you dont even realize how much i love this show


Since I’ve written quite a bit of imagines and blurbs already, not to mention someone asked for this, I thought why the hell not? I don’t know why you guys would read my works tbh I suck so much


1. Prom Night

2. Cheerleader this one sucks ass lmao bye

3. Not Everyone Hates Brashton

4. American Horror Story this sucks too haha

5. She Didn’t Make It forgive me for making dis senpai

6. You Leave In The Morning

7. Schoolwork

8. You Kissed Luke and Got Caught idk ok

9. Our Infinity

10. Stole Your First Kiss At a Concert

11. But I Want a Kiss michael is adorable awh

12. Sweet Birthday Surprise

13. Prince Michael [part 1 / part 2]

14. You’re There to Comfort Him After a Break Up I suck at titles bye

15. Oops I did it again

16. Stupid For Leaving You

17. Halloween Couple we can live like jack and sally if we want but in this case the joker and harley quinn 

18. Best Wedding Day Ever

19. Just the Way You Are *bruno mars’ song starts plaing*

20. Three Weeks (Muke)

21. The Americans I don’t watch the show pls dont kill me

22. Table 17 (drabble-ish)

23. Age Doesn’t Matter yay for my knowledge on korean language

24. Safe and Sound


1. Silent Treatment

2. Tutor

wow I’ve just realized how much I’ve written, and I hope I don’t suck too much haha *sweat drops* anyway, this list will be regularly updated, so keep checking~ :)

I love each and every one of you to bits. Your reblogs and everything, even the requests aren’t left unappreciated, and I hope you know that. I wish you a good night/day! If you’re feeling down or in need of someone right now, don’t hesitate to chat with me :) I promise I don’t bite.

Have you ever been willing to do anything for a person without a rational explanation as to why? They could ask why you’d be willing to go to such great lengths for them & you have no logical explanation. That’s me with you. I’d give you everything I’ve got. & I don’t even love you yet. But I could. I could love you furiously. With so much conviction that there would be no doubt how I felt. But I haven’t reached that point yet. I just havent. Still I want to give you everything you deserve & more. Why? It’s so natural for me to feel with you that I dont even realize I’m feeling. The thought of you leaving sends me into such a depression that even I myself am shocked. I don’t love you yet. But I could. & it shows. It fucking shows. & that’s the scariest part of it all.
—  Do you think it’s possible you’re my twin flame? (L. B. P.)