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hii :) how are you ? I just wanted to ask, you seem so over race to the edge-and pretty mad about it too-(I personally have stopped a while ago so I dont know whats going on right now) But why ? did something happen ? You seemed pretty into it, I hope people did not ask you this question too much ;)

Well my friend, this is kinda a loaded question and I don’t have the time to answer it completely hehe sorry I’m so busy right ow with college and tons of proyects so I’m gonna leave it as clear as possible :) Thanks for asking nicely tho <3

OK so I think you would need to check on my tag #rtte-talk first of all. There you can find all my reasons why I think rtte PARTICULARY Season 3 is not that good. 

I liked the first season, I have to be honest it was really good and I liked the intro but that’s what it was an intro to the whole show so it didn’t have that much (the show is getting way too long) then I ADORED the second season (most of it) to continue watching it. I think my problem was the lack of judgement for good writing and my SUPER high expectations of it (I should’ve known better tbh). 

Overall, I love some things in the show like interactions between the riders, that’s something I’m always gonna love, specially Snotlout and the Twins, Snotcup, Fishlout, Tufflout, Snotstrid adn Dagcup. I think that’s the reason I watch the show. Also Dagur. I adore Dagur dince day 1. Snotlout and the Twins and Dagur are  the actual stars for me, because Hiccup, Astrid, Heather, Toothless, the dragons, etc etc are a total mess and I don’t like it. 

I don’t like Heather (or how she’s portrayed and her whole unnecessary backstory no one cares about), I might like the idea of her. I kinda liked her in RoB and on some fics where she’s not being a total bitch to her friends, but after Rtte I couldn’t care less about what happens to her and when they made her Dagur’s sister I was like What? no? Why? now that doesn’t mean I don’t like how Dagur loves her and wants to find her and protect her and be with her, he’s such a sweetheart and I love him. But ugh idk WHY? 

Ok so please don’t get me started on hiccstrid because it had been a mess since day one just check on the tags for my whol opinion on them. For me, the only real (CANON, IMPORTANT) Hiccstrid is the one in HTTYD and HTTYD2 and one some fics that are just so good you can’t NOT count it as canon. @avannak  I’m looking at you. <3

There are other things that just make me cringe, or just makes me want to punch the writers in the face like: 

  • Ruffnut’s portrayal
  • Fishlegs has triumphantly discovered his confidence like 18 times.  
  • Mala and her tribe (I’m yet to discover this in depth but the more I see it, the less I like it)
  • Hiccup being oversmarted by Viggo 1000 times
  • Astrid’s portrayal and treatment (SO ANGRY FUCK I CAN’T EVEN), 
  • People not acknowledging and comunicating stuff *cough* Hiccstrid *cough*
  • the lack of Toothcup and Stoicup 
  • the lack of Berk
  • The fucking lack of the best villain on the franchise Viggo on the 3th season 
  • Suddenly the Dragon Eye was not important in the third season, we don’t even got to see Viggo using it by that big thing with the Night Fury at the end of Season 2, I guess it’s not important anymore…
  • The lack of backround of the characters (like it’s been like 80 episodes and we have NO idea of Astrid’s family, the twins’ families etc etc), 
  • The hundreds of unnecessary plot devices to make Astrid go down like a total punk. 
  • All the filler episodes (practically all season 1 and 3. yeah they’re fun but… again why?)
  • The laziness on the writing and lack of explanations.
  • Here’s some comparisons with ATLA on the writing

OK so I have a lot of things ok? probably more but… I actually don’t care anymore? Like on the canon aspect, I just don’t. I love this show for what it is, a fun adventure of teenage dragon riding viking. 

There is A LOT and I mean A LOT of depth in this series and rtte just ignores it. Plain and simple. I’m only going to stick with the movies tbh. They have more depth in them on one finger than RTTE as a whole. I’m probably exagerating but my point is that there is a LOT more to these characters and their interactions that they’re showing us and that bothers me. The writers are playing it safe. Like SO safe, they’re not taking risks, like AT ALL. I came here for the depth and since I don’t have it I’m just gonna accept it for what it is. It’s a HUGE dissapointment and I have to say it. I’m totally dissapointed with the writing of this show. I guess I’ll just love the good things that they do because up until now they haven’t fullfilled my expectations so I learned not to expect anything from this show. I’m at best, underwhelmed. I’m actually really angry, so angry that I can actually quit, but I just can’t? idk.

OK so I’m definitely NOT gonna quit. I’m totally finishing this show, but not because I have high expectations, but because I’m so curious about it. My hopes for the show are practically lost so I just want to know how far can I get. And WHO KNOWS? Maybe this season will be different? I doubt it but I have no idea and I’m curious. I just can’t quit you now? I have to see it. I’m gonna be honest, I DON’T want any more let downs and I have NO idea how am I  gonna react if I have them AGAIN, but I’m willing to take the chance for the sake of this fucking franchise that no matter how much it makes me angry, I keep getting back to it. I’ve become HTTYD’s bitter ex girlfriend who doesn’t matter how much it’s hurt me, I keep getting back to it no matter what because I love it to death and I have to be there and watch every single aspect of it. Please read this.  Yes, I’m gonna watch this damn season just for the fucking sake of it and they better not dissapoint me or I’m killing a bitch (Kidding I’m probably just gonna rant a lot)

So anyway, enjoy your reading (because there’s a lot in the tag) And I hope this makes you understand my view of it. :3










I may or may not haves skipped the beginning to see what happened to Tim. BUT I SWEAR I WASNT EXPECTING THIS I LITERALLY THREW MY PHONE. AND I DIDNT TOUCH IT AFTER THAT. but there are still a few more pages so im hoping for a miracle okay bye.

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have you ever even been to america?

whats america?  ah, no worries,  just googled and it sounds like some sort of… dystopian nation.. where school kids have to pledge allegiance to a flag??…  a literal piece of material that is held in higher regard than peoples basic human rights..  where refusing to sing the national anthem and kneeling causes more outrage than a college boy raping an unconscious woman and getting off with a 6months sentence that was shortened to 3months because of ‘good behaviour’ and the “severe impact” that this poor rapist might have faced in prison when his victim would have to live with the tramua for the rest of her life.  they consider the 2nd most important rule in their whole nation the right that everyone should allowed a weapon of mass murder that can (and has) kill with just a single shot…. where its absolutely fine to voice hateful, offensive and frankly dangerous ‘opinions’ because of ‘free speech’ but as soon as you shout ‘black lives matter’ you’re a danger to society..  where a lot of their media’s sole purpose is to indoctrinate the rest of the word into their way of thinking and of being, like some new age propaganda with films that glorify the mass genocides of indigenous or foreign people as triumphant achievements and not things to be ashamed of. where the film industry is mostly controlled by white privileged straight men, many of whom have been/ are well known as being abusive,racist, homophobic but it’s okay because they’re “talented” . also seems to be about to be run by some sexist misogynist ableist tv billionaire supported by fascists, racists and literal nazis? why would any one want to go to america ?  

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what do you mean you don't have time to work on it? I'm not a fanfic author myself, but shouldn't you probably make time for your fanfictions?

I’ll make time when my bills are paid and I have food to eat.

Sorry, but I write fanfiction for free. Living is not free. I am a college student who also has a job and a struggling family to feed. After going to school and working all day, sometimes the last thing I want to do is come home and write. I also would like to have some time to myself to draw or relax or even see my friends if I’d like to.

Writing is a difficult process. The fact that I have ADHD only makes it harder for me because I cannot ever focus. It takes me ages to write something another author could write in ten minutes. Please understand.

I don’t have to make time for my fanfics. I do it because I want to and I enjoy it, and because I adore the love my followers give both me and my work.

I know you probably didn’t mean to come off sounding entitled, but…I get it. You’re not a fanfic author. You’re a reader. I appreciate you and the fact that you read my work, but please, please understand that those who write fanfic are people. We have lives, jobs, school and family and other responsibilities to worry about other than writing 24/7.

When available writing time comes and I’m feeling up to it, I will write.

Hi ok so i usually dont make sappy posts like this trying to get help from others, but i really need it.
No im not asking for your money so dont worry
What i will ask for is some help. I just started my official treatment for my PTSD and anxiety after 18yrs of it being untreated. The tough part is, im a broke art student, and sessions are expensive. While im at college, i dont have a car yet, and we all know ubers can be quite the wallet breaker. Getting to my counseling every week is going to shake me dry, so if people can PLEASE use my uber code, that would SAVE MY LIFE. You get a free first ride, i get a free ride, everyones happy!! Please please PLEASE!! try and use my code so i can afford my treatment! It would help a ton!!! If you wanna find out other ways to donate or are interested in commissions, please pm me for more info!! Im trying to get better so i can be healthy, but i cant do it in my current financial situation! Every reblog and donation helps!!!
My uber code: macyc280ue
My paypal/contact email:

there is NOTHING , NOTHING ! i hate more in this vile world than intellectual elitism first of all the assumption that everyone is going to college or will finish college is nasty

second of all, you dont NEED college to contemplate theory or participate in discussions of art i personally know like 20 million people who are intelligent and astute and constantly learning who never went to college, dropped out, or who are projecting going but haven’t gotten there yet; self education is Valid as hell

college is a Luxury with a capital L and trying to shut out voices on the basis that they dont have a $20,000+ diploma is SO reprehensible and rooted in classism/racism/ableism etc etc

THIRD OF ALL, it is even MORE wild, that someone who HAS this luxury could go through 4+ years of the instruction and community college offers without picking up any sense of social responsibility, without deigning to take advantage of diverse perspectives 

like maybe, before you tell people to wait until they’ve taken a college course to discuss something that they find to be problematic or personally uncomfortable or yes Racist, take course on race theory or postcolonialism and figure out what the fuck you’re doing wrong

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Do you have any headcanons for what the seven will major in college or/and which ones won't even go to college at all?

leo: i don’t really know if he’ll go to college or not, i don’t think he has anything left to learn. in aus and stuff and if he ever DID want to go, i would say mechanical engineering (that’s sort of obvious) but like i really do see him opening up his own garage. i think he’ll be happy

annabeth: architecture, obviously. i definitely see her going to college. she seems like the sort of person who would really thrive studying something she loves from knowledgeable professors.

percy: pls dont make him go to college…IF he goes i think child development (he likes kids a lot), i don’t like making percy study stuff related to the ocean bc like idk it’s all sciency and mathy which percy hates both and also like he’d have much more fun as a “freelance” or self-employed environmentalist If You Know What I Mean lmao

piper: psychiatry if she’s willing to put herself through all that, or like human resources/communications, possibly political science.

hazel: nursing? i don’t know why i think this but i do. she’d make a good nurse.

frank: honestly like frank would make a good businessman i feel like he’d study business and then be like “this is boring” and just go open his own business somewhere i dunno. he’s sort of set for life at camp jupiter so it’s not like he really needs a Real World degree.

jason: i want jason to be a teacher!! i think he’d be a GREAT teacher. (they’d honestly all be good teachers like every single one of them but like jason especially seems to have the temperament for teaching kids and making lesson plans and stuff)


The very term “Pro-Life” that Republicans use to describe themselves is a lie. They are pro birth.

They are mad because a women had sex outside of marriage and got away with it.

They are mad because a women doesn’t want kids, because they think thats a women’s only purpose.

But their entire argument is flawed. Many states forbid the use of government funds on abortions unless the women is a victim of rape, incest, or her life is in danger.

These are the same people who sneer at people on welfare and try to cut any kind of spending on the poor.

Well guess what, when you force people to have children they cannot afford, they will be on welfare.

When you force college kids to drop out to raise kids they dont want, somebody has to feed that kid.

When your argument is that they can give the kids for adoption, you flood the foster care system because so many kids go unadopted.

When those kids grow up without parents and live on the streets as children instead of at home, you flood the prison system.

If you do not want an abortion, then dont get one but pushing legislation to prevent other people from getting one is detrimental to their lives. It is also extremely expensive to feed, cloth, house, and imprison the children whose parents knew they cannot afford to have.

Being pro life is believing that children are a punishment for having sex. The same group of people push for less sex ed in school and cutbacks on social programs.

They live in a world that does not exist anymore.

Lastly, your religious views have absolutely nothing to do with the laws of this country. If your religion is against abortion, cool, have fun, but America is and will hopefully remain a secular country. So take your beliefs and go to your place of worship because the government sure as shit is not a place of worship.


Jonathan feels a bit overwhelmed today, so I figured I’d step in and see if I can help in some small way.

You see, I have an inkling of what you’re going through…

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we begin with clenched fists:
ribs caving in, an age of dissolution
looming imminent, not one of us afraid;
no, not one.
you see, fear is something we relearned
during our childhoods; those that were full of it
in every way. abuse of raised voices or fists
or feelings, all this taught us how to:
curl inside ourselves, collapse, crumble
against a cruelty we couldn’t yet recognize.
then growing up meant less a checklist of to do’s—
car, college, career—and more a brutal uprooting
of all the parental misinformation, holding your heart close
instead of bitter lies like you’re not wanted you’re not
needed you’re not good enough you’re not,
so still our lungs knock about in close chest cages,
but still we can’t call it fear—that’s a misnomer
for facing the end of the world is less terrible
than facing the end of being loved.

heartburn for @illuminosity

Exo during finals week

Kai: *bloodshot eyes* damn i wish i was a dog they would never have to go through this

Kyungsoo: *the polar opposite of calm and collected* i should be studying why did i make 600 servings of spaghetti 

Sehun: highlight all the important stuff they say…my eNTIRE BOOK IS YELLOW

Suho: u know wut i can pay to get into college anyway

Baekhyun: nah nah nah i dont need to study didnt u hear if u sleep with a textbook under ur pillow you’ll know everything stop i know im fucked shit


Minseok: *calm and collected* u know what i got this calculus isnt even that hard 

Chen: *pours a red bull into a cup of coffee* im going to die *drinks it* 

Luhan: u know what im just going to break into the school and steal all the tests and burn it no big deal 

Lay: i cant remember any of this no matter how many times i read it! 

Kris: *can fit all his notes on his big ass yaoi hands* 

Tao: remember tao if u dont know something cry and the tear drop closest to the answer choice is what u pick 


Look at Lucas’s face the whole time Josh is talking in GM Bear. I noticed this while I was watching it and it intrigued me. While everyone else is looking concerned for Josh’s college situation, or are laughing at the way he acts out stuff (ex. Zay and Farkle in separate scenes), he’s literally just expressionless. Just like: “Bitch back tf away from my one true love or i will beat ur ass i only let her go to you so she could be happy you have no RIGHT to be letting her call you “honey”.” 





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i'm an aspiring animator at sarah lawrence college in my senior year and finding your blog is such an inspiration! i'm super nervous about graduating and i've only been studying animation for 2 years. i was taught in harmony so maybe i'll have some questions occasionally? but i love your work!!

Dont be shy if you have harmony questions ! I’ll always help out if I can and share the knowledge. Its understandable that you’re nervous, but just know that even if you took school for longer..or less time, the learning never stops there. Every animator is going to leave school only knowing a smidgeon of what the skillset can have - but dont let that scare you ! basically what im saying is we all start out the same , and we all still learn together as we move forward in the career. there is no good or bad , just artists moving forward .  Trust in your ability to adapt , you’re graduating after all ,be proud that you have the skills ! :) 


Alexander x Reader
Words: 430
Request: Hey! I wanna ask a request. Can I have a college!au where you’re rommates with Alex and the heater’s broken? So you wrap yourselves in blankets and cuddle on the couch? Thanks! I love your blog, btw! <3 

I nearly didn’t post this today because i’m super tired but it’s quite cute so i thought hey why not? it’s kind of ironic though because australia is literally the hottest place on earth.

I have an askham going on atm in case you guys were wondering! so there’s that. I dont think i have anything else going on.

requests are open as usual bbys. have a great night / day / morning!


You walked back to your dorm after a long day of classes, dragging your bag behind you tiredly. You unlocked the door, turning on the lights and biting your lip when seeing Alexander typing madly at his computer. You went to take your coat off, your eyes widening when you felt a cold chill hit you.

“Has it been this cold all day?” You asked. Alexander nodded, keeping his vision secure on his laptop. “Heater is broken in all the dorms. I’m wearing five different jumpers,” He stated. You laughed quietly, dumping your bag on your bed.

“Did you have classes today?” You asked, leaning against Alex’s chair. He shook his head. “Can you move please? I just need to write something down.”

You rolled your eyes, jumping onto the couch and stretching out. “God, I’m so tired,” you mumbled. Alexander ignored you, keeping his eyes on his computer. You groaned. “Do I need to call John again to get you to snap out of this stupid writing thing? I’m sure you have plenty of time to hand it in.”

Alexander turned in his spinny chair. “Two months. That’s not a lot of time. I’m nearly done. Can you just give me five minutes of silence?” He asked. You sighed, sitting up.

“Here’s the deal: I let you finish your essay and peace and quiet, and you come watch the new season of Bojack Horseman with me,” You suggested.

“Would that involve leaving my desk?” He asked, raising his eyebrow. You nodded. Alexander let out a long sigh. “Fine, but I hope this horse guy show is good.”

Ten minutes later, you had set yourself up on the couch. You had brought both yours and Alex’s blankets over in an attempt to warm the freezing room. He joined you on the couch, climbing under the blanket. You started the show, looking over at Alexander.

“See, was it really that hard to take a break?” You asked. He shook his head slowly.

“I like the setup you’ve got here. It’s nice,” He said. “Although, I feel like we’d be better off moving closer together. The penguins do it and it seems to work. It’s nature’s way.”

You rolled your eyes, moving closer to Alexander on the couch. He pretended to yawn, wrapping his arm around you. You rolled your eyes. “Really? That’s literally the oldest trick in the book.”

“I’m cold!” Alexander protested, laying his head on your shoulder and closing his eyes.

You eventually both fell asleep, forgetting about assignments and the cold, winter night that had brought you together.

Tip of The Day

Colorism is not a Black movement. It is a darkskin movement. As lightskins, it’s not our place to add comments invalidating their oppression with things that we think also affect us because of colorism. Cuz we dont face colorism. Like at all. We’re the ones with the privilege. IF WE WERE TALKIN ABOUT RACISM THEN WE WOULD BE THE WHITE PPL IN THIS SCENARIO! So if you wanna go ahead and add that comment to a colorism post about how you face it too because you always felt like you weren’t black enough just understand that you sound like those white ppl who say they face racism because black people have more scholarships or that they couldnt get a job or accepted into college because of status quos and affirmative action. And just like i wanna beat they ass for inserting themselves in something they don’t belong to i wanna beat yo ass too. so next time you see a colorism post explaining the struggle of darkskin ppl and ur first reaction is “but what about me” sit yo lightskin ass down in several seats becky. cuz you actin like a becky trynna say that all lives matter bull shit when what they really mean is “i dont know what to do when im not the center of attention”. STOP SPEAKIN ON SHIT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

Dear freshmen who are going to an art school...

Here are some survival tips….
1. Art school is fucking hard, if you are going because its “easy” your gonna have a hard time.

2. Dont take 8 am classes your next quarter/semester. They are fucking hard.

3. Time management is key. Don’t do what you did in high school. Your project should be started the day of and not put down until youre dead.

4. If you have reading disabilities get student comp. you will need it for your art history and english classes. You will fail if you dont.

5. Stay away from boys for as long as you can. Or what ever else you’re attracted to. Limit your distractions.


7.wakeup an hour before you need to leave for class. So you are not late.

8. If your professor wants you to get expensive supplies try to get them. Theres a reason why they want you to have them.

9. Make friends in every class and outside the class. Connections will help your future.

10. Join clubs- will help with social anxiety. Alot of students who stay in he awk phase dont do as well as other students. Joining clubs will help you become more outgoing.

11. Befriend your professors. They could be rad, and have a foot in the industry. They could choose you for a special project for a client and you could make some money while gaining experience!

12. Cheap supplies suck and can ruin art work at blick if you can

14. Have a car or befriend those with cars.

15. If you’re a girl check the toilet seat some girls pee all over the seat because they don’t wanna sit down and its hella gross.

16. Take advantage of every opportunity the school throws at you.

17. Not every one at art school is going to be like you. There will be preppy people, goths, grunge, skaters, jocks, lolitas, furries, etc. so you need to branch out more. Not every one there is going to be a wholockian.

18. Be aware of your surroundings, learn the city before venturing out by your self.

19. Dont bike unless you are already an avid biker. It sucks.

20. Dont give up, its not going to be easy but itll be worth it!

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Hello there, I honestly love your blog so much. It's really helpful and motivational and i check it constantly. Anyways, I dont know if you know what the ACT's are but it's a 5 hour test that I have to take in order to go to college and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to study and prepare for such a thing?

Hi! Thank you, that is so lovely to hear! Five hours is crazy, my longest exam was three hours and I thought that was bad :-( Here are a couple of links that might be useful to you:

Sorry for the links, it can sometimes be difficult to give direct advice when you’ve not experienced the exam for yourself and don’t know what to expect. Hopefully those help though! xx

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hi :) i really need motivation to study math cause i have to pass the a levels for the college i want to go to, but i just dont see any reason to study it because i dont get it and i have that mindset that 'im never gonna need math in my life' but i really need to pass this, please helppp

hey anon! sorry about the late reply.

i guess there’s not much i can say tbh? like, okay. i’m currently taking ap calculus and there are parts that i just dont get, you feel? but i guess the thing is you just gotta do it. i’m not just fooling around and just yammering at you, but you have to do it. you don’t get it? well, trudge through. ask the teacher for help, ask the internet and your studyblr frens (or me or anyone else, really), ask your friends who are also taking a levels. 

you might not need math in your life after high school, but you know what? be a know-it-all. be nerdy, be smart, be annoyingly clever and intellectual. 

work at it until you get it. sometimes it just might not work. sometimes, you just might not get it. but that’s okay. that’s okay. try and do your best and if we need to go there, aim for a passing grade (even barely, since all you gotta do is pass your a levels, am i right?). work and work and work. make yourself work. only you know how you can make you work, so do it. 

you can do it, it’s just gonna take a painfully long time. work until you can’t. make yourself do it.

here are some extra links you might find helpful as motivation:

hope this helped, love.


all you voltron/ klance lovers out there

i highly recommend you read the work by my bae @meadowofstars <3

Bus Stops and Sweat Drops

love her and her work (mwah)

go give it a read for me (PLEASE)

10/10 would recommend (more like 100000/10 but lets be reasonable)

i dont have many words because im just, its, wow.

no words

<3 <3 <3

if youre in high school and feel like you dont want to go to college or arent ready to go to college or dont really know where you wanna go/what you wanna do– YOU DONT HAVE TO GO!! now or ever!