you dont have to impress anyone

Task time!

I want you guys to like this post. May seem weird but here’s my plan. Everyone like this post and wait 1 hour, then go through the likes and message at least 3 people. Try to make new friends or maybe find a potential dom/little. This is your moment to make a first impression. Be nice and friendly! I know some of you guys have problems making new friends but no one here should judge anyone. This is a safe place to be yourself. You can message as many people as you like! Share stories with eachother or make new memories! I know a lot of you are sfw and many of you are nsfw. Please! Specify which side you are and be respectful to eachothers wishes. If you dont feel comfortable talking to a nsfw person, just tell them. If a sfw person says they dont want to talk to you, dont force them. They’re here to feel safe, not in danger. I love you all so so much! Have a wonderful night 💜💙🐱

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i know personally i put it in my sra tag because i related to the experience i had with a cult im sorry if that made you uncomfty

oh no no its okay!!! i dont mind that people tagged it that its more that people are like “im so sorry you went through that #cults” and im like nah it was just catholic school like i dont want anyone to get the wrong impression of me

i dont mind you tagging that for you its more when people are labelling my experience as specifically that and only that that makes me worry. i dont want people thinking that i claimed a trauma i didnt have ya know

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Supercorp prompt: Supercorp goes out to like a French restaurant or something and Kara is surprised and really impressed when Lena speaks French. She ends up saying something like "but learning languages is so hard you should be really proud of yourself!". And then Lena remembers Kara is bare minimum bilingual and asks her to say something in Kryptonian. Kara does Lena gets very turned on and they end up leaving the restaurant early ;)

gkldfgjlkdfgjldf i fukn love this im gonna write it once im done w my other prompt im love u

Dating Grantaire would include:


Dating Grantaire would include:

  • Watching him paint, wondering how he became so talented.
  • Giggling at the paint smudges on his cheeks.
  • Him getting you back for laughing by wiping his paint brush on your nose.
  • Always asking your opinion before showing anyone else his art.

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  • Showering together because
  • “I’m all about that saving water” Grantaire would smirk causing you to roll your eyes.
  • You thinking he’s beautiful on the inside and out
  • No matter what anyone tells you.
  • And no matter what he tells you.

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  • Him always trying really hard to impress you because
  • “I’ve never felt this way about anyone” He’s sigh to Courf.
  • Him trying to drink less because
  • “I’m in a serious relationship now, I have to make sacrifices” and Enjolras replying with
  • “I really dont think (Y/N) cares” With a roll of the eyes.
  • “I think it’s sweet” Eponine would pat his shoulder.

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  • Holding each others hair back during a bad hang over (lmfao sorry)
  • Bringing you cups of coffee to bed in the morning.
  • Grantaire giving the best hugs.
  • His arms wrapped tightly around your waist.
  • Lazy mornings
  • Cuddling untill you know you both have to get up.

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  • Always being late for barricade meetings because
  • “We were busy!”
  • “You’re almost as bad as Marius” Enjolras would say with a hint of a smirk.
  • “Hey! I’m here aint i!” Marius would laugh entering the room.
  • Everyone knowing you’d end up together
  • Some of them having bets between the both of you.

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  • Helping Grantaire to have more confidence in himself.
  • Him feeling so so lucky to have you by his side.
  • He’d get jealous really easily
  • His jealous face looking something like this:

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  • He’d always be touching you somehow
  • Whether it beeing his hand on your knee or his arm around our waist.
  • Both of you being better people when together.
  • Having late night convocations
  • Laughing until no sound comes out.

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the past month has shown me many of my “friends” true colours. its sad to say i wasted so much time, and effort trying to impress these shallow, self centred people just so i felt like i fit in. now i only properly speak to three people and i dont mind that. not even, im happy that my friendship group has gotten so small because i actually have people who care for me and can trust. but of course, thats not accepted in the society we live in. you need to have at least 100 friends to seem “cool”. but half of you hate each other. why would anyone want that much negativity around them? honestly it baffles me.

I am so proud of who I am and who i am becoming and i couldn’t of done it without the help from these two people. Scott and Mitch have taught me to love who you are and don’t let anyone else tell you other wise! They have taught me that being who I am is more important than trying to impress other people. 

I took this today (6weeks post op) in my families jacuzzi, smiling and coping Scott and Mitch! I am so happy and i don’t care what other people think of me or anything! I am who I am and if you don’t like it then the door is right there!

Thank You Scott and Mitch!