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anonymous asked:

The only thing I remember she participated is stand up to cancer but other than that she doesn't. She donates money but that's it. There's nothing annoying about her fans wanting her to do more ir be more active. Donating money is one thing and that's wonderful and more beneficial but it's not wrong for us to want her to be there and talk to victims & listen to their stories/challenges. I'm a huge fan of her but sometimes I want her to be more active and help out more than just donating money.

*i didnt use the word annoying

**she has done more than Stand up to cancer if we should talk about benefit concerts. i recall at least two others, one in sydney, she participated in one in the UK which benefitted children (also donated). she opened up the dress rehearsal for SNWT, sold tickets and donated all the proceeds to the victims of tornadoes. 

i wont sit here and try and change the way you perceive people or taylor or sit here and outline how much more she does than your average celebrity but i’m going to have to admit that i am genuinely unable to understand where this point of view originates and what sits behind in terms of what you actually want to see that is realistic beyond donated money.  

For someone who is so busy, i do seem to recall lots of visits to ill children in the hospital for just about as long as i can remember her being famous, dying fans like delaney in colorado where she actually flew to their house, gobs and gobs of free tickets to sick or chronically ill people to her shows - a lot of the time that never get any press, some of them even get to meet her which is amazing (this local little girl i used to follow who bless her heart is in remission, she was at the concert i was at, they got full vip package and tour and met taylor, she was five or six, honestly you never even hear about this stuff, it was not even on her fb page, i only know bc i went up to them during vance joy and literally said i recognize you and want you to know ive been praying for you im sorry to interrupt and the mom was like oh thats so kind actually we are here bc of taylors people they reached out to us and so on…..), face times to sick fans (and i dont mean five minutes like a half hour), money to the family of a fan who died in a car accident (+ a note), a huge sum of money to cedars sinai on behalf of LT (again, what more can she contribute to research efforts for congenital heart surgery than money?) All of this sounds pretty active to me. 

 phone calls to sick children who are going to pass away (i just saw one one fb the other day that i had never even heard of that the parent JUST posted about) donating items left and right to charity functions & silent auctions, like guitars and her prom dress back then and stuff, visiting veterans (like last year, or attending a wedding, playing at it, the year prior), donating books and the proceeds from wtny to nyc schools……. i dont know what would have been a more effective approach. Should she have gone and tried to teach the kids to read too? that isnt realistic. she’s donated to the red cross and flood relief programs so many times. what more is even feasible to help in that situation? people need food, shelter, running water. money achieves that. what do you exactly mean by ‘more active’… supporting an orchestra financially (how else can she support an orchestra?), i have to be honest i’m not clear what sort of expectation you have in mind in terms of being ‘a more active philanthropist’ because when it comes to charity - causes that need funding- money is and always will be the way change is made.  She cannot save obviously the wild animals in africa herself but she donated all her youtube money to wild animal conservation efforts in africa from wildest dreams. 

No, money can not buy the joy it brings a sick child to have a visit from her in the hospital, which is why it’s awesome that she visits hospitals every so often. and i’m not sure if you think that if she was actually serving the meals at the food bank and talking to the people in receipt of them, about the struggles they face in light of poverty but i have to admit that many may not want to talk to or find reason to relate to an extremely weathly white woman serving them a meal necessarily. I know it’s popular to do but would hammering the nails in the frame of the house with habitat for humanity, somehow be a better use of her time? or just donate to those efforts in places ravaged by weather. or rather than to buy the entire set of books the library in a child’s school in louisiana she should instead have gone and chilled with the kids…? or donating money to the wildfires last year,…what more is she supposed to do? As recently as last month we learned of her sizable donation to mariska hartigay’s foundation which is amazing, and i am sure there were other non publicized donations, but i do hope you are not insinuating that part of her charity should be to sit down with fellow victims of sexual assault, (especially given the fact it’s been less than one. month. since that donation occurred)_ bc someone who has experienced that, talking about it and bringing those feelings back to the surface may not be an emotionally sustainable thing that they can do, as well as the fact they may not feel academically sufficiently prepared to counsel others, so i hope that is not what the reference to talking to victims and listening to their challenges meant. i am sure it would be great for people if she did that and my hat would be off to her, but it may not be a realistic possibility either. 

anyway i stand by my previous statement. charity in any form is not a requirement it is an act of giving and people should have the freedom and respect to be allowed to do what they feel is right for them and what they are able to do within the constraints of their life.  i could outline plenty of highly wealthy hollywoodites who dont do shit. 

summer study challenge 12/30: spring cleaning masterpost

cleaning is a really good way to feel organised and fresh but it can also feel super tedious and it’s hard to find the motivation to start so here are some tips that will hopefully help

before you start:

  • make sure you have plenty of time to clean
  • wear comfy clothes (preferably layers you can take off if you get warm)
  • have some food or a snack so that you have enough energy
  • fill up a waterbottle to keep with you because you’ll probably get thirsty and this will save you having to stop what you’re doing to get a drink
  • put on a playlist of upbeat music


  • clear all of your surfaces. this includes the floor, desks, tables and your bed. take everything off and put it in one place out of the way.
  • wipe down and dust surfaces. make sure you clean everywhere, especially places that you dont normally think about such as the top of bookshelves and behind furniture.
  • clean windows, doors and mirrors and inside any drawers, cupboards and wardrobes.
  • vacuum the floor and clean any carpets and rugs.
  • if the place where you put everything earlier wasn’t your bed, go ahead and make it by putting on fresh sheets. but dont worry if you put everything on it because you can just do this at the end instead.


  • sort everything into piles: keep, throw away, relocate
  • for clothes separate clean from dirty. this is also a good time to clear your wardrobe of clothes that are too small or you dont wear anymore.
  • once this is done, put everything in the keep pile where it should go in your room along with your clean clothes
  • sort things in the throw away pile into trash, recycling and donating and take these out
  • put everything in the relocate pile where it needs to go in a different room.

other tips:

  • while you’re sorting our your things it’s also a good time to replace anything old or used up such as makeup or stationery.
  • open all of your windows while cleaning do that dust doesnt get trapped in your room and it will also keep it feeling fresh

and yay you’re finished!! time to relax. i hope this was helpful and feel free to message me about anything :)

Time you wasted is time you wasted. You will never have the life you want if you continue to hold on to the life you have. When you are doing what you love, work is play. Yes. sometimes you need breaks, we are all after all, human. But its easy to get distracted, to go back to old habits and old ways. This is something you must avoid at all costs. The same people telling you, you need to go out and have fun, are the same people who will be in the same place in life 10 years from now. People don’t know how to make sacrifices. They don’t get it.  They live too consumed by their own thoughts and feelings to put the actions they need to put into motion a reality. If you want to succeed you need to work. You need to outwork yourself, you need to outwork your neighbor. You need to outwork your idol. Good enough is for the fucking average. Dont ever take advice from anyone who isnt where you want to be. Who doesnt tell you things that pull at your heart strings. Dont donate your time to environments that you cant learn from. Yes its hard. Yes it sucks sometimes. But when you put something into the universe you will get it back 10 fold. Things will start happening that might not make sense to you, but it is just the universe doing its thing in reshaping your life. Feed the universe the things you want. Have a plan, so that when someone tries to tell you what you should be doing, you can care less. Becoming successful is not a dream. Becoming a multimillionaire is not a dream. You will only hear that from people who gave up on themselves. Becoming everything you want to be in this world is simply work. And if anyone else has been able to do it, then you can too! 


Breaking Down the TWC Wall with Elzaro

Nate: G'day Michel, thankyou for donating some of your time to the “breaking down the TWC wall” project, I felt it was certainly due to have an Aussie represented here =)

There are some key questions I always like to ask so lets kick off with those and see where it leads:

There is a fairly consistent theme of nature as an influence in your poetry, can you elaborate on this and any other influences you draw upon for your art?

Elzaro: Hey Nathan. Well first of all, I feel it must be said that this community and especially Breaking Down the Wall has increased the love shared between writers on tumblr as of late. A lot of you should take a large and low bow for this. It has been amazing to watch. (and also your ‘sharethelove challenge’ has made a huge impact, on my tumblr writing at least). Now. Thanks for having me answer some questions and hopefully I can be as eloquent and amusing as the previous writers on this auspicious 'tumblr website’.

To answer your question about the nature influences in my writing. I find this world beautiful. I am in constant awe of our ingenuity and daring when it comes to what we have become but nothing can compare to the beauty of nature. The sound of the ocean or the feel of the rain on your skin will always inspire me to write. One of the first things I ever wrote on tumblr came from the beauty in the wind and leaves. It got 50 notes (over 6 months ago now, woah!) and I still find myself thinking about it. Not because of the quality of writing, but for the sentiment. It was something along the lines of. “Have you noticed how leaves look like words and songs sound like birds? How the wind feels so new as it rushes on by you?’ And this for me is what writing should be about. Finding beauty and connection between words and the world we live in, natural or 'unnatural’.

Nate: Thank you for your kind words! there is definitely a comraderie here unlike any seen elsewhere.

Your take on nature in writing and in general is beautiful, there is certainly a lot of inspiration to be taken with the wonders of the world - are there writers who impact on you in a similar manner, who are they and what is it that captures your attention?

Elzaro: Honesty in writing will grab me in the heart and pull my eyes until I feel empty and full at the same time. If you write honest then I will most likely read you. Famous or not. I like the classic narcissistic writings of Hemingway and Bukowski but as I grow older I lean further toward Robert Frost and Cummings (vastly different but still I feel connected). I will be forced to steal from Mike ( his favorite line in any poem. It is a Robert Frost poem entitled Stopping by the Woods on A Snowy Evening. 'The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.’ It inspires me to keep moving on in life. For a promise to yourself or a loved one will give you a reason to get up, a reason to keep pushing yourself, a reason to be happy. I have miles to go before I will end this journey. Too much info? Feel free to ignore the ramblings of an old soul too young.

Nate: Oh gosh, Robert Frost….i mean…wow, speaks for itself really (if there are any of you out there who haven’t read his work, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! GO NOW! READ HIM!!)

How about on here, any particular writers that fuel your desire to write better? it’s ok, name dropping is allowed =)

Elzaro: As with many people before me. This question is loaded with an oppurtunity to spurn amazing writers into thinking you don’t follow their words as closely as you actually do. Personally I try to keep the people I follow to under 500 (thats with about 100 being not 100% pure writing blogs). If I follow you, or even if I dont, then you write words I wish I could and should be the proudest of proud. You are brave and lovely. To name drop a few. PoeticallyProfound, MikeFrawley, Nathan-Surman (lyricfountain), Jasremindmetobreathe, lzlabs, A-Quiet-Joy, S-emi-Colon, Leaveyouapen, fforyouu… gosh the list to keep going forever. The mentioned people are at the top of my mind because they helped me start. They reblogged or messaged when I began writing on here and deserve credit for helping me be brave and keep doing it. I’m really sorry if I didn’t include you you. I would have but I realised as I wrote that I could name about 200 people and that would be very boring. Know that if I have ever liked your words, they deserved it and I would read you again. Feel free to message me abuse for missing you, I probably deserve it.

Nate: Haha, it’s easy to overlook the talent here as there is just soooo much around! I am sure if anyone was missed they won’t mind, plus they will be mentioned in other interviews no doubt…

I am so pleased to have you represent Oz in this project, living in Australia i find that there are difficulties in keeping in contact with our fellow tumblites, how do you keep the channels open (does insomnia play a part as it does for most of us?)

Elzaro: To be honest with you. I find it difficult sometimes but not nearly as much as I thought I would. I just message or fanmail mainly *shakes fist at the awful messaging service that is tumblr*. The people who I really communicate with are more than aware I am asleep when they are awake and give me a few hours to respond as well. The notes definitely differ due to time zones but that is expected of course. A piece I post in the afternoon (Australian Time) will not get as much love as a piece posted in the morning but I find its not about the notes for me. Don’t get me wrong. The 6 word story with 200k notes makes my ego a little bigger but mainly I love the comments. The feelings and thank you’s from all the people who read me is truly astonishing and I am baffled every day.

Nate: Would you rather be anywhere else than in this amazing country of ours though?

Elzaro: Never. I love Melbourne. I love Australia. I want to travel this beautiful country this coming year (if I can get over my anxiety). I feel blessed every day to live in such an amazing place. Especially with all our awesome killer animals. They keep the riff-raff in check.

Nate: Oh gosh, Crocs, Snakes, Spiders….it’s a wonder any foreigners come here at all!!You should check out Sydney, i hear it’s BETTER THAN MELBOURNE **points out long standing rivalry between Melbournites and Sydneysiders**

Professional writing, is this a career option for you or just a passion?

Elzaro: I would love to write for a living. Poetry and prose for me is something of a passion that I am unsure if I can ever make enough money off. But I would love to write novels (a giant sci-fi and fantasy reader here) and if I ever get good enough then I will definitely publish. So far I just write because it helps. Words are our magic and I will continue to try and live in a dreamland made up of places and people found in the real world.

Nate: I’m certain there would be a substantial queue for anything you had on offer and the majority would be TWC writers - ok, on to the rest of the tough asks.. Intimidating or inspirational - share your opinion of the 'high calibre’ writers on here, how do you view their posts?

Elzaro: Inspirational. Anybody who writes on here is inspirational. (Hey I guess that includes me). The bravery it takes to put a piece of yourself out in the world, and lets face it tumblr does exist partially in this world, is nothing but inspiring. I try to read as much of the 'bigger’ names as the smaller ones but it’s definitely easier when they are on your dash 10x more. Lang-Leav is still one of my favorite writers. She writes the kind of honesty and simple form that I can connect with very easily.

Nate: The infamous wall. Bear or Bunyip?

**Bunyip - mythological creature from Aboriginal dreamtime stories, similar to bigfoot..** How do you see the divide between newer writers and the veterans?

Elzaro: It is there. It’s not on purpose. It’s not malicious. It’s just in existence because people become friends and if you cannot be seen then it’s hard to break into. No one can make friends with an invisible person (I don’t think at least). I try to keep an open mind to all people who talk to me, small or large, and I assume so does everyone else but there are thousands of writers out there and with that many people come cliques. I remember being terrified of Wolfie and Monkey when I started writing on tumblr (well lets face it, I still am) but that’s because they are so damn funny and I find myself very un-amusing. There is only one way to break down the wall. Message people. Don’t be scared. Dont sound like a bot. Just say 'hey, I’m writing on here and trying to get anyone to read me. Want to be friends? We can chat, make out, send nudes.’ Whats the worst that can happen. They ignore you? Say no thank you? Do it and be brave. You have already taken one step towards having people reading you, and thats posting, take another. *end peptalk*

Nate: So true, the only reason any of us have the followings we do is though communication with our peers - DO IT PEOPLE, MESSAGE YOUR FAVE AND SAY HI!!!

Free time - this is your opportunity to share any pearls of wisdom you may have with the TWC family (or nonsensical ramblings, your choice!)

Elzaro: I wish I could be funny here. Post something life changing. But I am just a simple human. I write words down because it feels right and I hope someone reads them and it helps. Much Love to you all. I hope this isn’t too boring Nath. You rock my socks. Australians are handsome, this I can attest to. Someone go to Canberra and kiss this guy.

Thanks for having me. I’m always here. Ready to chat or write.

Nate: Awww shucks! no need for that!! ok, maybe just the ladies <3

Well thank you again for your time and sharing a wee bit of the Aussie take on the tumblverse - keep those gems coming mate, doing 'Straya proud!!


As you all know by now what ASL Challenge is, it’s when you pour a bucket of ice over yourself and donate money to charity. To spread this word you nominate people of your own choice and so on. However, there was this Thai actress/model known as Poydtreechada that completed this challenge and as you can see she nominated EXO’s Luhan, however the responses from the EXO fans were beyond absurd and unbelievably RUDE. 

I am sorry for all the things I am going to say below but I think I really have to because I have to mention the REALITY to all of you oblivious fans. How can you be so rude? So low? So pathetic? Now I am not saying that it’s bad to be jealous because everyone can get jealous. It’s understandable. But to personally bash this girl without a godamn reason? She nominated him for a charity event, are you seriously going to bring up the girl’s sex change surgery into this matter? Yes, Poydtreechada was born as a male and had surgery. And so fucking what? How dare you say “Luhan likes normal people” The only thing that is not normal is being plain disrespectful towards someone’s choice of gender and sexuality. 

Luhan and Poydtreechada follows each other on instagram and since then she has been gaining lots of haters. I want to say that none of you have the right to call her out for something she didn’t do.

Maybe she is a friend of Luhan,

maybe she is a GIRLFRIEND of Luhan,

maybe she is just someone Luhan admirers artistically,

whatever she is to him, IT SHOULDNT BE YOUR BUSINESS. 

I find it incredibly absurd how fans cant deal with their “oppas” being friends with other women. Why is it completely fine for other artists except for koreans?

I am sorry to break it out to you but your oppa curses, your oppa watch porn, your oppa masturbates, your oppa probably has dating experiences, and maybe your oppa has sex secretly and dates other women secretly. We dont know how they are behind the camera. 

We should respect their private lives and I hate how immediately guy artists befriends a female, she immediately gets bashed. Are you serious? don’t be so damn low. 

It’s not like your oppa know you exist or you will have an actual chance with him. So instead of being jealous over other women, if you love him so much, support his happiness and his choices instead. 

Be jealous over Poydtreechada and all the other women Luhan follows on instagram, but don’t you ever dare BASH them. 

And most importantly

DONT YOU EVER CALL POYDTREECHADA ‘NOT NORMAL’ OR 'A MAN’ Can’t you see she is a beautiful woman living up to her dream? I find it so funny how people can sit here and write 'get a life’ to her pictures. 

She has a life, she is living it, what are you doing? 

Please stop, get some common sense and start realizing the harsh reality whether you like it or not. Bashing people this way is so wrong, it’s CYBER BULLYING. 

poetry commissions

hello friends!

i know i have a boatload of messages to reply to and challenges to get to and things to do around here, and i’m really sorry i haven’t been around as much as i used to be - i have reasons, most of them being “university”. which is actually why i’m here today! i’ve been having some money issues with living on my own and all, so i’ve decided to open up commissions on my poetry to you all!

now, i really don’t know if there’s even any interest in this, but basically, there’s a donate button to my paypal on the top left hand corner of my blog, along with a dropdown menu of options for the poems as well as pricing. here’s the pricing rundown:

  • a 3-stanza poem: $6 USD [ex]
  • a 4-stanza poem: $8 USD [ex]
  • a 5-stanza poem: $10 USD [ex]
  • a 6-stanza poem: $12 USD [ex]
  • a 7-stanza poem: $14 USD [ex]

IF YOU SPEND UPWARDS OF $25 YOU WILL GET A DISCOUNT - talk to me about it and you can pay for a 3-stanza poem and recieve a 6-stanza poem for that price instead :)

as you can see, i don’t count 2-line stanzas as full stanzas (4 lines or more), so those will be extras, not counted in the price, if i feel your poem works better with them :)

so here is what you get to do:

first, pick how many stanzas you would like me to write for you from the dropdown menu on my blog and pay to my paypal account.

second, email me at FAIRYTALESQUES@GMAIL.COM, an email account I have set up to take requests (the name should be “pearl lydiamaartin” if you get confused), with your request. this request should include the followng:

  • your tumblr url, so i can send you a message, link you, and tag you in the poem when i post it (if you change your tumblr url before i post it, please let me know so i can link the right person)
  • how many stanzas you paid for
  • what you would like the subject of the poem to be - this can be anything, a general fandom (as long as i’m familiar with; you can find my fandoms here), a character or ship (romantic, platonic, familial, whatever) from one of those fandoms, or simply a general subject or archetype like “princesses slaying dragons” or “heroes” or “wanderlust”, anything you want. i am okay with pretty much anything ship-wise and subject-wise, and i will let you know if i’m not and we can work something out.
  • any formatting specifications - do you want it written in photoshop (example) or in text format (example) or in quote format (example)? if you don’t want to specify, that’s totally fine, i’ll use my own judgment and do what i think is best for the poem.
  • OR if you don’t want it to be posted on tumblr, let me know that as well and i can simply email it to you (on the email you used to pay me) for your own personal enjoyment)

third, wait for me to reply back. this is important - if i don’t reply back within two or three days, i have not recieved your email request and you will have to resend it so that you get your money’s worth. and if i get a request without a matching payment to my paypal, i will let you know through email.

fourth, wait for me to post the poem - i will mention you in the caption, tag your url, and send you a message through tumblr and through email to make sure you get it.

after that, just enjoy your poem, i hope! and multiple commissions are more than welcome, i would appreciate every single one. if you have any questions, feel free to email me or shoot me a tumblr message :)

if you made it to the end of this, congrats and thank you so much, especially if you decide to buy a commission! it would mean the world to me and it would help me so much, and i’d love you forever!