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Honestly I admire your way of solving this and the way u just understand and accept and also tipsy combeferre :D do u have... hcs

Thank you, it took a long time to get through this whole discourse and I’m glad you appreciate how I solved the thing
Also thank you??? I just try to be a decent human being 💪🏻🖤

I live for Tipsy Ferre’s head canons

-he gets a while to get tipsy, he doesn’t usually drink at all, actually, since he got his license he’s been carrying les amis around. ANYWAYS after 6/7 shots of plain vodka he gets v eloquent, this meaning:

-he has the most obscure knowledge about the most obscure things
•you have no idea how many nsfw latin and greek poems he knows by heart
•he once told everyone that Plato and Alexander the Great had a debate about who topped in the Patrochilles
•everybody died right in that moment
•once sang Catullus’ poem about the poet having a boner and needing his girl to come over to Courf, Courf was very pleased, the other 40 people at the bar were not

-Tipsy Ferre is very loud. He usually talks in a moderate tone but as soon as he gulps on the last shot he engages full megaphone mode

- He picks up random fights. More than once he barely made it home. Bahorel had to physically restrain him from going to punch a dude he heard talking shit about people with disabilities. The only reason he did that was because Ferre couldn’t really walk

- honestly I mostly love the idea of Ferre being a drunk Enciclopedia
• want to know why that word sounds that way? He’ll just deconstruct it right in front of you
• right after answering you, though, he’d tell you about how this swear word and this other swear word in another language are similar and come from the same word

- Tipsy Ferre will quote random literary/cinematic pieces
• “Would you mind giving me that fork?” “To quote Hamlet, Act I scene III: NO”
• *right in front of his dorm’s door* “lasciate ogni speranza, o voi che entrate” “Ferre was that Dante?” “YES ENJOLRAS IT WAS DANTE DO YOU HAVE A PROB-” “okay stop please shhhh”

Just random Ferre who’s basically an endless source of amazement and enlighted quotes and facts on obscure stuff when Tipsy

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If you don't mind I would really like a newtxreader where the reader is a really short(5') sytherin who stood up to bullies for newt even though she's really insecure for newts feelings for her. Really fluffy and sweet with some of newts children (fantastic beasts). I understand if you don't have time or you don't like the prompt but I'd really appreciate a pick me up. Thank you so much for your time I think your a fantastic writer.

Newt Scamander X Reader – An Unlikely Friend

A/N – Sorry this took so long, major block. Also, since we’re in troubling times right now hopefully this will help people cheer up a bit ; )

Warnings – None.

Rating – T


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“-and that’s how we brew a Confusing Concoction.” Professor Spraydel, a greying lady with more hair than she could contain, concluded after a brief introduction to the lesson. “Now, everyone into pairs please, you’ll be working together to make the potion. Mr Scamander, I’m afraid we have an odd number in class today so you’re with me dear.”

The class snickered as Newt sloped to the front of the class; this was a weekly occurrence since the class was always an uneven number yet Professor Spraydel always presented it like it was something new.

You glanced at the empty seat next to you where Olive Perplinski usually sat. Apparently, she was still in the hospital wing after being incorrectly hexed during the previous Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson; the spell had been mispronounced, resulting in toxic purple smoke escaping Olive’s mouth whenever she spoke.

You raised your hand, “Excuse me Professor, Olive hasn’t come back from the hospital wing yet.”

“Oh.” Professor Spraydel perked up, eagerly taking the opportunity to put Newt with somebody his own age. “In that case, Mr Scamander will pair up with you for today. Go on now dear,” she ushered him to the back of the class, “that’s it.”

Somehow, Newt looked even more embarrassed to be working with another student rather than the teacher. You wondered momentarily whether it was because the two of you were the only Slytherin/ Hufflepuff pairing or if he was just afraid of you like he was the other students.

“Now everyone, you have 45 minutes to complete the concoctions and five minutes to test them at the end; antidotes will be provided afterwards. Begin.”

“Hi.” You said over various sounds of bubbling cauldrons, chopping boards, and clinking vials.

Newt hunched over his potions book, hiding his face with a mumbled, “Hello,” back.

“I’m (Y/N).” You continued, undiscouraged by his shy nature.

“Yes, I k-know.”

You smiled empathetically. If you had been as ostracised as Newt had been during his time at Hogwarts, you would have probably acted the same way. You’d often observed Newt from afar during the years because Slytherin and Hufflepuff were usually put together for shared classes; it gave you time to admire his gentle manner and patience, even if he tended to get a little distracted. You also appreciated that he never fought or snapped back when bullied, which was the majority of the time, nor did he become bitter as some others may have done; it complimented his shy nature.

In the past, you’d desired the opportunity to speak with Newt and extend your hand in friendship but on the few occasions that you’d attempted to he was nowhere to be found; today’s potion lesson would be your first real chance.

“So, I think if we start with dried sage-” You picked the wrong ingredient on purpose, hoping that it would help bring him out of his shell.

“(Y/N), NO!” He grabbed your wrist from the cauldron which was bubbling away with pre-gathered blob fish mucus.

“Something wrong?”

“It’ll uh- It’ll explode.”

“Oh? Well, I best put this down then. Alright, where do we start?”

“It um- it’s actually dried rosemary so uh, you weren’t far off.”

“Right, I’ll chop that up and you can tell me what I need to get next.” You placed him in charge of the situation, deciding to take over if he got too anxious later on.

“Um I- I d-don’t think that’s a good i-idea.”

“Nonsense, if it weren’t for you, this pot would be up in smoke. So, I’ll get to chopping.”

With ten minutes to spare, the two of you had what looked to be an exquisite potion and as suspected, once Newt new what he was talking about in regards to the concoction, he had become much more confident, talking more to himself than you; you didn’t mind, so long as he wasn’t distressed.

“You did great Newt.” You praised excitedly, “You ever thought of being a potioneer?”

Newt blinked rapidly, taken aback by the comment, then once again bent over pages of his notebook, clamming up completely.

“Awh, don’t tell me you’re shy now, seriously, I think ours may be the best in the class and-”

“Can you just stop?” Newt murmured shakily.

“Excuse me?”

“You don’t have to pretend to be my friend anymore, the lesson’s almost over.”

A stray tear escaped him, you looked around to see that nobody was watching, leaning against the book to shield him from view in case he should cry some more. “Hey, it’s okay, I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just… I thought we were doing really well together and you’re real’ nice so-”

“That’s enough.” He whispered more harshly this time, a finality to his voice. “It’s bad enough that people hate me, I don’t need you setting up some elaborately cruel prank and pretending to like me to make it hurt more.”

“Newt, I didn’t- That’s not-”

“Ooh, this looks promising.” Professor Spraydel interrupted, cutting you off.

You didn’t get a chance to explain to Newt, he hurtled out the classroom as soon as the class was dismissed.

“Oy (Y/N).” Michael Bowspark called over. “Pity you had to work with such a freak innit.”

The group around him howled madly with laughter, clearly waiting for you to join in. You bristled, and yelled, “SHUT UP MICHAEL.”

You ran out in search of Newt, leaving the group in stunned silence for a few seconds before more raucous laughter followed you out.

In the following weeks, Newt avoided you completely, even in lessons. It wasn’t like before though because snapping at Michael lost you the few friends you had within your own house. Although you knew it meant they weren’t real friends and you should be glad to be rid of them, you’d never felt so utterly alone; Olive only stayed with you for lessons because she had to.

Unbeknownst to you, Newt kept an eye out, waiting to see how long it would take for you to admit the game was over and regroup with your friends; as each day dwindled on, it became less and less likely that you would, and more obvious that this may not be a game or trick of some form. Still, he kept his defences up, staying away from you just in case, disappearing as he always had after lessons in case you got the urge to search for him.

You gave up hope of companionship for a while after a nasty argument in the common room. Various snippets of unimportant conversation surrounded you as you trudged flights of complicated moving staircases to the library where you hoped you’d find peace.

“-and the nurse couldn’t fix her boils-”

“-It’s true, the slugs really ate my herbology homework-”

“-So, I can’t go home for Christmas now cos’ me pa hates muggles-”

“-P-p-please, let me -d-down-”

You came to a halt, searching for the source of the last voice which was unmistakably Newt’s terrified squeak. It didn’t take long as a small crowd gathered at an unmoving area of the staircase where a lanky, sneering Ravenclaw girl had just begun levitating Newt for all to see; she was flanked by two burly Gryffindors, who you supposed were her bodyguards. Without hesitating, you ran up the last few steps, pushing forcefully to the front of the crowd.

“What’s your bets lads?” The girl jeered through her incredibly nasally voice. “How many spins before he vomits?”

You stood behind the taller, more built guy, though it was hard to call him a guy as opposed to a walking slab of beef with a face. Despite the fact that he was leagues taller than you, as most people were, you reached up, yanking his hair back sharply and pulling him closer to your level. He screamed in agony, turning everyone’s attention to you. The Ravenclaw turned to you, casually slinging her wand over her shoulder, keeping Newt suspended as he watched with streaming, embarrassed tears.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The Ravenclaw demanded casually.

“YOU. PUT. HIM. DOWN. RIGHT. NOW.” You spoke through gritted teeth, unable to contain your seething fury.

“I think you’ll find that I have extra muscle.”


The girl’s lip curled, making her face look more like that of a rat’s, “You wouldn’t.”

“Try me.” You raised the boy’s head slightly, showing your full intention and capability.

“Urgh, fine.” She huffed, lowering Newt slowly to the floor, where he scrambled up, getting behind you for further protection. “It’s not like he was much fun anyway, come on boys.” She parted the crowd, who were dispersing at your savage gaze as fast as they could manage to get a staircase.

“You alright?” Your tone took a worried edge on as you turned to Newt, craning your neck to face him properly.

He was wiping his tears away whilst staring at you in disbelief, constantly wondering how something so small could be such a threat, “Y-you were r-really going to h-hurt him.”

“Actually, he was really heavy, I doubt I could’ve done much.”

“T-then how-”

“You make a scary face and keep a confident voice, it’ll fool most people. Though, come to think of it, you should learn some defence spells or something, then you’d be okay.”

“I k-know the spells, I just d-d-don’t like to use t-them.”

You exhaled tiredly, leaning your head against the wall to laugh almost silently. Newt watched as if you’d gone mad.

“(Y/N)? Are you a-alright? If you need h-help-”

You waved his offer away weakly, gasping for air between more desperate giggles, “You’re- really- something- Can’t- believe- you- know- how- but-”

Newt caught your drift, laughing a little himself, though often checking to see that you were okay for him to join in.

When you finally regained control, you asked in all seriousness, “What were they even doing it for?”

“I uh- I wouldn’t tell them where I go after classes, they thought it would be a good place to bunk off lessons.”

“Ahh, your super, secret hiding place, got’cha.”

“Y-Yes quite. Um, actually, (Y/N), I’m afraid I o-owe you a bit of an apology about that p-potions lesson.”

“Forget it.” You smiled, relaxed.

Newt tensed up, stating formally, “I will do no such thing. You were being polite and I made a rather rude assumption against your good name. I swear, I’ll not rest until I make it up to you.”

“Oh yeah? And how’re you gonna do that?”

“I’ll… I’ll…” He paused, the sudden bravado disappearing as quickly as it had come until he looked a little hopeful, “Do um, do you like magical creatures?”

You chuckled quizzically, “Sure, I think they’re unique.”

“Then I’ll… I’ll show you my hiding place, come on.”

He walked past you, gesturing for you to follow down the many steps you’d just travelled up. You followed eagerly, curious to see how the magical creatures and his secret place interlinked.

To say you were out of breath was an understatement. You were used to long walks through the Hogwarts grounds but you didn’t usually have to trek through the thick wood of the Forbidden Forest in full uniform. At first sight of the forest you had been hesitant to proceed, knowing of some of the dangerous creatures that lurked within but at Newt’s first real smile at you, you knew that it would be okay somehow, like he knew what lay ahead.

After trekking further on, until you could only see the towers of Hogwarts above the treeline, Newt stopped in front of a large thorn bush. He pushed a few of the branches aside, leaving a small opening for you to enter. You looked from the opening to Newt, seeing how it was too small for any person.

“Don’t worry, it’s safe, I promise.” He reassured you, nodding back at the gap.

You sighed, hunching up as small as you could to avoid the thorns but you quickly realised that each one you hit turned to smoke then rematerialized as though it had never been touched.

“It’s just an illusion.” Newt explained, following you in and putting the real thorn branches back where they belonged.

You came to the end of the illusion tunnel until you were in a rounded hut, made entirely of weaved willow. Piles of cushions and muddy blankets covered the floor, acting like a thin carpet, and animals the likes of which you’d never seen had nests and sets in various spots of the room.

You were awe-struck as you watched a small, green, leaf-like creature climb up Newt’s trouser leg.

Newt looked down, “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about him, this is just Pickett, he has some attachment issues.”

“And Pickett is a…?”

“A Bowtruckle. He was my first rescue, it seems his family tree suffered lightning damage but he was the only one who stayed to protect it, I imagine that’s why he has issues with others of his kind.”

The confidence faded from Newt’s voice momentarily as he gazed at you apprehensively, “Do you… do you like him?”

By now Pickett had stubbornly made his way up to the crook of Newt’s elbow, you bent down to the creature’s level, “Hello Pickett, it’s very nice to meet you.”

Pickett paused, not used to being addressed by anyone other than Newt. He turned to glare at you, sticking his tongue out in obvious disdain.

“Now Pickett,” Newt reprimanded, “that’s not how we treat guests, be nice to (Y/N), (s)he was nice to me.”

Pickett ignored the request and continued his climb.

You were about to speak again but you were interrupted by a mournful warbling, you felt the sudden urge to cry at the terrible sound, like something dreadful had just happened but you couldn’t remember what.

Newt bent to see four small, murky green chicks, residing on a bright yellow pillow, “Ahh, Audrey, now is not the time for that, see, your sisters are being nice and quiet, aren’t they?”

“What’s wrong with her?” You asked sadly. “Is she sick?”

“No, Augurey’s simply chirp when it’s about to rain but she tends to do so at any given time, it’s why she can’t be reintroduced with the others when they grow a little more.”

You raised your eyebrows at his use of the word chirp, “So she doesn’t get the weather right, how come that means she can’t go back out there?”

“Augurey’s only fly in the rain, and since Audrey can’t get it right it would make her survival increasingly difficult.”

You nodded, feeling a little better now that the wailing had stopped. “So this place, you made it?”

“With magic.”

“And you rescue animals?”

“Yes, I want them to be understood as something more than potion parts… I-is that okay?”

You looked back to Newt, who was towering nervously nearby, much closer than he was before, “Just tell me one more thing.”

Newt gulped apprehensively, waiting for you to run out and tell the headmaster.

“How can I help?”


“This is a great cause.” You stopped to admire a fairy that had just appeared in front of you. “I want to be part of it.”

Newt’s heart skipped a beat at your apparent enthusiasm, “F-forgive me for saying it but… I’ve never met a… a Slytherin like you.”

You smiled, shaking your head slightly, “Yeah well… we’re not as bad as you’d think. So, can I help then? Am I in?”

“Y-yes, of course. C-come on, I’ll t-teach you about kneazles.”

You moved to a small pile of books, kept safely behind a fireguard away from the creatures. Throughout the remainder of the day, Newt taught you all about the creature’s he kept, pointing out why he kept them and why the needed him. Even though it was a lot to take in, you felt confident that with Newt to teach you, you’d be able to remember it all in no time.

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If you have the time, could you perhaps whip up some Zoethian fluff? (I don't think you understand how much I need this right now)

Sorry this took so long! Was busy with school things all day!  Took inspiration from your use of the words “whip up” Hope this makes your day a little better though <3


Title: Cookies

Paring: Zoethian

Rating: SFW (Fluff)



Rythian’s head jerked up from the book he had been reading as the sound of something metal hitting the floor rang through the castle.

“Zoey?” he called, as he raced into the kitchen.

Inside, he was monetarily blinded by white power that was floating through the air.  Coughing, he waved his hand to summon a small wind to push the powder out of the window.  As it began to clear, he saw Zoey sitting on the floor next to a large mixing bowl looking a little confused as to how she got there in the first place.

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Hello ^.^ So I was watching a H/L fan vid today and it included alot of moments from Nov-Feb and I was so shocked at everything that happened between that time. We were truly blessed. But it made me wonder, do you think something could have changed bts causing things to slow down? I know we've had good things happen, but nothing like how November was. Don't want to sound like a pessimist (now that I said that, I do) but it feels like we took a couple steps back. Hope all is well! X.

You know, I have definitely said similar things myself. But, I think to understand it, you kind have to take a step back. So, bare with me, as this will be long. Hopefully it’ll help with the bigger picture.

November was unprecedented given everything that we’d experienced in 2013, 2014, and 2015. It got the name “No Chill November” for a reason. Something happened. I don’t know if it was someone else exerting influence or something else, but something changed during those interviews. Then, right after “Not That Important” and “Don’t Knock It Til You Try It,” you get Harry sexuality rumors everywhere. I remember being shocked by just the number, as a lot of people really could have just taken the comments as a joke. But, they didn’t. They could have written them off, but they didn’t. That’s what is important. I’m very much of that opinion - what matters is not the individual action but the reaction. This was given the green light. Harry was offered the chance to deny them in the livestream, and about rumors, he even said there were some he quite likes. So, November was huge for Harry. It needed to be done - given how prevalent his reputation was prior to those comments. It was phenomenally well done. For Louis, I had high hopes. We had him in that Rainbow shirt, written about in The Independent, we had them sitting next to each other in the performance on the livestream (we had SUCH a meltdown over just the possibility, do you remember that? And now we get Harry and Louis next to each other ALL THE TIME.) and him refusing to deny rumors. I was so excited for the both of them at that time. And then you get BS 2.0, and everything kind of stopped. Then, Eleanor flew in, and Jay’s email was hacked. It just seemed like while Harry was making strides, Louis was stuck behind. I think that may have been necessary, because I don’t think they wanted Larry rumors to flare up at that time. The media narrative in November was Harry was not straight, and Louis was. And then Louis still got that dagger at the end of November. That wasn’t for us, that was for them. But, I think it shows that they were ready to win this time, and they weren’t going to give up.

December was a cooling off period. We had very, very light Nadine interactions. I mean, blink and you would missed it. I was even widely engaged in the fandom and I didn’t really notice it that much. It was nothing compared to what it could have been. You had the boys pictured next to each other at events a lot, too, which like I mentioned before, we hadn’t had in years. I remember everyone freaking out during the livestream when we saw those microphone stands because even the possibility was wild. But, then you have them sitting next to each other at talk shows, at award shows, standing together on the red carpet. Those seem small, but we hadn’t even gotten that in years. So, no, it wasn’t “Not That Important,” and there was Nadine, but it slowly keeping things at the same pace. Glacial, maybe, but it was there. The undertones were there if you paid attention, and we were.

In January, we got AIMH to beat Obama’s, and the articles about it were everywhere. You had the family subtly referencing it. Harry tweeted, “I study rainbows.” We also got a public presence for Louis in LA, and the first of that horribly staged late entrance. Then, Louis stayed in LA, and attended Harry’s party. So, again, minor hints and nudges. Then, of course, you had LAIRPORT. Which, you know, that was freaking monumental, and that’s where the shift in UA started. And then you had AIMH reach 1 million retweets. So, yeah, in February, it seemed like it was all systems go. In March, you had rumors of Louis picking Harry up at HeforShe. Louis seemed ecstatic on stage. An article is released where Louis answered a question with, “I’d probably snog all the guys to be honest.”

Then Zayn left the tour, and we got an Elounor breakup confirmation. I still get kind of surprised when I think about it. That was brilliantly well done. It was there, it got her name out, but no one really focused on it. Then, you get the Tour Rider leak. Now, whether or not that was to hint at Zayn not returning, I’m not sure. But, again, like I said, what is important is the reaction, and media sources jumped all over the rumors of H/L sharing a dressing room.

All of that, of course, was buried when Zayn left the band.

After that, though, Louis seemed to regain control of his social media. In April, he posted a video with Harry in it. Harry stripped a man on stage, for goodness sake. And then we start getting something we’ve never seen before.

I don’t think it’s any secret that Louis likes to go clubbing. He did it all the time, even if we didn’t see it. I do genuinely think he enjoys going to party. But, we got to see it this time. We got him papped nearly every single night, when he was next-to-never papped before that. When they really started to push him going home with women, Harry wore the blue bandana. But, I mean, really. We talk about how prevalent the Louis leaving with women rumors are, and they seemed so important and influential at the time. But, really. He left with women twice. The one with the girl outside the van doesn’t count because they were his friends, so that was just spun for the media. But, we got him leaving with the two blondes, and then the five girls. That was it, really. That’s nothing compared to what Harry went through. And the larger public frankly did not care. No one cares about who a boybander kisses if it’s not someone famous. They just don’t. Louis’ dick vine got more attention than any of his stunts with women. So, yeah, it gets his name in the media, it gets pictures out there without Eleanor in them. But, it was hardly reported on - if at all - in US media. What it did do was kind of quiet Larry speculation. But, even then, it was so obviously set up and then even denied!!!! So, yeah. It sucked to see it. It wasn’t fun for any of us. I was the embodiment of that Michael Scott “NOOOOO” video. But, I kind of think the general public went pressed the snooze button. The only thing that got attention was when they brought drugs into the picture. Because no one cares who a boybander sleeps with. They just don’t. We gave those articles hits.

Then, so far in May, we’ve got Louis publicly in LA. We’ve got them in the studio together. We’ve got articles talking about their “strained relationship.” But wait, I thought they weren’t even friends because of gay rumors??? I’m hoping they’ll address that on James’ show and say they’ve always been friends.

A lot of people are angry about Harry not publicly interacting with the band. And I’m frustrated with that, too. I was frustrated with those strained relationship articles because I was like how is this good for band unity? But, I really think they want Larry speculation quieted for right now. I also don’t think Harry wants the attention right now, and God knows he deserves a break. They’re going to continue building Louis’ image so that he can have a reputation and a name outside of Harry Styles which is vital for his success post-1D. If you don’t put a stop to H/L rumors, if you don’t keep Harry away from this, it’s always just going to be Harry-and-Louis. Louis needs to be able to be just Louis to the public. It needs to be Posh and Becks, not Posh and Posh’s boyfriend. Harry gets a break, Louis gets to build his image. They’ll build an empire together later, but Louis needs to work on his piece first.

So, for the rest of the break, we may see hints of H/L, like we did in December. I think they’ll continue to let the media be Louis-focused right now. On tour, I think they’ll try and change the fandom’s perceptions of H/L. Because the fandom isn’t ready to be told they were lied to and manipulated. They need to come around to support H/L as much as they can - even as friends - on their own. I think they’ll do that on tour, since the interactions there are mostly for us. If you just let them be organic with each other, I don’t think you’ll have any problem swaying the fandom into supporting them, since they’ve always had an amazing friendship and relationship. I mean, if I was pulling the strings here, that’s how I would do it.

So, all in all, this is very carefully done, and they have to control this carefully. I think it’s hard to watch, and I sure as hell don’t agree with what they’re doing all the time, but I can see the strategy even when it’s not necessarily the way I’d do it. I think this is a better PR push than anything we’ve seen before. We see things as a clear line to the finish, but it’s not that way. It’s not step forward and step back, there’s just turns and curves in the road.

Trust them. They know better than we do.

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hey, zain? how do you stay inspired? bc I always feel like the sterek fandom is shrinking and it kind of keeps me up at night. I'm trying to be positive, but idk what to do. people just don't seem v happy around here anymore and I miss the boys :(

Aw hon, come here…  *wraps you up in a fluffy Sterek blanket*

I’m actually glad you sent me this because I’ve been wanting to address this for a while. You’re not alone in this: a lot of people feel the same, I assure you.

So listen: it’s okay to be sad, and hella understandable. My only hope is that soon you’ll be able to accept that things have changed. Things aren’t how they used to be. Not the show, not the fandom.

It took me a very long time before I did. I tried so hard to remain positive, to help others to feel positive, even when the show changed so much from what I first fell in love with. I wanted so badly to believe that we could somehow get back to what we had before: 2012-2013 when the Sterek fandom was at its strongest, and we were acknowledged by cast and crew in a positive way.

But all things change, you know. It’s inevitable. There’s hundred old sayings about it. We couldn’t remain the unstoppable force we were forever.

Please, don’t let this keep you up at night. Don’t let this ruin you. Take some time and mourn what used to be, but then please let it go. Our fandom isn’t dead, just a lil sad and tired. I’m still here, and I know several others are too. We might not create the same amount of content as before, but personally I still ship Stiles and Derek with my whole heart.

How I stay inspired? By remembering what Sterek is and always has been, for me. Personally. Why I even started shipping them. Why I felt the urge to write fic even tho I told myself from the very start that I wouldn’t go that deep. (Yeah, right!) Why seeing them together in manips or fanart makes my heart clench because I want them to be together with everything I have.

I still write Sterek because it’s still the ship that’s moved me the most, that I love the most, and whenever I come up with a fic idea my mind goes straight to Stiles and Derek. I’m writing my current AU because it makes me so fucking happy, and if my readers enjoy it then that’s a wonderful bonus. But I do it for me, and I know I have no obligations whatsoever to provide Sterek.

My advice for you: allow yourself to fall in love with other shows and ships, because there is nothing wrong with finding happiness someplace else, but know that Sterek is eternal and will never go away. Shipping is what we make of it. People still write fics for Merthur and Drarry, and I will stay aboard both those ships forever. I will never abandon Sterek.

Just let it be healthy shipping.

Take care, you and everyone else <3

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Thank you for the advice, I didn't know my question would cause such controversy. You don't know how much it means to me that you actually took some time out of your day for a long time fan.

And I hope you sincerely understand I wasn’t trying to talk down to you or in anyway judge you. You asked a very broad question I gave a very broad answer.

I get a lot of questions about writers block or productivity and it’s either from people looking for me to give them an excuse not to pursue their dreams or for me to motivate them to get off their ass and make them happen.

I want you to be the writer you want to be and I know in my heart that the only way that could happen is if you sit down and write.

There are a lot of people in this world who are constantly looking for excuses to fail at something… They are everywhere. And that’s fine. But you have to choose what kind of person you want to be.

I sincerely wish you and anyone else reading this the best of luck. But it takes a lot more than luck

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Hi I am really sorry if this comes off as ignorant (because I am ignorant I just want to learn though), how do you have an aro marriage? Like what is your dynamic? Idk how to ask what I need to know. I am engaged and starting to suspect I might ID w aromance a bit and don't know what to do or expect

It took me a long time to come to a place where I could understand our dynamic. I was sad for a long time, unsatisfied, confused. There was a lot about us that we didn’t know.

My husband hadn’t told me of his gender identity conflict, we didn’t know he was autistic, we didn’t know he was aro, we didn’t know I was bi. We have come to realise so much about ourselves. 

Our dynamic is very friendly, we share everything with each other and are not “friends” but not “romantic partners”, it is it’s own unique thing. Not better or worse, just different. 

I have always craved romance, I like the fluttering heart of romance, first kisses and all that jazz, but never much wanted commitment. My husband always wanted to be WITH someone, but it was never very romantic for him obviously. 

He likes me and he cares for me, otherwise he wouldn’t be with me. But it is different than what I expected life to be like. I cannot say we will last forever, no couple can. But as we grow we become more honest with each other. The other night I was feeling a bit sad about missing the romance of first kisses (I always had commitment issues so the first blush of romance was my fav) and missing girls and he easily said it would be ok for me to kiss other people if I wanted. 

Be sharing moments that felt romantic with others wouldn’t bother him. 

I think you have to decide how you feel, maybe have a talk to your partner and listen to any concerns they might have about it. You both need to be satisfied in a relationship and I think the more honest you are, the easier that will be. 

A person who is aro can be in a happy and fulfilling relationship, but it depends on what you both want, and how you might be willing to compromise. 

I wish you the very best of luck and please don’t hesitate to talk to me again. I have had a lot of aro people message me because they are curious and if it helps them I am more than willing to discuss this.

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Hi! I don't know if you've already done this one but could you write a Karmy fic about how they first met in kindergarten?

this is just a little bit of baby fluff haha I hope you like it!!! I felt so pressured to make this cute because Karmy meeting for the first time is so important!!!!!!!!! :O 

Karma took painting very seriously. She was meticulous in her choice of colours and even more so in where she put them on her paper. In fact sometimes the other kids would get annoyed at her for taking so long, she didn’t understand why it bothered them though it was her painting not theirs. Sometimes she worried that they just didn’t like her as she frequently found herself alone at the table with an array of abandoned paintings. She was too small to discern why they didn’t seem to like her, she never did anything wrong in fact in comparison to some of the other children she thought she was actually one of the good ones. Although they didn’t seem to think so, there was a group of girls who always followed each other around and built forts from all the blankets and pillows and then didn’t allow anyone in except them. Once they had let Karma in but that had only been once. 

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