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Hey romance writeblr!

I have a dilemma I’m hoping you can help me with. I’m working toward my first kiss scene in my current wip but…

I don’t know which way to make it happen. So, allow me to summarize what I have.

Scene one: in a motel room, our female protagonist is brooding over the life she has been “forced” to leave behind because prophesy and chosen one blah blah… In hopes of making her feel better, our male protagonist offers her a hug. And we end up with a kiss.

The problem? Cliche and she’s been upset for about three chapters already. I don’t want her to be on a constant path of sadness and more sadness and never have any happiness.

Scene two: our main characters stop into a bar where a local cover band is playing. After a couple drinks, and watching in shock as the male protagonist turns down three other women for a dance, lady protagonist accepts a dance proposal by him. When she asks him why he asked her he reveals his attraction to her. Aaand cue tonsil hockey!

The problem? Perhaps more cliche than the first scenario. Plus, they’re supposed to be sort of hiding from the bad guys and slow dancing in a bar followed by making out isn’t exactly hiding.

Does one sound better than the other? Or does anyone have an idea that may be more inspirational? Keep in mind, this is not YA. This is fantasy-based romance taking place in the mid ‘80’s. Both love interests are in their twenties with careers. There is a little awkwardness but not a lot of angst. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!!

@ parents 

please don’t tell your kids to shut up when they’re trying to tell you something or if they’re upset. don’t ignore them. don’t invalidate their feelings. talk to them. listen to them. never tell your kid(s) their thoughts and feelings don’t matter.

iliad characters as rupaul's drag race quotes
  • agamemnon: i am trying to bring attention to one of my favourite causes which is me
  • achilles: the hardest part of this challenge was not telling everyone else that i was going to win
  • odysseus: the dog is looking at me like “get me the fuck out of here”, i’m looking at the dog like “get ME the fuck out of here”
  • helen: i don’t have a sugar daddy. i’ve never had a sugar daddy. if i wanted a sugar daddy, yes, i probably could go out and get one because i am what? SICKENING
  • patroclus: i feel sexy in anything, even a body bag
  • paris: my mom sent me to military school in the hopes that she'd get a little soldier. needless to say, she got a drag queen.
  • hector: just fyi for all you girls up there, i don't want to hear any goddamn excuses. be prepared! make it work! make it work! fucking make it happen! i don't want to hear any GODDAMN EXCUSES any more!
  • andromache: "i'll win for you." ohhh, that's sweet. he's not going to win.
  • nestor: i'm just under three hundred years old, i know some things
  • (not-technically-iliad bonus round) eris: i just honestly thought y'all were all boring and i was trying to turn the party
BBS As Things I've Heard At School
  • Vanoss : I may be very popular but honestly I am so socially scared of people the only reason they like me os cause I smile and nod quietly while inwardly screaming in fear.
  • Delirious : Honestly if I'm voted most likely to be a killer I wouldn't evn be surprised. I think they even said that about me in pre-school.
  • Moo : I have unfortunately become the mom friend and it has made me afraid of ever becoming a mother.
  • " You're a guy. "
  • And? Women are strong to deal with this bullshit! I can't handle you all I would clearly never be a good mother.
  • Terroriser : You know how most people want all eyes on them when walking into a room? I figured it out. Walk in and start doing really loud impressions!
  • Ohm : I feel I'm the friend who you have around so at least someone is semi-innocent in this massive pile of devil spawns.
  • Wildcat : I have no choice but to hang out with you all - I don't know how to make friends anymore!
  • Mini : You want to know what sucks?! Emily got nominated for Prom King over me. One, she's a girl! Not that there's a problem with the fact she's female but in this case there are two seperate places! And a third if anyone were agender. AND TWO! SHE DOESN'T EVEN ATTEND THIS SCHOOL!
  • Nogla : I'm not actually as dumb as I come off as. *misspells their name on a test* O-Okay well you see...I
  • Lui : Take me back to kindergarden. Snacks, recess and snacks. Away from bullshit and lies.
  • Basically : I had this group of friends before. They only hung out with me to show "diversity" so they didn't come off as racist. That comment madee realize they were. Ditched their asses.
  • Scotty : Only once in my life have I ever...I mean ever! Won at a game! Monopoly, Life, Mario in general...
  • Smiity : *after someone accidently steps on the back of their shoe* Yeah okay bitch. Get ready for that fucking restraining order on your ass!
  • Cartoonz : I have been compared to a southern satan before. I'm not sure which was more true. The fact that I'm very Southern. Or that I'm satan. *hisses and chokes on spit*
One Direction Asks
  • What Makes You Beautiful: Name three things you love about yourself.
  • Gotta Be You: Talk about your crush!
  • One Thing: What's one thing your dream girl/boy HAS to have?
  • More Than This: What's the bravest thing you ever did?
  • Up All Night: Talk about the craziest night of your life.
  • I Wish: What's your biggest dream?
  • Tell Me A Lie: What was your most recent lie?
  • Taken: Talk about your last relationship.
  • I Want: Name three things you want in life
  • Everything About You: Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
  • Same Mistakes: What's your most common mistake?
  • Save You Tonight: Which three things would you save if there was a fire?
  • Stole My Heart: Have you ever fallen for someone you shouldn't have fallen for?
  • Stand Up: What's your favourite sport?
  • Moments: Talk about something good that recently happened to you.
  • Another World: Which fictional world would you want to live in if you could?
  • Na Na Na: What's one thing you can never say no to?
  • I Should Have Kissed You: Is there something you regret?
  • Live While We're Young: Talk about a childhood memory.
  • Kiss You: Tell the story of your first kiss.
  • Little Things: Name five things you find attractive in others.
  • C'Mon, C'Mon: What's your dream destination for a good vacation?
  • Last First Kiss: Do you want to get married? If so, talk about your dream wedding.
  • Heart Attack: Are you jealous?
  • Rock Me: List your ten favourite bands.
  • Change My Mind: Are you good at making final decisions or do you easily change your mind?
  • I Would: Name three guilty pleasures of yours.
  • Over Again: Talk about your first love.
  • Back For You: Talk about your best friend.
  • They Don't Know About Us: Share a secret!
  • Summer Love: Talk about a summer memory.
  • She's Not Afraid: What's your favourite horror film?
  • Loved You First: Are you a possessive person?
  • Nobody Compares: Who's your idol?
  • Still The One: What's one thing you can't seem to get over?
  • Best Song Ever: List your ten favourite songs.
  • Story Of My Life: List five things you can't live without.
  • Diana: What would you name your children?
  • Midnight Memories: Talk about a dream you recently had.
  • You & I: Talk about your OTP.
  • Don't Forget Where You Belong: Where do you feel home?
  • Strong: What are your three best qualities?
  • Happily: Name three things that make you happy.
  • Right Now: Do you miss someone at the moment?
  • Little Black Dress: How would you describe your style?
  • Through The Dark: What helps you when you're feeling down?
  • Something Great: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  • Little White Lies: Talk about your #1 sexual fantasy.
  • Better Than Words: Do you read fanfiction? If so, what's your favourite fanfiction?
  • Why Don't We Go There?: Which big cities have you been to?
  • Does He Know?: Would you be up for a threesome?
  • Alive: What's one thing you'd never tell your "real life" friends?
  • Half A Heart: What's your favourite lovestory? ( Book, film, etc. )
  • Steal My Girl: Did you ever steal anything?
  • Ready To Run: If you could have one super power, which would you choose?
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go?: Talk about the best concert you ever attented.
  • 18: Do you wish you were younger or older?
  • Girl Almighty: What makes you sexy?
  • Fool's Gold: Do you fall for people quickly?
  • Night Changes: What's one thing you don't ever want to change?
  • No Control: Can you control your temper ?
  • Fireproof: What scares you?
  • Spaces: Did you ever let someone go for good?
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Name five kinks of yours.
  • Clouds: What's your star sign? Does your personality match it?
  • Change Your Ticket: What would you do with a million dollars?
  • Illusion: Do you believe in higher powers?
  • Once In A Lifetime: What's three things you want to do before you die?
  • Act My Age: Do you consider yourself mature?
  • Just Can't Let Her Go: Name five turn ons.

i-phichit-you-not  asked:

Senpai how does one know if a oc is too op? I kinda am trying to do a bnah oc because I love too much the manga but I don't know how to know if she isn't too op TT^TT

Oh! Good question! I’m not a professional at creating Oc but I believe I could give you some tips about that! 

If you don’t want your oc to be too powerful, you need to give them flaws or weaknesses! I’ll give you an example!

Look at Kaminari’s power! Electricity superpowers are usually really strong, but what makes him less op is the consequence of using it! If your character is too powerful, then it’s less interesting to learn about them, because they seem too perfect. It’s their unperfection that makes them interesting!

I hope it helps a bit! ♡

“Oh Mutt darling, don’t even worry about Tank!  He wouldn’t hurt a fly–would you, big boy?”
“….Unless it landed on me, of course, then he would absolutely destroy it.”

Mutt has never been the shortest girl in the room before, but hey.  Number One is 6′3 without her heels. ((Limousines have a certain amount of high-society pretention about them, even limousines belonging to the Duke.  ;)  Thus the evening wear haha)) ((I gotta figure out names for them they can’t just literally go by their car names.  Can they?)) ((CAN THEY?? 8I))

  • fanon holtzmann: smooth 24/7, Sex God, knows exactly what to say and it is hilarious, makes you gay even if you Don't Want That, fashion icon, seriously though look at her for one second and You're Gay, she planned all of this to work perfectly
  • canon holtzmann: certifiably Bad™ at feelings, has no idea. about anything that's happening. ever, fashion disaster, science is her safe place, literally lies down on the ground and hides from confrontation, trash girl, never paid for a thing in her life

my life is 1000% better when I’m listening to carly rae jepsen


petrichorlore requested: éomer + fourth age of middle-earth

During the Fourth Age Éomer often fulfilled the Oath of Eorl and went with King Elessar far into the East and South of Middle-earth. He was known as Éomer Éadig, or “the Blessed”, because during his reign Rohan recovered from the hurts of the War and became a rich and fruitful land again.
In T.A. 3021 he wedded Princess Lothíriel, daughter of Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, whom he had met during his stay in Gondor and she bore him a son Elfwine the Fair.

Kuro Characters as Memes
  • <p> <b>Sebastian:</b> nyan cat<p/><b>Ciel:</b> how to talk to short people<p/><b>Real Ciel:</b> dark kermit<p/><b>Wolfram:</b> all your base are belong to us<p/><b>Sieglinde:</b> if you know what I mean<p/><b>Alois:</b> gangnam style<p/><b>Claude:</b> thank you for (not you) ...<p/><b>Nina:</b> the dress<p/><b>Lizzy:</b> she protec but she also attac<p/><b>Ronald:</b> damn daniel<p/><b>Grell:</b> you're doing amazing sweetie<p/><b>Othello:</b> me, an intellectual<p/><b>William:</b> *making my way downtown, walking fast* *walking faster*<p/><b>Vincent:</b> don't talk to me or my son ever again<p/><b>Diedrich:</b> *record scratch* *freeze frame*<p/><b>Viscount Druitt:</b> ya like jazz?<p/><b>Bard:</b> kill it with fire<p/><b>Finny:</b> precious cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure<p/><b>Mey Rin:</b> Yeah, it broke apart. Don't worry about that. It does that all the time<p/><b>Abberline:</b> this is the future liberals want<p/><b>The S4:</b> the evolution of dance<p/><b>Soma:</b> I want to love and support you<p/><b>Agni:</b> guess I'll die<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

I don't know how to tell my girl of six years that me and my ex are back together. My girl lives in another state and she's a good woman but I'm just tired of the long distance. I feel like so many things could have happened for us by now if we lived in the same city. Could've been married,had kids etc but she's focused on law school,her life and future. I feel like I don't fit and my ex has kids that I've been helping her with since day one. I just don't know what to say to my girl about this.

I dont think you are asking me how you are supposed to tell your girlfriend you are cheating on her.
I think you want a way to end the relationship without looking like the bad guy
But you are the bad guy. You are making a lot of excuses for why you are cheating. But you are cheating because you are a cheater
Stop wasting her time and tell your girlfriend you are cheating and end it so she can move on to someone better than you.

Incorrect HP Quotes (Ron and Draco)
  • Draco: My, my, my. Look what we have here. A blood-traitor.
  • Ron: Well, hello to you too, death-eater.
  • Draco: So what brings you to this part of the world? Are you sure you are not lost? Maybe, your weasel brain finally snapped.
  • Ron: Shut up, Malfoy! I am here for Hermione. I am so tired of getting her books from that god-awful place in Diagon Alley. I never seem to know what she likes.
  • Draco: Of course you don't, Weasley. I wouldn't expect you to.
  • Ron: What do you mean? Ah, nevermind. Why are you here? Isn't this place making you burst into flames or something?
  • Draco: Umm, nothing. Just passing through.
  • Ron: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Ron: Wait a minute! You are here for Hermione too! Its her birthday tomorrow. This a muggle shop. Why else would you be here?
  • Draco: Umm... Penelope Clearwater?
  • Ron: Oh, come on!
  • Draco: Fine, you nosy prat! It is Granger. I want to get her something nice. I have been here quite a few times, already. Cool place.
  • Ron: What?
  • Draco: Granger showed me this shop. It has a really cool home decor section.
  • Ron: What?
  • Draco: I understand you are a bit slow, Weasley. This muggle stuff is too hard for you. Don't worry, I am sure I can assist you.
  • Ron: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Ron: I'll get what you get, then.
  • Draco: Oh, that won't be necessary. I'd like to be unique. Besides, I am getting her a new bed. The one in her flat is uncomfortable and really creaks a lot.
  • Ron: How do you know?
  • Draco: (smirks) Well, I should. I sleep on it.
Which Twice Member should you fight?
  • Nayeon: Please fight Nayeon, I guarantee you she deserves it and you will win easily. I mean she might cry and you'll feel guilty but it's worth it. Fight her
  • Jeongyeon: Look Jeongyeon is trying her best ok, and I know it's tempting to punish her for all the dabbing but just don't ok, she'll go down easy but she doesn't deserve it.
  • Momo: What the hell, have you seen her arms she will rip you in two. Besides why would you want to fight someone so pure and innocent. Shame on you
  • Sana: You don't even have a chance of getting to Sana, there is no way in hell you're gonna make it past all of her girlfriends.
  • Jihyo: Are you honestly telling me that you want to fight God. Lmao good luck buddy you will die
  • Mina: Mina looks like she's innocent and easy to beat but I guarantee you she knows some kind of secret form of kickboxing or something. Don't take that risk.
  • Dahyun: Good luck even getting to the fighting cause Dahyun will pull some epic dramatic shit and start monologuing. You'll beat her easily but it's not worth the effort.
  • Chaeyoung: I mean, you'll win but are you honestly telling me you want to fight this tiny ball of fluff. It's not worth it to have that on your conscience.
  • Tzuyu: No. You will not win. Even if you manage to beat her by some miracle, you're gonna have like eight angry girls on your ass. Don't try it.

I just saw the most idiotic anti Tony statement and I honestly cannot believe I really read that

and yet

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you… are really reaching for that hate

how have you managed to survive for this long if this is your thought process?? 

I am shocked 

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anonymous asked:

I am romantically attracted to a friend and I wanna ask her out but I've never been in a relationship before and I'm hella ace. I've never had a direct conversation about my asexuality with her but I think she might know I'm ace, but she's not ace, so I'm worried about what would happen if we dated and she wanted things that I don't want to give her. I know I'm getting ahead of myself but this is making me anxious and I don't know what id do in this situation or how I'd bring it up with her.

Check out these guides on coming out, and dating while asexual! Above all, don’t determine your self worth by her reaction or acceptance of you.

- Fae

Will You Fake Date Me? (Jimin Fluffy Imagine)
  • Y/N sits on the couch enjoying a delicious bowl of popcorn. Her eyes are glued to the screen where a scary movie plays. Y/N's eyes widen in anticipation, her mouth ajar. She lifts a handful of popcorn to her mouth when-
  • JIMIN: Y/N!
  • Jimin barges through her front door. His small figure is illuminated by the moon of the dark night.
  • Y/N: AHHHHH!
  • By pure reflex, and not a hint of maliciousness, Y/N flings the tin bowl of popcorn at Jimin, showering her living room in kernels and nailing Jimin in the head.
  • JIMIN: OW! Y/N! What the hell?
  • Jimin massages the blow to his head.
  • Y/N: Jimin, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
  • JIMIN: Yeah, I'm fine.
  • After hearing this, Y/N proceeds to smack Jimin upside the head.
  • JIMIN: OW!?
  • Y/N: That was for scaring me. How did you even get in here?
  • Jimin plops himself down on the couch with a sour expression and his hands rubbing the spot on his head that had received yet another blow.
  • JIMIN: The door was unlocked. You know for someone who watches a bunch of thriller movies, you really don't take all the necessary precautions.
  • Y/N sits beside him and pauses the movie.
  • Y/N: Why are you here? Shouldn't you be on a date with 'Super hot as fuck' Irene.
  • Y/N tries to pull off her best imitation of Jimin when she says, "Super hot as fuck" but her voice comes out a lot deeper than his.
  • JIMIN: Why don't we just call her 'Super hot bitch' 'cuz it turns she only asked me to come out to make Taehyung jealous.
  • Y/N: Seriously?
  • JIMIN: Yes seriously. I just can't believe I thought she actually wanted to go out with me. You know to actually date me.
  • Y/N pauses. She doesn't really know what to say in this situation. She's used to always being the one sulking and Jimin cheering her up.
  • JIMIN: Okay you can stop with the pity stares. I'll live.
  • Y/N: You came to the right place Jimin. My shoulders aren't as sturdy as Jin's but they are here for your tears.
  • Jimin bursts out laughing. Y/N flings kernels of popcorn on the couch at him.
  • JIMIN: That was terrible. Thank you.
  • Jimin sighs.
  • JIMIN: As much as I'd like to stop holding back my tears, I came here on strict business.
  • Y/N raises her eyebrow.
  • Y/N: I'm all ears Agent Chim.
  • JIMIN: I want you to fake date me.
  • Y/N pauses.
  • Y/N: If this were a movie, this would be the perfect moment for a spit take.
  • JIMIN: Y/N, I'm serious.
  • Y/N: You're joking.
  • JIMIN: I just said 'I'm serious'
  • Y/N: That's insane. Friends don't just fake date each other.
  • JIMIN: How would we know? To us it wouldn't be fake dating.
  • Y/N: Jimin, shut up. No way, I am not fake dating you.
  • JIMIN: Please, Y/N, I need your help.
  • Jimin grabs Y/N's hand in his. He tilts his head and pouts his lips. Y/N shakes her head at him.
  • Y/N: Why? Why would we even need to do this?
  • JIMIN: I want Irene to want me. I want her to see what she could have had. What we could have been.
  • Y/N frowns and pulls her fingers away from Jimin's
  • Y/N: Why do you like her so much?
  • JIMIN: What do you mean?
  • Y/N: What's so great about her? I mean yeah she's pretty and all but so are lots of girls. What's so different about her?
  • Jimin pauses. You can tell he's thinking pretty hard about this. He slumps back on the couch and stares into his lap.
  • JIMIN: Honestly I have no idea.
  • Y/N: See? You want to do all this for a girl you don't even really like.
  • JIMIN: I do like her. I just don't know what I like about her.
  • Y/N huffs and the two sit awkwardly in silence on the couch for a moment. A few times Jimin starts his sentence to name something he likes about Irene but then falls back into thought. Eventually Y/N breaks the silence and says.
  • Y/N: You know, if you had just asked me to go on a date with you, I would have said yes.
  • JIMIN: You mean like a real date?
  • Y/N: Yeah, a real date. I kinda get how you felt earlier about Irene using you to get to Taehyung now. And its not your fault. I should of told you earlier Jimin. I like you.
  • Jimin's eyes are wide. He stares at Y/N who is looking down into her lap awaiting for his response. Eventually she breaks the silence again.
  • Y/N: You're my best friend Jimin and I would do anything to help you but fake dating you would be so much harder for me than you think because that's probably the closest we would ever get to becoming more than friends.
  • Y/N gets up off the couch and slowly makes her way to the landing of the stairs.
  • Y/N: It's late. I'm going to bed. You can let yourself out. Goodnight Jimin.
  • Y/N reaches the first step of the stairs when Jimin calls-
  • JIMIN: Wait!
  • Y/N stops at the step and turns around to face Jimin.
  • JIMIN: When you asked me what I liked about Irene, I couldn't think of anything. But when you said what you said right now, I asked myself what I liked about you, and there were so so many reasons Y/N. I like everything about you. Even the annoying things aren't that annoying. Y/N, I think I like you too.
  • A/N:
  • Hello! This is my first time writing an imagine in screenplay format. I tried to incorporate both into one and this is what we got. I really hope you guys liked this because this was a lot of fun to write. Also to the Anon who requested this, I'm sure this wasn't what you imagined but I hope you liked it all the same. Thanks for all the support guys! Thanks @limseoyeon
  • ~Armygirl
  • mom: let me know what stresses you out so I can help you with it. even if I'm contributing to it, just let me know.
  • me: okay, well, sometimes you yell at me and it makes me upset, because you always blame me for it and I'm not allowed to disagree with you or else it's all my fault.
  • me: that's not what I'm saying.
  • mom: YES IT IS.
  • me: .....anyway
Abusive/Toxic Relationship Starter Sentences
  • { Which can all be taken out of context if desired }
  • "He/She promised he/she'd stop.."
  • "It's nothing, I fell down the stairs."
  • "He/She says he/she loves me.."
  • "It's none of your business!"
  • "No one can know about this."
  • "Promise you won't tell anyone!"
  • "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me."
  • "You know I love you, and I said I was sorry."
  • "I promise, never again."
  • "Y-You hit me.. You've n-never hit me before.."
  • "I only do this because I care."
  • "I don't like doing this, you practically make me."
  • "I didn't tell anyone, I swear!"
  • "Please don't be mad.."
  • "That doesn't look like an 'accident' to me."
  • "Why are you flinching? Are you afraid?"
  • "I don't want you to be afraid of me."
  • "I'm not okay with this."
  • "I said NO."
  • "I'm worried about you."
  • "That's it, I'm going to give him/her a talking to!"
  • "You're not going back to him/her, I'm not going to let you."
  • "Is there something you're not telling me?"
  • "If I didn't love you so darn much, I'd let you go. But I can't do that."
  • "I'm scared."
  • "I'm broken beyond repair, don't just try to fix me now that you think you know everything."
  • "I can't leave him/her, he/she isn't going to let me.."
  • "You deserve to be with someone who doesn't put you through this!"
  • "You can always leave him/her. You need to."
Undertale Cast gets called to a pta metting
  • Linda: omg I'm so scared what if they attack us.
  • Ashley: I haven't seen the yet.. I'm nervous.
  • Helen: Don't worry girls! If they try anything I'll call the police!
  • Sans: *walks into the room with other monsters behind him*
  • Sans: yo
  • Helen: Hi! We called you to this meeting since we know you.. Monsters.. Are new to the community and we wanted to tell you how things work here.
  • Toriel: Okay!We wouldn't wanna cause a fuss in our new community.
  • Linda: actually.. You have..
  • Papyrus: WE HAVE?
  • Helen: Yes. Especially you Papyrus.
  • Papyrus: I HAVE?
  • Helen: Yes, you speak to loudly and your appearance scares the children.. Also your girl fr-
  • Mettaton: BOY friend.
  • Helen: Boy friend.. And you have a bad influence on children.. Your boyfriend is extremely sexual and might as well be yelling My body is for sale with the way he dresses..
  • Mettaton: EXCUSE ME?!
  • Linda: We must request you two don't pick up your child.. Frisk was it.. From school anymore.
  • Papyrus: BUT
  • Helen: Speaking of schools, We must ask you Asgore not to cut the plants into monster faces..
  • Asgore: oh.. I'm sorry..
  • Linda: Also we need Mr. Grillby to stay away from said plants, and the school in general, he might cause fires, also his daughter has caused the smoke detector to go off more then once, and if it happens again we will have to kick her out.
  • Grillby: ...
  • Linda: Also we are building a school just for monsters where you and your ex wife and work.
  • Toriel: But that's racist!
  • Helen: Also, Undye we need you to disband the Anime club from our school.. And to stop bench pressing the children and teaching them how to use spears
  • Undye: What?! Why!? The kids love the club and I'm teaching them how to be tough!!
  • Helen: You and your.. Yellow lizard friend running the club is killing the children's minds, also it is dangerous for you to do such things to the kid.
  • Alphys: I-if I may speak up we don't s-show any inappropriate anime to the children..
  • Linda: What do YOU know?!
  • Sans: well actually Linda she's the first monster to work with NASA.
  • Helen+Linda: ...
  • Sans: Also,I have read your human rules and there is nothing about legal guardians and how they half to dress or look. Also Mettaton is very good with kids and is careful not to act poorly in front of them, so I doubt that he did anything wrong.
  • Mettaton: That is right!
  • Sans: Also, Asgore was told to make the plants any shape he wanted. Grillby, also can't set fire to plants, and he and his daughter do not give off any smoke.
  • Helen+Linda: um..
  • Sans: Also, one of the most popular classes in the schools right now is Monster history, taught by Toriel. It would not be good to get rid of her. Undye's club and classes are also one of the most popular in the school.
  • Linda+Helen: W-wel-
  • Sans: in short fuck you.