you dont deserve to hear them all

first of all, thank you, thank you all for the support and kind words Uwu

This time I wanted to open myself a bit since I almost never do that… I really appreciate all of your support and kind words and making me feel like I’m not that bad at all ;w;

The reason why I came to tumblr in the first place was because I wanted to share my interest into undertale and its fandom, sharing my art so people would be happy with it, or comic ideas to make people laugh, that’s what I really like to do; sharing love and happiness with other people, help others be happy because everyone deserves it right? UwU

I’m not really kind of a person who is proud of himself about anything he does. And tbh I don’t really like talking about my art, or saying it is any good, that kinda feels like it would be selfish for me to think so… There are a lot of nice people who does share love and happiness and I think they all do it better then I do and I admire and support them. I want to inspire people in the future, like these people I admire.

I always care about what all of you think or your opinion about something, at least I think I try to do so. Thats why I always ask your opinion on something I’m planning to do. So if I mistakenly hurt someone’s feelings I’d be glad to hear them telling me what I did wrong.

Lately something makes me think; do I really deserve all of the support and nice words of nice people like you? … I know my art is not impressive or good or my none of my ideas are funny to make people feel better. So I’m not really proud of anything I do? I guess… I dont really know ;v;

But being like that right now I am doing the opposite of what I’m supposed to be doing; making people happy. I’m really sorry about that, guess I just needed to share this to feel a little better… but maybe I’m now just being selfish and make you people not happy… I’m sorry for taking your time or filling your dashboard with my weird talk.

I really want to thank you all again for all your support and kindness, I really appreciate it Uwu

What your Overwatch main says about you

Tracer:  you always talk and never shut up. makes the worst puns probably post a lot of memes. really into social justice. here to have fun, not to win

Lucio: you have good taste in music. unique person who is the coolest in the friend group you unironically like anime but still say you hate it. calls others weeaboos

Junkrat: you smoke a lot of weed

Hanzo: chaotic neutral. “i didn’t come here to make friends, i came to win”

Reinhardt: you don’t talk a lot. you’re probably really nice but nobody ever talks to you. does what’s needed of them 

Roadhog: loves food and hates everything else. 

Soldier 76: you play a lot of FPS games. probably have a daddy kink. you love suffering and memes about suffering

Winston:  nobody mains winston. probably got a new skin and wanted to see it in action

Zenyatta: probably a hipster. tries their best. deserves love

Widowmaker: thinks they’re really cool and actually kind of is. spends a lot of money on makeup

Pharah: you’re cool and dont take shit from anybody. really protective over friends. “i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick your dog’s ass. i’ll kick my own ass”

Mercy: youre the mom of the friend group. gives really good advice. likes watching people get dragged. turns off voice chat because all you’d hear is them screaming

Mei: you are an innocent cinnamon roll and all your friends are really protective of you. doesn’t speak bad about anybody-(( anybody that matters))

Bastion: you like robots

Genji: you want to fuck robots

Symmetra: you hate everyone and everything. youre sneaky and plotting some shit probably right now

Reaper: you never got out of your emo phase. still listens to linkIn park. you cry every night.

Mccree: you think cowboys are cool. might have some gay tendencies

Torbjorn: you do a lot of work and don’t mind not getting credit for it. 

Zarya: youre really gay

fuck the myth of the “good” victim.

no one can ever earn abuse, no matter how “bad” they are. abuse isn’t a righteous punishment. 

no one deserves abuse more than others, depending on how “good” they are. abuse isn’t a moral judgement of the victim’s character.

abuse is wrong. it’s always wrong, no matter what. stop questioning victims. start holding all abusers accountable, regardless of who the victims are.

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Yeah, just think about it for a moment. The problem wasnt between Even and balloon squad, but between Even and Yousef. We dont know why and what, we dont know anything. We just know that the rest of the boys dont have any problem with Even. They just dont understand what happened, why Even left them. But Elias do know from Sana that Even misses him and other boys. Also I think Mikael probably told at least Elias what he and Even were talking about outside the karaoke bar.

Ahhh this was such a good observation omg. I think you’re totally onto something. And the Yousef and Even thing! ahhhh I totally think it’s not over yet. I hope not. We deserve more explanation for all of it. Answers plssss ahhh 

don’t be sorry my love! I love hearing your thoughts <3 

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Even if you were bald you would still be beautiful dear! You inspire me to become a better person, you inspire me to stand against my fears, you inspire me to love! You deserve a lot, much more than me, maybe irl many are jerks, and they are losing a great opportunity to meet an extremely wonderful woman! I love you, please hear me, WE LOVE YOU! Even if you ever got "too manly" or "bald" YOUR ACTIONS WILL TALK FOR THEMSELVES! We love you so so so so so so much!

(ooc: you mean this?…i am a stranger though, how can you say im beautiful and all that? i dont really understand, i…im used to bad words, dear. i dont know how to react to these words, they feel nice, but i cant believe them…im happy if i make you happy though, i wish to make you happy, you all deserve better. i will try to listen to these words, but…it may take time to believe?..thank you dear, for everything, you are a wonderful person, a wonderful friend.)

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10:46pm perfect time for suicide...

Intrusive and violent thoughts are really scary and hard to deal with and I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with them so much right now.

I would encourage you to tell someone about what you are dealing with so you can get help in coping with and stopping these thoughts.You dont have to deal with this or figure this out all by yourself. You deserve help anon. You don’t need to be alone with this. Having someone know about and validate your struggles can be incredibly helpful, even if it doesn’t solve whatever is going on. Having someone simply be there bearing witness to our pain or struggles really makes a difference and can help us to feel more equipped and able to handle things. It sounds like you could benefit from getting professional help for this as suicidal thoughts need to be taken seriously and addressed.

We have some resources to help you get started:

How to tell someone about your mental health & interactions with others

Intrusive thoughts

Suicide Prevention

Good luck anon. Please seek out help for this and remember that you are not alone.  

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"I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY BUT THANK YOUI BLUSHED AND SMILED SO MUCH WHILE READING THISTHANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" What would be your other reason besides of hearing that kind of comments after you posted your selfies and even reblogged them?? Just a cry for attention, that's all. Andddd you hair is damaged, probably by dying it, so it does not look good. Neither colours tbh.

You’re right. That was my reason because after some shit time and weeks with literally no self-esteem I deserve to feel good about myself. So what’s the big deal when I want some attention from a few of my tumblr friends.

The Past Is The Past (You Can Ask For Help)

From this request: Could you write something angsty where the reader is always super nice and helps everyone and she’s super levelheaded when it comes to other people. But one day she messes up and she has no choice but to let the boys help her and she’s just so angry at herself and she’s just tearing herself down super hard and the boys are just completely shocked. And they ask how she would react if it was one of them needing help and she says that’s different because I dont deserve to be helped.

*Dean-centric, I suppose



You peered into the spot on the window that wasn’t painted over. The vamp nest had been tricky to find, but you prided yourself on finding it yourself.

But now, as you watched the dozen or so vamps mill around inside, you knew you’d stumbled into something way too big for yourself.

There was no way you could go in and kill them all without getting killed yourself.

‘Maybe I could wait outside. Kill them one or two at a time when they leave.’

That would take too long and the others might appear upon hearing a commotion outside.

Ten people had already been found drained in the small town in the past week. You needed to move quickly, get rid of these pests.

You knew what you had to do.

You slunk away to your car and pulled your phone out. You scrolled through your contact list—there weren’t that many, so you found the number relatively quickly. You closed your eyes and hit CALL before you could talk yourself out of it.

It was picked up after a few rings.


“Dean. It’s me.”

“Y/N. Haven’t heard from you in a while. What’s up?”

“How close are you and Sam to Galena, Illinois?”

There was a slight shuffling noise in the background. “Maybe twelve hours. Why?”

“I’ve, uh… come across a big nest of vamps. And I…” You couldn’t make yourself say the words.

“No problem. We’ll be there soon. Hang tight.”

The call disconnected. You glanced across the street, watching the building the vamps were camped out in.

‘Stupid,’ you thought. ‘This is horribly stupid.’


You woke up to the sound of your phone ringing.

You sat up and realized how stiff your joints were.

‘Shit,’ you thought, reaching for your phone. ‘Accidentally fell asleep in the car again.’


“We’re about an hour out,” Dean said. “Where should we meet?”

You rubbed your eyes with your free hand. “Uh… there’s a small café on Main street. I’ll meet you there and fill you in.”


The boys were as polite as always. The three of you ordered lunch (breakfast, for you) and you told them what you knew about the vampires. They finalized a plan and agreed to meet you later that night.

You drove back to the small motel room you were renting and spent the afternoon napping. As the sun was setting, you met Sam and Dean back at the nest. The three of you did a little intel beforehand and then you burst in, stakes ablazin’.

After all the creatures had been vanquished, Dean suggested the three of you go to a bar.

“No, thanks,” you said. You were still kicking yourself for having called them in the first place. You would rather sever ties and go back to your motel room to lick your wounded pride in peace.


You were just raising the glass to your lips where there was a knock on the door.

“I’m paid through morning,” you called.

“It’s us,” Dean responded.


Sighing, you went over and slowly opened the door. “What do you want?”

Dean held up two six-packs. “Bar was too crowded.”

You stepped aside as the brothers walked into your room. You downed the rest of your drink and shut the door.

“So,” Dean said, plopping down in the sagging chair. “You wanna tell us why you’re so sullen?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said, walking back to the bathroom sink where the bottle of jack sat next to the ice bucket.

“You’ve been… off, ever since we got here. Before even.”

“Your analysis is a little off, Dr. Phil.”

“Is that so?”

You turned around, glaring at Dean. The brothers sat, watching you.

“Come on, Y/N,” Sam said. “What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing.” You leaned against the wall, raising the glass to your lips.

“You know, most people would be thrilled they just cleaned out that nest.”

“Most people would probably be able to do it themselves, without calling for backup,” you mumbled.

The brothers shared a look. “Is that what this is about?” Dean asked.

You stared at him, your jaw tight.

“Y/N, you know that it would have been stupid for you to take them on by yourself.”

“There were way too many of them for one hunter,” Sam agreed. “It’s a good thing you called.”

“Yeah. Right.”

Dean stood and walked over to you. “Y/N, it’s okay to ask for help.”

“For you, maybe.”

“Okay, seriously, what the hell are you talking about?”

“I don’t deserve any help, Dean. I’ve fucked up a lot, I travel alone for a reason. I…” You stopped yourself. They didn’t know. They didn’t need to know.

But they could read you.

“You blame yourself for a death,” Sam said quietly.

“We’ve all been there,” Dean said.

You shook your head. “He trusted me. I asked for his help and he trusted me enough to come and I got him killed!”

Dean reached out and pulled you into his chest, wrapping his arms around you. His move surprised you.

“Y/N,” he said. “It’s okay. These things happen. Does it suck? Yeah. But… he knew the risk. We all do. We know that we could die on any of these hunts. And that’s why we do it—so no one else has to risk their lives.”

You swallowed hard, trying to keep your tears from falling. “But I don’t–”

“Yes, you do. We’re always gonna be here for you, Y/N. You can always call on us.”

okay, so i was really mad on my last post and i wanna say some things now that i’m fine and then drop the subject.
i just want to remind you all that gemini hate is a terrible thing. the fact that i posted something complaining about it and people kept telling me to calm down, to chill, that i was overreacting, that i was being “such a gemini”, that i was being a bitch is utterly disturbing. people actually told me to chill and not to take things so seriously because gemini hate is a MEME. a meme, guys. hating on people is a meme now. maybe i’m wrong, but HOW is this okay? HOW is it okay to turn “hate” into a joke? everyone can say anything they want about geminis but once they say bad things about any other zodiac sign, people attack them and literally get SO mad. but now i can’t get mad?
you guys hate on geminis and then talk about how unfair the stereotype of tauruses eating too much is, how cruel it is, because there are anorexic tauruses out there. I COMPLETELY AGREE. but hey, do you know that there are geminis with depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies out there too? did you know that when you have either one of those things, a simple, small thing such as a tumblr post saying bad things about your personality can trigger a LOT of things?
man, i am really sorry if i come off as dramatic. i am REALLY sorry for standing up for my people, my gemini family, because they deserve someone who does that for them. i am sorry, but i’m not stoping. if it was any other sign asking to be understood i bet you would hear them.
i dont care if you’ve met 2, 20 or 200 shitty people who are geminis. i dont fucking care. there are still millions of geminis out there that you haven’t met. so please everybody, grow up and stop that. i love all zodiac signs. why can’t you love me back?

💖✨protect geminis at all costs💖✨

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i LOVE the concept of a blog bringing attention to all the fricken cute pocs and showing people that you dont have to be white to be super pretty. but i unfollowed because im really frustrated with all the posts blatantly demonizing white ppl. like yeah im PISSED bout shit theyve done, but i feel like that negativity is way less productive and empowering than talking about specific issues and how to improve them, and giving pocs the representation they deserve.

I’m so sick of people messaging me like I care about why you unfollowed. I’m glad you want to look at the “cute pocs” but you don’t want to hear them express their anger or pain. POC have the right to vent about whatever they want and get to determine what is empowering for themselves, that may not be “productive” to you, but a safe place to vocalize frustrations is productive to me. A voice is representation. Now unfollow me because I don’t need you.


‘I miss you’
'I miss you to babe’ you replied
'Y/n what’s wrong?’
'What do you mean? I’m fine’
'Baby I know you better than that. I can tell by your voice something is up’
'Oh, it’s just school stress i guess’ you say trying to convince your boyfriend Nash that you are perfectly fine. You hate lying to him but he is living his dream and you know that he would be on the first plane home if he thought you were back to your old ways.
'Babe it’s late, I gotta sleep. I’ll speak to you tomorrow. I love you Nash’
’ sweet dreams y/n. I love you so much. You are my world beautiful, I can’t wait to see you again, sleep tight’
’ bye baby’
'Bye boo’

You hang up your phone and fall backwards onto your bed. After laying there for several moments you get you, change into your pyjamas and get tucked into bed.

Night is the time your mind wanders, you think to much. You think about nash, your family, your friends, your life. All these things made you happy, but you are still so sad. After what seemed like hours of thinking you feel asleep.

You woke up early the next morning, and headed to school. You were happy at school, you weren’t popular, but you weren’t a loner either. You fitted in nicely.

School went in quickly so you soon found yourself walking home flicking through your twitter, listening to music. Your mentions are constantly blowing since everyone found out about you and Nash’s 2 year relationship around 8 months ago. You try to stay clear of your mentions and pretend that what people think of doesn’t bother you although deep down you know it really did.

You clicked onto your mentions and all you seen was negativity.

@y/t/n should really go die

@y/t/n only got nash because he feels sorry for her

@y/t/n is only using nash! She is just an ugly slag

I heard that @y/t/n used to self harm, is that true or is it just an other excuse for attention?

You couldn’t hold your tears in. You knew you shouldn’t have read them but you could help yourself. You ran home to your empty house and went straight to your bed. You opened the drawer to you left and dug through it, pulling out a small box. From there you opened that and revealed your blade. Your best friend for many years. People close to you knew you had gone through this but they thought you had stopped. Although you had for a year and a half, things got difficult when your relationship got out but since nash moved away things have got very bad.

You rinsed your bloody wrists under the running water when you heard the door bell ring. You dried your wrists and ran to the door. You never had time to grab a long sleeved jumper but you thought it wouldn’t matter because you assumed it was the window cleaner who would only want money.

You opened the door and lunged forward, stretching your arms out. You were so happy, all the previous pain had gone.
'Baby what are you doing here?’ You said walking into the living room.
'I came to visit, these are for you’ he hands you a bouquet of your favourite flowers, Lily’s. You go to take them when you see Nash’s face fall. It the clocked to you what has happened. You watched nash as a tear ran down Nash’s cheeks.

'I thought you had stopped’
'I did’
'Then why are they fresh’ nash ran his thumb over the cuts on your wrist which he is now hold in his hands.
'I cracked. I’m a failure. I let everyone down. You worked so hard to support me and all I do is relapse. I hate myself. I don’t deserve you. I-’
You were cut off by Nash’s lips
'Dont ever say that again! You hear me? You are not a failure, look how well you are doing in school, you have 3 colleges fighting for you. And you didn’t let anyone down, relapse is natural. We will work together ok? We will get through this. I am here right next to you and every step of the way. If anyone doesn’t deserve anyone. It’s me that doesn’t deserve you. You are so wonderful, beautiful, amazing, thoughtful and strong while I am over in LA being such a horrible-’

You decided this was your que to cut nash off. You leaned in and kissed him.

'Nash, you are amazing, don’t doubt yourself.’
'Aslong as don’t you doubt yourself either’


This is really bad but I was in the mood to write an imagine.

If anyone want one (I will try to write it better) message me your name, boy and plot/ outcome.


hey guys lets try something

IF do-you-want-a-second-opinion IS A GOOD ARTIST, REBLOG THIS POST

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Im actually crying bcs of this performance :( damn why are mbc such a bitch like they have 3 comebacks this year and mbc cut their performance and made them perform in this damn ass weather?????? Im damn sad

Hello Anon~!

I don’t know what to tell you either, VIXX just aren’t that important to music shows even though they have such a crazy reputation as being THE CONCEPT IDOLS. You can say VIXX is small and what not, but I know for a fact that when people do hear VIXX, fans or idols, they usually go “Oh yes VIXX, mad respect for them.” But that can’t get through to some people for some reason? 

Gosh, it made me heartbroken to see all the members ears, fingertips, and noses turn red because it was so cold. And on top of that, cut short.

These haven’t been very good festival performances for them so far imo

VIXX deserves WAAAAAY better

listen most of the grown ups u know who are boring and suck actually deep deep down want to be childish and fun and just had the world wring it out of them over the years.

i got my dad a shirt that said “im the world’s best FARTER i mean father” and he’s worn it almost every day since he got it? i got him a book of harry potter themed comebacks that are like 12 yr old humor and he quotes it every day??? my mom cracks up every time she hears a joke about how women must shed their bras once home and she and i go out for drinks and gossip about her friends sometimes and end up laughing at all the dumb shit that we deal with

and people say like “oh well you just have cool parents” but like NO???? i dont???? parents are just people? they’re just level 10 adults who got the fun drained out of them bc thats what society taught them if you let them have fun and give the opportunity to be goofy, they will be and honestly my parents fucking deserve a chance to be carefree and goofy after all these years. like yeah some of the things they’ve done as parents has SUCKED like scarred for life kinda shit but i cant help but sympathize because they’re as clueless as we are about stuff, if not more clueless bc they didnt grow up with the internet

growing up is realizing that grown ups dont know what they’re doing and are just dealin with the world the same as you but dont realize that they’re still allowed to access that inner-kid that we cling to. they can actually be pretty fun when you give them chance to be.

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Are u actually dil? anyway i am battling depression and i dunno if i wanna leave the world or stay in it :( i have hardly any friends and the people i look upto in life don't even know i exist i get bullied alot and dont know about anything anymore :'(

I’m so sorry to hear about the bullying, you do NOT deserve it at all :((
I promise you that staying in this world is the BEST thing to do.
If there’s anyone you can open up to, whether it be a school teacher/counsellor, i highly recommend it, talking does help. 
the people who are bullying you need to know how horrid what they’re doing is and the school could take action against them. i promise you that it gets better.
you’re strong and brave for messaging me about it, i know that you’re gonna manage to keep going bc u are so much stronger than you think.
there’s SO much to see and SO many amazing people to meet, to love, to talk to, to experience this world with. there are also infinite experiences you can have! seeing the 7 wonders of the world, making snow angels, cocktails on the beach, cold glasses of water after a long hard day, dogs! 
this is a rough patch, but it can get better from here, my friend and your life is so valuable, keep going<33

Jack Johnson Imagine for mrs-valdez1

A/N: Hey babycakesZ Sorry it took a little longer than expected! Hope you love it! mrs-valdez1


“Awww Jack, this bunny is as cute as you babe.” you just got a bunny from the carnival. You know the huge bunny that cant even fit through your door? Yup, that bunny! Jack asked you out to the carnival/arcade that just opened in town. It was your 2 year anniversary and it feels so good to have spent the last two years with Jack. He was the best boyfriend you could ever ask for and you would never trade him with someone else.

“Oh come on Jack, lets go! Dont be a fucking pussy!” you said and laughed. You wanted to ride the huge rollercoaster but Jack went against it. He was scared and you couldnt stop laughing at his face. His face was as white as your t-shirt. As you were waiting in line, there was a group of boys in front of you. You couldnt hear what they said until when one of them commented, “Damn, she looks fine as hell. Blondie there dont deserve her. She should be in bed with me.” He had this stupid smirk on his face, you felt disgusted af. You were about to say something when Jack held you back by grabbing your waist. He shook his head and told you to ignore it. They stopped talking about you and all was well. Until the end of the ride. The same guy was checking you out, his eyes full of lust. You wanted to slap the smirk off his face when you saw Jack walking towards him. To your surprise, instead of threatening and scolding that asshole he went to rest his arm on his shoulder, with a drink on his other hand. “You see that beautiful lady over there? Yeah well she’s mine bro, so why dont you go check someone else out okay. And you better wipe that fucking smirk off your face bc if yu dOnt, she will.” as Jack walked away, he stopped, turned and spilled his drink all over that asshole. Ypu were taken aback bc Jack had never been that protective towards you. He came closer and crushed you in a hug. “You’re mine and only mine babygirl.” he whispered in your ear.

The rest of the day was fantastic, Jack was showing you off to everyone showing that he was lucky to have a beautiful you beside him.