you don't understand what this show means to me

  • What she says: im fine
  • What she means: ive been waiting literally nearly four fucking years for season two of attack on titan. attack on titan first aired way before pepe existed, and season two came later than his meme's death. most people think waiting one or two years for a new season to start is painful, but do you understand how painful waiting four fucking years for season two of a show to come out? no, you don't. dont give me that "it took how many years for finding dory though" bullshit because nobody was anticipating it. finding fucking dory was never postponed multiple times. ive been suffering the postponed season two for four years. you better believe im not fucking fine.
signs as random bad lyrics i wrote
  • aries: "i'm a king, can't you see? i'm the one with royalty."
  • taurus: "ima go fly high in the clouds while loving you."
  • gemini: "i got this brain but i don't know how to use it."
  • cancer: "the moon is my friend and she is the one who understands me. whenever i'm down, she comes over to cheer me up."
  • leo: "be proud as fuck, get it, and don't ya give up, don't do it."
  • virgo: "your lies are never going to be as great as me."
  • libra: "you hit my heart so hard, not painfully. but all i want is you to love me carefully."
  • scorpio: "you know that everyone knows, you're fake as fuck and you gotta go."
  • sagittarius: "no need to hold up, don't need control of love and enjoyment."
  • capricorn: "you showed me what it means to fall deeply in love. this shit is tough."
  • aquarius: "i'm not an angel, i'm a devil who's missing someone to curse from a far."
  • pisces: "keep on imagining all the things you could see in your dreams, feeling free."
  • 6 year old cousin: what does shipping people mean?
  • Me: shipping is the concept of a fictional couple; to "ship" a couple means to have an affinity/Liking for it in one way or another; a "shipper" or a "fangirl/boy" is somebody significantly involved with such an affinity/liking..
  • Cousin: who do you ship?
  • Me: I tend to torture myself by shipping couples that may never happen like Lena and Kara,always remember love is love as long as it's consensual and both parties are adults or kids..
  • Cousin: isn't supergirl dating that mean guy,you've always told me to never hit a girl or call her names,I'm 6 and I know that,he's older than me and I know more than him but she likes it and I don't understand
  • Me: you actually listen to me? And no you're right follow what I taught you and not the show,who would you rather see her with?
  • Cousin: I personally ship Kara with Kryptonite or myself over the jerk
  • Me: No DNA test needed we are related..
This is stupid and I was bored
  • Fun fact, the word is was used four times in the title. Try to find it.
  • 2D: I'm telling you, Noodle, I saw it!! It was small, green, and scaly!
  • Noodle: Really? I figured as much. Thank God they censored it in Saturnz Barz. *starts drinking some tea*
  • Murdoc: *standing in the doorway nekkid* That's not what you were saying last night, Face-Ache.
  • Noodle: *spits her tea out* WHAT?!
  • 2D: *blushing intensifies* N-no I didn't!! You made me say it!
  • Russel: *walks up to the door* Da hell is goin' on?! *sees Murdoc nekkid* MUDS, WHY DAFUQ IS YOU NAKED?!?!
  • Murdoc: I'm showing the dullard what he got a taste of. *shrugs*
  • Noodle: Oh my God! *pushes past Murdoc and Russel and runs to the bathroom so she can puke*
  • Russel: Seriously, D?
  • 2D: *gulps* I-I was drunk! I didn't agree to that!
  • Russel: *sighs and walks away*
  • Murdoc: I don't understand why everyone's so upset about this. I'm always naked! Just admire me and enjoy it!
  • 2D: M-Murdoc?
  • Murdoc: What dullard?
  • 2D: Can I come to your room later? Y'know, when everyone's asleep.
  • Murdoc: You mean you're gonna be sober this time?
  • 2D: *nods*
  • Murdoc: *smirks* I've been waiting for this--
  • Popcaan: *burst through the wall* ALL MY LOIFE!!

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a few days ago you posted about showing up when fics go up and I don't really understand what you mean by that ?? can you explain ??

Hey anon! What I meant by this is if you’re going to a) request something and/or b) yell in my ask box about a fic you should show up when it’s posted. Message us, reblog it, like it, do something to acknowledge it. Follow through means a lot to writers, especially fanfic writers. My Renee fic is the best example I personally have but I know it’s a problem that I don’t just experience. People made me feel like shit for not being able to write it because they “needed it” or whatever, and then it got a very low response. And I don’t write for the notes, not at all, but it is objectively nice to work very hard on something (most fics take hours y'all) and then receive feedback and recognition. If you want a fic that doesn’t get written a lot (femslash is a strong example) and beg for it, let the writer know once posting that there is interest. If not, they won’t write more of that genre or ship or character.

Tl;dr: show up when fic writers post y'all, especially if you left all caps anon messages begging for that shit

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Fat = beautiful. I may not be fat biologically, but my trans weight is 350 lbs, so I understand what it's like to be fat as much as anyone who's lucky enough to be biologically overweight. And I don't approve of your fat-shaming misogynistic bullshit. I've had so many panic attacks and my PTSD has been triggered multiple times because of you, you goddamn cishet white sexist misogynist. -Mod Dash

If I triggered you, that means I’m doing my job.

And you calling me a white sexist misogynist, that also shows that you lose. 

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Hello! I'm a little nervous to ask this but I'm new to the Hannibal fandom or Hannibal in general and I've seen bits of amazing interpretations/analysis/meta here and there but I want to catch up with everything and don't really know where to start... Is there any masterpost or could you recommend me other blogs beside yours or just give me a general direction of where to look etc.? (I know this is a weird ask, I hope you understand what I mean and thank you for listening)

Haha, you shouldn’t have said “everything”! XD

My first and foremost recommendation is always #hannibal meta. Below are directions for how to look up posts before any date and time, which I recommend for getting back to the posts that came out while the show was airing. Usually, meta blossomed from right before the show started airing each season to about three months afterward, and then it would subside to lower levels with more speculation (and more drama XD) during hiatus. But you can find most everything still by just searching the tag, and it might be fun to read what people were saying as they were experiencing it. 

How to go to any date in general tumblr tags

just figured this out and i’m super excited~~~

So you know when you’re reading through general tumblr tags and the url looks like this (this is the url going one page back in that tag, from today, 3/30/2013):

Turns out the number at the end means something, and can be changed so you can go to the general tumblr tags for any date you specify.

For instance, if I want to go the one direction tag as of January 1, 2012, I would go to, enter the date, and this number would be generated:


I replace the number in the above url with this number, to get this url:

And now I can see everything people tagged with “one direction” around the time of January 1, 2012. If you care about the exact timing, remember to specify your time zone (in GMT +/-x) and take note of the time zone that shows up by default on posts in dashboard mode (in xkit, you can set the time zone to your own with the ‘timestamp’ extension, other scripts and extensions may work differently).

What this number means (roughly) is the number of seconds that have passed since midnight January 1, 1970, GMT. It is also called Unix time and is a standard way of calculating timestamps for anything that is unix-based.


So just replace the example address above with ““ plus whatever number the timestamp generator gives you, and you can look at all the Hannibal meta that existed up to that date (I assume without posts or blogs that have been since deleted).

For fun, you could do it with #hannibal or with #hannigram, too. This could be a good throwback Thursday kind of activity.

Some blogs:

@22drunkb (she has her own masterpost, very organized, makes the rest of us look bad)

@genufa (I think she has a masterpost of just a few things, and then from there I suspect her tagging system is even worse than mine)

@existingcharactersdiehorribly (comprehensively tags, but I don’t think indexes…the mysteries of her tagging system have never been revealed to me)

A couple of the oldest meta blogs have deleted, so I can’t help you there, and there have been a few spectacular posts from people just wandering through, so the tag would be your best bet for that. 

Quite a few members of the fandom who are primarily fic writers or gif makers or artists or whatever dabble in meta fairly regularly. I don’t think I could give a comprehensive list without leaving people out, so I won’t try.  XD But you’ll see them in the tags or in the comments of the posts in the tags, so you’ll find them. 

Good luck and welcome!


You two talk a lot, huh?

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English is not my first language so I don't ///really/// understand what meta is. I think I get it, you guys speculate about stuff but when Dabb said "the most meta finale" it doesn't make sense to me. Could you please explain it? I don't know if it is explainable but still...

Meta: A term, especially in art, used to characterize something that is characteristically self-referential. 

What this means is it looks at itself, the idea is for example in The French Mistake when Supernatural referenced Supernatural. Does that make sense?

In the way that we do it meta is the taking apart of the subtext of the show, looking into it and analysing it to find the ‘hidden meanings’. For example how the angled camera means that something ‘off’ or ‘bad’ is happening e.g.:

Originally posted by super-sootica

Or how Metatron says Castiel is ‘in love… with Humanity’

Meanwhile, Dean is constantly referred to as the personification of ‘Humanity’


before season 9 and then this is reiterated afterwards by GOD HIMSELF and AMARA, and when Amara says it they intersperse the scene with a scene of Metatron and Castiel, you know, just to REMIND US OF THE TIME METATRON SAID THAT CASTIEL WAS IN LOVE WITH HUMANITY…

Originally posted by cas-dean-sam-supernatural

 So…. the most meta finale means that they are TELLING US TAHT THEY ARE AWARE AND PURPOSEFULLY WROTE the subtext so far (and this is why I love this especially this season, because the biggest subtext going this season is all the heavy Destiel subtext that is hardly even in the sub, but pretty much all out there in the text at this point it is so blatant). 

There is other stuff too of course, e.g. the plot points in the MotW episodes around blood family causing pain and death for Magda, Ellie, Alesha etc. That found family can be much more powerful. That Cas is family. That Cas has always been different to other Angels, the reminder that he didn’t want to kill the first 2 nephilim but felt he had no choice, but now he DOES have a choice, because Dean convinced him to rebel and choose his own free will years ago…

That they will be using this subtext, although not necessarily all Destiel related of course, it still gives me real ‘Destiel subtext readings are definitely valid and are on purpose’ vibes so *yay*.

Probably therefore we can expect some SUBVERSIONS (e.g. flipping the script) on some storylines, where we saw mirrors and parallels and expect it to go one way or another and they will play with this. Probably we can expect some surprises out of left field that make all the meta readers go WHAT? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? WE WERE NOT EXPECTING THAT! Probably some parts that are really obvious to us meta readers but not the casual viewers….

Basically it means that they are AWARE of the subtext, that they are AWARE that some of us are really reading into it and that they are going to play with it.

It means it is going to be complex and casual viewers may have to watch it twice to grasp it fully and meta readers will definitely have to watch it a few times to catch all the intricate details… 

It means they’ve put a lot of thought into it and it is going to make us FLAIL.


  • Person: Hey want to go out?
  • LGBT PERSON: No thanks I don't swing that way.
  • Person: Awe come on I can change your mind, you are to attractive to be like that.
  • LGBT PERSON: Please stop.
  • LGBTQI(A)* Community: This is what is wrong with society and why we need a community.
  • ~~~~
  • Person: Hey want to go out?
  • Asexual(and/or)Aromantic: No thanks I don't want to.
  • Person: Why not?
  • Asexual(and/or)Aromantic: I don't experience that kind of attraction.
  • Person: Awe come on I can change your mind, you are to attractive to be like that.
  • Asexual(and/or)Aromantic: Please stop.
  • LGBTQI* Community: You don't experience assault or harassment for you sexual identity so don't even try to talk about it within OUR community and especially don't come to our pride events.
  • ~~~~~
  • Me: I kept this as opened ended as I did and simplified because I wanted to show how blatant this treatment is to those of us who are asexual. Please understand that I do know that cishet Aces don't face what those who aren't cishet face. But that doesn't mean that they don't get assaulted or hated on. Ace spectrum people do need to be able to speak freely with those who should understand us and what they go through. Please don't yell at an asexual at a pride parade proudly wearing their flag telling them that they don't belong there and should leave. Please please please don't dismiss them if they come crying to a support meeting that they had been afraid to attend but really needed now because their straight boyfriend left them in disgust because of who they are. Please. Please give them the support they need.
  • what Castiel said: "you don't understand I need pie"
  • What Castiel ment: "Look here, you little shit. Dean loves pie. No, shut the fuck up he LOVES it. And I fucking love him. Are you comprehending this shit? The fucking moon of my life is pissed the fuck at me so you better show me where the motherfucking pies are or I'm going to have to cut a bitch"
Honey Bunny Chocolate.
  • <p> <b>Minghao:</b> I want you all to understand that I didn't leave China to put up with this<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> lmao wtf do you mean?<p/><b>Minghao:</b> hOoooOOooo™ DON'T LET ME GET STARTED ON YOU-<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> It was just a question, what?<p/><b>Minghao:</b> STOP DISRESPECTING ME IN MY CAUCASIAN HOME HOE<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> But I-<p/><b>Minghao:</b> show. me. where. I. asked.<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> I'm sorry I-<p/><b>Minghao:</b> Are you? Are you really? Cause all you do is make my life difficult you little gremlin alligator teeth germy sneezy winged polar bear ass bi-<p/><b>Jun:</b> Minghao dear, are you okay?<p/><b>Minghao:</b> Why yes honey bunny chocolate 💕💕💕<p/></p>
Conversations about Pole
  • Person: This girl I met does "pole fitness." I mean, sure, MAYBE it's exercise, but if she wants to strip down to a bikini and strut her stuff around a pole... well, that's her prerogative.
  • Me: I know EXACTLY what you mean. I knew a guy once on a wrestling team.
  • Person: ...?
  • Me: I mean, sure, MAYBE it's exercise, but if he wants to strip down to a singlet and roll around on the floor with other men... well, that's his prerogative.
  • Person: Well, that's-
  • Me: And I saw a shirts vs skins pick-up game going on yesterday. Can you believe it??? SKINS?? Obviously they cared more about the girls walking by than about the actual sport.
  • Person: That's not-
  • Me: Ugh I just don't understand how guys can publicly admit they swim laps. Like, sure, I get that you are confident in your body, but there's no need to flash it around everywhere. Did you know they wear SPEEDOS??
  • Person: Not all-
  • Me: Yeah yeah, I know what you mean, not all sports have the same uniform requirements, but I still don't understand why you dudes are so comfortable watching football every weekend when it's obvious they only wear those tight pants to show off their thighs and buttocks.
  • Person: No-
  • Me: So you're a runner, right?
  • Me: Do you wear mini shorts?

“Well, Dooley didn’t have time on his docket for Thompson’s little crush on Carter but I definitely have plenty.” - Me.

signs as the xx lyrics
  • aries: why do we waste time hiding it inside? I want you to be mine
  • taurus: and everyday I'm learning about you, the things that no one else sees
  • gemini: do you still believe in you and me? are we all we could be? is it meant to be?
  • cancer: I can't give it up to someone else's touch, because I care too much
  • leo: if you're down I'll take it slow, make you lose control
  • virgo: the more I see I understand, but sometimes I still need you
  • libra: why do I refuse you? cause if my fear's right, I risk to lose you
  • scorpio: you mean that much to me, and it's hard to show, gets hectic inside of me when you go
  • sagittarius: spend my nights and days before, searching the world for what's right here
  • capricorn: in my head you tell me things you've never said, and I choose to forget
  • aquarius: don't think that I'm pushing you away, when you're the one that I've kept closest
  • pisces: all I have I will give to you, and at times when no one wants to, I will give you me
  • Dean: *sees fake Cas and fake Dean kissing*
  • Dean: What're they doing?
  • Marie: Uhhh kids these days call it hugging...
  • Dean: Is that in the show?
  • Marie: Oh, no, Siobhan and Kristen are a couple in real life...although, we do explore the nature of Destiel in act two.
  • Dean: Sorry, what?
  • Marie: Oh it's just subtext...but, then again, you know you can't spell subtext without S E X.
  • Dean: *looks into camera like in The Office*
  • -
  • Sam: I don't understand.
  • Dean: Me neither.
  • Sam: I mean, shouldn't it be Deastiel?
  • Dean: Really? That's your issue with this?
  • Sam: *giggles* no, of course that's not my issue. You know, how about Sasstiel? Samstiel?
  • Dean: Okay, alright, you know what? You're gonna do that thing where you just shut the hell up, forever.
  • -
  • Sam: CasDean?
  • Dean: Shut your face, get in the car!

and like as a person who had a profession where i constantly got customers with a “vision” that just wasn’t applicable to my work who didn’t understand that they were paying me to do MY job, not their idea of what my job should be, fluttershy’s episode was SO annoying to watch

if you don’t want a building, don’t hire an architect

if you don’t want curtains, don’t hire an interior designer

honestly she could’ve just shoved a bunch of rocks together and had her “sanctuary”? it took her what, a day to build?  i don’t see why she bothered to hire any of those people, only to yell at them and get defensive because her “sanctuary” was a poorly thought out jumble of logs and water features that applejack could’ve slapped in that clearing in a few hours at most.

not even mentioning that fluttershy screaming at her friends almost entirely unprompted was totally out of character. just because she’s “more bold” now doesnt mean she’s the kind of person to rant and rave and throw a tantrum about not getting her way because she way too vague about what “her way” meant from the beginning.

season 7 was bad man

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Please don't ever stop making Supercat edits, they're amazing! I love them and I love you, you wonderful human :)

hi! Thank you for this message! I love making them and I truly get so happy knowing that there are others that enjoy them as much as me!… and lookit, there seems to be a good bit of hatred coming at us these days and I don’t understand it at all (why cant we all just ship whatever we want to ship … leave us alone ffs).… but yeah, it’s going on and there’s really no way I know how to combat it other than to just stay happy and confident in what I ship and adore. So, yep, I’m gonna continue to make Supercat things because I see so much wonderfulness in their relationship and what Cat and Kara mean to each other. And the hateful folk can shout absurd things at me as much as they want, but I’m still gonna open photoshop every night and make Supercat things because

  • Qrow: You have got to be shitting me. You're here?
  • Winter: I'm no more happy than you are about this arrangement, Qrow.
  • Qrow: Look, I get why I got nominated to plan the cross-school dance, but you, Ice Queen?
  • Winter: i didn't exactly ask for this. But... my Sister was thrilled by the idea, so I figured it was worth trying. Now that I know I'll be working with you, I'm not so sure.
  • Qrow: Well, we're here, so let's at least try to work together.
  • Winter: I hate to agree with you, but you're right. *Sigh*, let's get this over with.
  • -----------------------
  • Winter: You are not going to have a bar.
  • Qrow: But consider this: we could have a bar.
  • Winter: No.
  • Qrow: Yes.
  • Winter: I don't care if you keep the alcohol in a safe behind the bar, we are not putting these underage youths next to it. If they wanted to get at it it's not unfeasible that they will.
  • Qrow: And I'm not so sure your precious robot guards aren't going to misidentify one of the students as a threat.
  • Winter: Why do you always go back to the robots? What do you have against them?
  • Qrow: Hey, my niece's friend is a robot. Not racist.
  • Winter: That's not what I meant.
  • -----------------------
  • Qrow: We are not having classical music.
  • Winter: What do you have against exposing these students to culture?
  • Qrow: Well, for starters, it's super lame.
  • Winter: And you suggest we have instead?
  • Qrow: Here, take a look at my playlists. I'm sure they'd enjoy literally anything on one of these more than what's-his-name's 3rd symphony. I even have some popular bands my niece is trying to get me into, so there's got to be some good songs in there.
  • Winter: Fine. Let's see here, plebeian, plebeian, not technically music, don't know what that word means,
  • Qrow: That's dubstep, and it's-
  • Winter: Don't care. I suppose some of these will have to do. I guess I'd say- Wait why do you have a playlist called: Pony Friends, Magical Adventures, Season 1 Soundtrack?
  • Qrow: I don't understand the question.
  • Winter: That is a children's show.
  • Qrow: There happen to be some 5 year old girls with exquisite taste in media. I don't get your problem.
  • Winter: You're a grown man, Qrow. Why do you like this stuff?
  • Qrow: Because I have a heart and soul, unlike you.
  • ----------------------
  • Glynda: So do you have the plan for the dance?
  • Winter: It's right here.
  • Qrow: We had some... difficulty deciding on the theme, but we think we stumbled on a good one.
  • Glynda: Your theme is... mortal combat?
  • Winter: We, as schools, pride ourselves in the fighting abilities of our students and staff.
  • Qrow: We'd decorate the coliseum for the dance, with the stands having refreshments and the battlefield as the dance floor.
  • Winter: The students would bring their weapons to the dance.
  • Qrow: And sometimes the music would change to some awesome battle tracks, and the people would, instead of dancing, engage in some mock duels with their partner.
  • Winter: There would even be some exhibition battles between the staff of the academies.
  • Glynda: You started trying to kill each other while trying to come up with a theme, didn't you?
  • Winter: ...That isn't necessarily untrue...
  • Glynda: *Sigh*, fine, do you have a list of songs you have on the playlist yet?
  • Qrow: Yeah, it's right here.
  • Glynda: .......Why are there songs from "Pony Friends, Magical Adventures, Season 1 Soundtrack"?
  • Winter: I understand your confusion. Upon looking at the title, one would expect such music to be base. However, to a trained ear, one can-
  • Glynda: Qrow, you did not get her into that show. Not her. No. I refuse to accept it.
  • Ozpin: Just give in Glynda.
  • Glynda: For the last time I am not watching that show.