you don't understand my level of stanning

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It's hilarious how you all call out Alec as soon as he does something wrong but can't even admit that Magnus is being an ass right now. You know you can love a character, understand their intentions yet disagree with their actions? Oh but Magnus stans don't have this ability, they take blind worshipping to new levels. If Alec had behaved this way with Magnus, there would be countless posts by now about how he should grovel before Magnus. But perfect Magnus gets a free pass for everything

You all? Who is you all? 

If I’m to give you the benefit of the doubt, which right now considering how tired and cranky I am I’m really not inclined to do so. But say I were, this post sounds like an argument one of my kids would make when they were mad I was paying more attention to their sibling than I was to them.

If I decided not to give you the benefit of the doubt I’d tell you that your post is dripping with thinly veiled racism. Yeah. I said it. Maybe you’re not aware that’s how it comes off. Which I admit, can happen. I’ve done it myself.

And who are we fooling here, Alec has just as many fans who are completely incapable of seeing his flaws and get pissed off every time you mention them. 

And no one is saying Magnus doesn’t have flaws. Of course, he has flaws. And it’s not racist to discuss those flaws. What’s racist is what context you discuss them in and your reasoning behind your opinions. 

Magnus doesn’t get a free pass but it would be irresponsible of us to ignore that if the world he lives in had been different he never would have gotten there in the first place. 

I also don’t deny that his attitude towards Alec hurt Alec and that Alec doesn’t have the right to be upset by it. Of course, he has the right. He has the right to feel hurt and heartbroken. No one is saying he doesn’t. Just because we may see and understand Magnus doesn’t mean we can’t feel for Alec too.

The difference with some of the mistakes Alec has made in the past (not all of them) and Magnus is that Alec’s mistakes were made from a place of privilege that completely ignored how they affected the Downworlders and what it meant to them. Whether you want to see it or not there is a difference and until those differences are addressed nothing will begin to change.