you dont have to do this obviously but ya know

Tagged by beautiful destielintheimpala to do the ‘20 beautiful people’ selfie thing. I dunno about beautiful exactly but y’know have a old selfie.

rules: upload a selfie and tag 20 beautiful people to do the same

i tag: namorish dustydreamsanddirtyscars steviebucks mattyfoggy wingsunfurled achillestiel araniaart bandersnatch-cumberdict onibubu i-believe-in-dean winjennster artsyunderstudy neven-ebrez celestinefae poppinfroggo nowwithflames xbettox amarearts faithful-viewer steve-rogers (@casamancy)

PLEASE DON’T FEEL OBLIGED TO POST ANY PICTURES! Ya’ll beautiful, so only share pictures if you’re comfortable doing so!