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tell me a fucking reason, just one, to love belela throne, because I don't get it

Okay, first, I don’t know any girl named belela throne. Her name is bella thorne. secondly, there’s more than one reason to like her & i’m gonna tell you them all & her story.

Let’s start. Most of you who are saying bad things about bella probably don’t know anything about her. It’s really immature to call her belela throne. People used to call her that way because she has/had dyslexia and she couldn’t read and write. I think it’s not funny to ‘make fun’ about someone’s disability, don’t you think? She didn’t choose to have it. She moved to los angeles when she was still little (6-7 years old) and she went to a different school. All her classmates bullied her because she didn’t speak englisjh (she’s cuban and she spoke spanish) and people made fun of her because she didn’t know how to write and read. Moving forward, when she was 9 her dad passed away (in a car accident) and after that, she became homeschooled. Her mom helped her to read&write and tried to make her happy after her dad’s death.

She started on shake it up and since then, the whole world started to judge her because she was so skinny, because she couldn’t dance, because she couldn’t act, etc. But she ignored them all and started to get more roles on some important & great movies like blended, alexander, perfect high, alvin 4, midnight sun, etc. and had the chance to work with amazing actors like adam sandler, drew barrymore, steve carrell, chandler riggs, etc. PLUS, she wrote a book called “autumn falls” (now she wrote autumn’s kiss and autumn’s wish) to prove them haters that even if she has dyslexia she can do whatever she wants, you just have to work hard on it. And she took vocal lessons, recored an EP because she wants to prove people that you can do whatever you want in life, no matter how hard it is, and you only live once, so you have to try new things.

Also, when she was filming home invasion, she had to cry for an scene, and she said that everytime she has to cry, she doesn’t use those things that make you cry, she just think about her dad and the things they can’t do because he’s not here, and she says she loves acting because she feels her dad is so close to her, that’s so deep and cute because people seem to forget how important your family is, but most of us start realizing it when they’re gone.

Finally, I really love her because she takes her time to talk to her fans on instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. she’s so down to earth & a very nice person She has saved so many lives & helped so many girls that got bullied in school and stuff like that. 

Seriously, I don’t understand why people hate on her. what did she do? I think she has had enough pain in her childhood, she doesn’t deserve the hate she gets. I love her with all my heart and I’ll never stop doing it. She taught me to never give up & learn to face the problems, and not run away from them. As she said “dyslexia made things hard for me but, not impossible”. Never give up on your dreams. Let her live and do whatever she wants to do, if that makes her happy, then let her do it. xo <3