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Let's say America, England, Prussia, Germany, and Romano were out with their S/O one day, and they saw a not-good person from their S/O's past, (bully, parent, sibling, relative ex SO, ex friend, etc) and they try to approach them, causing the S/o to panic. What would the country do? (I'm so sorry for this long / possibly boring ask! And if you don't want to answer it then I understand.)

Oh hun I don’t think this ask is boring at all! Of course I’ll do it, thanks a lot for sending it in! So for this ask, I just went off the assumption that the countries don’t know why their s/o is so upset, because they’re not aware of the history. I hope that’s alright dear and that my response brings some cheer to your day~!

America: The moment Alfred sees how upset his s/o is at this person from their past coming close, he’ll become very protective of his s/o. He’s the Hero after all, he’s not going to leave his s/o defenseless! If his s/o is really panicking bad, he’ll pull them away from the situation because he doesn’t want them even near this person that’s freaking them out so much. After they’re at a safe spot, he’ll do his best to calm them down, probably by buying them something to nibble on and cracking jokes to distract them. Once they’re alright, he’ll definitely want to know why they reacted the way that they did. Did that person ever hurt them? If so, his s/o might have a problem with Alfred trying to get up and go hunt down that person, but he would at least take his s/o home before that because they’re his first priority.

England: Even though Arthur doesn’t understand what’s happening, he doesn’t need to. What’s important to him is that his s/o is really upset right now and he needs to change that. He definitely wouldn’t even bother with this person coming over, just walk away with his s/o as if they don’t even exist. They’re clearly not worth his time and energy anyway. His main goal will be taking his s/o home (unless they don’t want to) and making sure that they’re okay. He’ll make them some calming tea and drink it with them, occasionally squeezing his s/o’s hand reassuringly. He recognizes that it was a bit of an extreme reaction, so he’ll want to know why his s/o got so upset. He won’t push them to talk about it if they don’t want to though, because he’s just happy nothing bad happened.

Prussia: Gilbert’s immediate reaction to seeing how panicked and frightened his s/o is would be to step in front of them to block the person. If they try to go around him or confront him about why he’s not letting them near his s/o, he’ll get super rude with them. Either way though, he’d be confident in his ability to keep his s/o safe and after sending a nasty glare the person’s way, he’d try to bring his s/o’s attention to something else. They’d walk away and he’d take them to do something fun, whatever they want! Meanwhile, as his s/o is calming down, he’d be keeping a wary eye out for the person trying to approach again, even if they’re in a completely new location. Once the day is over and they’re home, he’d let his s/o know they can talk to him about it if they want. Also, do they need him to beat anybody up because he can do that for them easily. He’d be happy to just spend the night chilling with his s/o too though.

South Italy: He’d be a bit unsure how to handle the situation at first. He doesn’t know the story behind his s/o’s fear and he’s not exactly the best at confronting potentially dangerous situations. However, Romano does have quite an attitude so when he realizes his s/o is really upset, he’ll snap at the person coming close. He’ll tell them to back off, probably cursing at them or throwing an insult and then hurry away with his s/o as fast as possible. He’d definitely just want to get out of there, whatever they were doing can wait till tomorrow. His s/o is more important anyway. Once they’re home, he’d again be a bit worried because he’s not sure how to go about making them feel better. In the end, he’ll just get stressed out himself and pull them in for a hug, rubbing their back until they’ve calmed down. If they want to talk, he’s fine with that because he’s there for them, as long as they feel better. 

Germany: He’s honestly caught being aggressive towards this person and immediately helping out his s/o. Ludwig definitely doesn’t like that just this person’s presence can upset his s/o this much, it will make him suspect something deeper. He would decide to just leave with his s/o, but if this person tries to talk to them at all, all he’ll need to do is glare to get them to back off. He’ll take his s/o home and bring his dogs all in for a massive cuddle with his s/o, to cheer them up and calm them down. As they’re playing and petting the dogs, he’d keep wondering to himself why that person made his s/o react the way they did. He’s very worried for them and so he’ll ask them about it, plain and simple. He’ll end up being extra cautious whenever they go out in the future, though he’ll try not to let his s/o know. He just really wants to make sure that doesn’t happen again and that his s/o is happy.

-Mod Lily

shadow side pfff
  • aries 7th house: just!! let me!! do what i want!!! i'm!!! not!!! mad!!! i'm just trying to keep the peace, hunty!!!
  • taurus 7th house: a highkey foodie who won't stop touching everything and i don't understand why others are navigated by the materials in life
  • gemini 7th house: gossipy, easily bored, and is two people at all times but can't understand why people act fake
  • cancer 7th house: a playground full of mood swings and needs constant reassurance but guys, i'm so boss and got my shit together
  • leo 7th house: always needs attention yet hates it because they're their own person and i'm an outcast but ughhh come back and stroke my eg- haha jk...well i mean unless you want to..haha...plz
  • virgo 7th house: criticizes everyone else because of their own inability to face themselves objectively
  • libra 7th house: gives vague replies to any question because i don't have to explain myself to you because i know who i am clearly
  • scorpio 7th house: pulls crazy stunts out of spite but i swear i'm such a stable person, ya know?
  • sagittarius 7th house: has this huge will to live and explore but can't focus on one thing long enough to do anything
  • capricorn 7th house: highkey wants to be the most established and respected person of all time but won't stop being temperamental for 5 seconds
  • aquarius 7th house: won't stop talking about how everything they do is original and likes things because 'its different'
  • pisces 7th house: is in their own little world at all times and is always confused when someone calls them out

do you ever feel like you’re really not worth it to talk to? like you can barely keep the conversation going with a friend of yours, I just feel like I’m so boring and that what I have to say doesn’t matter.

  • Sam in ROTF: omg guys just leave me alone i wanna be a normal independent boring whiny brat
  • Optimus: :(
  • Sam in ROTF: Bee you're my BFF
  • Sam in ROTF: omg get back in that tiny ass garage
  • Sam in ROTF: p.s. i'm leavin for school lol k bye see u maybe
  • Bumblebee: :(
  • -------: -------
  • Sam in DOTM: omg guys why don't you talk to me anymore or invite me on your cool missions and stuff
  • Optimus: .......
  • Sam in DOTM: omg Bee you just leave on your missions and never come see me
  • Sam in DOTM: don't you wanna hang out i thought we were BFFs yo
  • Bumblebee: .......

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I was wondering, do you feel like INTJs are intimidating? If so why? I'm a female INTJ who is only about 5'3" but I've had almost all my friends tell me that I've intimidated them many times. I just don't understand it honestly

Intimidation sometimes has nothing to do with size. It has to do with how you carry yourself, how you speak to others. INTJs tend to be very blunt– they don’t play games, and they’ll be real with you. Many of them don’t mess with all those social niceties (smiling emphatically at a boring story, nodding their head sympathetically at someone’s troubles) that others do to make a good rapport. This causes many people to be uncomfortable. They feel like an INTJ might hurt them with their words– that’s intimidation.

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Oh gosh I really love your art! Um - I hope you don't mind- can I ask you a question? I've been drawing seriously since 6th grade, so about 5 years now, and I'm having a lot of trouble, especially with understanding 3d forms and how to draw things and people in different poses because I simply don't understand it that well. You seem to really understand this concept, so if you don't mind me asking - can you give me some tips as an experienced artist? Thank you!!

Thank you very much! Drawing from real life might be a boring tip, but its very helpful in creating believable poses and actually seing the shape of things. Look up life drawing classes! if you can’t find any or don’t want to spend money you can draw ppl on the subway, in cafés, at the park, draw your friends, find some of those old nude statues and draw them from different angles (?) etc . I’ve personally found nude life drawing helpful in understanding the 3d shape of the body, fat and muscles and so on, but drawing people in their everyday is more helpul in making natural poses (and clothes…).

A thing I got from animation is to not draw a single still image but rather think about how the character got into this pose and where are they going next. Try paus/slowplay movies and draw the actors/characters to understand movement (and get an idea about action-poses)

And lastly, draw quick! as quick as you can! challange yourself to draw even quicker! Practice is about understanding, not making beautiful sketches. And you’ll understand more the more you draw. Being fast allows you to draw more! (when drawing a real piece spend as much time as you want - these tips are for learning, these sketches are for putting away when you’re done, not for showing others (unless you really want to))

I’d love to give more helpful tips but its kinda hard to do that in text, and unfortunately I don’t have time to make a tutorial (might make one later sometime?). But there are some good tutorials out there that you can google for!

I’ve found looking at Tracys Lackadaisy comic very helpful, because she really knows how to make characters look three dimensional! She also has a few great and funny tutourials that you can look at 

P.S. Draw stripes on ppl sometimes! (this is super sloppy but you get the idea)

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Hey! I was wondering what exactly is gouche used for? I know it's a paint but is it like in between acrylic and watercolor? How do you use it and what is it usually used to for? Thanks!

Hello friend, 

I do not know. 

jk (except not really)

According to Liana Hee ((WHO WAS NICE ENOUGH TO REPLY ON MY INSTAGRAM POST HOLY SHIT)) gouache is pretty much opaque watercolor. It’s supposedly similar to acrylic, opaque-wise, but since acrylic is plastic based it cannot be reactivated with water. 

Literally the only reason I bought gouache paints is because I saw a bunch of my fav artist use it. I didn’t even bother learning about it tbh, I just straight up used it (I heavily advise you don’t this btw cause I’ve wasted so much paint in the process and that shit ain’t cheap) 

tl:dr I’m dumb and reckless and I know nothing about art. 

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So I'm kind of the WORST KnB fan, as I'm really behind on the anime, and I'm not really reading the manga. I like the characters and plot, but I get a little bored with the games (that drag on way too long for me). So one relationship I don't quite understand, but I think is cute, is Akashi/Furi. I totally want to learn more about these two, and since I know you are a fan of the ship, do you have any information or resources on the appeal of this ship? Do they interact a lot later in the series?

Oh. My. God. 

Are you asking for a meta on AkaFuri?? 

How do I explain this in the light of it being positive? Hmmm~ Well. AkaFuri is pretty much a crack pairing (a really adorable crack pairing, but a crack pairing nonetheless).

(pardon me, this is gonna be spoiler-ish)

The moment in which this pairing was born, is documented in the manga (anime obviously will take a while for it to show up). But it’s the kind of birth that exploded like a volcano, to me anyways. Basically, the appeal on this ship is how you read the manga itself, AkaFuri is a minority on the popularity basis (it’s much more popular in Japanese KnB fandom, however). If you want to see how AkaFuri is appealing, we need to get a few things clear, we have to see how the characters are, personality-wise.

1. Akashi Seijuurou

Perfectionist. Natural born leader. Exceptional in ALL areas, Heir to a wealthy family. Has a split-personality issue - in which the other persona is pretty much a crazy dude (he’s the one with one discoloured eye). He’s had a rough childhood for having to live through the expectation as an heir to his family, which twisted him and caused his split personality issues in the first place.

2. Furihata Kouki

A generic anime background guy. He joins the basketball team cos he’s been told by his crush to “be no.1 at something” in order to get noticed. Gets overshadowed by the others’ awesomeness, yet he still works hard. He’s in the library committee with Kuroko, also known as ‘one of the First Years Trio’ other than Kaga+Kuro. He’s been outed for several games as a ‘secret weapon’ to reduce the pace of the game due to his completely normal way of playing (Seirin’s style is fast-paced offence games, sometimes it gets too much). Anyway, he’s very ordinary. Doesn’t get any spotlight whatsoever until S3.

This pretty much sums up their first meeting in a game:

At the game Seirin vs. Rakuzan. Btw, he tripped and fell down in front of Akashi, poor baby.

Reasons as to why he’s scared of Akashi:

1. He saw Akashi shanked a friggin’ scissor at Kagami that one time (he was there to accompany Kuroko).

2. He’s seen Akashi went on crazy mode with the Shuutoku vs. Rakuzan match, with his Emperor’s Eye ability.

3. Akashi’s massively intimidating, it’s been commented in-universe that them facing off is like a Lion vs. Chihuahua.

To summarise this: Dude is scared shitless of Akashi.

But the thing about Furihata, that while he’s scared shitless of Akashi, he doesn’t back the f*ck down. He seems unreliable, he looks weak, he’s not as good as the others - but one thing about Furihata, is that he doesn’t back down despite everything in his disadvantage, even against Akashi “Emperor’s Eye” Seijuurou. This is why I admire this character.

Also, he did the same in the match with Kaijou, against Kasamatsu.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of Furihata. He’s very relatable.

Anyway, about AkaFuri. 

It’s something of a classic thing, really. They are both very different from each other, very lopsided, but this is the exact reason why AkaFuri appeals to a lot of people (AkaFuri fans are a passionate bunch, believe me). Akashi is near flawless. Furihata is very much flawed, but has his own good points.

In my interpretation, because Akashi has always been expected to be ‘perfect’ (an unrealistic doctrine that runs in his family), when he sees someone like Furihata - a complete opposite of him, it’s very likely that he finds him really off, and in a way, becomes somewhat interested in him. 

Tbh, Furihata doesn’t really have much to go on, average looks, average basketball skills, average everything - but he has a strength in him that drives him to face off his opponents because it’s his ‘job’, even though he knows he can’t win. That’s his strength. And I do think it’s something Akashi doesn’t really understand (why Furihata refuses to back down, or why he fights so hard for his team), since he’s perfect at almost everything.

Furihata did score during the game, btw.

In my opinion, Furihata makes Akashi grounded. In a way, it humanises Akashi, who’s always been portrayed as perfect and ruthless (the Crazy Akashi, so far). And this is the main reason why I’m attracted to the AkaFuri ship. 

But, in the end of the day, AkaFuri as a ship is something more of a guilty pleasure than that of rationally canon; you either like it or dislike it, it depends on how you view them.

Phew, okay I hope I haven’t dragged on for too long? I do hope I shed a light to better understand this pairing.

  • My mom asking about my crush: what is he studying?
  • Me: he's another music major
  • Mom: I don't understand why you want to be poor all your life
You by Jack Harries.

Hi there! My name is Jack, and I guess I’m what you call a ‘content creator’ on YouTube.

There’s one simple reason why I’m able to call myself a creator on YouTube, and that reason’s in the name of the platform. It’s you.

You see as a creator on YouTube, you start like everyone else.

A voice amongst millions, uttering a word, with a somewhat absurd assumption that you might just be heard.

Perhaps you have big ambitions for your place in this space, or perhaps your reason here are not all that clear.

Regardless of your reason, your desire is the same.

And neat passion to connect and build your own name.

‘Cause really, if you think about it, isn’t that the aim?

To communicate and inspire? Regardless of how vain and an aim of how some consider this game.

You see to be successful on YouTube: Two things are required,

A combination of luck and a deep burning desire.

You see no one gets anywhere without the good will of others,

a kinsfolk, a community, a band of cyber-brothers.

We rely on you, to give us our start,

and once that’s done, it’s our turn to play part.

You see, no one gets anywhere without hard-work and dedication,

a fact that’s often missed by these mainstream media publications.

You see YouTube is a democracy. Laughing in the face of media’s monopoly,

They think we won this like sort of of lottery.

And as a result, they write about us with an error of mockery.

But don’t for a second, imagine that as creators we are complicit,

about how lucky we are to be in situation.

Having said that, let me make clear,

that there are some individuals who simply don’t belong here.

You see for some, a level of influence seems to lead to an inexcusable ignorance.

You see there are certain characters who’ve recently made the news,

Those who use their power to abuse.

But, believe me when I say, their names will soon fade away.

You see, the creators that I admire, are those who have the desire,

to push and reach another level higher,

those who attempt to break free from the norm,

to challenge the often repetitive form.

But, don’t think for a second, that they forgotten their roots.

Those initial subscribers who supported their pursuits.

You see as a creator, I am grateful and humbled,

but please bear with me as I haphazardly stumble,

whilst it might look like I understand what I do… Allow me to confidant you and say I haven’t a clue.

As this website expands and evolves, content-creators appear and dissolve,

Trends will come and go,

and over while, the website will grow.

But one thing stays the same,

and will continue to do so.

And the reason the website grew all those years ago,

Is in the name of the website and it won’t go away.

The reason why I do what I do today…

Is you.


(P.S: I know some words won’t make sense. I couldn’t spell/understand some of the words he stated.)

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Thank you for succinctly explaining your feelings re: Martin/John, I feel quite similarly. John is my favorite character on the show and some people don't understand because he's not a flashy character, he's more steadfast and solid (and not the least boring). I think some people just don't appreciate the way Martin acts because he is so real in his performances so they downplay his talent. That authenticity is important. I'm not explaining myself well but feel you understand me.

I totally agree, he isn’t the flashy character, but he is the heart of the show.

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I don't understand how you can't care that he's still stunting. Dont mean that as an insult, i mean in a wanting more for him way. Doesn't it get old and tired and boring? IDK, maybe I'm just too old to be indifferent to so much bullshit. I hate it.

I care if he’s hurting, I care if it’s causing him or Harry pain. I’ll care if he doesn’t get to spend the holidays and his birthday with his family.

But holy fuck. I don’t have the energy or frankly the time to be miserable, to spread negativity and hatred and anger talking about it all day friggen long. I don’t need to be a misogynistic fuckwad to make myself feel better.

This situation is not mine (and neither is it yours to be quite honest) to be upset about. It’s not mine to be sad about or angry about, it’s not mine to declare how unfair or evil it is. It is not my place to say “free him” every 10 seconds because I don’t like what’s going on.

Stunts like this are apart of the entertainment industry. They exist everywhere in every facet of it because shit like this generates cheap and easy promo, which translates to money. That’s the bottom line and that’s what it’ll always be.

Whether or not you like it, whether or not I like it, or whether or not Louis even likes it, Louis is not out, he is not publicly in a relationship with anyone. That means that promotionally speaking, he’s fair game. Does it suck? Yeah. Do I like it? No I don’t. But I can’t change it. And I don’t get to speak for him by stating how he feels or how bad it is, because whether or not you like it, we don’t KNOW why he’s doing it.

All we know, is that he has not at any point looked miserable, he’s barely had to do ANYTHING but exist in the same place as her, and being away from home for a few days is not the end of the fucking world. If it changes my opinion may as well, but right now my opinion is that this is not a big deal.

Is this ok…. Cus I was just thinking what kind of tags would be running through Kankri’s mind while that highish blood troll went all force pale on him during toastyhat’s comic No Red Sweaters because I get bored that way. And I really wanted to draw cool hair so there you go. (This actually took a week to build enough confidence to post this wow)