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Ohmigawd you are such a fun writer, thank you for being so cool. What if the escaped fem has their child with McCree, Hanzo, Genji, Rienhardt and/or Reaper(totally understand if you don't do all of them I know it's too many) but now they're in their early teens and they just fucking hate the way they've had to run, how they put hands on their mom just eeeeverything about their daddy wheather or not they know they are related. Your Nsfw headcannons rock but do whatever and it'll be gr8.

You couldn’t help but shiver when Gabe pushed you down, growling as he tossed his Reaper’s mask onto the floor before climbing down on top of you, his breath ragged and warm against your lips as he glared down.

“Gabriel…” You blushed, your backside slightly aching from the fall.

“Heh. . Found you after all these years…” He smirked as he leaned down, his lips ghosting over yours almost cold as ice. “What’s wrong cara mia… You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” All you could do in response was nod in slight fear as he leaned in and pressed his lips to yours, causing you to shiver and blush, especially when his tongue intruded past your lips to dance with yours. After what felt like the hottest kiss in your life, he pulled away and smirked wickedly.

“Still under my charm, huh?” He laughed as he leaned in to kiss at your neck, your mind still in a daze.

“W..Wait Gabe. . How did you find me?” You gulped a bit as he sighed. You both got up, he sat you down and explained that he was in talon now and that he’s changed, this was hard to believe as the minute he saw you he’d pushed you onto the floor and tried to rape you.

“All that aside…” You started before he rested his hand on your thigh.

“My love, I want another chance, 16 years I’ve waited, you’ve only grown more beautiful with age…” He smirked, “Come on… I might be a villain but I can be your hero again.” Before you could contest, in walked in your son.

“Mom I-Oh you have a friend over.” He frowned setting his backpack down before glaring at the notorious reaper without an ounce of fear in his eyes, “I’ll just get my snack and go, you seem busy.” He sighed as he nodded to the hand on your leg.

“Mi amor, tienes un hijo?” He’d ask before your son spoke up again.

“I speak spanish, asshole.” He frowned before your eyes widened.

“Gabriel Antonio Reyes, language!” You scolded before Gabe looked up with wide eyes, his skin turning pale as he gulped.

“What is he your new boyfriend? Good luck sticking around and not running off like the other chicken shit men that try to date her, she doesn’t date anyone I don’t approve of.” He smirked cockily as he cracked open a soda.

“Now listen, kid.” Gabe growled as he stood up, you getting up to step between them.


“What?” They both asked before you sighed, “Mijo,” You turned to your son, “This… is an old friend of mine, Commander Gabriel Reyes.” You could see the shock in your son’s eyes as he dropped the soda, soon turning to anger as he ran up and punched your ex lover in the jaw. The only reason Gabe didn’t dodge it is because he honestly wasn’t expecting it.

“You’re the asshole that left her all alone to raise me!?” He screamed, “Get out!”

“She left me you little brat.” He growled as he rubbed his jaw.

“Mijo, go clean up your father is going to be staying for dinner.” Is all you said, and he did so, there was one thing that calmed the feisty teen and it was you, your word was final. “I need to talk to your dad alone for a while.”

“He might be my father, but he will never be my dad.” He spat as he walked out, rubbing his aching fist.

“He has a mouth like-”

“Like you, Gabe…There’s no doubt he’s yours and I don’t know if now is the time for you to come into his life…” You sighed softly as he pouted up at you, that smolder always made you weak.

“Can I at least stay for dinner?”

(Should I continue this idk?)

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I don't understand really religious people. I mean no disrespect, but how can you believe God will solve everything? The way people talk sounds like they won't do anything on their own. I understand asking Him for help, but don't you need to try too? Sorry if this comes out really rude.

it didnt come out rude, i completely understand and i agree. an old joke comes to mind (it was in Pursuit of Happyness, gr8 movie):

“There was an old man sitting on his porch watching the rain fall. Pretty soon the water was coming over the porch and into the house. 

The old man was still sitting there when a rescue boat came and the people on board said, "You can’t stay here you have to come with us." 

The old man replied, "No, God will save me.” So the boat left. A little while later the water was up to the second floor, and another rescue boat came, and again told the old man he had to come with them. 

The old man again replied, “God will save me.” So the boat left him again. 

An hour later the water was up to the roof and a third rescue boat approached the old man, and tried to get him to come with them. 

Again the old man refused to leave stating that, “God will save him.” So the boat left him again. 

Soon after, the man drowns and goes to heaven, and when he sees God he asks him, “Why didn’t you save me?" 

God replied,”You dummy! I tried. I sent three boats after you!!“”

i believe that prayer is powerful. i believe that God listens to what we have to say. but James 2:14-17 says “What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace, be warmed and filled,’ without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”. we need to have faith in what God is doing, faith He’ll answer us, but part of that faith is having faith that He’ll direct your footsteps. He can’t do that if youre not moving.