surprise that most people come into the fandom and post about how they don’t get what the hatred is all about. 

And also now, the overirding impression of the fandom is that its toxic, with fans hating on characters and cast bc they are not getting their ship. Like if you had any message to get across your hatefulness has made it impossible for anyone to give a shit about what you want. And you are in the effing minority so really the bullying is not going to work. So the cast just ignore you or roll their eyes, which quite frankly makes the desperation embarrassing. 

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Can you do anything about how Tyranitar is basically indestructible? Or about how it can destroy mountains with its hands? Also it is basically Godzilla so that's pretty cool too. If not, Macargo is pretty absurd too, with it being hotter than the sun. And one more for the road: if the aliens decide to explore the desert for whatever reason Cacturn regularly stalk and kill people who travel deserts at night. Hope some of these help

i’ll just answer the tyranitar one, i feel like the others deserve their own posts.

dex entry:  Tyranitar, The Armor Pokémon. If it rampages, it knocks down mountains and buries rivers. Maps must be redrawn afterward. Its body can’t be harmed by any sort of attack, so it is very eager to make challenges against enemies. Extremely strong, it can change the landscape. It has an insolent nature that makes it not care about others.

so get this, MAPS need to be redrawn after it rampages. this lil beast terraforms the mountains to its own liking. and its ability, sand stream, kicks up sandstorms when its in battle.

“Captain, I think we’re lost. our maps don’t match the environment”

“check the other maps”

“we’ve done that, but none of the maps match!”

“that cant be right, we made sure the maps were right. this must have been done by the human captive. bring the human to me, i will interrogate her”

the human was brought to the front of the line, to the Captain, making eye contact without a care in the world.

“you’ve messed with the maps, human”

it was a statement, not a question, as if the Captain knew the human had changed the maps

“have you tried turning it upside down, captain?” she replied, the tone riddled with sarcasm

“very funny, human” the Captain replied, clearly not finding it funny. “but you will be punished for messing with the maps, im thinking that we put you in the front line, so whatever happens, happens to you” he replied smugly, expecting some kind of plea for mercy, which never came

“are you sure about that? you and your troop might become smug when you witness my very awesome and epic skills, and end up getting yourselves killed. I mean, I heard what happened with the troop over at Hoenn. you called that GVF-452, right?” the human replied not the least bit impressed, eyes wandering over the mountain landscape. “what kind of map messing is it anyway?”

“the maps dont match the landscape” someone behind replied, and the captain hissed and them.

“well thats obvious. you do know there are Tyranitars here, right?” she replies at the stupid statement, anyone of their sane mind would know that there are Tyranitars here, after all

“and what are those? are they like those Murkrows? have some mountain dwelling pokémon tinkered with our maps?” he replied in aggression

“boy you wish it was that simple. but the maps havent changed or anything, its the mountain that has changed”

the human go the reply of clitter-clattering sounds from the troop, their version of laughing. A whole mountain changing so much that the maps became outdated? please, not even the weather can do that. clearly this was just the human playing with their minds.

“…anyways… Tyranitar lives at mountains, and they’re so strong that they can change the landscape to fit to their needs, like when they’re nesting. maps get redrawn all the time because of them” 

and as the statement was finished, a distant, echo of a roar was heard, making the troop look around in fear

“id say its on the other side of the hill. they’re pretty strong, but since its probably preparing a nest, you can probably chase it away if you attack it- it will see the place as unsafe for its eggs and go find somewhere else” 

either the general was stupid or just very trusting, because he signaled for the small army to prepare their weapons and take aim, ready to attack the beast once it showed itself.

all eyes on the Tyranitar as it emerged, shoving up the ground, smashing smaller boulders, the human took the chance to run off, steps barely heard because of the loud shatter of rocks resounding in the valley.


the tyranitar looks at the small figures and begins to walk towards them, unsure of the situation.


The Tyranitar roared as it got blasted, and as the smoke and dust settled, seemingly unharmed, the mouth opened, and shot a Hyper beam right beside where they stood, and then moved it towards them, blasting the ground and the aliens to bits.

one of the lower ranking officers managed to run away, and begged the awaiting human for help

Let felicity fly!

Received from: Johnny Cage
[15:02] Hey subs! I’m having a bachelor party, to celebrate being a bachelor again! You’re invited!
Sent to: Johnny Cage
[15:23] A party? I was under the impression you were the one who didn’t want to be a bachelor.
Received from: Johnny Cage
[15:26] Just trying to keep my spirits up. thought a party might help
[15:27] so what do you think!
Sent to: Johnny Cage
[15:34] When is it?
Received from: Johnny Cage
[15:36] Whenever u like! I havent asked anyone else yet because they kinda dont take it seriously when I ask them to come to stuff like this. But I really do want them to come so I figured id ask u first and see when u can do then set the date. They for sure will know its serious if sub-zero is coming!
Sent to: Johnny Cage
[15:40] Johnny….
[15:41] I’ll check my diary and see if we can’t work something out.
Received from: Johnny Cage
[15:44] hey good good! Everyone knows sub-zero is all serious no fun ;p thanks man I mean it

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hey rachel do you accept constructive criticisms on your fics

depends on the criticism. If you’re critiquing my writing style or the storyline or generally how i write my fics, no. I have betas who give me constructive criticism, and i have friends who do too. i write for fun, not for profit and not to impress anyone. So if it’s for those things, then i do not take constructive criticism and i dont need it. I share it with people for their enjoyment, and if they don’t like the way i write or the way i plan out my stories, then that’s fine. HOWEVER. if you have criticism because i’m doing something wrong or because i’m being problematic or generally need more knowledge on a subject, then feel free to call me out.

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Ok, so i think, you like more @jakei95 than @camilaart . Then why do i have the impression that you've done better work w/ Glitchtale's music than Underverse's? Btw, hi from Spain!!!

I dont like anyone over anyone, they are both really dear friends. That I make music for them is just an extra.

Also, I am pretty fucking proud of Overwrite, hands down one of the best tracks I have made lol

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I don't get why you're freaking out over some hcs for Kenji from faded-whatever when you wrote better ones a few weeks ago, to be completely honest

Anon I don’t know where to start.
1. @faded-hero i’m sorry if this causes any negative feelings. I couldn’t address it without you seeing of course and I felt like I had to cause this is not okay and I want to discourage this kind of thinking ☹
2. The thing about content creating is you get nothing out of your own. Sure you feel great bc you put something out and people respond bla bla but you dont get that same giddiness of reading/seeing someone else’s stuff. It’s new. And most of the time it’s something you never would have thought of. Or it’s written in a way you never would write and so it’s amazing and refreshing to see. Imagine if you wrote the greatest TV show in the world. #1 on all the charts. You’d still be wowed by other good ones cause THEY’RE NOT YOURS and THEY ARE ALSO GREAT. It would be an arrogant attitude to not be impressed by anything or anyone else just bc your stuff is “better.” I’ve been clogging the Kenji tags and have been literally bored with my own hcs.
3. Bc of those differences in style and whatnot, content creators get wowed by one another even if others may think one is better. I view faded as my equal. We have different ways of doing things and I like to think that yknow, different folks different strokes. Maybe you think mine is better but she is HC queen in my head.
4. I’m really disappointed nonny :( while I appreciate you thought my hcs were good, there is no need to compare and put down other content creators. Part of the joy also comes from sharing in that same interest/ship whatever.
5. I’ve always loved faded’s HCs. I just do. If you want an analysis it’s cause I find a charm in the shortness of it. I like how she mixes scenes with snippets of dialogue. Because she adds things to our ship that in my hours of sitting and hc-ing, I never thought of. And because I just find them cute and honestly love them.
You are my HC queen Badrieh i ❤ you!!!


Eric’s plans for “NBK” (JC-001-026343-026344; also JC-001-026856 as “NBK.doc” and apparently from his home computer since it’s with a bunch of other files that have been taken from the Harris home computer).  

(Note: all spelling is as in the original.)

It would be great if god removed all vaccines and warning lables from everything in the world and let natural selection take its course. All the fat ugly retarded crippled dumbass stupid fuckheads in the world would die, and oh fucking well if a few of the good guys die to. Maybe then the human race can actually be proud of itself. World war II is the last time I bet America was proud of its self. We beat the fuck out of the damn zipperheads and the nazis. We came back, from being bombed and loosing major battles to nuke that little piece of shit island and to take over that cool place called Deustchland. I say its cool because I love the German language and “BRUTE" stuff. Kein mitleid fur die merheit. Put everyone in doom I and see who can get past atleast level 1. Actually, then put them into MY worlds. Like Thrasher, Whiskey, UAC Labs, und TIER. I would love to see all you fuckheads die. NBK. I love it! sometime in april me and V will get revenge and will kick natural selection up a few notches. Aimed with the following; a terroist bag full of noisey crickets, noisey crickets strapped to WD40 cans, pipe bombs with a shit load of shrapnel, fire bombs, chlorine gas bombs, and smoke bombs. Fire arms we arent sure of yet, hopefully V will have his #3 and plenty of ammo for it. thats another thing, ill fuck around with some shotgun shells for more bombs also. For me, I don’t know what weapon ill have. I just want a firearm that can hold lots of bullets and that wont jam on me. So ill need lots of clips to. Ill have those strapped onto my chest. Maybe a bullet proof vest too. We will be in all black. Dusters, black army pants, and we will get custom shirts that say R or V in the background in one big letter and NBK in the front in a smaller font. We will have knifes and blades and backup weaponry all over our bodies, I will have a tattoo of REB on my right arm. Once we start we will wear balaclavas. First we will go to the house of [redacted] and [redacted] in the morning before school starts and before anyone is even awake. We go in, we silently kill each inhabitant and then pin down [redacted] and [redacted]. Then take our sweet time pissing on them, spitting on them, and just torturing the hell out of them. Once we are done there we set time bombs to burn the houses down and take any weaponry that we find, who knows we may get lucky. Then get totally prepared and during Alunch we go in and park in our spots. With sunglasses on we start carrying in all of our bags of terrorism and anarchism shit into our table. Being very casual and silent about it, its all for a science/band/english project or something. Then, we sit down, play some pumpup music, light a 50$ stoge, and get ready to start throwing out the first wave of crickets. Then, we light them, and throw them as far as we can, once the first wave starts to go off and the chaos begins, V opens fire and I start lobin the firebombs. Then I open fire and V starts lobin more crickets. Then if we can we go upstairs and go to each classroom we can and pick off fuckers at our will. If we still can we will hijack some awesome car, and drive off to the neighborhood of our choice and start torching houses with molotov cocktails. by that time cops will be all over us and we start to kill them to! we use bombs, fire bombs, and anything we fucking can to kill and damage as much as we fucking can. if it comes to the time when we are trapped with absolutely no way out, we eat crickets along with a ton of chlorine or some other deadly gas. so when we die, so will anyone close to us. if we have figured out the art of time bombs before hand, we will set hundreds of them around houses, roads, bridges, buildings and gas stations. anything that will cause damage and chaos. if you have ever seen the first few clips of violence in INVASION USA youll know what im talkin about. itll be like the LA riots, the oklahoma bombing, WWII, vietnam, duke and doom all mixed together. maybe we will even start a little rebelion or revolution to fuck things up as much as we can. i want to leave a lasting impression on the world. and god damnit do not blame anyone else besides me and V for this. dont blame my family, they had no clue and there is nothing they could have done, they brought me up just fucking fine, dont blame toy stores or any other stores for selling us ammo, bomb materials or anything like that because its not their fault, i dont want no fucking laws on buying fucking PVC pipes. we are kind of a select case here so dont think this will happen again. dont blame the school, dont fucking put cops all over the place just because we went on a killing spree doesnt mean everyone else will and hardly ever do people bring bombs or guns to school anyway, the admin. is doing a fine job as it is, i dont know who wll be left after we kill but damnit dont change any policies just because of us. it would be stupid and if there is any way in this fucked up universe we can come back as ghosts or what the fuck ever we will haunt the life out of anyone who blames anyone besides me and V. if by some wierd as shit luck my and V survive and escape we will move to some island somewhere or maybe mexico, new zelend or some exotic place where americans cant get us. if there isnt such place, then we will hijack a hell of a lot of bombs and crash a plane into NYC with us inside iring away as we go down, just something to cause more devistation.

(Eric, you fucking cannot spell worth a shit, and I know they had spell check on Microsoft Word 97 back then!  It’s embarrassing to have foreigners write perfect English online while native English speakers like you repeatedly demonstrate themselves to be barely literate in their own language!  There, now that’s off my chest…not that Eric would give a shit, of course.  He’s already made his "lasting impression on the world.”)

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Um...hello there I found your blog today and I fell in love 😋 I'm a girl and I'm going into high school next month... I'm a little scared and I really don't know if I can handle myself doing this.

High school isn’t that bad. It’s not like in the movies where bullies corner you in the hallway, or knock your books down. People will probably be chill, unless you start causing problems then you might have some drama.
If you wanna eat alone, eat alone, I personally LOVE to have some alone time in the middle of the day cause being with people all day is exhausting, so every other day I sit upstairs and watch Netflix on my phone and eat my lunch in the hall, a lot of the other kids do that too, no one really cares
Don’t stress out about homework and tests (unless it’s like finals, then study!!). If I’m being super real with you, I cheated on EVERY SINGLE TEST I ever took so far (except for sign language) and I don’t plan on stopping when I go back to school soon. I never got caught. (If you have questions as to why or how I cheated I’ll answer them too)
Bring headphones!!!! (That’s all I have to say about that, BRING HEADPHONES)
It’s not like middle school or elementary, you don’t have to pretend to like everyone or share things with everyone. If you don’t like someone, distance yourself from them or tell them straight up that you don’t like them (that’s what I do). If you don’t wanna lend someone something, don’t.
A lot of people say to join clubs and sports to find friends if you don’t have any. I really don’t think that works cause people already have their friends and being in a club with them won’t make them your best friend right away. If you wanna make friends…well..i don’t know what to say, i suck at making friends
People also say that you should get your teacher’s to like you, yeah no…I’m pretty sure all my teachers didn’t like me AT ALL. They always said I had an attitude problem. If your teachers don’t like you, literally who cares, you probably won’t see them next year.

Overall, high school is gonna be fiiine. It might seems big and overwhelming and intimidating at first, but you’ll get used to it. You don’t have to try to fit in, but also don’t be super weird…cause then you’ll be super weird…

ALSO ALSO ALSO don’t date the upperclassmen, just please don’t. They don’t love you, please please please DONT. DATE. THE. UPPERCLASSMEN. they just want to have sex with you. So please don’t.
AND don’t try to act better than the upperclassmen, don’t try to boss them around, don’t try to impress them. No matter what you do, they’re not gonna like the freshmen and if you try something with them, it’s just not gonna be fun.

But high school will be fine.
If anyone has any other questions regarding school or anything just in general, feel free to ask me!!

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Maddie, Have you thought about designing more tattoos for other people? Like commision style? I am really impressed by your design and the thought that you put into it! Your tattoo artist did an awesome job too, but I dont think i'll be going half way across the globe for my next tattoo....

Thank you! I have done tattoo designs for specific people before, and general designs anyone can use (I love getting photos from people being like ‘HEY I got your design tattooed on me, look!’).  I should definitely add something about it to my commission guidelines - you know if I ever get time to open them up.  

My artist was GREAT but booked out months in advance - I think I booked in 3 months ago, and currently he is booked out till nearly February.  So if you decided to fly over for a tattoo you would really need to plan ahead :)


So the Heaven’s Feel manga finally adapted this scene, which, contrary to what some may think, was actually in the VN! However the VN was still trying to preserve the plot twist of Sakura being involved with magical affairs, so the identity of who zouken was speaking to was obscured at first. I really like how the manga has completely given up on trying to preserve that twist (bc really fate zero and the 10+ years since the original VN have pretty much given it away to all but the newest of viewers) and are giving us tons of sakura’s point of view in place of that.

I really love how the manga has given zouken this new look, its fantastic. Look at this huge wet mass of disgusting worm flesh! It’s disgusting, its horrifying, it provokes an instinctual reaction of KILL IT WITH FIRE. It really emphasizes zouken’s inhumanity. At one point Kotomine compares him to a vampire, and in this form you can really see that, especially how in the darkness he’s a huge dark mass looming over whoever he’s speaking to, with only his glowing eyes visible in the dark. You really get the sense of this being a monster out of a horror film.

Whats great about this gross look is that it not only ups zouken’s villain presence quite a bit imo, but it really shows us what kind of hell Sakura has been enduring the last 11 years, living under the control of this creature. Her abuser is literally a monster! Which makes the courage she shows disobeying him all the more impressive. She knows better then anyone what kind of punishment she’d get for defying him, but she does it anyway, even as she trembles and clutches her shaking hands. Sakura is so strong you guys.

if ufotable doesn’t use this look for zouken in the movies, or at least for this scene, im gonna be disappointed tbh.

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i'm sort of confused how you got the impression that anyone's genuinely suggesting that older people can't like fandom things? like sure people will pull out 'don't you have taxes to do,' 'this woman could be my mother,' etc jokes but i've literally only seen them come up when someone was already behaving inappropriately towards younger people. don't disagree with anything you said, just not following how it does anything but deflect the actual issue

not to be snarky but this is my blog and i dont see how im “deflecting” the issue by talking about something partially related to it. i dont disagree with anything going around rn (especially about, to clear the air here, that weirdo reylo woman); just because im not reblogging pots about this specifically doesnt mean its not on my radar

and really like. it bothers me in the same way similar misogynistic micro aggressions on the internet bother me and is just as difficult to articulate lol. i thought i made it clear i was referring to how people in general talk about older women doing stuff other than Mature Motherly Adult things… i dont think its a dire issue specifically but more like an expression of a larger one that im sensing more and more as the impending doom of “mid twenties” seems to creep closer and closer…

anyway like. its not that deep i know most of the posts are talking about adults being creeps when they make generalizing statements disclaimer for incomplete thoughts everywhere including this answer etc etc

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Marina my ascendant is in cancer but i get confused all the time bcs i literally have never met anyone who tells me that i look motherly or caring upon first impression. Instead i usually hear something along the lines of "i thought you were a bitch"

i dont think cancer risings necessarily look caring or maternal, they usually seem either childlike or moody so the latter could be the reason why others see you that way? cancer risings basically seem quite sensitive/moody/upset so it could be interpreted as you being difficult/bitchy/etc. cancer risings cant smile or look relaxed if they do not feel that way

Swift won’t say much about her relationship with Styles, other than that they’re now friends. But talking to her, it seems clear that many of the songs on 1989 that are about a guy are about him. There’s “I Wish You Would,” about an ex who bought a house two blocks from hers (whom she implies was Styles). And “All You Had to Do Was Stay,” about a guy who was never willing to commit (ditto). Then there’s the song that sets a new high-water mark for Swiftian faux secrecy – a sexy Miami Vice-sounding throwback about a guy with slicked-back hair and a white T-shirt and a girl in a tight little skirt that is called – no joke – “Style.” (She allows herself a satisfied grin. “We should have just called it ‘I’m Not Even Sorry.’”)

Of all the songs on the album that seem to be about Styles, the most intriguing one is “Out of the Woods.” Co-written by Antonoff, it’s a frantic tale of a relationship where, Swift says, “every day was a struggle. Forget making plans for life – we were just trying to make it to next week.” The most interesting part comes when Swift sings, “Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/Twenty stitches in a hospital room.” She says it was inspired by a snowmobile ride with an ex who lost control and wrecked it so badly that she saw her life flash before her eyes. Both of them had to go to the ER, although Swift wasn’t hurt. She corrects herself: “Not as hurt.”

For a couple whose every move was so thoroughly documented, it’s kind of shocking to think that something as newsworthy as a trip to the emergency room wouldn’t have wound up on the Internet. “You know what I’ve found works even better than an NDA?” says Swift. “Looking someone in the eye and saying, 'Please don’t tell anyone about this.’” Even so, it’s impressive: The most top-secret hospital visit would necessarily involve three or four witnesses – and none of them talked?

—  Taylor Swift on writing about Harry Styles in her new album - Rolling Stone

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hey i dont know what to do with my life can u help

U dont need 2 make a definitive decision right now!!! Just try new things and let ur impulses guide u. Find what u love, it can take awhile. Never worry about impressing anyone. There are 1000 things I want to do with my life and I am always confused and scared. I feel like I am failing but I will keep hoping that something catches on and starts going upwards.  I try to live by the theory that everything will resolve itself in the end. If u have/find something u are passionate about, work hard towards it every single day. If you need to, get little jobs to support yrself but dont give up on the dream. I cant tell u exactly what to do besides: Dont rush yourself or panic into something u hate. Trust yourself

16. - Wish you Could See you Through my Eyes.

When you’re ready, just say you’re ready. When all the baggage just ain’t as heavy and the party’s over, just don’t forget me. We’ll change the pace and we’ll just go slow. You won’t ever have to worry, you won’t ever have to hide. You’ve seen all my mistakes, so look me in my eyes.

Cause if you let me, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll take care of you. I’ve loved and I’ve lost.


After our amazing date last night and our little confession session, Malakai and I retired back to his place. Once home, we immediately stripped and ended up watching a hilarious movie in bed before finally falling into one of the best sleeps Ive had in weeks.

Now it was officially Sunday and after practically having to drag me out of bed, Malakai had finally managed to get me into the shower so we could start our day.

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Some girls don’t even want to date boys some girls don’t even have to date boys
Some girls don’t even wanna date

Why is it that most people assume that since a person is a teenage girl oh shes gonna want to date a boy and she has to look absolutely beautiful just for boys because no boy is going to want her if she isn’t perfect just for them

People have given me this shit all the time. And im not a man hating raging feminist . But most of the time parents assume that their daughter is going to be boy crazy and just want boys and all they can think about is boys .who gave teenage girls this image? Most of the time i couldn’t care less for boys im probably thinking about world problems and politics because whoa more than boys can be in the head of a teenage girl

“Boys don’t like it when”
Who cares i dont sit around here to impress anybody.

I cant have a friend thats a guy because most people will automatically assume that theres a relationship that boys cannot be just friends with a girl.

And has anyone ever considered that some girls don’t even like boys or like more than just boys . Its just a default that girls are assumed to like boys

“So you talking about boys” “you got a boyfriend?” “You thinking about boys”
Those are sentences that seriously piss me off and im not even going to get started on them

and im not also going to run around kissing every boy and what if im not just into guys its not like im going to run around kissing everyone dont automatically assume girls are that promiscuous.

My purpose here isn’t to please some random boy to look for love.
Im not bitter i just want to be something more than just some pretty girl to eventually get married off to a boy and live a normal boring life. Does anyone ever think that me or any other girl want more than that

Who cares honestly boys aren’t the whole world to girls and when people think all girls are good for is just to sit around and look pretty for a boy to eventually just get married off i just want to eject myself from this planet